Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Official Teaser Trailer (2021) - Group Reaction


YOO what is up PLclip! Today we watch the new Marvel Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. We are so excited to see the next Phase of the Marvel Movies. Also an all Asian cast giving us Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Vibes. Please tell us with you think with a comment and a give us a like if you think we are dope!
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  • edobest99 bro
    edobest99 bro7 godzin temu


  • Reas Issu
    Reas Issu8 godzin temu

    The guy in Train to Busan (Don Lee) is not part of the cast of Shangchi instead he's part of the cast in Eternals.

  • Slice Of games
    Slice Of games2 dni temu

    What’s the song name if you know it?

  • Jacob Kang
    Jacob Kang7 dni temu

    Man I'm asian but I dont like how when marvel wants to represent a race they go too over the top with it

  • Robert Martin JR.
    Robert Martin JR.8 dni temu

    The Bad guys that kidnapped Tony Stark in the first iron man movie were part of the real Ten Rings Terrorist Syndicate.

  • jm games
    jm games9 dni temu

    Name of músic? (Sorry im Brazilian my english is horríble)

  • Dion Erawan Usman
    Dion Erawan Usman9 dni temu

    Woohoo Tony Leung as The Mandarin yeaaah ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • The 1 Plus Den of M
    The 1 Plus Den of M10 dni temu

    Ronnie Chieng is totally in this you guys! I posted a breakdown with a screenshot!

  • kwfown
    kwfown11 dni temu

    Save Kim’s Convenience Store

  • Catherine Hubbard
    Catherine Hubbard13 dni temu

    For those who want to know more about the Shang Chi backstory in comics, here are two recent videos to catch you up: Shang Chi origin and backstory in the comics (about 16 min): What each of the Ten Rings does (about 6 min): Marvel will of course pick, choose and modify these comic stories to suit their long-term vision for the character and his role in the combined MCU. They’ve already done it by combining the Fu Manchu and Mandarin characters into a single character who is Shang Chi’s father. Some of those old comics were pretty racist, so that will obviously be changed. It will be interesting to see which peripheral characters and stories they choose to include.

  • G3K
    G3K13 dni temu

    A bit random but dang I’m jealous I can’t find people in my area that are into these type of movies or just anything “nerd” related.

  • Recommended
    Recommended13 dni temu

    song was so out of place might be the worst music in trailer in marvel

  • Kieran Mulcahy
    Kieran Mulcahy13 dni temu

    You guys do realize shang chi makes iron fist looks like a novice his power IS martial arts, That's crazy an he can beat iron fist which is more crazy

  • Wak Job
    Wak Job14 dni temu

    "Ward" from 'Iron Fist' was an amazing character. I actually really like the Netflix MCU more than most of the big movies.

  • Ekenemchi Ifedi
    Ekenemchi Ifedi14 dni temu

    simu liu has been in wong fu videos

  • Haiqal Azman
    Haiqal Azman14 dni temu

    Yeah , finally Michelle Yeoh in marvel

  • Lac El

    Lac El

    13 dni temu

    What do you mean she was already also in guardians 2.

    JOHN SUH KIM14 dni temu

    Damn their trying so hard to seem like their really interested XDDDD look guys if y'all aren't really diggin' the Shang-Chi it's okay to say you aren't, we won't blame you for having opinions.

  • Revel Life
    Revel Life14 dni temu

    Yes Kim’s convenience

  • OluEMS
    OluEMS15 dni temu


  • Kyla Sylvers
    Kyla Sylvers15 dni temu

    Yes! He is known for comedy. You guys should really watch Kim's Convenience (it's on Netflix). It's literally one of the most hilarious shows I've seen in the past 10 years. Plus, it has so much heart.

  • Nemophilist
    Nemophilist15 dni temu

    Awkwafina is by far the worst thing about the teaser.

  • tyrone savage
    tyrone savage15 dni temu

    whats the name of the song and the artist

  • Bibi Ines
    Bibi Ines15 dni temu


  • NindoMocha
    NindoMocha15 dni temu

    Ma Dong-seok will be in the Eternals not Shang-Chi, unless he pops up outta nowhere.

  • BossKo Nostra
    BossKo Nostra15 dni temu

    There was hype. Yah were just not a part of it. Along with all who had no knowledge of Shang-Chi.

  • fa peap w!
    fa peap w!15 dni temu

    as an asian im happy that marvel finally gave us a superhero, but forreal another kung fu stereotype for everyone to make fun of us

  • sash sash
    sash sash15 dni temu

    Did these guys reacted to KONOSUBA ? I searched, but i can't find it.

  • William Zhang

    William Zhang

    14 dni temu

    Nope, I would have binged it if they did

  • Md Masoom Rana Dewan
    Md Masoom Rana Dewan15 dni temu

    Tony Leung hype. 🔥

  • Cão Velho
    Cão Velho15 dni temu

    Jesus Christ, Marvel's costume design fucking sucks. They are approaching a culture with so much possibility to create a great, unique costume for Shang-Chi and look at that shit. A fucking red jacket and black pants. This is worse than the cheapest cosplay from the worse con ever made.

  • newbie 22
    newbie 2216 dni temu

    The movie is like Chinese xianxia fantasy /sci-fi novel

  • J. Summerz
    J. Summerz16 dni temu

    Shang-Chi has made us Asian people Proud Just like Black Panther did for his people

  • Richard Strong
    Richard Strong16 dni temu

    "Do you consider yourself Asian". In the UK Asian is exclusively used to refer to people from South Asian background (mostly Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc).

  • Hieu Luu
    Hieu Luu16 dni temu

    Why do White people, when reacting or reviewing an Asian movie, always feel the need to break out their fake Kung Fu moves for not reason? Do you see anyone breaking out their Spider-Man moves before reacting to Spider-Man?

  • Philippe Parle Peu
    Philippe Parle Peu16 dni temu

    This looks good! I love Kung-fu movies, and I'm excited for this.

  • MindsOnLoan
    MindsOnLoan16 dni temu

    You guys seem like you're forced to live in the same house.

  • The Walking Pictures
    The Walking Pictures16 dni temu

    The ten rings contains differ powers like water,firr nd ground bending mind control drmon possession etc

  • Paprika London
    Paprika London16 dni temu


  • Nick Peng
    Nick Peng16 dni temu

    Ronny Chang is the dude making a selfie at 2:25

  • Jonathan Blaze
    Jonathan Blaze16 dni temu

    Not going to lie, this movie does not look good. Hopefully it is better than this trailer looks.

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen16 dni temu

    The guy that played the Mandarin is Tony Leung and he is the best actor of his generation. He is the only Asian actor that won the Cannes best actor award in the last 50 years and that was 20 years ago when he was still young.

  • Ty'Yier Taylor
    Ty'Yier Taylor16 dni temu

    In the marvel comics IronFist is the #2 greatest martial artist in all of marvel. And Shang-Chi is the #1 greatest martial artist.

  • ZodiacMobb
    ZodiacMobb16 dni temu

    Appa would be so proud of how far Jung has come.

  • Cão Velho
    Cão Velho16 dni temu

    3:12 Those are the colors of the Iron Fists. Hum...

  • Azen Hawke
    Azen Hawke16 dni temu

    I'm prettt sure that the actor portraying the buff guy with the sword is a Romanian.

  • Jordan wayne

    Jordan wayne

    16 dni temu

    btw man me and my bros reacted to this trailer today if you have any time check it out just need someone to give us a try our channel is ModernNomadsReact if your interested

  • iJashin
    iJashin16 dni temu

    This gives me Black Panther vibes; I'm hoping/thinking it's gonna be just as good too

  • BmansWorld
    BmansWorld16 dni temu

    Shut up about your representation. You sound like a damn npc robot

  • BmansWorld
    BmansWorld16 dni temu

    Kun lun is fucking awesome you morons. Read the damn comics. Iron fist is an incredible character

  • The Normies

    The Normies

    16 dni temu

    He was definitely objectively bad in the Netflix show Iron Fist.

  • Rupak Ravichandran
    Rupak Ravichandran16 dni temu

    Shang Chi is considered to be the best Hand to hand Combat fighter in the entire Marvel Universe. He can stand toe to toe with some of the best fighters in the entire marvel universe.

  • StellaRhyme3
    StellaRhyme316 dni temu

    They too busy talking over everything to pay attention,

  • Abiw
    Abiw16 dni temu

    Awkwafina could be the refresher of this movie. She's so funny

  • S.M.


    15 dni temu

    I’d like to see her be funny without mimicking the stereotypical tropes of a black woman from the ghetto. In crazy rich Asians she almost seemed like a mockery. I know she’s a huge fan favorite and everyone seems to love her.

  • Boba
    Boba16 dni temu

    Also a lot of ppl don’t know this but shang chi is pronounced like the sha in shawn, and then u just add the ng lol. And chi is just like how it’s said in tai chi lmao.

  • Kandade
    Kandade16 dni temu

    0:05 bruh the girl in the right

  • Mahima Hayat
    Mahima Hayat16 dni temu

    The guy from Train to Busan is in The Eternals, not this one 😅 but Kumail Nanjiani will be in The Eternals too!!! So there's obviously Asian representation in this AND more Asian representation in The Eternals. We love to see it! Also, the main guy is from this Canadian show called Kim's Convenience. It's heartwarming and HILARIOUS, you guys should check it out hahah.

  • D Phalanx
    D Phalanx16 dni temu

    Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu has been a venerable part of the Marvel Universe since 1971 or so. He was part of Marvel's big 70s Renaissance of Monster/Supernatural/Martial Arts heroes & villians. Shang has no superpowers... but he is the Greatest Martial Arts Master in the Marvel Universe, no lie. He's hung with Capt. America, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Daredevil and other weighty heros. The only one that comes anywhere the master of the Iron Fist (so it's a pity that show/character turned out to be kinda weaksauce). The amusing part is that Shang was originally the son of Fu Manchu_(!) and his adventures were more in the espionage/intrigue/pulp vein than traditional "super-heroing." But Marvel eventually lost that license by the 1990s. Shang was in semi-retirement until the mid-2000s when J. Hickman brought him out for his pre-Secret Wars _Avengers expansion. Now, in MCU, he's Mandarin's son, so they can tighten up the continuity.

  • Amaël Boisson
    Amaël Boisson16 dni temu

    The Ten Rings was the terrorist organisation which captured Tony Stark in Iron Man, I think they're also mentioned in Iron Man 2 and obviously in Iron Man 3 even if it was fake there, I don't know if it will be mentioned, because it looks different :)

  • Jaquan Brown
    Jaquan Brown16 dni temu

    Hes the best hand to hand fighter in the marvel universe hes actually better than iron fist even the iron fist is suppose to be the best.

  • 149Ji
    149Ji16 dni temu

    Ronny Chieng was there. He was the guy taking a selfie with Simu Liu (yes from Kim Convenience) and Awkwafina.

  • WeAre Paramore
    WeAre Paramore16 dni temu

    That woman in green costume is surely Michelle yeoh, that crouching tiger shyt

  • ErichWilliam
    ErichWilliam16 dni temu

    Being a lover of Kim's Convenience, it makes me so happy and proud to see big bro land such a big role!

  • Ben Adek
    Ben Adek16 dni temu

    If they could on do avatar the air bender like this smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Wiz .O
    Wiz .O16 dni temu

    Come on this is cold🥶 give me more put some fire into it

  • kelvin
    kelvin16 dni temu

    Should check out Kim's Convenience with Simu Liu. Good feel good show. Great Canadian TV.

  • Shepherd of the West
    Shepherd of the West16 dni temu

    So this is basically about Crazy, Rich, Asians doing Crazy, Rich, Asian stuff with other Crazy, Rich, Asians and they have to stop evil Crazy, Rich, Asians from killing other Crazy, Rich, Asians. That sound about right? Am I in the ballpark yet?

  • ModernNomadsReact


    16 dni temu

    This is gonna be such a good movie check out me and my bros reaction of the trailer it's on my channel if your interested

  • Austin B
    Austin B16 dni temu

    I hope they have car insurance

  • Mohammed Wright
    Mohammed Wright16 dni temu

    Simu Liu was in the series Kim's Conveinence.

  • Eric Maddox
    Eric Maddox16 dni temu

    If the ten rings are real then so is the rings' proper owner, the alien dragon Fin Fang Foom.

  • ModernNomadsReact


    16 dni temu

    This is gonna be such a good movie check out me and my bros reaction of the trailer it's on my channel if your interested

  • Jackson
    Jackson17 dni temu

    Ronny Chieng was there in the trailer. I didn't spot him at first either because his hair is different.

  • RageQuitter
    RageQuitter17 dni temu

    Why do y'all assume because it's mcu that it's better than Iron Fist? I can bet money Iron fist season 1 and 2 will have better stories than this

  • iJashin


    16 dni temu

    You're gonna lose your money on that bet lol.

  • Kevin Dominguez Lopez
    Kevin Dominguez Lopez17 dni temu

    The pronunciation haha it's fine tho. Everyone be saying it like that.

  • Boba


    16 dni temu

    Yea it’s kinda cringey hearing it lmfaoo but when ppl actually hear the name being said in the movie, they’ll figure it out 😂

  • Otaku Riser
    Otaku Riser17 dni temu

    The song might be by Jackson Wang or Zhang Yixing

  • Gurmaan Singh
    Gurmaan Singh17 dni temu

    Day 3: Request for you to watch Assasination Classroom

  • Chase&Bowman Nation988
    Chase&Bowman Nation98817 dni temu

    Looks great

  • Tim Possible
    Tim Possible17 dni temu

    Ronnie Chang was the guy taking the group selfie with Awkwafina and Shang Chi

  • J Tan
    J Tan17 dni temu

    I'll wait to see more of the action first, but atm I'm disappointed. They got Jackie Chan's student Brad Allen to choreograph the fights but it looks very generic so far. No disrespect to Brad but the gods of the game Yuen Woo-ping (The Matrix), Sammo Hung (Ip Man) and Tony Ching(Hero) are still active in the scene, Marvel couldn't hire one of them?

  • Sourav Ganguly
    Sourav Ganguly17 dni temu

    This is THE REAL MANDARIN played by the great Tony Leung, Shang-Chi is basically trained since he was a child by the Mandarin to be the greatest living weapon and become his successor, which is why we see how hard he was trained since he was a kid but when the Mandarin lets him out into the real world for 10 years so that he can learn about the world and come back to him instead Shang-Chi gets a whole new view of life by having friends and living a normal life and when he is asked to return he wants to be good and stop his father's "evil" plans etc. Also sidenote, little bit of insider information but the masked person training Shang-Chi and then fighting him ,let's just say the reveal for that person is gonna be pretty wild, I'll leave it at that.

  • Jorge Aguilar
    Jorge Aguilar17 dni temu

    Simu Liu is from Kim's Convenience. One of the best shows.

  • tang liang lum
    tang liang lum17 dni temu

    Train to busan guy's name is Ma Dong-seok (马东石) or Horse East Rock if that is easier to remember😊

  • ModernNomadsReact


    16 dni temu

    This is gonna be such a good movie check out me and my bros reaction of the trailer it's on my channel if your interested

  • Awesome Matt
    Awesome Matt17 dni temu

    I wonder who M. Night Shamayalan would caste for this film...

  • Awesome Matt
    Awesome Matt17 dni temu

    I hope this film is better than the Mulan live action adaptation.

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor17 dni temu

    Ronnie Chieng is in this. He was one of Shang Chi’s mates taking a selfie. Australasia reprazent!

  • PUNKem733
    PUNKem73317 dni temu

    People don't realize Disney owns marvel, but they don't interfere in their creative process unlike WB with DC. They realize they'd fuck it up, and that the marvel people know how to make good shit, that brings in billions.

  • Кратос
    Кратос17 dni temu

    The trailer is not bad, but I hope that this movie is not overdone with humor, as is usually the case with Marvel.

  • Radical Radish
    Radical Radish17 dni temu

    But who is the actual Mandarin tho, doesn’t he have something to do with the discovery of dragons...?

  • zaandarbrow
    zaandarbrow17 dni temu

    I just reacted to this! ahhh! i need more kung fu!

  • mouselogi
    mouselogi17 dni temu

    Simu getting trained by Broken Sword

  • cris
    cris17 dni temu

    the singer of the song from the soundtrack is Jackson Wang! (Wang Jiaer) he's from the kpop group GOT7 but he himself has a super successful solo career in China and worldwide, including the U.S. he's from hong kong and has a ton of great music in chinese and english. he's the coolest, most funny dude ever

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g17 dni temu

    Th trailer was released on Simu Liu Birthday, which is today.

  • Iron Dumpling
    Iron Dumpling17 dni temu

    As a Chinese, I generally hope this film's stories and characters can get rid of stereotypes about Asian. However, after watching the trailer, I realize that may takes time.

  • High Queen Chelsea

    High Queen Chelsea

    17 dni temu

    Which stereotypes are you referring to? Also hard to tell from a trailer. Sometimes stereotypes are set up just to be subverted later on.

  • Trey Greene
    Trey Greene17 dni temu

    "is he also iron fist?" I'm sorry i laughed when she said that 😂🤣

  • Lord_Wolf_Dragon
    Lord_Wolf_Dragon17 dni temu

    Just so you guys know a little background: in the comics, Shang-Chi trained Spider-Man and helped him develop his own Martial Art, called the Way of the Spider

  • Rishika Riddhi

    Rishika Riddhi

    15 dni temu

    I did not know this thankyou🤯

  • Douglas Toomer
    Douglas Toomer17 dni temu

    Everything that’s been announced is Phase 4 including all the Disney+ shows. Phase 4 just started with WandaVision. Phase 4 (Just Movies) (2021) Black Widow Shang-Chi The Eternals Spider-Man 3 (2022) Dr. Strange Thor 4 Black Panther 2 Captain Marvel 2 (2023) Ant-Man 3 Guardians of Galaxy 3 Blade Fantastic 4 ALL OF THIS IS PHASE 4!

  • Gombers
    Gombers17 dni temu

    If you liked the song, the artist is Jackson Wang, he’s a Chinese pop artist (originating in kpop). I was surprised he was featured as I just got introduced to his music recently 😅 Enjoyed your guys’ reaction, the trailer really surprised me and blew away my expectations. They pulled me back in with this one lol.

  • Joseph G
    Joseph G17 dni temu

    I'm noticing a pattern for all of these shows/movies, each of them has a predominant color tied to one of the infinity stones. You'll also notice that stone's color appearing more in the series/movie. Red/Reality Stone - Wandavision - Wanda rewrote reality to create her own world, she's almost a living Reality Stone. She's also the Scarlet Witch! Blue/Space Stone - Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Was the first stone Steve's Captain America came into contact with, thus it's now a part of the new Captain America's origin story. And the series revolves around a new Captain America now that Steve's gone. Green/Time Stone - Loki - Loki's working for the timeline police, the timeline being messed up whenever the time stone is utilized. Also, given Loki's preferred color scheme, I'm expecting a lot of green to be in the background. Purple/Power Stone - Shang-Chi - It looks like the 10 Rings gives Shang-Chi enhanced strength at the very least. In essence, power! In the trailer, I noticed a lot of purple in the background as well, adding to the 'nightlife' aesthetic. Now I'm wondering how they'll fit in the Mind Stone/Soul Stone into the coming movies and their color schemes.

  • Funnyguyfun7
    Funnyguyfun717 dni temu

    No, Ma Dong Seok will be in The Eternals, not Shang chi

  • terrell thaddies
    terrell thaddies17 dni temu

    I'm liking the concept of a prince who doesn't want to become like his evil father. He's going to have to embrace who he really is in order to defeat The Mandarin. Yes, The Mandarin is Shang-Chi's father. The reason why they made that change is because in the comics, Fu Manch is Shang-Chi father and that character is so controversial, stereotypical, and racist to the Asian/China community due to the way that he was portray in movies back in the day. I'm loving this movie already because it's a kungfu movie alone. The Visuals looks great as usual and the fight choreography will definitely be amazing compared to what we got before. Shang-Chi's sister is in the movie and she was shown briefly in the trailer. Fun Fact: The main kid antagonist for the Karate kid reboot movie with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, he's one of the stuntmen or stunt coordinator for this movie

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton17 dni temu

    He was in Kim’s convenience

  • jonathanrosado60
    jonathanrosado6017 dni temu

    Kim’s convenience on Netflix

  • A man with one hand
    A man with one hand17 dni temu

    The actor looks like he took the role super fucking seriously. The pushups scene was dope for example.

  • Gysai Durgans
    Gysai Durgans17 dni temu

    Iron fist is more of a Chuck Norris than Bruce lee. Shang-chi is stronger than iron fist and ties with the black panther who claims his to be stronger than the immortal iron fist

  • Ke Ge
    Ke Ge17 dni temu

    This could be a really fantastic movie and addition to the MCU. Simu Liu was the Lt. turned to spackle in "The Expanse - Dandelion Sky"