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AE Top Musics

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  • LAIBA khan
    LAIBA khanMinuta temu

    Bts without auto tune is awesome

  • Pooja Barthwal
    Pooja Barthwal11 minut temu

    But where is bts here🤔

  • Leyla Sınırtaş
    Leyla Sınırtaş15 minut temu

    I missed Big Bang ;(

  • Horang
    Horang19 minut temu

    Well 90s love have 2 wins

  • Ritu Sharma
    Ritu Sharma22 minut temu

    Army number 1

    SHANTI24 minut temu

    And Now BTS have the most wins!💜💜

  • Tanmayee Kalita
    Tanmayee Kalita25 minut temu

    Wth where is jimin and taemin collaboration that was also the best

  • Saba Shoaib
    Saba Shoaib35 minut temu

    Rosè du duu du duu red dress nice 😘

  • Mary rose Layague
    Mary rose Layague41 minuta temu

    1)Drunk-dazed -Enhypen 2)Loved you -Bae173 3)Mafia -Itzy 4)Ugly dance -Onf 5)Love song -Yoon jisung 6)We do -Super m 7)Side by side -The8 8)Parallel universe -Iz*one 9)Atlantis -shinee 10)one -astro 11) Close -ab6ix 12)Dadada -lunarsolar 13) After school -weeekly 14)Water color - Wheein 15)libido -onlyoneof 16) all for you -Cix 17)Kura Kura -Twice 18)Last dance -(G)I-DLE

  • Maša Bućković
    Maša Bućković44 minut temu


  • Maša Bućković
    Maša Bućković44 minut temu


  • Khorasan Melody
    Khorasan Melody47 minut temu

    its DOPE not SAVE ME Man.

  • Wweryuiogd Qadfgjj
    Wweryuiogd Qadfgjj59 minut temu

    Jungkook nailed it😲😲

  • Huyền Linh Lê
    Huyền Linh LêGodzinę temu

    Taeyeon 's at no.6 ??? Noway 🙂

  • Jrenz Stuv
    Jrenz StuvGodzinę temu

    Twice's hardest choreo: More&more and I can't stop me Itzy's hardest choreo: Not shy, dalla dalla and wannabe

  • Bùi Hà Linh
    Bùi Hà LinhGodzinę temu

    wow so surprise😯 BYD top 2????? just woww

  • Celina Marisol Flores
    Celina Marisol FloresGodzinę temu

    Irónico que JYP casi se deshace de Felix y Lee Know y ahorita estemos sin Hyunjin

  • Keka Mirza
    Keka MirzaGodzinę temu

    I also thought IDOL mv was the worst.

  • 잭슨왕
    잭슨왕Godzinę temu


  • army blink forever
    army blink foreverGodzinę temu

    My top three 1 kill this love 2 how you like that 3 fancy

  • Matra Jiarjo
    Matra Jiarjo2 godzin temu

    BLACKPINK "Always success and Best Wishes!

  • Gấm Hồng
    Gấm Hồng2 godzin temu

    yuju is awesome

  • Syed Nisar Hussain
    Syed Nisar Hussain2 godzin temu

    Kim Taehyung ❤️

  • Fatima Tuszehroh
    Fatima Tuszehroh2 godzin temu


  • marcus slugfan stanley
    marcus slugfan stanley2 godzin temu

    Ya know this vid is useless to me cuz i can already dance all of them😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim2 godzin temu

    ok blinks let's pretend like we didn't know that whistle is the hardest one

  • Susi Asmuruf
    Susi Asmuruf2 godzin temu

    BTS number one ❤️❤️

  • Marah Jacky Chiko Anthony
    Marah Jacky Chiko Anthony3 godzin temu

    Dahyun so pretty

  • Valeria Vasquez Paredes
    Valeria Vasquez Paredes3 godzin temu

    Wow, el chico rubio de Bts, tiene un voz tan angelical.

  • Sara Cortés
    Sara Cortés3 godzin temu

    Cómo Ya Dijeron El Sobresaliente En Casi Todos Los MV Es Jungkook Y Le Sigue Los Pasos Jimin Y Tae Enserio Big Hit Debería Sobresacar Más A Jin, RM, J~Hope Y Suga No Estoy Diciendo Que Jung-Kook, Jimin Y Tae Hagan Mal Su Trabado Además Me Encanta Como Bailan Y Cantan Pero Los Otros Integrantes También Deben Sobresalir No Solo Tres Y Ya. Hasta Aquí Mi Humilde Opinión 😌💜

  • Bangtan Bomb7
    Bangtan Bomb73 godzin temu

    please I request you not to ever change your intro I love it

  • Nur qaisara qistina Nor Zaidi
    Nur qaisara qistina Nor Zaidi3 godzin temu

    My bias tzuyu

  • Bangtan Bomb7
    Bangtan Bomb73 godzin temu

    Actually who told BTS members name to you all are wrong its KIM NAM JOON KIM SEOK JIN MIN YOONGI JUNG HOESEOK PARK JIMIN KIM TAE HYUNG JEON JUNGKOOK BTS and whole maknae line are face center main dancer main vocailest only

  • Aminul Islam Fahad
    Aminul Islam Fahad3 godzin temu

    This group is not Kpop group , This is BTSpop .

  • Shannyn Ariane Bolledo
    Shannyn Ariane Bolledo3 godzin temu


  • Kanistha Basumatary
    Kanistha Basumatary3 godzin temu

    I like BTS and black pink 😍😂

  • Еркеназ Әмірбек
    Еркеназ Әмірбек3 godzin temu

    SuperM positions: 1. Baekhyun- Leader, Main vocalist 2. Taemin- Main dancer, Lead vocalist, Center 3. Kai- Main dancer, Vocalist, Sub-rapper, Center, Face of the group 4. Taeyong- Main rapper, Lead dancer, Visual 5. Ten- Main dancer, Lead vocalist, Sub-rapper 6. Lucas- Lead rapper, Visual 7. Mark- Main rapper, Lead dancer, Sub-vocalist, Maknae

  • ஜெயபால் ஜெயபால்
    ஜெயபால் ஜெயபால்4 godzin temu

    Bts Forever

  • Bangtan Bomb7
    Bangtan Bomb74 godzin temu

    Honelty just ranking if I wanna Know I come to( AE Top Musics ) and even i like the intro

  • 이서준
    이서준4 godzin temu

    Fun fact: many people don't know Yooa's amazing dancing If you find her more, you will know she is best. She can dance all concepts and all perfectly + matchless

  • 이서준
    이서준4 godzin temu

    Find the videos 1. Program 'dancing idol' from chanel SBS K pop 2. 'Lights up' cover from chanel Oh my girl ( practice ver. ) 3. 'Traffic' cover from chanel oh my girl ( practice ver. ) 4. Queendom ( waaking and smooth criminal ) 5. Bon voyage dance video 6. Her various Fancams ( oh my girl songs ) + 'happy' cover , 'sucker' cover , 'birdy' cover, dance with U-kwon, other boygroups' dance cover ........ You can know she can dance various genres very well

  • MoonByulie #WeLoveYouSoojin
    MoonByulie #WeLoveYouSoojin4 godzin temu

    Moonbyul :))

  • kpop idols
    kpop idols4 godzin temu

    All of this is hard to me😂😁

  • Stephen Caong
    Stephen Caong4 godzin temu

    Mv 3.Mina 2.Momo 1.Sana Showcase 3.Momo 2.Sana&Nayeon 1.Dhayun Mcountdown 3.Dhayun 2.Momo 1.Sana she's beautiful in this video Music bank 3.Dhayun 2.Momo 1.Tzuyu&Jeongyon

  • Sanjivani
    Sanjivani4 godzin temu

    rose at 33. Are you deaf huh

  • Veralucia Alarcon
    Veralucia Alarcon5 godzin temu

    hubiera querido que a.c.e este entre esos fandoms pero yo sé que mi fandoms no están grande

  • Fitrah official
    Fitrah official5 godzin temu

    If they was a real nctzen they gonna like all era

  • shraddha 30
    shraddha 305 godzin temu

    Atlest blinks we are no. 2 proud to be blink

  • Diamond Rahmat
    Diamond Rahmat5 godzin temu


  • Oanhhh Kim
    Oanhhh Kim5 godzin temu

    In my opinion, Ten is the best dancer. <3

  • Blink Army
    Blink Army5 godzin temu

    YG is the company with the most kpop mv views in Korea but also doesn't treat its idol nicely...

  • chetna prajapati
    chetna prajapati5 godzin temu

    There's happen to be lot of allrounders but they are not the aces😁😁... except you are HAN JISUNG the true ace of kpop there is no other like him in the industry😘😘

  • Wellygton Lopes
    Wellygton Lopes6 godzin temu

    Resumindo a fancam foi praticamente Lee Know, Félix e Hyunjin.

  • LuSs Gaming
    LuSs Gaming6 godzin temu

    Secret number Jinny arghhhhhhhh 🔥🔥

  • Sofia_DearDQ Jimenez
    Sofia_DearDQ Jimenez6 godzin temu

    Queens Jisoo les't go 😩🤚❤

  • 백선민 April
    백선민 April7 godzin temu

    Some of these “non-autotuned” performances are still touched up. Let’s bring back truly live singing! People should be allowed to sound... real again

  • Vanthangpuii Vty
    Vanthangpuii Vty7 godzin temu

    Jisoo lisa❤️❤️❤️

  • DJ Rajwade
    DJ Rajwade7 godzin temu

    Love you V and BTS❤️❤️

  • daniella llamado
    daniella llamado7 godzin temu


  • Rubaina Pandhi
    Rubaina Pandhi7 godzin temu

    No matter what,Awards does not matter still BLACKPINK & BTS are best

  • E044 Neha Harish
    E044 Neha Harish7 godzin temu

    those easy choreos are actualy difficult (not too hard though) i think with practice a professional dancer could do it (the ones with 5.3 below difficulty.)...after the baby dont stop all are difficult . Only nct members can do it gracefully . while others need to practice very hard . Speaking of the ones with level 9 -10 are literally the most impossible dances. I think only nct members are qualified to do it . Espectially dream in a dream and black on back are like the most difficult kpop choreo .

    ANA BEATRIZ LINDOLFO8 godzin temu

    faltou mcnd mais tudo bem foi lançado em 2020 um ano depois.

  • Safira R Ramadhani
    Safira R Ramadhani8 godzin temu


  • Tu pana 7w7
    Tu pana 7w78 godzin temu

    El video 2013* Automáticamente yo BTS

  • Tu pana 7w7
    Tu pana 7w78 godzin temu

    Girls' generación es un clasico

  • Jrenz Stuv
    Jrenz Stuv9 godzin temu

    Im so proud of Lia being at 30th spot despite her, not really into dancing

  • s kke
    s kke9 godzin temu

    Anyone who doesn’t put Solji in their top 8 are biased, thanks for putting respect on her name

  • Sabrina Sabirovna
    Sabrina Sabirovna9 godzin temu

    После 2015 бтс.блакпинк.твист.бтс было

  • ღ Hana ღ
    ღ Hana ღ9 godzin temu

    my bias: 1- jihyo 2-chaeyoung 3-Sana/tzuyu

  • MOA Mochi
    MOA Mochi9 godzin temu

    Stray kids are my favorite rappers EVER!

  • Rawan
    Rawan9 godzin temu

    the way that bigbang owned both of 2015 and 2016

  • Rawan
    Rawan9 godzin temu

    of course there is bigbang anywhere❤️

  • Imagi- nation
    Imagi- nation10 godzin temu

    I think the hardest is don't know what to do

  • Seo Changbin
    Seo Changbin10 godzin temu

    levanter bside?

  • mmim
    mmim10 godzin temu

    and Jung Whee In, Solar? lmao

  • mmim
    mmim10 godzin temu

    and Jung Whee In?

  • mmim
    mmim10 godzin temu

    por qué dice que esa que se llama Sika es de Mamamoo si no es?

  • B I A
    B I A11 godzin temu

    Title: Deep voices My mind: Yuqi

  • GG4EVA
    GG4EVA11 godzin temu

    Girls generation is the best Also got7 red velvet mamamoo itzy

  • IamJaz Booo
    IamJaz Booo11 godzin temu

    Feeling bad for suga😢

  • IamJaz Booo
    IamJaz Booo11 godzin temu

    Suga-6 s Jk- 70 s WT happen??????