Gucci Mane - Off The Boat [Official Music Video]


Gucci Mane - Off The Boat
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  • billy joe rodruiguez
    billy joe rodruiguez9 dni temu

    Like a king 👑🍾🍾🍾💪💪

  • Ани Хаджиева
    Ани Хаджиева15 dni temu


  • eugene collins
    eugene collins21 dzień temu

    I quit playing with my nose and it really shows shows shows shows

  • Jordan Bledsoe
    Jordan Bledsoe21 dzień temu

    Here super bowl Sunday brady the goat goat goat

  • 242stubbo
    242stubboMiesiąc temu

    Fur coat on I’m the goat goat goat Double entendre

  • Kieanna Staker
    Kieanna StakerMiesiąc temu


  • La_Gueritaa 69
    La_Gueritaa 692 miesięcy temu

    Am i the only one here in 2020 boutta enter 2021?💥💥💥🧐

  • Gotti Stokes
    Gotti Stokes2 miesięcy temu

    Gucci mane a murderer you sure you wanna marry em 🤧🔥🔥

  • Bo Money
    Bo Money2 miesięcy temu

    #Gucci Mane# this 2015bo on PLclip i need. A beats i Will pay for the beats

  • Yvval Elag
    Yvval Elag2 miesięcy temu

    His bitch is jamaican ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ No she ain't American 😆😆

  • dominik diesel
    dominik diesel2 miesięcy temu

    GUWOP🥶 ..🤫

  • Howard Thorne
    Howard Thorne3 miesięcy temu

    This shit so slept on

  • Cesar Guerra
    Cesar Guerra3 miesięcy temu

    he just drops bangers!!!

  • Karinka Gottlieberova
    Karinka Gottlieberova3 miesięcy temu

    Every body now

  • Eason Xu
    Eason Xu3 miesięcy temu

    lets goooo guwop

  • Lamont Larry
    Lamont Larry3 miesięcy temu

    I salute you my nigga. Real ass nigga

  • Lamont Larry
    Lamont Larry3 miesięcy temu

    King of diamonds

  • Lamont Larry
    Lamont Larry3 miesięcy temu

    My nigga the realist out

  • SmoothGrooveRecordings
    SmoothGrooveRecordings3 miesięcy temu


  • KnuCklehead BlvD
    KnuCklehead BlvD4 miesięcy temu

    This Is Like Oware Best Song Ever.

  • Don Figga
    Don Figga4 miesięcy temu

    Lit 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Ghost13 C.T.K.
    Ghost13 C.T.K.4 miesięcy temu

    500kg 💀👻💀

  • TTG RatedR
    TTG RatedR5 miesięcy temu

    My plug from Mex CoCo

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith5 miesięcy temu

    Where can I buy those sunglasses??? Anyone know?

  • Ehren Lewis
    Ehren Lewis5 miesięcy temu


  • Ehren Lewis
    Ehren Lewis5 miesięcy temu


  • myrdon0131
    myrdon01315 miesięcy temu

    Still fire 2020 gucci went too hard

    SUPER TURNT6 miesięcy temu

    Listen To Goin by Gucci Mane

  • Gackt
    Gackt8 miesięcy temu


  • Corey Lewis Lewis
    Corey Lewis Lewis8 miesięcy temu

    Who here in 2020 BLM !!?

  • coldest play 585
    coldest play 5858 miesięcy temu


  • lDoxology
    lDoxology9 miesięcy temu

    Old Gucci is timeless this new Gucci is some serious

  • Lionel Noel
    Lionel Noel9 miesięcy temu

    🙂💣💪🏾💯💫yes sir

  • Marcus Marron
    Marcus Marron9 miesięcy temu

    I bet el Chapo be like: "porqué dijo el moreno que soy un chivo?"

  • Meliodas420
    Meliodas4209 miesięcy temu

    Not even a week until then 🔥🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨💨Can't wait to be out 😎👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆

  • Mike Carruthers
    Mike Carruthers10 miesięcy temu

    Skip da flip brought be BACK here

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva10 miesięcy temu

    The beat.

  • Detroit Mi Dunkin
    Detroit Mi Dunkin10 miesięcy temu

    This should have 10 mil views by now. The plugs suppose to be getting money this song.

  • Daryl William
    Daryl William10 miesięcy temu


  • J Chr G
    J Chr G11 miesięcy temu

    Haha, make it slap without those to excessive twerks (twerking girls)

  • eli yifrach
    eli yifrach11 miesięcy temu

    Gucci mane 💪 you the trap god 😎🔥

  • Mesierise
    MesieriseRok temu

    me in gta online:

  • Red Man
    Red ManRok temu


  • J Chr G
    J Chr GRok temu

    Chippy chopper ,..chopper of men!

  • Sosa Sosa
    Sosa SosaRok temu

    El verdadero Trap! Aguante Mane desde 🇲🇽

  • Big Glock Horizontal
    Big Glock HorizontalRok temu

    Am I the only one that was trynna see the cameraman through the reflection of his sunglasses?

  • Герман В.
    Герман В.Rok temu

    Yoy yoy yoy 💣

    DRACO FURY 13Rok temu

    That's It 4.4 million views. This song is Soooo Good.....That's succs🤦🏿‍♂️

  • 24HRTECH point roberts
    24HRTECH point robertsRok temu

    Love it real shit real spit!!

  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu


  • Venelin Neikov
    Venelin NeikovRok temu


  • Luis Serrano
    Luis SerranoRok temu

    Nicki Minaj is in a gang 🎃

  • Nicole Mills
    Nicole MillsRok temu

    Gucci mane is Trap music

  • Diana
    DianaRok temu

    I have a fever right now and the drop made me sweat it out 😎😁

  • Jamarimurphy23 Murphy
    Jamarimurphy23 MurphyRok temu

    Trash trash trash

    OR-MUN MILESRok temu

    What’s up What’s up

  • Typoeee
    TypoeeeRok temu

    What kind of glasses are those 🧐

  • Larry Hoover
    Larry HooverRok temu

    Now this the old Gucci music

  • Envi Toxic
    Envi ToxicRok temu

    Greatest trap rapper of the Century 💯🗣🗣🔥

  • Dj Mark Willson
    Dj Mark WillsonRok temu

    ufff yaaaaaa

  • Jordon Fenwick
    Jordon FenwickRok temu

    This song is dope asfuck 😎 Guwop . Aussies pump yo music homie

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan LocklearRok temu

    It is very very cold very very cold need to go somewhere where it is hot and warmer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan LocklearRok temu

    Broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke

  • Susan Locklear
    Susan LocklearRok temu

    I love you my beautiful baby 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💄💄💄💄💎💎

  • Cindy Guevara
    Cindy GuevaraRok temu


  • Cindy Guevara
    Cindy GuevaraRok temu

    My bitch not a American

  • Cindy Guevara
    Cindy GuevaraRok temu

    I’m a big fan I love this song

  • Alexandr P
    Alexandr PRok temu

    Ты крут,чувак

  • Sunus Holloway
    Sunus HollowayRok temu

    Free Chapo. Gucci!!

  • Turok Blackrock
    Turok BlackrockRok temu

    Next time use not mirrored spectacle lenses ;)

  • Panda
    PandaRok temu

    Con lo que me gano traficando

  • J Chr G
    J Chr GRok temu

    Kitchen royal is not for me to work in, michaël moet je daarvoor hebben hij is messen slijpen en met messen werken specialist.... J Chr G is meer in gebed te zijn en vrij van werk te zijn 7 generaties door voor ons allemaal in het broederlijk en 1 zuster of 2 zusters in het gezin werk te doen is wat ik prettig vind en wat ik wil doen

  • J Chr G
    J Chr GRok temu

    En strax als grootheids waan weer naar je bolletje stijgt dan zal het zwaard voor je vast zitten net "the sword in the stone" je zal het niet kunnen gebruiken. .....(en je king james bijbel version gaat het zelf niet los kunnen maken)...your bitch is for allways gonna stay broke Djoeka...vervolg je pad

  • krush king12
    krush king12Rok temu

    C mon gucci do it u all follow me up on instagram ah krush 12

  • E.V.S
    E.V.SRok temu

    Dis boy

  • Ja'Vaughn Turner
    Ja'Vaughn TurnerRok temu

    Wtf is the sample!?

  • Randy Barrientes
    Randy BarrientesRok temu

    Wish I was like Gucci I would donate to charity.

  • Jason Laster
    Jason LasterRok temu


  • jsunshyne87
    jsunshyne87Rok temu

    So proud of Gucci. He has came a loooonnngggg way. This man use to be in a mental asylum, now he stay in the islands. 🌴 REAL GLOW UP! #WIZOP #BURR BURR BURR #1017

  • Top Star Ting
    Top Star TingRok temu

    Gucci Gang

  • Top Star Ting
    Top Star TingRok temu


  • c dyke
    c dykeRok temu

    I'm not good at dancing but this song is fire🔥 all I can just do is node node node node

  • Peter Alexander
    Peter AlexanderRok temu

    I bet Pewdipie plays this in his car on the way home to play Minecraft 😂

  • Poul Julle
    Poul JulleRok temu

    juicy j started this shit

  • Sr. Pigman
    Sr. PigmanRok temu

    i think...that glasses is real?

  • Mah Rdn
    Mah RdnRok temu

    Wow😍😍...Now,we can find these outfits on spotern:

  • vito corleone
    vito corleoneRok temu

    Pablo escobar gaviria

  • Mike Looht
    Mike LoohtRok temu

    Boats and hoes

  • Frederick Hunter
    Frederick HunterRok temu

    Yesslawd 🔥❤❤

  • Robert Russell
    Robert RussellRok temu

    He just need his gril back

  • Von Mises Reborn XVI
    Von Mises Reborn XVIRok temu

    From Chile..

  • blueface james
    blueface jamesRok temu

    Sounds kinda like the hip hop in d 2000s. Nice bringing back the sound GUWOP

  • myrdon0131
    myrdon0131Rok temu

    Gucci went stupid hard on dis one

    BRIAN BC PRYORRok temu


  • WesBChillin
    WesBChillinRok temu

    Take too long to drop the song bruh. Still dope tho

  • Jason Bittay
    Jason BittayRok temu


  • Positive Vibes
    Positive VibesRok temu

    My (coke) bitch came off the boat boat boat

  • j p
    j pRok temu

    This still my favorite though

  • Jonathan Romero
    Jonathan RomeroRok temu

    Live on sunday kus the lord came saturday !!

  • Meka Bandz

    Meka Bandz

    Rok temu

    He said load

  • William Jeenes
    William JeenesRok temu

    Best Gucci song hands down.