39 Kill Solo Trio Arena World Record 🏆 | Faze Mongraal


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  • Mongraal
    Mongraal5 miesięcy temu

    most craziest game i ever played. watch til end to see how it could of been :( also subscribe if you haven't so close to 4 MILLION

  • ああ


    Dzień temu


  • Ashraf Khalaf

    Ashraf Khalaf

    3 dni temu

    Do you know noahwplays BTW

  • Ashraf Khalaf

    Ashraf Khalaf

    3 dni temu

    But not really have seen so much better ones

  • Jade Ford

    Jade Ford

    3 dni temu

    Mongraal can we play Fortnite

  • DinosR09


    3 dni temu

    you are not able to get a solo victory that you need a trios

  • Goran Caric
    Goran Caric3 godzin temu


  • Valeriabb Bb
    Valeriabb Bb12 godzin temu

    soy la unica que habla español

  • SirJunov


    9 godzin temu

    no jajasalu2

  • 2much_ Input
    2much_ Input14 godzin temu

    use cc: mongraal in the item kock

  • Trafyx ay лол
    Trafyx ay лол17 godzin temu

    i think mongraal dont now what is a body hit

  • Filippo Falato
    Filippo Falato18 godzin temu

    i know i know stop talking, bro respect pls, is only a game...

  • CapalotPxison
    CapalotPxison18 godzin temu

    Pov: You search up on Safari Moongraal key binds

  • MTR-フロッパー
    MTR-フロッパー19 godzin temu


  • Spectic Ψ
    Spectic Ψ23 godzin temu

    Thank god I don’t play in his server, else I will get DEMOLISHED

  • Berkan Dikyol
    Berkan DikyolDzień temu

    what is mongralls keyboard?

    AzZOX_On_LACOSTEDzień temu

    my god !!



  • Tc xltron
    Tc xltronDzień temu

    My idal

  • M1K3Y_is_a_ qt
    M1K3Y_is_a_ qtDzień temu

    why did he not reboot his teammates?

  • ale28 24 Lecciso
    ale28 24 LeccisoDzień temu


    JUSM DUDEDzień temu

    feel like mongraal better than sway if he isnt

  • WCruxsy Shesh
    WCruxsy SheshDzień temu


  • budoor moh
    budoor moh2 dni temu

    the name of thee kid

  • Roma Zukclub
    Roma Zukclub2 dni temu

    I also like his another video with the Skin update @t

  • Scp-1471 MalO
    Scp-1471 MalO2 dni temu

    I love this video

  • The Strongest Avenger
    The Strongest Avenger2 dni temu

    yo he a sweat!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dogan Hezer
    Dogan Hezer2 dni temu

    3:45 c’est normal les 2 edit qu’il a fait apres avoir tuer le deuxieme, il a edit escalier et mur en meme temps et si vous voulez mettez on vitesse x0,25 vous verrez on dirait il a une M.a.cr.o 🤔🤔

  • Nemo Karasenok
    Nemo Karasenok2 dni temu

    Кто русский?

  • Efe Ünsal
    Efe Ünsal2 dni temu

    A noob. Mongral

  • Canpi2007
    Canpi20072 dni temu


  • Huda Hergert
    Huda Hergert3 dni temu

    can you i eden arena

  • Ashraf Khalaf
    Ashraf Khalaf3 dni temu

    And literally smashing keyboard in a 1v1 he no health and you full health and still goes break keyboard game lmao

  • Ashraf Khalaf
    Ashraf Khalaf3 dni temu

    God damn beast

  • Ballerini Mauro
    Ballerini Mauro3 dni temu

    Bugha is noob Mongraal is pro

  • Maria Cornejo
    Maria Cornejo3 dni temu

    Mongraal y bugha se parecen

  • Elian Alvario
    Elian Alvario3 dni temu

    Cuando Mongral tenga novia la va hacer feliz When Mongral has a girlfriend he will make her happy

  • 吉澤秀治
    吉澤秀治3 dni temu


  • Butt Boss
    Butt Boss3 dni temu

    Bro your mechanics are on the 5th level

  • chloe
    chloe3 dni temu

    Mongraals just too cracked

  • Catal
    Catal3 dni temu


    JKFILMY4 dni temu

    WHO turns their sound down when watching mongraal's videos🤣

  • Gavin Wolf
    Gavin Wolf4 dni temu

    Sheesh mongraal is a beast yo

  • Godly. Jay
    Godly. Jay4 dni temu

    Smooth gameplay🤤 SICK😃

  • Marti Zappa
    Marti Zappa4 dni temu


  • Krzyszi3k To Ja
    Krzyszi3k To Ja4 dni temu

    Who is better? Bogha or Mongraal? Mongraal - 1 in comments Bugha - 2 in comments I think mongraal is better

  • Poppy Hilton
    Poppy Hilton4 dni temu

    your so gud how

  • Hudsonblake1 gaming Chanel
    Hudsonblake1 gaming Chanel4 dni temu

    Mitr0 reeeeeeboot now

  • SRP_v4le 10
    SRP_v4le 104 dni temu

    Yes broooooo

  • Pigi Kafalia
    Pigi Kafalia5 dni temu

    βρεσ καμια γκομενα ρε μαλακα που καιγεσαι στο fortnite

  • Firuza Kalonova
    Firuza Kalonova5 dni temu

    Clean editing!!

  • Firuza Kalonova
    Firuza Kalonova5 dni temu

    Mongraal, how did did you do this!!!???

  • Nick T
    Nick T5 dni temu

    Top 5 youtubers who went god mode be like:

  • DarkKing So2
    DarkKing So25 dni temu


  • louklou
    louklou5 dni temu


    LIGHT NIGHT5 dni temu

    HIGHGROUND have 49 kill in trio arena

  • Mao Okano
    Mao Okano6 dni temu

    In Chanpion league

  • אלון אלקיים
    אלון אלקיים6 dni temu


  • Zumbido
    Zumbido6 dni temu

    What kind of switches?

  • •Jules Fortnite•
    •Jules Fortnite•6 dni temu

    You fucking crackhead 😂😂 your too cracked at this game 😂😂

  • AMIR Sultan
    AMIR Sultan6 dni temu


  • AMIR Sultan
    AMIR Sultan6 dni temu


  • AMIR Sultan
    AMIR Sultan6 dni temu


  • AMIR Sultan
    AMIR Sultan6 dni temu


  • acrylic アのズム
    acrylic アのズム6 dni temu

    why is shut censored

  • My_ Gora
    My_ Gora6 dni temu

    I’ts not a gameplay, i’ts ASMR

  • TrillVice
    TrillVice6 dni temu

    Mans just popped the fuck off

  • Gamer 2.0
    Gamer 2.06 dni temu

    bro you had 38 kills and title is for 39 kills

  • Enzo Corridore
    Enzo Corridore6 dni temu

    With the song logic perfect

  • Enzo Corridore
    Enzo Corridore6 dni temu

    Mongraal make a montage

  • Enzo Corridore
    Enzo Corridore6 dni temu

    F in mongraal is better than everyone that plays fortnite no cap

  • TxmpoYT
    TxmpoYT7 dni temu

    Mitr0 is so toxic🤮

  • Altenzo
    Altenzo7 dni temu


  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali7 dni temu

    ur insane

  • Cj Daoggoat
    Cj Daoggoat7 dni temu

    God dang

  • Aleks
    Aleks7 dni temu


  • Walid Bazzari
    Walid Bazzari8 dni temu


  • mohammed gamz
    mohammed gamz8 dni temu

    What gg pro

  • kanade
    kanade8 dni temu


  • الكنق ٧٠٧
    الكنق ٧٠٧8 dni temu

    غريبة ماجاك عربي قال حطوا لايك - :هھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھ ☻௸ ⁷⁰⁷ ❥ 😹😹

  • Xander Simms
    Xander Simms8 dni temu

    dam you r got at forntie

  • Tik 321
    Tik 3218 dni temu

    Let’s go

  • Filip Stojanovic
    Filip Stojanovic8 dni temu


  • Underwater Enderman
    Underwater Enderman8 dni temu

    mongraal easily gets 39 kills and theres just me struggling to get 1

  • Irha Shahid
    Irha Shahid9 dni temu

    Let’s appreciate for Mongraal who is an amazing beast in fortnite since the starting of season 1

  • Maria antonietta Pane
    Maria antonietta Pane9 dni temu


  • K.L.ベルローズ


    9 dni temu


  • Denielle Scott
    Denielle Scott9 dni temu

    Bro you need to make a 1 hour vid

  • Szente Márkó
    Szente Márkó9 dni temu


  • Grief
    Grief9 dni temu

    A reminder that he did get 40 kills just didnt finish

  • Asante Joe Alexander
    Asante Joe Alexander9 dni temu

    yoo sweaty plays i like it not offending you btw

  • DontTryToKillMe hah
    DontTryToKillMe hah9 dni temu

    i have 250k arena points u are a bot

  • DontTryToKillMe hah
    DontTryToKillMe hah9 dni temu

    im better than u

  • Onlitail
    Onlitail10 dni temu

    Mongraal the monster

  • Fico
    Fico10 dni temu

    omg you so bad!!

  • Caleb Garcia
    Caleb Garcia10 dni temu

    Mongraal I use your code mongraal you are a beast and you can 1v1 ninja and you will win mongraal you will 87432-1 ninja and I love your content

  • nct virmb .
    nct virmb .10 dni temu

    not gonna lie mongraal and mitro is prob most toxic known duo

  • juice wrld 999 l
    juice wrld 999 l10 dni temu

    There no way can u show us how get good like u. How do u hit evershot there no way bro

  • Ya Boi BCR QER
    Ya Boi BCR QER10 dni temu

    Daequan got a 39 it’s the day thing

  • Fwziah Mohamed
    Fwziah Mohamed10 dni temu

    JK you’re the best Fortnite player

  • Fwziah Mohamed
    Fwziah Mohamed10 dni temu

    I hate you seem on you

  • Zeal _
    Zeal _10 dni temu

    I like the part where mongraal gets a kill

  • 小田太陽
    小田太陽10 dni temu


  • Confined
    Confined10 dni temu


  • Fabio Fiorani
    Fabio Fiorani11 dni temu

    # no to bullyng agants the thauches

  • Call me tAnkK
    Call me tAnkK11 dni temu

    Still the best solo vs trio arena gameplay to watch🔥🔥

  • Braxtons Adventures
    Braxtons Adventures11 dni temu

    Can I buy your account