Diablo is a fast-paced action RPG with heroes facing the onslaught of a demonic invasion.
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Violence, and Partial Nudity.

BlizzConline Day 2

BlizzConline Day 2

BlizzConline Day 1

BlizzConline Day 1


  • unixjpn
    unixjpn20 godzin temu

    Looking fwd to playing the remaster but this game is older than 20 years. I bough this game on CD for win 98 on day 1 release and I was back in high school playing hookie just to do Mephito runs and 3 Pefect skulls would trade for 1 SOJ era....

  • Ciri sas
    Ciri sasDzień temu

    My dislike was removed. Again.

    PHOENIXSUB707Dzień temu

    Question will 6 GB videoram be enough? Praying.

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfireDzień temu

    6:27 I mean, there is... otherwise they wouldn't be able to see what's going on in there. Just sayin'... :P

  • slimjimmy
    slimjimmyDzień temu

    Not Even Death Can Save You From Me! Man that line is engrained in the back of my head 20 years later lol.

  • Henry Witarso
    Henry WitarsoDzień temu

    not include expansion ?

  • Kaukus Anotherone
    Kaukus AnotheroneDzień temu

    I cant believe it. But my dislike was gone. I swear to god. HOW

  • Involves
    InvolvesDzień temu

    Im so sceptic about this a attempt of desperate man to revive the fan's Youll never be able to repair the mistakes you've done =D

  • Tom Borras
    Tom BorrasDzień temu

    -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / --. ..- -.-- ... / -. --- - / .... .- ...- . / .--. .... --- -. . ... / ..--..

  • A. F. Morelli
    A. F. MorelliDzień temu

    we dont forget no rules forever my son

  • Bahri Alaydın
    Bahri AlaydınDzień temu

    Imagine this announced in 2018's Blizcon. Maybe Blizzard was still alive today...

  • EndZiiel
    EndZiielDzień temu

    Looks so much darker like d2

  • Gamelingual
    GamelingualDzień temu

    I like how they rushed a D4 game after their Diablo Phone version and remark had backlash, D4 is gonna be out before immortal "Officially" even doh they had no plans for diablo 4 before immortal hahahahahahaha . not gonna buy D4 either with your bad bad business practices you guys can Suckkkkkkk itttttttt!!! "Gus Voice"

  • пеший ход
    пеший ходDzień temu

    Заберите мои деньги!!!!

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe2 dni temu

    I just hope its not simple reskin of old game

  • Andrei Apolozan
    Andrei Apolozan2 dni temu

    Please make it run properly on 60 FPS on ps5 - I'm so hyped to play this with my cousin on the console

  • 私の名前。todoroki
    私の名前。todoroki2 dni temu

    İ was going to the Show for the new diablo and you realy just let us watch them playing on mobile i was realy happy when it got finish but i will still play diablo

  • Kobra18
    Kobra182 dni temu

    Cant wait for this, they finally understand that we want the same thing but better ! with maybe more levels

  • Markus
    Markus2 dni temu

    *Very nice remastered Sounds.* 😊 *Please make a Resurrected Version of Diablo 1 too with the Multi-language (German, French, swedish) from the Playstation 1 Version.* ☺

  • slammerjax
    slammerjax2 dni temu

    I think that you're going to find players that gather in groups simply to wait until someone tries to turn in shards and then gank them. This will make many players not even bother with that content. If you're going to force players to have to group in order to get the shards turned in, you should just call it WOW, where pvp is pretty much only group based. If a player can get the shards without having to pvp, then they should be able to turn them in without pvp. Or simply just make it so you cannot get them unless you pvp.

  • slammerjax
    slammerjax2 dni temu

    The first guy talking has got to be Jeremy Irons

  • Mariano Castro
    Mariano Castro2 dni temu

    The light and colors sucks

  • Turd Furgeson Ph.D
    Turd Furgeson Ph.D2 dni temu

    Heads up. This is still gonna suck. The launch will be buggy unplayable garbage. But enjoy your new MMO. lol

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfireDzień temu

    Salty D2 sycophant.

  • Victor Chong
    Victor Chong2 dni temu

    3:30 andariels back

  • Oro The Villain
    Oro The Villain3 dni temu

    i want to be excited but this is activision blizzard this remake will be bad

  • kwan fu
    kwan fu3 dni temu

    you guys need to work on the skill tree...look at POE

  • Night Parade
    Night Parade3 dni temu

    the cinematic is somewhat like elder scroll online.. 🤔

  • O Z
    O Z3 dni temu

    What a days...

  • Krathyyy
    Krathyyy3 dni temu

    We don't forget

  • Duke49th
    Duke49th3 dni temu

    Ok looks D3 to me. Not buying it. Why should I spent money for basically the same game again? For 10% more crisp graphics?

  • Reyson Fox
    Reyson Fox3 dni temu

    If Blizzard fails Diablo II - one of the greatest games of all time they will go from Ressurected to Irredeemable.

  • BeingofEvil
    BeingofEvil3 dni temu

    game need more blood.

  • Dreamwalker
    Dreamwalker3 dni temu

    I didn't even know this was a thing until now. I guess I really don't keep up with Diablo. But I had played 2 a ton in the past.

  • KYoung2
    KYoung24 dni temu

    My life is so screwed. Rip

  • Christina Monks
    Christina Monks4 dni temu

    Is the narrator one of the Horadium? He looks like it. Also does anyone know who he tombstone he was at? Deckard cain maybe?

  • Deal101
    Deal1014 dni temu

    who ever thinks that this is an art? is ignorant to how they just made a normal insect, look at diablo 1 succubus! now THAT! was one awesome art if I say so myself.

  • Bradley Matusiak
    Bradley Matusiak4 dni temu


  • Legendás Eposz
    Legendás Eposz4 dni temu


  • Neu No
    Neu No4 dni temu

    guys from blizz : please, really, pleease, don't put all your efforts on the aspect of the game, but make it also work fine on PC and in multiplayer.. don't do like with warcraft 3 reforged.. good job guys i can't wait ! :)

  • Socially Introverted
    Socially Introverted4 dni temu

    Critical Role's Diablo One-shot gave a head nod to Deckard in the introduction...it was awesome to hear Deckard's voice once again

  • kikolapersona
    kikolapersona4 dni temu

    Why do I find this intro so creepy and terrifying but i cant look away

  • r0m4
    r0m44 dni temu

    Please give me D2 beta ;(

  • New Chaotic Order
    New Chaotic Order5 dni temu

    Please let hr giger and hp lovecraft influence you!

  • New Chaotic Order
    New Chaotic Order5 dni temu

    I love it but go darker and more evil and more gory please. Have a giant spider with many spiders coming out of it and more spiders coming out of them like a russian doll. Have the "thing" creatures please! Also, watch the movie "the void" and do creatures like that in that movie!

  • New Chaotic Order
    New Chaotic Order5 dni temu

    Please remaster diablo 1 too please and combine the general chat of d1r/d2r/d3 please!

  • New Chaotic Order
    New Chaotic Order5 dni temu

    For awhile you guys really lost the art of pushing how you involved the artists of the world...I remember your constant art contests and it used to be so prominent but in the last few years it hasn't been so inclusive until now with this it really gives you some brownie points. Keep it up! Keep being a lot more inclusive with the fans who are artists! Do a lot of d4 art contests please! p.s. Love the art!

  • Remnar
    Remnar5 dni temu

    If this is just a reskin, I'll pass. I've played Diablo2 for a few years, but the drop rate was so bad that you needed to use maphacks to see where you need to go, and bot to get anything and trade on d2jsp. Diablo3 changed this, now the drop rate is a bit high; but at least I play legit and get somewhere.

  • Bike Lover
    Bike Lover5 dni temu

    Diablo 4 where u are????

  • Pyro
    Pyro6 dni temu

    Do you not have phones?

  • blackbird
    blackbird6 dni temu

    Hero Editor anyone? ;D

  • HK
    HK6 dni temu

    art style looks like poe this time around

  • slato
    slato6 dni temu

    Shame there will still be no cow level.

  • Tomasz Pawlik
    Tomasz Pawlik6 dni temu

    Thanks PLclip for deleting my dislike. Dont worry, i pressed it for the second time

  • rjanssaft The III
    rjanssaft The III7 dni temu

    First character is 100% gonna be a sister of the sightless eye.

  • Bryan de Sá
    Bryan de Sá7 dni temu

    I’m really excited

  • Кок Кек
    Кок Кек7 dni temu


  • Wilmson
    Wilmson8 dni temu

    but the genre was defined with part 1? :D :D :D wtf, remove ladder only items, ye yee

    JK CHEN8 dni temu

    Ну и сколько еще ждать её????

  • 真夜中デイモス
    真夜中デイモス8 dni temu

    Just checking my dislike if still there... *Yes. It. Is.* thank god. 😇😇😇

    SKINS JDCA8 dni temu

    The truth is that I do not understand people who criticize this, the truth that the fact that immortal devil is going to come out on mobiles does not mean that he will die, we are in 2021, not 2015, and in return a lot of gaming in Mobile orita, Cell phones can run games unlike before Before, only candy chush could run and the fact that the developers are going to take out immortal devil is because they want to expand their game to other platforms, that is, on mobiles as well as other games such as pubg, call of duty, league of legends and soon Apex legends I also do not see that the players of these games complain because they are on mobiles, for example that of call of duty mobile since all the mechanical maps and game modes of other deliveries such as modern warfare, black ops or warzone are put here. That their community complains about that that they complain that they have to pay obligatorily if they want to play those games and we not only skin them if we want and also other things every game. Gos, whether they are console or pc, that have not been released on mobiles will one day be released on mobiles and it does not matter which one it is, since as I said, gaming on Android will change a lot and also let me say something to those who believe that the game will be a failure that Some PC or console player does not play it does not mean anything in the end we are more people who have mobiles compared to the few that have a console or a PC and the community will gladly receive this game with great pleasure when it is released, The only thing I do not agree with the developers is that they have chosen a company to develop the game such as Netease games since from what we know is that that company, if one of their games is no longer successful, they leave it abandoned and only put it skin as if there was no tomorrow and they could well choose another company like timi studios since they are the ones who develop the Mobile version of call of duty and they have done a good job making the game but hey

  • Jeremy Cosby
    Jeremy Cosby8 dni temu

    is there going to be D2 trainers in offline ? people used to love the trainers?

  • Takuro_Spirit
    Takuro_Spirit8 dni temu

    Is the voice actor for the Priest in the cinematic the same guy who played G-Man in Half-Life? Because if it's not, he could've been.

  • robert caribou
    robert caribou8 dni temu

    Stuttering on small lightning spells with only few monsters LOL, slower gameplay... gotta go back to 2000 version for smooth gameplay.