Let's Play Minecraft Hardcore | Animal Farm


Episode 27! Today we work on a magical forest themed cow pen near our farm, and then we create an auto sugar cane farm and a new barn for the animals! This area is now cleaned up and ready for better builds. Enjoy!
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Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
Minecraft version 1.16
Optifine 1.16
Shaders: BSL


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    I'm so proud of this adorable little plushie, if you'd like one to sit at your desk with you or give you some hugs, the pre-order link is here! makeship.com/products/geminitay Thank you for your support everyone 💚

  • Malîa_Leîgh


    5 dni temu

    One of your sheap ecscaped when you made your cow farm!!,(Normal cows)😅

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    Sujatha Selvaraj

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    Your welcome!!

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    How much is it? i might be able to buy it it looks so cute!!!!!!1!1!!!1?2!1!21!!1!1

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    Chris Jaber

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    Where is 28 days I really like this series it's super cool

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    22:54 NOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔😭💔😭😭

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    You look so good with straight hair ngl 😌🤚

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    How horse /🐮🐴

  • Karen Stoll
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    I think Dorsey and Augie Or siblings

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    Sunny ColbertDzień temu

    You had multiple open spots and then you made another one like what? I love your vid’s I watch them every day the girl come on😑

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    Gem I really like you

  • Kaito
    KaitoDzień temu

    22:50 Cows be doing Vanishing Action again.

  • Service_GSD_Zelda
    Service_GSD_ZeldaDzień temu

    I can’t get over the way you said “oh Barbra works in the bakery” like you had no clue she did 😭

  • Canis lupus Minecraft
    Canis lupus Minecraft2 dni temu

    You should use a channeling trident and make one of your mushrooms brown. I think it would add to the magical and mystical feel of your magical mystical cow pen. And you could feed it a flower and milk it with a bowl to get suspicious stew.

  • Unmisha Biswas Mahua Biswas
    Unmisha Biswas Mahua Biswas2 dni temu

    Please add a single block of wood in the gathering tree bell side, beside your ender chest 🙏 it is so uncomfortable for me BTW love your channel and your hardcore series 😘😘😘 GOOD LUCK FOR FUTURE EPISODES 😍😘💓

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    Do any one remember romio and juliet

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    when she said angy tho 💚💖🤎

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    How are Romeo and Julia doing

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    Omg I really wanna get that lil adorable plushie, but like, I haven't ever gotten anybody's merch and uh, I not sure if I allowed to. This sucks lol, it so cute!

  • Mr. Deathly
    Mr. Deathly4 dni temu

    Magical Mystical Mooshroom Marsh

  • Anneke Hoekstra
    Anneke Hoekstra4 dni temu

    Day 1 of asking gem to make a sacred tree or just a normal tree for the entrance of the zombie spawner or whatever

  • Greg Paul
    Greg Paul4 dni temu

    You should do a nitwit/baby villager classroom or school

  • YouTube Sisters
    YouTube Sisters4 dni temu

    You should add some hay bales as part of the floor

  • john smith
    john smith4 dni temu

    "Natural selection" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dallin Alexander
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  • Kwaludo
    Kwaludo4 dni temu

    Somebody's gotta tell her that the mushrooms just font care. But I like the decor she is setting

  • Mzng
    Mzng5 dni temu

    bruh you look like you sound, your so cute :_)

  • Pakhi Singh
    Pakhi Singh5 dni temu

    You should make a swing between 2 trees it would fit perfectly

  • puppy_pup
    puppy_pup6 dni temu

    I am so sad that this is a hardcore world 😭

  • Harris Fitri
    Harris Fitri6 dni temu

    We will hope that you will beat the ender dragon in hardcore mode

  • Malîa_Leîgh


    5 dni temu

    Your welcome!

  • Harris Fitri

    Harris Fitri

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    Thx for letting me khow

  • Malîa_Leîgh


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    She already did!,In episode 25!

  • Molina lopez sebastian
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    Que linda eres, nunca había visto tu rostro solo escuchaba tu voz

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    Imagine Gem meet Niki Nihachu, Two kind girl...

  • Kaity8
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    I would love if Gemini makes a bunny pen

  • Kaity8
    Kaity87 dni temu

    I love you Gemini

  • Erin Berjian
    Erin Berjian7 dni temu

    true, a little pvp is exiting, but Gem, we watch your video's for you (and the villagers) and your wonderful personality. Love you!

  • Erin Berjian
    Erin Berjian7 dni temu

    Cowhorse. LOVE it! : )

  • Erin Berjian
    Erin Berjian7 dni temu

    Plush is cute!

  • Dr Anand Shukla
    Dr Anand Shukla8 dni temu

    22:54 don't worry nothin happened

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    This is me, and I am me, so this is where we are. Why isn’t this a quote? I NEED this! Also, that plushie... so cute. I

  • Man of the Pickles
    Man of the Pickles8 dni temu

    Name a villager Rosie! I think it's a cute name!

  • Magic Rainbow
    Magic Rainbow8 dni temu

    Why does everyone build better than meh

  • MKBTheModder
    MKBTheModder8 dni temu

    Great Now I'll have another plushie blankly and creepily stare at me when I'm lying in bed

    YUN WEI HENG Moe8 dni temu

    awwww man, i wish there were frogs to add to the little pond you made

  • Tina Moen
    Tina Moen8 dni temu

    OMG I KNOW GEM, put a mushroom tree where the red cows are

  • Crystine Masica
    Crystine Masica9 dni temu

    Gem u r almost to 1 million subscribers!!!! Congratulations 🎉👏

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    If that plush his was in one of the minecraft mods, OMG I would totally get that pack

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    Hi Geminitay huge fan

  • Sonia Ramirez
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    I love this series

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    Noooooo I don’t have money for the cute plushy 😭

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  • Lilly Arnold
    Lilly Arnold9 dni temu

    You can make brown mooshrooms by striking red ones with lightning, and you can feed brown mooshrooms different kinds of flowers and then click them with a bowl to get all kinds on suspicious stew

  • stephanie santos
    stephanie santos9 dni temu

    no one noticed she slaughtered cows?!?!?!?!

  • Its Aurelia
    Its Aurelia9 dni temu

    Why do i feel like I wanna be like her? But i dont have money to get minecraft :/

  • bl00dy C0tten
    bl00dy C0tten9 dni temu

    I have to say you have inspired me to try do things that are way out of my comfort zone in this game and your channel is helping me with the trouble of school

  • Joseph Lucas
    Joseph Lucas10 dni temu

    Me just locking my villagers in cages to trade and they don’t die

  • Joseph Lucas
    Joseph Lucas10 dni temu

    Soooo adorable the teddy/ plushie

  • Paula Lopez
    Paula Lopez10 dni temu

    My middle name is Dorathea that is so close to Dorothy thank you! Love your vids bye! Keep making vids

  • Ayesha Jade Laigo
    Ayesha Jade Laigo10 dni temu

    Can you do a bee farm bees like flowers you can tame them

  • Sparks YT
    Sparks YT10 dni temu

    you are so pretty

  • Hello
    Hello10 dni temu

    i wanna play minecraft so bad but i cant hahh

  • The Coolest Pet in Town!
    The Coolest Pet in Town!11 dni temu

    Can we appreciate the fact that she treats these villagers like human beings and not money-making machines? She's willing to do anything to keep these villagers safe, even if means creating a kingdom for them.

  • Jordyn Bettencourt
    Jordyn Bettencourt11 dni temu

    When you realize that you aren't caught up with Gem's episodes AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

  • Quokkabiased Cheese
    Quokkabiased Cheese11 dni temu

    Mystical Moo Land!

  • musiclovers2428
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    I love your videos! They are so calm and relaxing and such a nice contrast to a lot of the other Minecraft content out there!

  • Allyson Barrow
    Allyson Barrow11 dni temu

    So you should connect your zombie farm to your under ground tunnel and to have a faster way to it, by the cow pin you should make an out house but the water from the “toilet” drops right to your zombie farm

  • Breanna Jane
    Breanna Jane11 dni temu

    My grandmother’s name is Barbara and I love every time you come into the bakery and she’s there. Very fitting.

    TFIRERO11 dni temu

    Can we have your seed pleaseeeee🤞

  • Fekrije Shemshiu
    Fekrije Shemshiu11 dni temu

    Can you please make afju mini 🏠 for the village.

  • Klemen
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    That tower be like: no talk me i angy

  • Instinct
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    Hardcore World Canon?

  • Freya Lowevat
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    Also Miss,Gem have u been thinking of collaborating with Mister,jensay??? Plssss🥺🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖💖

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    I WANT THAT PLUSHIEEEEEEEEEE😍😍😍😍 IT SO CUTE!!!!! Just like our dear Gemy😉 I want one so bad 😅 Hey miss Gem how much is it???

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    Can anyone help me I want to know how to send fan mail to JeniniTag or just help me get a photo to her

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    Emily Rollinson11 dni temu

    Also how does every single thing you build come out amazing

  • Emily Rollinson
    Emily Rollinson11 dni temu

    Your face is butiful

  • Zain Forster
    Zain Forster11 dni temu

    Gem you literally have to join hermicraft You are so good at building

  • Zain Forster
    Zain Forster11 dni temu

    Gem you have the most calming voice I ever heard

  • USA - a country of freedom and justice Fact
    USA - a country of freedom and justice Fact12 dni temu

    Surprisingly, I found a normal person who writes minecraft and does not swear and is not a schoolboy for 5 years.

  • Ally Rood
    Ally Rood12 dni temu

    Gem, I gotta tell you that you have really shown me how fun vanilla minecraft can be!! I have been playing with a lot of mods recently, but I started a vanilla survival world that I am having a blast in. Your videos give me so much inspiration!! Thank you for the content that you create

  • Elder Lich
    Elder Lich12 dni temu

    I was re-watching some of your old videos and thought of a perfect slogan: If it's no a mushroom, it's not a build.

  • Liah Givens
    Liah Givens12 dni temu

    Add the nose too to make it look like the Gus-Guses

  • Evan Davis
    Evan Davis12 dni temu

    I love the plush and can you please couinue the x life server?

  • hUh? iDk WhAT yOuR tALkIng AbOuT
    hUh? iDk WhAT yOuR tALkIng AbOuT12 dni temu

    I love the plushie but I’m too poor to buy it 😭

  • Ananya Venkatachalam
    Ananya Venkatachalam12 dni temu

    I think you should put some grass shrubs. :)

  • Malin Teeple
    Malin Teeple12 dni temu

    I’m really happy she named a villager for me (Archie)

  • Simply Minne
    Simply Minne12 dni temu

    does anyone know if i can get this SEED for the Bedrock version? I really want to play on this seed 🥺

  • sabdeen rifa
    sabdeen rifa12 dni temu

    HI I wanna tell u I have an idea for u so go and watch Dantdm and make a endear an farm you won't die he did it in hard core aswell u won't die unless u wear an elytra whilst doing it ok so ya do it

  • sabdeen rifa

    sabdeen rifa

    12 dni temu

    I mean enderman farm

  • sabdeen rifa

    sabdeen rifa

    12 dni temu

    I mean enderman farm

  • Aaliyah Oseni
    Aaliyah Oseni12 dni temu

    love ur vids biggest fan and that looks so cute gonna buy one= )

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    22:53 Why😭 HAHAHAHAHA

  • Shaniece de bruin
    Shaniece de bruin12 dni temu

    lovely gemini i know that you really love name youre villargers ( i like that to ) so i was thinking maybe can you name 1 of the farmers lola i hope that you see and like this reaction and use this name PS: im dutch so yeah my english is not really good XXXX shaniece 1 of youre biggest fans

  • Indra Mishigdorj
    Indra Mishigdorj12 dni temu

    Could you please do a episode that you clean your chests,and the stuffs around your area pleaseeeee🥺🥺 (shortly: The cleaning episode ) my english May be bad

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    She is the kinda doctor i wouldn't mind taking my blood! I mean she would just remove the pain with her possitivety! She is just amazing!

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    Girl make the way down to the spawner be a well so it’s camouflaged xx

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    This is the first time I commented on one of her videos. I’m so intrigued by this series❤️

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    do a mouth for the angry tower!

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    I'm your biggest fan. GEMINI! GEMINI!. I also can not believe you fought the ender dragon. I'm not yet a teen; foot note😋

  • Maisy Wanja Kabecha
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    Hi, will you continue more episodes like this because I'm addicted to your videos . THANK YOU, BYYEEEEE

  • Ronja LP
    Ronja LP13 dni temu

    An idea for the gates is a stone/gravel path with rocks to make the buttons less “visible” (they will just look like one out of many rocks):)

  • Eva rose Lewis
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    im so sad i cant get a plushie ! would you ever consider doing a random giveaway !!!