Gojira - Born For One Thing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


New album 'Fortitude' available April 30.
Pre-order: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
Written & Directed by Charles De Meyer
Cinematography by Maximiliaan Dierickx
Produced by Octopods - Joao Vinhas & Benjamin Honoré

First assistant camera: Daniel Foeldes
Steadicam operator: Sven Joukes
First assistant director: Sebastian Vrijdaghs
Costume designer: Andrea De Keyzer
Editor & FX supervisor: Charles De Meyer
Colorist: Ducan Russel & Maximiliaan Dierickx
Gaffer: Florent Bagard
Electricians: Angel Paredes & Vincent Nouguier
Key grip: Gilles Lacroix & Unai Duhalde
Grip: Aitz Amilibia & Andde Carrere
Make up artist: Daphné Durieux
Location manager: Jean Louis Decoster
Production assistant: Elodie Marchal
Monitoring engineer; Sebastien Roblin
Additional grooming: Paolo De Luca
On-set Photography; Anne Deguéhégny & Gabrielle Duplantier
Catering; Mirelen & Aize Duhalde
Hdri photography: Olivier Sipesaque

Guard: Steve Driesen
Dealer: John-John Mossoux

Shapeshifter (in order of appearance)
Old man: Marcel Vandericken
Young girl: Lou Lambrecht
Man in hoodie: Edson Anibal
Bourgeois Woman: Julie Basecq
Young boy: Sacha Pirlet
Man in suit: Mohit Mathur
Rave girl: Yipoon Chiem
Biker: Olivier Sipesaque
Mortal, spawn on the altar
Caught in the heart of the blaze
The primal fear of disappearing
Becoming a ghost in the void
Give a price, put a name
None of it real in this matter
Wandering, distracting,
Wishing the life of another self
We were born for one thing
Tame the greatest fear of all
We were born for one thing
Born to face the greatest fear of all
We’re all drawn into ourselves
In a collective coma
Remember gazing up for answers But now we’re staring down
All is blur in the maze we put an end to all
We were born for one thing
Tame the greatest fear of all
We were born for one thing
Born to face the greatest fear of all
We’re no one
When we’re gone
Music and Lyrics by Gojira
Produced by Joe Duplantier
Mixed by Andy Wallace


  • NeillOg 13
    NeillOg 1313 minut temu

    big wave for sure!

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    Clifford Martin3 godzin temu

    Mario with that energy he puts in 🤘🤘🤘

  • S. T.
    S. T.3 godzin temu

    The bass is magic...that breakdown though...

  • nathan ray
    nathan ray4 godzin temu

    Found these guys on headbangers ball 🤘

  • Doc Weathers
    Doc Weathers9 godzin temu

    Sad to see commercials of a famous "drinks´n´plastic bottles" company here.

  • Collin Boone
    Collin Boone21 godzinę temu

    Shit makes me wanna go to denny and scramble the fuck outta some eggs, then slam em in an old ladys face

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  • Nico Zurita
    Nico Zurita22 godzin temu

    Mr. 2 Bon Clay in the museum

  • Jan Detlefsen
    Jan DetlefsenDzień temu

    Drummer is a Killer!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

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  • Valmy85
    Valmy85Dzień temu

    Amazing !

  • Mario Luis Azevedo
    Mario Luis AzevedoDzień temu

    Parece ter muita influência de Sepultura na fase Chaos a.d.

  • Sébastien Fraggl
    Sébastien FragglDzień temu

    quelle bande de tueurs !!!! Vive la France !!!!

  • Connor Craigie
    Connor CraigieDzień temu

    Not many bands give you fight or flight vibes. Units

  • Etienne Parent
    Etienne ParentDzień temu

    Very good Gojira song !

  • Vacation. Pls
    Vacation. PlsDzień temu

    I cant tell what the song is about. Usually their stuff is blatantly obvious like Amazonia and Flying Whales. Playlist material for sure.

  • •Always Barcelona•
    •Always Barcelona•Dzień temu

    0% pornography 0% bad language 0% Expensive Cars 100% Talent and dedication

  • Melissa
    Melissa2 dni temu

    I fly...

  • Naji Khalil
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    If this won't be played while i am cremated, i don't wanna die

  • Jael Mical Contreras Cabrera
    Jael Mical Contreras Cabrera2 dni temu

    Ese bajo hermoso 😍

  • Jonas Barry
    Jonas Barry2 dni temu

    The heavy drop tempo at the end has my soul challenging and pushing the confines of my very flesh.

  • Евгений Калмыков
    Евгений Калмыков3 dni temu

    Какие молодцы

  • Derek Hager
    Derek Hager3 dni temu

    This song is fucking epic

  • Jay Weird
    Jay Weird3 dni temu

    I need to listen to this again. My ears just got pulled along with the beats and cords. I felt like running without knowing how yo run.

  • Metalheads Golf
    Metalheads Golf3 dni temu

    There might be already be enough thumbs up ... but here another one. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  • Paul Collins
    Paul Collins3 dni temu

    So amazing, technically beautiful, 🖤🖤🖤

  • trev1978
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    If you like this, listen to 'North Star Of Nija' by Orbit Culture

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  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell4 dni temu

    This band is legendary

  • Mr. AMG
    Mr. AMG4 dni temu

    What bass is Jean playing? Is that a Fender multi scale?

  • Mr. AMG

    Mr. AMG

    13 godzin temu

    @Brezhoneg really? The bottom half seems like it but that headstock doesnt

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    Davie504 has joined the chat

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  • Legato Bluesummers
    Legato Bluesummers4 dni temu

    I’ve known of gojira for as long as I can remember and never gave them the time of day just like fear factory. My god was I ignorant. Another world was perfection by these guys.

  • Darren Mason
    Darren Mason4 dni temu

    Anyone hear the slayer in those awesome junky riffs or am I missing it?

  • Ilarion Mandelenis
    Ilarion Mandelenis4 dni temu

    Just imagine this song live...

  • therainman
    therainman4 dni temu

    "Museum of Natural History Metal"

  • tHE HECk
    tHE HECk4 dni temu

    #king masterpiece

  • Dwayne Williams
    Dwayne Williams5 dni temu

    Killer song!!!!!!! Never a let down with gojira

  • Vorota Rivne
    Vorota Rivne5 dni temu

    4:20 epic moment

  • Juan Cruz Echegaray
    Juan Cruz Echegaray5 dni temu

    A just finished to watch Gozilla Vs Kong and....

  • Ace Carolino
    Ace Carolino5 dni temu

    Lame ass Video. Whats with all the cliche running

  • nicko mc
    nicko mc5 dni temu

    amazing sound drums!!!

  • N S
    N S5 dni temu

    There is no left, there is no right. It's simply good vs. evil

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell5 dni temu

    Could be pressessors to lamb of god .....???

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    top booooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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  • Sławo Golec
    Sławo Golec6 dni temu

    Frontman looks like Keanu after 10 years in Russia xD

  • Elton Faneco
    Elton Faneco6 dni temu

    Sepultura did it better

  • Johnny Fahlen
    Johnny Fahlen6 dni temu

    April the 30th 2021 Gonna be a great day!

  • xradical89x
    xradical89x6 dni temu

    this sounds so much like the early Korn, i love it

  • Mind's Eye Muse
    Mind's Eye Muse6 dni temu

    This is Sepultura af

  • moustang76
    moustang766 dni temu

    Excellent Percussion

  • Rock City
    Rock City6 dni temu

    Never listened to this band except for a few songs back what seems like 20 years ago or more. This newest album is speaking to my soul !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Now I can go back and listen to their other stuff.

  • lysandus
    lysandus6 dni temu

    This riff at 1:25 sounds super familiar. Anyone know what song it's like?

  • Glauber Sohjian

    Glauber Sohjian

    6 dni temu

    Slayer - Seasons in the abyiss

  • Robert Kane
    Robert Kane6 dni temu

    Gojira just gets better every album -

  • Sand Bx
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    Monstrueux !!

  • Sekko_music
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    Finally. What a song.

  • Queensyndr Yo
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    That is one bad ass drummer!

  • Thaïs Lefeuvre

    Thaïs Lefeuvre

    6 dni temu

    Mario Duplantier is very good at drums !

  • C Pastor
    C Pastor7 dni temu

    Raj rah wah woooooh wish I could understand what he was saying

  • Mtempty
    Mtempty7 dni temu

    This is unmistakably a Gojira song. It's just what you want and just what you didn't expect.

  • varun sharma
    varun sharma7 dni temu

    It’s sad to see that such great artists get only 3.8 mil views whereas useless tiktok vids get 10+ mil views

  • Hawaiian Balls
    Hawaiian Balls7 dni temu

    Brilliant. You guys, Behemoth, Slipknot were incredible in Kansas a few years ago. Volbeat was mediocre at best. They didn’t belong. But I bet they are fine gents.

  • Patrick Rinaldi
    Patrick Rinaldi7 dni temu

    Fucking A Mario. Keep destroying shit.

  • greg reaper
    greg reaper7 dni temu

    Du lourd.a l'assaut de la plus grande peur de tous.

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    Un petit bijou

  • Turb0Hawk
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    Man i really hope they come to Montreal this summer, I really need it

  • Marc Damania
    Marc Damania8 dni temu

    5:00 It was at this moment that the curator knew he should have let this one slide.

  • Carlos
    Carlos8 dni temu

    I hear some early 90s Sepultura in this.

  • Derek Lopez
    Derek Lopez8 dni temu

    I just started getting into Gojira, more of a heavier guy. I gotta say this drummer is something special, with phenomenal timing, and off-beat drumming.

  • Queensyndr Yo

    Queensyndr Yo

    7 dni temu

    Yes, this drummer is phenomenal. Shout out to him!

  • Dwayne Williams
    Dwayne Williams8 dni temu

    Love this band. They are like a breath of fresh air. Killer in your face

  • Ursan
    Ursan9 dni temu

    That breakdown with harmonics at the end is the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Jean Bailey
    Jean Bailey9 dni temu

    Gotta be a tribute to Course of Empire's "Infested" in that opening...

  • Fernando Lujan
    Fernando Lujan9 dni temu

    estos tipos si que encontraron la nota marron 🤘

  • CFH
    CFH9 dni temu

    Had to come back to this song after listening to the new song Into The Storm, this one is so much better.

  • Erick Lisboa
    Erick Lisboa9 dni temu

    Ride, Mario e sua banda!

  • Sina. D
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  • 1428mediainctv
    1428mediainctv9 dni temu

    Cinematography perfection!

  • ok
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    Video directed by a simp

  • Anna Leslie Resendiz
    Anna Leslie Resendiz9 dni temu

    F**K the Grammy Awards! Gojira should have won atleast 🏆 one! ➕ anyone notice they exclude ROCK genre and will not add more categories!?!?!

  • HinjuRock
    HinjuRock9 dni temu

    War for territory.

  • D Owens
    D Owens9 dni temu

    I remember when metal bands had great singers and great lead guitarists.

  • D Owens

    D Owens

    7 dni temu

    @Steven Franklin No.

  • Steven Franklin

    Steven Franklin

    7 dni temu

    @D Owens go away

  • D Owens

    D Owens

    8 dni temu

    @Lewis Griffiths Not really. There are tons of singers like this dude who mainly just growl and scream and have limited vocal ranges but very few (if any) singers who have the range, dynamics, power and charisma of legends such as Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and even Ozzy. And lead guitar players who have their own style and write memorable solos are also sorely lacking.

  • Lewis Griffiths

    Lewis Griffiths

    8 dni temu

    They still do.

  • Le Beurrichon
    Le Beurrichon9 dni temu

    Rhooo les mecs, vous me régalez toujours autant, et ça depuis 2003 :-) J'apprécie toujours autant le son et énormément les paroles toujours humanistes ou parlant de mère nature, des vibes dont on a bien besoin :-) Bravoooo GojiraaaaAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • Michaël Franz
    Michaël Franz10 dni temu

    4:07 what a good good break! BRAVO !

  • ds r
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  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez10 dni temu

    Phenomenal! That ending tho... 😩😩😩 love it!!

  • pumper gaucho
    pumper gaucho10 dni temu

    Outro sounds like one part of Never The Machine Forever by Soundgarden imo

  • Олег Купреев
    Олег Купреев10 dni temu

    Хорошая вещь родилась ))

  • sofanova
    sofanova10 dni temu

    crucificados pelo sistema!

  • Greg Dangreaux
    Greg Dangreaux10 dni temu

    Not a negative comment, just surprised that most medias don 't mention the Sepultura sound of this great song.

  • Greg Dangreaux
    Greg Dangreaux10 dni temu

    Great band, live and on album. But thanks to them for releasing a new Sepultura album.

  • Science of Logic TV
    Science of Logic TV10 dni temu

    Great synergy between music and imagery.

  • edgelord
    edgelord11 dni temu

    You know, I'm not surprised that JM switching to a Dingwall was the only way we'd ever hear mixes with audible bass.

  • Adrian Ozuna
    Adrian Ozuna11 dni temu

    Jean-Michael has always been so underrated. I'm happy to see people are finally recognizing his work as a bass player!

  • Adrian Ozuna

    Adrian Ozuna

    4 dni temu

    @Honey Hani Well said!

  • Honey Hani

    Honey Hani

    4 dni temu

    Jean Michel and Christian are both amazing musicians, there would be no Gojira without them. Each one of the members are irreplaceable ‼

  • Adrian Ozuna

    Adrian Ozuna

    7 dni temu

    @Pieter de brucker Yeah!

  • Pieter de brucker

    Pieter de brucker

    7 dni temu

    When i go see them live, i will always stand in front of Jean Michelle. He's a beast

  • Dewey Tucker

    Dewey Tucker

    8 dni temu

    He’s in the band. That’s a pretty good indicator of his worth.

  • osvaldo objio
    osvaldo objio11 dni temu

    Not a dull moment ever. So much in this tune to listen to.

  • osvaldo objio
    osvaldo objio11 dni temu

    This is pure musical artillery. I love it

  • sYnchr0
    sYnchr011 dni temu

    That bass line is Thicc.

  • Beggar Wall
    Beggar Wall11 dni temu

    Anybody know what the video is about?