Keeping Marriage Real | Can Ask Meh?

Is your marriage what you imagined it to be? Are you guilty of forgetting your anniversary? Do you often disagree with each other?
These are some of the questions that married couples answer on this episode of ‘Can Ask Meh?’.
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  • Our Grandfather Story
    Our Grandfather StoryRok temu

    Over the past 2 days, we collated questions you had for our profiles on Instagram. Here are four most popular questions. Read this thread for their replies! 😇 1. How do you know your partner is the one? 2. How to have good conversations? 3. How to keep your passion/ love alive after many years? 4. Currently seeing someone but unable to progress due to lockdown... any advice?

  • christispage


    5 miesięcy temu

    From my experience, I can say that sometimes, even if you do these things mentioned here by all of the beautiful couples (I know at least I did most of them with my ex), it just doesn't click. Some people are meant for each other, some just don't, as blunt as it may be, that's just how it is... All of the tips, as helpful & beautiful as they may be, they are merely general, and cannot apply to every single situation and every person... It was very good though of you to take the time to answer all of them, so thank you, and thank you for this sincere video you made (the couples & the producers). May you always be that happy & loved!!!

  • Singaporean Pride

    Singaporean Pride

    11 miesięcy temu

    The old lady has ij vibes

  • Camille Tan-Mahendran

    Camille Tan-Mahendran

    11 miesięcy temu

    Hello! I am Camille And my husband is Mahendran! We are the couple in an inter-racial and inter-religious marriage! Here are my answers! Sorry long winded! But I hope it helps! Q1: How do you know your partner is the one? - We just clicked! In every way! we had so much in common (also differences) but we were ready and willing to spend the rest of our lives together. We were just ready for each other. It’s not like the other relationships we had where we were still ‘testing’ out or ‘looking’ for the one. I knew he was the one when he met my parents and put in every effort to build a relationship with them, likewise for myself when I met his parents, all i wanted was to build a relationship with them. Q2: How to have good conversation? - When we first dated. We spoke about couple rules : never go to sleep without resolving any issues that affects either one of us inside. It may be issues between us or it could be work or friends, it could be anything. What I realise is that such rules is important as it reminds us to constantly communicate be it through text, email, phone or face to face. Always communicate and most importantly learn to listen. It is also important to know what both your language of love is, in that way you will learn how to communicate in ways that your partner feels love and appreciation. Q3: How to keep your passion/love alive after many years? - We dated for a year and now married for 6 years. How we keep our passion/ love alive is to have monthly date nights, yearly ‘honeymoons’ overseas without kiddos! Courtship is still important in marriage, little surprises and little things we do such as to show love through one another’s language of love is crucial. It is a conscious effort we have to make every single day to do at least one thing for each other. In times that we quarrel, we will always make up to each other the next day. We acknowledge that in every quarrel both of us are wrong in one way or another. Q4: currently seeing someone but unable to progress due to lock down, any advice? - Get gifts online and deliver to your special someone with a message! That’s what I’ll do! You can also do video calls, just constantly communicate!

  • Jeff Goh

    Jeff Goh

    Rok temu

    Hi ! I am the old Uncle army officer who wore two watches.As to the question CURRENTLY SEEING SOMEONE BUT UNABLE TO PROGRESS DUE TO LOCKDOWN...ANY ADVICE? Now is the BEST TIME to make progress by using technology to keep in touch.If you really like this SOMEONE your motivation will be very high! You will find creative ways to make progress.Opportunity is NOWHERE or OPPORTUNITY is NOW HERE! You will have to choose! Now is the best time to find more about him or her.Find out the favourite COLOUR,FAST FOOD.COMFORT FOOD,DESSERTS,ICE CREAM FLAVOUR, PIZZA,MOVIE TYPE E.g HORROR,ADVENTURE, HUMOUROUS etc,SPORTS,TV PROGRAMME.Do all this research NOW! And once the lock down is over and people are once again to meet, on the first date wear something that has the person's favourite colour,go to a movie that this someone likes and eat the food and dessert that this someone loves.I quarantee you that this someone will want to go on another date with you! Listen to this old Uncle!

  • Jeff Goh

    Jeff Goh

    Rok temu

    HI! I am old Baba Uncle who wears the Batik Shirt and two watches.As to the question HOW TO KEEP YOUR PASSION/LOVE ALIVE AFTER MANY YEARS? The answer is PASSION ! My wife and I have a PASSION for TRAVEL. The first time this old Uncle stepped into an airplane was when I was 31 years old to go on my honeymoon to LONDON! After this trip,I discovered something I really love to do and that is to Travel! And my wife had this passion too! We enjoy planning short trips to SE ASIAN COUNTRIES and long trips as well.Planning and travelling makes our life exciting.We have tried dancing.She is passionate but I am not.I tried to do it out of love,but after stepping on her toes many times, I gave up and she finally agree that her old man husband cannot dance if his life depends on it! Now that we are in the COVID 19 situation,we relive our travels by looking at our travel videos and photos and relived our memories,what we ate,what we saw,what we enjoyed,the fellow travellers we met,the wonderful experiences we had !

  • InBody Asia
    InBody Asia3 dni temu

    Such a good content!!! We are touched!

  • Jane Tay
    Jane Tay14 dni temu

    Bringing food from Changi to Jurong is the real dedication.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie24 dni temu

    Best show i've ever seen. Thanks for the ideas, concepts, and to the all lovely couples here. You guys are amazing 😍

  • Jeremiah Li
    Jeremiah Li25 dni temu

    Love between one man and one woman is so amazing, especially in a marriage that is divine. True love mirrors God's love for us, can be seen, experienced and reflected in a marriage. This episode makes me realize a lot of things, to communicate, to forgive, to affirm, to hold, to support, to be there and to be a listening ear. Hope to see more of such series in time to come..

  • Jasper Low
    Jasper Low25 dni temu

    The polite iron informally hurry because toe mainly wipe a a hissing mouth. sore, furry furtive israel

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    huaze lei26 dni temu

    omg the elderly asian couple is such an inspiration, in terms of how I would like my marriage to be like!!!

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    Nicole Ng27 dni temu

    its so insightful to hear from different couples , not to mention the ending was really heartwarming

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    deya prayogi28 dni temu

    this video warms my heart.

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    Aini Ruhamaa29 dni temu


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    So cute ❤️

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    Nisee GurlMiesiąc temu

    Their sharing of their experiences, secrets & tips aren't new (?) BUT AS ALWAYS, relevant and essential for every couple regardless of time & race. And as I've noticed, the older the relationship/couple, the wisest wisdoms they may share because they are tested and proven already.🤔

  • Im Kiyuzki
    Im Kiyuzki2 miesięcy temu

    People in relationships, take note about the *old married couple.* Sometimes it's okay to lose a fight and say sorry first. "I'm sorry, maybe you're right." It's not about whether you win or lose the fight, but how much u love them that u are willing to say sorry first.

  • Tom Stewart
    Tom Stewart2 miesięcy temu

    This was more personal than I thought it would be

  • mandi torrez
    mandi torrez2 miesięcy temu

    9:21 me and my husband do the same. If one is angry just keep quiet and wait until one cools down. You tend to say stupid things like that. Also saying thank you for little things and saying he did a good job washing the dishes, making the bed, cleaning etc. Makes him feel special. ☺

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    WJ isme3 miesięcy temu

    Wow that's so wholesome. Thank you for making this video! (from a single guy perspective)

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    Josephine Koh3 miesięcy temu

    I really like n enjoy all episodes u guys produced. Some really moved me to tears and some really helped me to gain good insights to how strong people can really be when faced with very tough challenges in life. Amazing real life stories which I really like. Keep the good work going team! Looking forward to many more good episodes!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻✌🏻✌🏻

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    Lil Fix3 miesięcy temu

    9:47 "No la you also have" hahah He caught that straight away, just look at her face when he says "No! Without my name" They are so cute! 😊

  • Charles Yap
    Charles Yap3 miesięcy temu

    Divorce rate is 30% of marriage rate in sg. Wake up guys

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    Thinker Jini띵커지니5 miesięcy temu

    We can infer the karma through our "destiny chart" to figure out whether u have strong | weak spouse star. Check it out to meet your soulmate! ❤️

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