itzy being terrified of angry ryujin

- a compilation of ryujin being angry and itzy being scared of her
note that this video is for entertainment purposes only!!!
ryujin is not SERIOUSLY angry in majority of the clips, thats just her being her.



  • Alicia T
    Alicia T2 godzin temu

    well she's an aries

  • John BarsTV
    John BarsTV3 godzin temu

    She looks like jett from valorant.

  • FPS Planet
    FPS Planet8 godzin temu

    If Ryujin is Japanese, she'd be an ideal girl for me

  • Yuuki Asuna
    Yuuki Asuna17 godzin temu

    Is there a full vid of this one? 2:04

  • Anushka Pant
    Anushka PantDzień temu

    non fans, pls don't get the wrong idea, it's just ryujin being ryujin sdjdsh she's not ACTUALLY angry angry. and chaeryeong just gives good reactions is why she's teased a lot heh.

  • Ako lang toh
    Ako lang tohDzień temu

    Now imagine a fight between ryujin and lee know

  • Marta Marinelli
    Marta MarinelliDzień temu

    Ryujin: breathe Yeji: terrified and run away Lia: confronts ryujin Chaeryeong: flinch Yuna: why even am I here?

  • Keithyyy
    Keithyyy2 dni temu

    Idk ryujin really gives off unnie vibes 😅

  • Olivia Jennings
    Olivia Jennings2 dni temu

    Everybody wanna be gangster till ryujin pulls up💀‼️

  • Yours Kalimba
    Yours Kalimba2 dni temu

    I am not sure why I think this way but the way Ryujin mad kinda reminds me to Jimin BTS. Someone who is not temperamental is scarier when they are mad 😅

  • いペッパピッグは暑
    いペッパピッグは暑3 dni temu

    i feel really bad to ryunjin like she just wanted a gf but now shes a idol 🕴

  • France Theriault
    France Theriault3 dni temu

    who is your favorite member comment below me its Ryujin

  • Ariadna Athanasia
    Ariadna Athanasia4 dni temu

    She have lee know vibes lol and there is yeji and hyunjin who scared them wkaksk

  • Itss_ Jana
    Itss_ Jana4 dni temu

    Where can i find the Clip the first girl is talking about?

  • Karabi Hazarika
    Karabi Hazarika4 dni temu

    INTJ vibes🌚

  • Rahul Pareek
    Rahul Pareek4 dni temu

    Guys... I'm SCARED 😱

  • Rose Kim
    Rose Kim4 dni temu

    I LOVE ITZY❤❤❤❤

  • merry jane ortiz
    merry jane ortiz4 dni temu

    And the savage chaeryeong is afraid to ryujin too haahahhah

  • merry jane ortiz
    merry jane ortiz4 dni temu

    The leader ia afraid to ryujin?hahahhaha

  • ines berrada
    ines berrada4 dni temu

    2:31 *ryujin* : yes i am a simp.

  • Stephany Toledo
    Stephany Toledo5 dni temu

    Here you can see that Ryujin has a strong character, so when gets angry is VERY serious 😂

  • Ayra K
    Ayra K5 dni temu

    Bruh I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Tzuyu Queen
    Tzuyu Queen6 dni temu


  • Meliodas 2k
    Meliodas 2k6 dni temu

    If you look at her you will tought that she's very scary but if you watch some clips and other stuff about Itzy she's actually really sweet and cute

  • Meliodas 2k
    Meliodas 2k6 dni temu

    I mean who wouldn't even if you just look at her you will be intimidated

  • this nectar is for lucas only
    this nectar is for lucas only6 dni temu

    she reminds me of snowball sometimes lol

  • this nectar is for lucas only
    this nectar is for lucas only6 dni temu

    she has no chill at the same time she's just chillin lmao i love her

  • Gail
    Gail6 dni temu

    You can't tell me that Yeji doesn't look like Suga in the first clip! 😅

  • Oof
    Oof7 dni temu


  • Amelia Diaries
    Amelia Diaries7 dni temu

    Idk why but she is giving me AOA jimin's vibe

  • Brandy Johnson

    Brandy Johnson

    4 dni temu

    That's insulting you just should have dissed her and I won't accept it. She's literally sweet jimin is the devil

  • Commenter Girl
    Commenter Girl8 dni temu

    Ryujin and my personnality is little bit same but I get angry at small matters

  • Sahani Alawi
    Sahani Alawi8 dni temu

    Lia and Ryujin's relationship reminds me of Jennie and Rosé's HAHAHA. Everytime one of them tries to act angry or mad, the other one is like, 'Daebakk! You're so cool!" Crackheads indeed 🤣

  • chopio
    chopio9 dni temu

    7:41 lmaooo chaeryeong's "yes" and "yep" are so cute

  • Fiona Janine Taneo
    Fiona Janine Taneo9 dni temu

    4:33 Others:*talking and stuff* While lia:*minding her own business

  • Big tiddies mommy vampire
    Big tiddies mommy vampire9 dni temu

    Ryujin: *breathe* Everyone: sorry for breathing your air

  • Anisha Sarkar
    Anisha Sarkar10 dni temu

    I love Ryujin she's sooo cool!

  • Khada Jhin
    Khada Jhin10 dni temu

    Change Emote 3:29

  • Super Star
    Super Star10 dni temu

    Other: OMG ryujin is angry it’s like Ugly Me:Every time Ryujin is the best for me😏

  • Us Rxi
    Us Rxi11 dni temu

    ryujin is aries abd aries so sensitive and get mad easily

  • smarajit biswas
    smarajit biswas11 dni temu

    Boom, and she is my bias. I kinda am scary(as per my friends, but I really don’t think so🤨) so, yeah, I love her aura,tough and strong, even a guy gets scared to mess with her. I love her 😍

  • smarajit biswas
    smarajit biswas11 dni temu

    “If you don’t wake up you’ll be in trouble “ Nice way to wake up, huh. I’ll be awake right away. Imma keep this a a my alarm. Thanks Riyujin 😅

  • Felipe
    Felipe11 dni temu

    that's cute, she rly loves to troll them lol

  • もも
    もも12 dni temu

    4:34 4:40 lol

  • Cullub Bowzie
    Cullub Bowzie12 dni temu

    No matter who Ryujin dates, she’s gonna be the one wearing the pants in the relationship

  • red_anfernee beriña
    red_anfernee beriña12 dni temu

    I love them so much omg HAAHAHAH

  • Jinnie Army
    Jinnie Army13 dni temu

    every kpop idol who has jin in there last or first name is scary i terrified of kim seokjin

  • n.shazilla chajila_
    n.shazilla chajila_13 dni temu

    Yeji without makeup, looks a like Yoongi, or did it just me orr~

  • ck Byeol
    ck Byeol13 dni temu

    Then I realized, who's the leader?

  • Arunima Rathore
    Arunima Rathore13 dni temu

    Everyone is gangsta untill ryujin arrives

  • TheDailyToaster
    TheDailyToaster13 dni temu

    There should be a movie called *beware of Ryujin* like if you agree

  • ឈូត្រះកូនគុណ ភូវឌុន
    ឈូត្រះកូនគុណ ភូវឌុន13 dni temu

    Even she’s the scariest in Itzy I still love this boss♥️

  • Jeselle Ante
    Jeselle Ante13 dni temu

    4:07 low key...got7 jackson vibes

  • Rachel Tiong
    Rachel Tiong14 dni temu

    I just hope these wont be used against ryujin in the future, for bullying rumors whatsoever

  • Brandy Johnson

    Brandy Johnson

    12 dni temu

    I know right the members talk openly about how much they love her

  • ara ara
    ara ara14 dni temu


  • Pau Ignacio
    Pau Ignacio14 dni temu

    6:14 Lia🤣🤣

  • Aedifex
    Aedifex14 dni temu

    I need the thumbnail pic of ryujin :c

  • Duke Appleton
    Duke Appleton14 dni temu

    I’m new to this whole group, but y are they scared of her?

  • Brandy Johnson

    Brandy Johnson

    12 dni temu

    Because that's a natural reaction when somebody's angry and you don't want to mess with them what if you know it you know that they talked very highly of her

  • AM - 06CA 783261 Lorenville PS
    AM - 06CA 783261 Lorenville PS15 dni temu

    2:30 the way she a boss

  • YT John Laibahas
    YT John Laibahas15 dni temu

    1:59 DO U?!

  • Skyler
    Skyler16 dni temu

    3:43 my friends, this is called blinking.

  • Sanjeev Singh
    Sanjeev Singh16 dni temu

    C'mon a plushie couldn't hurt anyone

  • love, peace And joy
    love, peace And joy16 dni temu

    I like ryujin boyish style

  • hania
    hania17 dni temu

    Its just yeji and chaeryeong that are afraid otherwise yuna and lia dont even care

  • Jacelyn Low
    Jacelyn Low18 dni temu

    2:46 has a Scoup vibe hahahhaha

  • s r
    s r19 dni temu

    ryujin and minho from skz would be best friends LMAOO

  • It's leviOsa, not levioSA!
    It's leviOsa, not levioSA!19 dni temu

    Will not b surprised if another bullying controversy comes up😂

  • s r

    s r

    19 dni temu

    what? they’re obviously just joking around

  • ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ'ꜱ ᴘᴀᴘʀɪᴋᴀ
    ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ'ꜱ ᴘᴀᴘʀɪᴋᴀ19 dni temu

    Dont forget she is aries

  • Dena Zacky
    Dena Zacky19 dni temu


  • Justin Park
    Justin Park19 dni temu

    I think Lia will be really scary when she is real mad. Ryujin seems cool mad, Lia seems like a person not to be messed around with, I don't know why. Charisma just flows into Lia. If I were a producer, I would have made Lia a leader. (but of course, respect to JYP team to let Yeji be the leader since she seems to be very affectionate)

  • we are one exo
    we are one exo19 dni temu

    4:14 why does ryujin remind me of chanyeol (exo) I mean t hey look alike that time🥰😅

  • Larissa Saraiva.
    Larissa Saraiva.19 dni temu

    What's the song at 2:05?

  • Larissa Saraiva.

    Larissa Saraiva.

    17 dni temu

    Found it, it's a song called Danger Snow

  • Ana Bastian
    Ana Bastian20 dni temu

    Ryujin has a very badass woman face, but she´s the most sweetheart on the Earth.

  • bowwow girl
    bowwow girl20 dni temu

    JYP didn’t hire her she hired JYP

  • MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!
    MIDZY 4EVER!!!!!20 dni temu


  • Naimyah Wood
    Naimyah Wood21 dzień temu

    5:19 ... lia......

  • Min Yoonji
    Min Yoonji21 dzień temu

    4:56 That scared me too 😭

  • Jeremy Santos
    Jeremy Santos22 dni temu

    They're like domestic abuse wives and Ryujin is the husband! 😂😂😂

  • tyreese eve
    tyreese eve22 dni temu


  • Andrei Lee
    Andrei Lee22 dni temu

    She's so soft to Lia😭

  • Alexa Mae
    Alexa Mae22 dni temu

    She is cute when she gets mad HAHAHA

  • janitor
    janitor23 dni temu

    lol why is everyone so scared of her

  • grandhi nandini
    grandhi nandini23 dni temu

    What's the audio at 1:43...

  • Raid Izfan
    Raid Izfan23 dni temu

    We will look back at this video if Ryujin have a scandal about bullying.

  • s r

    s r

    19 dni temu

    no one asked

  • Ryujin's right shoulder

    Ryujin's right shoulder

    22 dni temu

    @Raid Izfan just scroll down recent comments and find "Ooops" comment, you'll actually get informed about anything

  • Raid Izfan

    Raid Izfan

    22 dni temu

    @Ryujin's right shoulder well, better hope not

  • Ryujin's right shoulder

    Ryujin's right shoulder

    23 dni temu

    She won't.

  • Sucaloid
    Sucaloid24 dni temu

    She reminds me so much of Sooyoung from SNSD xD Their humor is similar to me!

  • Camron G
    Camron G24 dni temu

    what is that beat that goes du du du

  • Atiq
    Atiq25 dni temu

    Chaeryeong so cuteeeee 😍

  • hwang hyunjin
    hwang hyunjin25 dni temu

    I don’t why this remind me of hyunjin & lee know , yeji being hyunjin afraid of ryujin ( lee know ) 😂

  • saritha jagajith
    saritha jagajith25 dni temu

    Her zodiac sign is Aries. So no wonder why.

  • Savage Kookie
    Savage Kookie25 dni temu

    She is ADORABLE in all of them I think that she is not scary but she is cute.

  • Swervo Suave
    Swervo Suave25 dni temu

    I think I'll be adding dictator ryujin to my list of alter egos

  • Maa Kitchen
    Maa Kitchen25 dni temu

    All of them scare ryujin , suddenly all of them terrified

  • Visual Idea
    Visual Idea26 dni temu

    Ryujin : *exist* Itzy : y'all better say sorry before you get fucked up.

  • Alya Sophea
    Alya Sophea26 dni temu

    Ryujin on kcon that time didn't you see lia dancing the same as yuna!

  • Hello lol What
    Hello lol What26 dni temu

    Lee know 🤝 Ryujin the members being afraid of them.

  • 햇딴
    햇딴26 dni temu

    the way she tries to hold her anger when shes annoyed towards lia and not for the rest of the members...

  • กาวคนเกเร
    กาวคนเกเร26 dni temu

    *RYUJIN has entered the facility.*

  • Cal
    Cal27 dni temu

    bye this is attractive

  • cherry_chile
    cherry_chile28 dni temu

    Ryujin and jimin 💜

  • ᄆᄋ
    ᄆᄋ28 dni temu

    아 외국인 댓글들 너무 웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그 댓글 중에 이게 젤 웃긴듯 류진이가 무서워서 악플러들이 없다랑 류진이는 보디가드가 필요없다 보디가드가 류진이를 필요로하지

  • Min Young Kim
    Min Young Kim28 dni temu

    1:28 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㄹㅈㄷ 짤