iOS 14 - The Best Hidden Features + Tips & Tricks

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A closer look at iOS 14 best hidden features plus a few tips and tricks for customizing your home screen setup on iOS 14. Drop your favorite iOS 14 feature below in the comments!
Base 64 Shortcut:
00:00 Intro
01:25 Banner When Connected to Bluetooth
01:40 Changes in Messages
03:08 Set Default App
03:55 New Privacy Features
05:05 Apple Music
05:40 Spoken Content
06:10 Facetime
06:40 Call Screen Banner
07:20 Custom Button
07: 50 Control App Access
08:08 Location Service
08:33 One Of My Favorite Features
09:15 Organization Tips
10:10 Advanced Tips & Tricks
10:52 Tip for Widgetsmith
11:14 Custom Charging Sound (Basic)
12:30 Custom Charging Sound (Advanced)
iOS 14 - The Best Hidden Features + Tips & Tricks PART 2
How to Customize iOS 14 Homescreen Setup:
#iOS14 - Everything You Need to Know:
Switching from iOS to Android - What They Don't Tell You!
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - 48 Hours Later:
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  • Florence Anthony
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    Well done *KIKCRACKS* on IG I can't express how much I appreciate your efforts. It's great to have you someone as special as you to work with

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  • Archie Andrews
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    I was able to gain access into my girlfriend's device through the help of *Dantechies* on Instagram, this dude the really the best..

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