Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Attack of the Numbers!

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Galaxy S20 Ultra is what happens when Samsung throws all the biggest numbers in one place.
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  • Dexter Memes
    Dexter Memes7 godzin temu

    Samsung S20 ultra: IM the KING OF FLAGSHIPS P40 Pro:hold my beer

  • Willy Damas Dzaki
    Willy Damas Dzaki21 godzinę temu

    Been using the s20 plus, its a great ecperience, and now I have the ultra on my hand, and Im pretty happy with it

  • Tech Ghost
    Tech GhostDzień temu

    Yeah but not to forget megaphone 📢

  • SNT technology
    SNT technologyDzień temu

    i got today 🥰🥰

  • césar
    césar2 dni temu

    Unfortunately in Brazil they come with Exynos chips 😳

  • Redge Wang
    Redge Wang3 dni temu

    Me: Damn, 4K dislikes? Every tech Tubers: *.....perfection!*

  • MarshChick
    MarshChick4 dni temu

    Thanks for your input .. I really liked your online presence .

  • Syed Umer Ahmed
    Syed Umer Ahmed6 dni temu

    Woah I didn’t knew that MKBHD just predicted future by wearing a shirt with TELEGRAM logo on it ...👌

  • Thierry Semple

    Thierry Semple

    2 dni temu


  • M. Masood Sabir
    M. Masood Sabir6 dni temu

    Samsung: Launches S21 Ultra PLclip: Ever Heard Of The S20 Ultra?

  • Minh Chau
    Minh Chau6 dni temu

    S21 looking back

  • Rajdeep Santra
    Rajdeep Santra6 dni temu

    Who is here after S21 first impression 😂

  • Sherman Klump
    Sherman Klump7 dni temu

    Like my mans honesty. Explained very well I have just purchased this phone, I'm on my way to collect right now, thanks. Subscribed!

  • George Diopido
    George Diopido8 dni temu

    Boring vlog

  • cole Tan
    cole Tan8 dni temu

    Pls don't buy this phone, within 6months touchscreen faulty

  • wara shak
    wara shak9 dni temu

    Watching on my s20 ultra 🤑

  • wara shak

    wara shak

    6 dni temu

    @Hector Lara it's a really good phone actually it has a perfect camera and great specs all about totally recommend it

  • Hector Lara

    Hector Lara

    6 dni temu

    How do you like it? Any regrets?

  • Diamond Everything
    Diamond Everything12 dni temu

    Just got this phone today

  • Bhavik Tibrewala
    Bhavik Tibrewala13 dni temu

    I don't think people realize that this is way cheaper than the iPhone's top-end model in many countries like India (about $3000 difference)

  • Jennifer Metcalfe
    Jennifer Metcalfe14 dni temu

    So I like the phone as a whole, I just got it, but as far as cameras go I prefer my last phone, which was a Huaweii, for taking photos and videos. It was the best ever

  • Neil Patel
    Neil Patel14 dni temu

    It’s $800 now is that a good deal or should I wait for it to go down?

  • Neil Patel

    Neil Patel

    12 dni temu

    @Top 5 Master ok ok this is a really good point but now it’s 700$ should I wait still until the 21 or bite

  • Top 5 Master

    Top 5 Master

    14 dni temu

    Its a good deal considering how good the phone is, but the S21 is right around the corner so the of the S20s will be decreased. When/if the Note 21 comes then it'll lessen even more

  • 최최
    최최15 dni temu

    good phone.

  • World experience SUPER World Video
    World experience SUPER World Video15 dni temu

    HUAWEI is the highest in dxo mark so I did not know what the meaning was with google pixel and iPhone because HUAWEI is much better 🦾😎

  • Mohammed Nasir
    Mohammed Nasir15 dni temu

    My sister works Samsung and she has this phone right now. Me S8.

  • Kimberly Cullen
    Kimberly Cullen16 dni temu

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  • darren murphy
    darren murphy18 dni temu

    Dude, I wanted this phone until I saw your review, I think I'll keep my big Canon 5D mk3 for the nice photos and look for another phone that gives me some working features ;)

  • alan dojo
    alan dojo19 dni temu

    Use my referral code: REFPBGCQSWQQ

  • Renata Farias
    Renata Farias20 dni temu

    What do you prefer apple iphone 12 or s20 ulta

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili20 dni temu


  • Dr. Who
    Dr. Who20 dni temu

    6.9 inch I thought it was smaller

    VELLIGXNG20 dni temu

    I though androids would never get rid of the headphone jack.

  • Evan A

    Evan A

    19 dni temu

    sane but hopefully they start coming with wireless earbuds

  • Artur Peres
    Artur Peres21 dzień temu

    I feel tempted to buy this phone in 2021. With S21/S30 the price might drop and I came to see the review to justify putting my old A70 to rest.

  • Kami Conradi
    Kami Conradi21 dzień temu

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    Kami Conradi21 dzień temu

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  • Jiwoo Park
    Jiwoo Park22 dni temu

    Anyone notice that the camera robot was used?

  • Stanley Raphel
    Stanley Raphel22 dni temu

    Please do a video on Samsung vs I Phone ...!

  • tubetop123
    tubetop12322 dni temu

    g not kg

  • Guitar Tutorial [ Official ]
    Guitar Tutorial [ Official ]23 dni temu

    like all ur vdo

  • Assia EB
    Assia EB25 dni temu

    i wish they made them in more colors, black and gray are just boring and too basic, it's the only thing that makes me hesitate to buy one

  • Assia EB

    Assia EB

    24 dni temu

    @NetwOrk 4lph4 damnn.. im sorry that happened to u it must be frustrating but thank you i will keep that in mind!

  • NetwOrk 4lph4

    NetwOrk 4lph4

    24 dni temu

    I don't recommend getting one. First, off getting the s20 ultra anywhere other the u.s is a scam because only the u.s gets snapdragon 865 varients (which out performs exynos in every way). Second, when the rear glass shattered on the back of my s20 ultra the haptic feedback no longer worked and still cuts off to this day (phone is 2 months old) as well as the mobile data antennas stop working (I didn't have service). The last thing is the price, although its considered cheap at this time the tax on the phone is over $100 so the original price of $1.4k is actually $1.5k

  • paul cook
    paul cook27 dni temu

    Display is nasty

  • Golden Wings
    Golden Wings28 dni temu

    16 gb ram 😱 thats insane

    MUSI CANA28 dni temu

    Which phone should I buy ---s20 ultra or note 20 ultra

  • Grant Knu
    Grant Knu29 dni temu

    Me on an S10e: *hmmm that 120hz looks pretty nice in the video*

  • Patrick Sairyon
    Patrick Sairyon29 dni temu

    I really don't love phones that are bigger, that's why I love nokia. Most of their phones are portable.

  • Lori Ann
    Lori AnnMiesiąc temu

    I need help what to get. S20 5g for $650 or S20 Ultra for $1080??

  • Lori Ann

    Lori Ann

    24 dni temu

    @NetwOrk 4lph4 thanks. Now I do not feel so bad.. I went for thr s20. Cant justify $400+ difference

  • NetwOrk 4lph4

    NetwOrk 4lph4

    24 dni temu

    Regular s20 I have the s20 ultra and my experience hasn't been good at all

  • Brian Pex
    Brian PexMiesiąc temu

    I love the Bokeh examples using tech that costs what a Benz goes for when added up. ;-)

  • Mas Vouge
    Mas VougeMiesiąc temu

    Its a good one 👍

  • Sporty Soulty
    Sporty SoultyMiesiąc temu

    my Galaxy note 2 Pro was Bigger at 5.5

  • Polaroid
    PolaroidMiesiąc temu

    watch it get destroyed by the stabby Stylus phone

  • Cute boi
    Cute boiMiesiąc temu

    I love the part when he said 120htz

  • Jerry Ber
    Jerry BerMiesiąc temu

    Remember when the Galaxy Mega was extremely huge?? Oh the days.

  • Hizamaru
    HizamaruMiesiąc temu

    No offense Marques, but why is a smart guy like yourself not using DARK MODE?!??!?!?!

  • Alison Carr
    Alison CarrMiesiąc temu

    Great video and helpful review. Your explanations were super helpful. Thank you!

  • ryan puloski
    ryan puloskiMiesiąc temu

    if only he actually needed it..... MB

  • Marvel Space
    Marvel SpaceMiesiąc temu

    3.5mm headphone jack R.I.P 🎧

  • Miguel David Surban
    Miguel David SurbanMiesiąc temu

    What phone have you tested that you can say has the best Camera performance overall, ever?

  • Donatas re
    Donatas reMiesiąc temu

    And other countryes have shit not s20 ultra 😂😂😂 because of exynos i hate samsung 😂😂 in some chosen countryes it is best but in other countryes it is shit believe me that is why xiaomi will overtake samsung and it will be less bought over time not worth it just believe me ... look how different those phones exynos vs snapdragon samsung s20 ultra

  • Maximooed


    21 dzień temu


  • TheSallyMally
    TheSallyMallyMiesiąc temu

    You can run SolidWorks on this phone 😛

  • roy bray
    roy brayMiesiąc temu

    Which one is better this one or note 20 ultra

  • Tauqeer Ahmad
    Tauqeer AhmadMiesiąc temu

    video limitations with 8k only 24fps one of the reason Samsung working on their own exynos 2100 processor.

    RYCIUMiesiąc temu

    The intro music reminded me of rainbow six

  • The Jovial Brit
    The Jovial BritMiesiąc temu

    Getting mine tomorrow with the watch! Can't wait! Always been a fan of Samsung. Had to use an iPhone, as of late, due to my old phone crapping out. I really dislike iPhone because the headphones are crap and the headphone jack breaks after a few weeks. I also can't get a lot of my fav apps on iPhone either. I'm not dissing iPhone but it's just not for me.

  • Ethan Uriah
    Ethan UriahMiesiąc temu

    Better than my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)

  • Sachi Sach
    Sachi SachMiesiąc temu

    This showcases the knowledge of MKBHD. Thank you for showing the defects in new sensor. I love you.

  • Eleonore Hilburn
    Eleonore HilburnMiesiąc temu

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  • ÑÅbèél Hąįđəř
    ÑÅbèél HąįđəřMiesiąc temu

    Why the RAZER is weird and glitchy 💭🙄 10:20

  • gerardo aguirre
    gerardo aguirreMiesiąc temu

    If they make a 7.5 phone I will buy without looking at the price 🤣

  • Beverly Doxtator
    Beverly DoxtatorMiesiąc temu

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  • Baraka Wilson
    Baraka WilsonMiesiąc temu

    I want me some!!

  • Bappu Das
    Bappu DasMiesiąc temu

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  • -MouseAccuracy-
    -MouseAccuracy-Miesiąc temu

    5:20 100%!

  • Jerod Carpenter
    Jerod CarpenterMiesiąc temu

    Anyone else agree the 12mp photos were much better?

  • Rochelle Van der Toorn
    Rochelle Van der ToornMiesiąc temu

    My Samsung S20 Ultra does not have an aux port...



    Miesiąc temu

    Okay? No modern Samsung phone since the S and Note 10 line has had an aux port. And no iPhone since the 7.

  • Shru
    ShruMiesiąc temu

    Now: glass sandwiche :o Future: Just a piece of glass ;)

  • Agwali
    AgwaliMiesiąc temu

    How many kidney do I need?

  • Ammar Kitaz 6 grey
    Ammar Kitaz 6 greyMiesiąc temu

    Bbjboj be

  • Ammar Kitaz 6 grey
    Ammar Kitaz 6 greyMiesiąc temu


  • Kenny Rene
    Kenny ReneMiesiąc temu

    And I still bought it!

  • Time lapse
    Time lapseMiesiąc temu

    iPhone is still better

  • Mark.


    Miesiąc temu


  • Jayden Maldonado
    Jayden MaldonadoMiesiąc temu

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  • Tadiwanashe Matara
    Tadiwanashe MataraMiesiąc temu

    samsung design team are slacking

  • michael johanis
    michael johanisMiesiąc temu

    ''100X zoom=Scumbag zoom''....Flossy Carter

  • Aditya Jadhav
    Aditya JadhavMiesiąc temu

    64 mp photos will look better if you have a screen that can display that resolution

  • Gxjd Nzgx
    Gxjd NzgxMiesiąc temu

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  • Jame Andy
    Jame AndyMiesiąc temu

    Phones years ago: 16GB storage, 1GB RAM S20 Ultra: 16GB RAM, 1TB storage

  • goku


    Miesiąc temu

    Stolen comment

  • Johnathon Wheeler
    Johnathon WheelerMiesiąc temu

    Why would you take close pictures with 108 megapixel ?

  • Rudy Rosli
    Rudy RosliMiesiąc temu

    Hi everyone, did you ever encounter the whatsapp incoming call, when i talk they only can hear my voice so soft and i also need to raise out loud voice so they can hear me clearly instead i talk as normal tone

  • Xavier Lombardi
    Xavier LombardiMiesiąc temu

    Love that part when he starts describing the specs of my laptop

  • Ayaan Parvez

    Ayaan Parvez

    Miesiąc temu


  • ninmin
    ninminMiesiąc temu

    They went beyond plus ultraaaaaaaaa!

  • Crimson
    CrimsonMiesiąc temu

    Thank you Maeques for the detailed review on the S20, I just purchased the GS20 yesterday and am happy with its performance! The camera only goes to the 30X zoom however that is all I need. I will be putting it through its paces for sure, especially the camera!

  • Aidan Wesley Ganasen
    Aidan Wesley GanasenMiesiąc temu

    Bra you talk too much you need to shut up

  • Jiwoo Park
    Jiwoo ParkMiesiąc temu

    Who know what Samsung will do with the 2021 S series... It's gonna be pretty cool. Hopefully.

  • DogCatCow Chicken
    DogCatCow ChickenMiesiąc temu

    I like where you shrink down the screen for one-handed

  • Adam Desjarlais
    Adam DesjarlaisMiesiąc temu

    Its an android. Of course you can enable 120hz and 1440p at the same time.

  • Alwin John
    Alwin JohnMiesiąc temu

    Please, I want that wallpaper!! Someone help.

  • Kavitha Rajagopal
    Kavitha RajagopalMiesiąc temu

    That Intro🤗

  • Tyree Neguyen
    Tyree NeguyenMiesiąc temu

    Love that part when he starts describing the specs of my laptop

  • isitreallykana
    isitreallykanaMiesiąc temu

    sad to hear that phones have higher refresh rates than my computer monitor

    IMP3TIGOMiesiąc temu

    Used to use the Galaxy Note for a few years until switching to the iPhone about 4 years ago, and just got my iPhone 12 Pro Max, but I have to say that the iPhone's huge notch is just an embarrassment at this point. What's the reason the iPhone can't have a camera cutout without the huge notch at the top?

  • Louie


    Miesiąc temu

    How’s the iPhone 12 pro max? Do you like it?

  • Ian Konstantino
    Ian KonstantinoMiesiąc temu

    All this but no headphone jack, how disappointing

  • Alan Whitton: Life Coach - Therapist - London
    Alan Whitton: Life Coach - Therapist - LondonMiesiąc temu

    Brother where did you get that Cushion at 11 minutes 56 pls?

  • Emil Данаилов Gunhildrud
    Emil Данаилов GunhildrudMiesiąc temu

    love the fact that Marques wears an apple watch while reviewing the Samsung S20 Ultra ahhahah