Deep Feelings Mix | Deep House, Vocal House, Nu Disco, Chillout #19


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Thumbnail by shahin khalaji:
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🌿 Video by ThinLineMedia
00:00 | 0. Crisologo X Emma Péters - Angela (By Hatik)
03:13 | 1. Carla Morrison - Disfruto (Amice Remix) (2)
07:32 | 2. Dj Goja x Daniela Andrade - Crazy
10:12 | 3. Efemero - Amelia (Original Mix)
13:26 | 4. Dj Goja - Wrong Way
16:06 | 5. Dj Goja - Cause I'm Crazy (2)
19:09 | 6. Dj Vianu - Back to You (Original Mix)
23:05 | 7. Breakbot - Baby I'm yours (Crisologo x NVRT Rework)
26:26 | 8. Sarah Blasko & Edmofo - All I Want (Original Mix)
29:41 | 9. Nexeri Feat. Riell - Crown (Robert Cristian Remix)
32:38 | 10. Ilkay Sencan - No Sweat (Original Mix)
36:09 | 11. Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted (NA-NO Remix) (2)
39:18 | 12. FILV & Edmofo ft. Emma Péters - Clandestina (Tropical Remix) (2)
43:41 | 13. Fleurie - Soldier (GeoM Remix)
47:22 | 14. Robert Cristian - Never Let It Go (Original Mix) (4)
50:40 | 15. Faydee - Crazy (Robert Cristian Remix)
54:21 | 16. Edmofo - Shot Me Down (Daniela Andrade Vocal)
57:30 | 17. Nexeri Feat. Riell - Crown (Robert Cristian Remix)
01:00:26 | 18. Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Gökhan Sivri Remix)
01:04:51 | 19. Leo Kodian - What About You
01:07:45 | 20. Shoby - Dance Monkey (Remix)
01:10:49 | 21. George Kopaliani - Alone (Original Mix)
01:14:30 | 22. George Kopaliani - In My Shadow
01:17:49 | 23. George Kopaliani - Stars
01:22:26 | 24. George Kopaliani - Sunset (Remake)
01:26:40 | 25. Marie Plassard - Big Book (Q o d ë s Remix)
01:30:56 | 26. Robert Cristian - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
01:34:17 | 27. Roudeep - I Remember Days
01:39:26 | 28. Taylor Swift - I Know Places (edmofo remix) (Jemma Johnson cover)
01:42:41 | 29. Gala - Faraway (VManMusic Remix)
🌿 Music by Deep Universe
🌿 Music by Lady Ocean
Twitter: ladyxocean
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  • Deep House Nation
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    Deep Feelings Mix | Deep House, Vocal House, Nu Disco, Chillout #19

  • Rahimul Islam

    Rahimul Islam

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    i think it`s the best mix that i ever seen. Actually it`s mellifluous.

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    Beautiful mix. Some music parts didn’t go along with the video. Seemed like a running tape. Just saying.

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