Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/Rock #1


1 Hour Collection of some of the finest guitar driven slow electric #Blues / #BluesRock ballads for a relaxing evening while having a quality drink. Enjoy! Tracklist:
00:00 Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over - Album: amzn.to/31JfJIr
04:46 Gene Deer - Midnight Healing - Album: amzn.to/31HVv1O
12:30 Chris Bell - Cold-Hearted Woman - Album: amzn.to/2MbpPvd
17:50 Scott Holt - I've Got A Mind To Give Up Album: amzn.to/2M8SgtK
24:00 Bernard Allison - Help Me Through The Day - Album: amzn.to/2Qpd0mf
28:50 Luther Johnson - Lonesome in My Bedroom (Live) - Album: amzn.to/2Og4qU4
35:24 Gary B.B. Coleman - One Eyed Woman - Album: amzn.to/2NsEGV0
39:45 Aynsley Lister - Need Her So Bad - Album: amzn.to/31GVx9X
46:46 Bronk & Sven Zetterberg - Let's Straighten It Out -amzn.to/3egWlJe
53:56 Balkun Brothers - Sally's Blues - Album: amzn.to/2LFEekf
Whiskey Blues Playlist on Spotify: : sptfy.com/9m9C
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  • المسيح معنا
    المسيح معناGodzinę temu

    amazing blues i am with single malt and my wife really fantastic

  • Zack Jones
    Zack Jones5 godzin temu

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  • Kersti Tekko
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  • Anthony Maillot
    Anthony Maillot8 godzin temu

    Y'a pas d'autres musique 🎶 qui me mets aussi relax quand je sort du taff j'adore je kiff pas je surkiff !!!!!!

  • janet montaño claure
    janet montaño claure11 godzin temu


  • Brian Latkowski
    Brian Latkowski21 godzinę temu

    For a moment I thought I had hope on getting a whiskey as the fine folks from MC sent me a card, so get it activated and race of to get said whiskey. Turns out I had already maxed it out from my other card. Back to the blues, with no whiskey. SAD!!!!!

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

    19 godzin temu

    haha Cheers Brian!

  • Brian Latkowski

    Brian Latkowski

    20 godzin temu

    Got some whiskey, now the blues are so much better!!!!!

  • Brian Latkowski
    Brian Latkowski23 godzin temu

    Feeling down and out. Good day for the blues. A whiskey sure would be nice. Too bad I'm dust broke. Maybe that's why I'm down and out.

  • Özgü Altınbaş
    Özgü AltınbaşDzień temu

    Eylem Hoca"dan gelen hamsiler like"lasin :))

  • Richard Dowling
    Richard DowlingDzień temu


  • CCЮ53 Степанов
    CCЮ53 СтепановDzień temu

    Да ....! Это вам не Киркорова слушать и булками трясти.

  • alex alex

    alex alex

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    Dzień temu

    Как у тебя мысли о нём появляются?

  • Юджин Березинский
    Юджин БерезинскийDzień temu

    Да просто слушайте и наслаждайтесь, а не болтайте, с уважением! А ещё послушайте Марию дайнес

  • Вячеслав Шумейко
    Вячеслав ШумейкоDzień temu

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  • Faizah Vn
    Faizah VnDzień temu

    Meu vício

  • Dewayne Marcionette
    Dewayne MarcionetteDzień temu

    Yeah 😊

  • Dali
    DaliDzień temu

    Listening while working, but damn, I could use a glass of whiskey now.

    SERZILLO2 dni temu

    Ooouu yes 👍 more whiskey and a cigar, please

  • Flavia R.
    Flavia R.2 dni temu

    La música perfecta en este momento...

  • Mona Attianese
    Mona Attianese2 dni temu

    So great. Ah man. Thank you. 🤗🤗😉😇

  • Ss Tra
    Ss Tra2 dni temu

    Wow wow my lord

  • Ionut Cailean
    Ionut Cailean2 dni temu

    Thank you Don 🙏🙏🙏 peace and love.

  • Владимир Vladimir
    Владимир Vladimir2 dni temu


  • rose crystal
    rose crystal2 dni temu

    make me stronger event breakdown

  • Richard Isenschmid
    Richard Isenschmid2 dni temu

    Hallo Don, Tanks soooooo much for so Great Blues. Great Work ,Great Men, Greeting from Switzerland.

  • Алексей Иванищев
    Алексей Иванищев2 dni temu

    выходим все на улицы. чубайс шьет одежду из православных детей. смерть нацистам. навальный с нами

  • UmbrellaCorp


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  • Nuria Garro
    Nuria Garro2 dni temu

    👏🎶🎤🎧🥂🎼🎸🎷🎺🎹🥁🎻🎸🥁🎤me encanta👏👏,,, increíble sesion Bluseraaa... Te ❤blues....

  • Ivel
    Ivel2 dni temu

    Dude, i'm drunk and i'm listening to this, it fits a lot, thanks

  • louay benadel
    louay benadel2 dni temu

    Im drunk .. heart broking.. its raining ... im crying and smiling at the same time ... im crying cuz i loved her so fu*king much.. nd she left me.. im smiling cuz i found this fu*king masterpiece....

  • Despina Makri

    Despina Makri

    Dzień temu

    The sun also Rises "Ernest Hemingway

  • Eric Marcel

    Eric Marcel

    Dzień temu

    Brother, tomorrow is always there. No matter how much pain you`re feeling now, this is just NOW, and tomorrow everything will be nice. And remember: someday you will find a love that will make you forget the previous ones and make you happy like never before

  • Aristoteles Marques Braga
    Aristoteles Marques Braga3 dni temu

    Muito agradável.

  • Andrey Mishustin
    Andrey Mishustin3 dni temu

    Very good blues.Bedroom, red light and darling woman

  • Taмара Сычева
    Taмара Сычева3 dni temu

    Класс ! 🎼🎵🎶🎸🎤🎧🌙🌠💘

  • lucas yusseth
    lucas yusseth3 dni temu

    Senxual lleno de sentimientos

  • jonki leshi
    jonki leshi3 dni temu

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  • Funda Benice
    Funda Benice3 dni temu

    wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu great!

  • Daily bunny
    Daily bunny3 dni temu

    So Coool!!!!!!

  • Elias Neto
    Elias Neto3 dni temu

    thanks for sharing this wonder

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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    Enjoy Elias!

  • Jimmmy Joe
    Jimmmy Joe4 dni temu

    just lit my new arrivals of Cuban cigars..plus Jameson whiskey..

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith4 dni temu

    Wow !! That's Wild and Sexy great music !! I am so glad to found it !!! Thanks !!!

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

    3 dni temu

    Enjoy Jane!

  • Angel Solla
    Angel Solla4 dni temu

    Gracias este cuerpo está music 😘

  • Julio Kang
    Julio Kang4 dni temu

    damn it's rain today and hear just 1 sec from this playlist gave me chill dude thanks man

  • Julio Kang

    Julio Kang

    4 dni temu

    @Don's Tunes cheers!

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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    Enjoy man!

  • Юрий Иванов
    Юрий Иванов4 dni temu

    Блюз это когда хорошему человеку плохо...

  • Sfera Sfera

    Sfera Sfera

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    Какие интересные слова! Я как-то не задумывалась над этим

  • Юрий Иванов
    Юрий Иванов4 dni temu

    So good !!!

  • MD Shamim Hosan M
    MD Shamim Hosan M4 dni temu

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  • Kasia Star
    Kasia Star4 dni temu

    ☺️🥰☺️.................... just do it

  • Theodora Panteli
    Theodora Panteli4 dni temu

    Amazing music!!!

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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    Di Kies4 dni temu

    OMG.... hell yeah.....

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  • HandyManStathi
    HandyManStathi4 dni temu

    Currently laid back with some scotch and a stogie. Yesssirreee

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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  • Dellie
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  • edson ribeiro
    edson ribeiro4 dni temu

    Relax enjoi, melhor música. 🇧🇷

  • Marilyn Clark
    Marilyn Clark5 dni temu

    know the feelin... and I don't even drink.

  • Keith White
    Keith White5 dni temu

    I keep coming back to these songs just makes my night, settles my head. Just awesome give us more volumes.

  • Илья Набатов
    Илья Набатов5 dni temu

    Русский обожатель блюза я нутром чуйвствю

  • Mr. President
    Mr. President5 dni temu

    Live long brother

  • Recordings Magazine
    Recordings Magazine5 dni temu

    Gosto muito dessas músicas mas pra mim nada supera um bom e Belo Cool Jazz com Chet Baker

  • kay H
    kay H5 dni temu

    Me too 😊❣😘

  • kay H
    kay H5 dni temu

    Another good one ❣😊

  • Jonathan Manuel Perez
    Jonathan Manuel Perez5 dni temu

    Tu cuerpo bebé el sonido🥂 y lo dispersa por las venas🎶 llevándolo a cada rincón del cuerpo... saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

  • Rita Faury
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  • Elena Alden
    Elena Alden5 dni temu

    strumming where it hurts, baby

  • Steve Meloccaro
    Steve Meloccaro6 dni temu

    excellent selections, nicely done

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    Don's Tunes

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    Enjoy Steve!

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  • crispy 2303
    crispy 23036 dni temu

    So i just found a video that uses the exact same playlist hmmm

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

    6 dni temu

    There are a lot of copycats out there...

  • TheFabie37
    TheFabie376 dni temu

    Is there a way I could get these playlists in flac?? There are so good

  • Sinan Akturk
    Sinan Akturk6 dni temu

    give voice turkey🇹🇷 (Ses ver türkiye 🇹🇷)

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    Жму руку за труд, офигительная подборка, спасибо, забрал в коллекцию.

  • Verbigereando Channel
    Verbigereando Channel7 dni temu

    I put this to my cat... Now he's an alcoholic.

  • Brian Latkowski

    Brian Latkowski

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    Your comment put a smile on an otherwise sad face. Thanks!!

  • Jürgen Pluskiewitz
    Jürgen Pluskiewitz7 dni temu

    das tut dem Herzen sehr sehr gut gut gut Grüße aus Nürnberg

  • Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige
    Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige7 dni temu

    That thumbnail almost made me not click, what a crime that would have been, given how epic this is, at the moment

  • Ceco Bachev

    Ceco Bachev

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    yes , honey..we were mens..

  • Mr. President

    Mr. President

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    So you are a person of culture as well

  • Kinh Quận 2
    Kinh Quận 27 dni temu

    This is the best collection of blues that I've listened so far ....

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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    Enjoy my friend!

  • Martin Hacthoun
    Martin Hacthoun7 dni temu

    It nourishes the soul

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    Simon Berg7 dni temu

    Its Real Music Love 👌👍🍷🍷

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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    very nice collection of blues.

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    Don's Tunes

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    Enjoy man!

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  • julian andres cardona gil
    julian andres cardona gil8 dni temu

    Música de verdad de Dioses

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    Elena Montagnese8 dni temu

    Brano stupendo👏👏👏

    INSTAGRAM-PLUS8 dni temu


  • Yusufcan Metin
    Yusufcan Metin8 dni temu

    Respect from Turkey

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    Gaurav Nayal8 dni temu

    the slideshow is cool as well

  • 10 12
    10 128 dni temu

    Огромное спасибо! Thank you very much! Great music!

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos8 dni temu

    É disso que eu tô falando... uhuuuuu

  • Mama FOS
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  • Barbara Cieśla
    Barbara Cieśla8 dni temu

    see, a b s t r a c t i o n of R e a l ....Form

  • Eliane Ferreira
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  • Younes Rechka
    Younes Rechka8 dni temu

    Great collection. Good work man, this compilation give peace every night I seek for relax and sleeping well. I love blues

  • Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

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    Enjoy my friend!

  • Viktoria Schaposchnikow
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    Barbara Cieśla8 dni temu

    HUGE ... T A L E N T.............. MUSIC....AND VISUAL /foto/

  • Waltraut Gehbauer
    Waltraut Gehbauer8 dni temu

    Den Blues muss man gelebt haben, um ihn spielen zu können..Geniale Musik...Grüsse aus Salzburg Austria ♡

  • Kuba


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    da haben sie recht 👍👍

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    The longing bra simultaneously cause because basement cellularly lick outside a judicious granddaughter. annoying, proud robert

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    Excelent. Thank you stranger with good taste for music

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    Playlist in Spotify bro

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    Don's Tunes

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    NIMA THE BAD MAN9 dni temu

    I searched a lot for songs that I'm gonna stick with for years and I guess I found it. Thank you for your great contents.

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    Super! 🤠👍

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    Much respect from Palestine 💕🇵🇸

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    When i hear that kind of music i m in other world ..

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    Roll a joint and try then... 😉

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    Flavius Zafiris

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    I swear you re damn right! I wish i was born back in ‘60s

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    What song no 2?

  • 송양옥
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    위스키 부르스 ? 처음접해 ! ?정서적인면 ! ?