Exclusive First Look | What If…? | Disney+


"Space. Time. Reality. It's more than a linear path."
WHAT IF…?, an Original Series from Marvel Studios, is coming Summer 2021 to #DisneyPlus.
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  • Lucas Berendsen
    Lucas Berendsen27 sekund temu

    What if tony didnt sacrafice himself

  • G. Marin
    G. Marin6 minut temu

    Can't wait to see WHITE PANTHER!

  • Superghost48
    Superghost4813 minut temu

    This looks terrible NEVER make this BAD marvel ye have turned EVIL what is wrong with ye

  • Пётр Добрынин
    Пётр Добрынин22 minut temu

    They had endless possibilities with "what if". But they go woke and make what if Star Lord was black, what if Captain America was a woman... Oh and I also guarantee you, these people will never make a what if Nick Fury was a caucasian, as white as they come.

  • Hafeez Muhammad
    Hafeez Muhammad56 minut temu


  • Arclight Sama
    Arclight SamaGodzinę temu

    What If...... BLM & MeToo ruled all over the world ?

  • Edatox Sadúo
    Edatox SadúoGodzinę temu

    The animation gives me so much Dragon Prince vibes and I love it.

  • Elisa Mandili
    Elisa MandiliGodzinę temu

    Jai pas compris ce sera en mode dessin animé ?

  • Brock Pigford
    Brock PigfordGodzinę temu

    POV: you’re here to look at all the what if memes

  • Blue
    BlueGodzinę temu

    i love how no matter what reality we're in, tony still ends up sitting inside that donut

  • Nathaniel Ortiz
    Nathaniel OrtizGodzinę temu

    im srry peggy is just not super soilder material like dude

  • ziun ahmed
    ziun ahmedGodzinę temu

    Like what's going on

  • Jessica Rybka
    Jessica Rybka2 godzin temu

    I'm so excited I almost threw up

  • Ailec C. B.
    Ailec C. B.3 godzin temu

    Ok! It's official!! I'm expecting a lot from this series, and whatever comes out, I'M GONNA ENJOY IT ANYWAY!!

  • mrtn
    mrtn3 godzin temu

    captain britain and star panther

  • BlazingE
    BlazingE3 godzin temu

    What if I didn't understand that reference? 0_0

  • shyam-bomb
    shyam-bomb3 godzin temu

    This will be the best show no question... depending on how long the episodes are

  • kae luna
    kae luna3 godzin temu

    What if: Carol Never Shot The Battery?

  • mysterymanphoto
    mysterymanphoto3 godzin temu

    What if Animated Marvel shows can finally be as good as DC ones?

  • Shuriken
    Shuriken3 godzin temu

    I wonder what their definition of soon is?

  • _titan
    _titan3 godzin temu

    I cannot wait to see zombie marvel

  • Puddle of Ash
    Puddle of Ash3 godzin temu

    Baby Thanos vs Rhodey

  • Lablaoui GFX
    Lablaoui GFX4 godzin temu

    What if ? Hela Take the Bifrost sword before entre asgard with Skurge 🤔 ?

  • Lucas Waldie
    Lucas Waldie4 godzin temu

    If there’s not an episode where Ronan attempts to out dance star lord then I’m canceling my Disney plus subscription

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos5 godzin temu

    I need Captain Britain.

  • Magnum McCoy
    Magnum McCoy5 godzin temu

    What if: Marvel didn’t exist

  • Mike Mintz
    Mike Mintz6 godzin temu

    One of my all-time favorite comics: What If V2 - what if Professor X became the Juggernaut. Excited to see this series.

  • Nameless_Playz
    Nameless_Playz6 godzin temu

    What if Ronan actually challenged quill in the dance off

  • Pratibha Chawla
    Pratibha Chawla6 godzin temu

    Is no one gonna talk about the scene where Loki is being crowned?

  • Roksana Małkowska-Michalak
    Roksana Małkowska-Michalak7 godzin temu

    Oh yes, count me in! :)

  • Saul Crane
    Saul Crane7 godzin temu

    What if Zemo didn't dance in the club

  • Holy Knight of Destiny
    Holy Knight of Destiny7 godzin temu

    Star-Lord: Hey Yando, don’t get to....Rowdy out there

  • Jackocok
    Jackocok7 godzin temu

    What if Tony Stark selling vaccine instead military weapon?

  • Wally Spencer
    Wally Spencer9 godzin temu


  • Lellenjoy
    Lellenjoy9 godzin temu

    If Jimmy Woo isn't in this then I'm not watching

  • P C
    P C9 godzin temu

    What If…It Women? What If…It Black? What If…It British? What If…It Zombie? What If…It Baddy? What If…It Goody? What If…No?

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson9 godzin temu

    Last scene is Dr strange Vs doctor maleficent.

    GOUTHAM RAMDAS11 godzin temu

    Ooh we can see them all again💕💕

  • Patrick Collum
    Patrick Collum13 godzin temu

    So hope there's a Death's Head episode in this. He's such an underrated character!

  • Ancap2112
    Ancap211213 godzin temu

    What If.. we gender and race washed every 'toxic' white male character? No thanks

  • Rumor
    Rumor14 godzin temu

    Everyone is taking about peggie as cap BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MARVEL ZOMBIE STUFF THATS GONNA BE LITT!!’

  • YakNoodle Gaming
    YakNoodle Gaming14 godzin temu

    What If Luis': -Girlfriend didn't leave him -Mum didn't die -Dad didn't get deported ....But didn't keep the van.

  • Roderick shaka
    Roderick shaka15 godzin temu

    Marvel will always be ahead.

  • Alvyn Tan
    Alvyn Tan16 godzin temu

    The animation looks bad, but i kinda want to watch this show or movie, whatever.

  • XnorlaxOnFire
    XnorlaxOnFire16 godzin temu


  • XnorlaxOnFire
    XnorlaxOnFire16 godzin temu

    Me había olvidado la cólera que tengo de que steve no tenga poderes en "What if" sabiendo lo mucho que quería ayudar 😔

  • Kurber Bing
    Kurber Bing16 godzin temu

    0:02 The final frontier...

  • Bhavya Sri Entertainment
    Bhavya Sri Entertainment17 godzin temu

    I miss Steve Rogers

  • Bhavya Sri Entertainment
    Bhavya Sri Entertainment17 godzin temu

    This is based on an alternate reality.

  • Bhavya Sri Entertainment
    Bhavya Sri Entertainment17 godzin temu

    Very sad to see Captain America as a zombie.

  • Haiqal Khosim
    Haiqal Khosim18 godzin temu

    So, main plot of the story is the watcher gonna mess up the reality and dr. Strange gonna fix it back?

  • Havok ABH
    Havok ABH18 godzin temu

    Black Panther II might be something like this.. A cartoon of some sort???

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    14 godzin temu

    MARVEL Studios' Black Panther II will be a live action film.

  • Angelina Perez
    Angelina Perez18 godzin temu

    Love the art style kind of reminds of the art style they used for The Dragon Prince, but it works so well with this!!!! Can not wait until this comes out.

  • Aquib Parvez
    Aquib Parvez18 godzin temu


  • mobile gamer
    mobile gamer19 godzin temu

    It looks like apex trailer

  • Vicky
    Vicky23 godzin temu

    1:10 Loki at the UN with the Einherjar!! Because he has the support of the Asgardian forces, I doubt this is a What If where he succeeds in the Battle of New York as a villain. From the shots of Thor from Thor 1 (0:18), Hawkeye aiming the arrow (1:25) and Fury staring down at a shot arrow (1:12), it looks like this is a What If where Hawkeye decided to shoot Thor after all, and since Thor is mortal in the first movie, he's probably severely injured or dead, leading to the Asgardian forces retaliating under Loki's command (as Odin is in the Odinsleep). Looks like Loki takes advantage of this messy situation by invading Earth, and this scene is him making a grand entrance at the UN in front of all the countries of Earth. IIRC Feige has said there'll be one episode per major character (i.e. Thor), so all the shots I mentioned above are almost definitely all from the same episode, and so I'm almost certain this theory is correct. It just all fits way too well. I'm so hyped for this episode, Loki is my favourite character and the first Thor movie is one of my favourites for the space gods Shakespearean drama lol

  • Romain Lemaitre
    Romain Lemaitre23 godzin temu


  • Purjolök Gaming
    Purjolök GamingDzień temu

    0:57 Peter.b parker?

  • Robert Ray
    Robert RayDzień temu

    The potential for this is infinite

  • Anne Koomans
    Anne KoomansDzień temu

    people r gonna hate me for this one, but out of all the upcoming things this fase, if i rate my excitement, this one is actually really definitely in my top three lol bye-

  • Muhammad Haykal
    Muhammad HaykalDzień temu

    marvel x archer lol hahahahaha

  • Critter Whisperer
    Critter WhispererDzień temu

    Zombie Steve? Also what if Loki didn’t die by thanoss hand aka what if Loki is still alive in the original timeline??

  • Lily Star
    Lily StarDzień temu

    I don't know what this is but it sure looks AWESOME!!!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce WayneDzień temu

    bunch of crap nosense

  • kavya kumeria
    kavya kumeriaDzień temu

    what if all the non-disney+ marvel shows were still canon...

  • Motura Natura
    Motura NaturaDzień temu

    IS BEAUTIFUL *cry*

  • Crazy For Myself
    Crazy For MyselfDzień temu

    That's Gonna Be Dope👀

  • Crazy For Myself
    Crazy For MyselfDzień temu

    What If one day we wake up and discover that Marvel Cinematic Universe don't really exist irl🙃

  • TigerFrostStudios
    TigerFrostStudiosDzień temu

    Everybody is talking about Peggy, strange, and T’chala, but I’m thinking about yandu LIKE I MISSED HIM SO MUCH 💙💙

  • TigerFrostStudios
    TigerFrostStudiosDzień temu

    Nobody: Me: “I-is it real?...”

  • Ryssue Sanz
    Ryssue SanzDzień temu

    Captain Britain is the only female Marvel's captain I'm willing to kneel for

  • Lucius Ayers
    Lucius AyersDzień temu

    I’m so hype for the marvel zombies one

  • scrapbookpavilion
    scrapbookpavilionDzień temu

    so basically what if marvel was more diverse the first time round

  • DC


    Dzień temu


  • Edwin Yong
    Edwin YongDzień temu

    Captain America is are zombie !

  • Claudia Gouge
    Claudia GougeDzień temu

    what if wakanda wasnt forever

  • Ishpreet Saini
    Ishpreet SainiDzień temu

    fun fact the watcher is the new jim gordan in the batman 2022.....

  • DC


    Dzień temu


  • Darth Vader
    Darth VaderDzień temu

    I hope we get a marvel legends wave of these, a captain Britain Peggy and the other characters would be awesome to have on display

  • Yega
    YegaDzień temu

    I feel sorry for DC lol

  • geddoe316
    geddoe316Dzień temu

    Just an excuse to switch out races and genders. Pretty sad

  • Janaki Netrakanti
    Janaki NetrakantiDzień temu

    What if: goose never spat out the tesseract

  • desum21
    desum21Dzień temu

    season finally could just be a bunch of different thanos vs avengers on titan outcomes

  • MrKushGamer Live
    MrKushGamer LiveDzień temu

    OMG 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MiLiTary BoY
    MiLiTary BoYDzień temu

    This is so cursed but i like it

  • Arpit
    ArpitDzień temu

    Thank you

    STUDDBRONSON xDzień temu

    I hope there’s one where thanos rips tony in half

  • Abnormal Gamer
    Abnormal GamerDzień temu

    What if marvel zombies actually happened?

  • RoseMary
    RoseMaryDzień temu

    Clint sacrificed himself instead Natasha Thor attacked New York instead of Loki Steve is the winter solider instead of Bucky

  • TheMystic89
    TheMystic89Dzień temu

    What if Arnim Zola never found bucky.

  • Anime Edits
    Anime EditsDzień temu


  • alguiencualquiera
    alguiencualquieraDzień temu

    What If: Thor Mother didn't died?

  • Fahrizal Kurniawan
    Fahrizal Kurniawan2 dni temu

    It was ego who told yondu to get peter, and how are they gonna explain why yondu get T'chala not peter

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    2 dni temu

    MARVEL Studios' What If...? explores what would happen if major moments of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) occurred differently.

  • Iago Cañizares Pita
    Iago Cañizares Pita2 dni temu

    yes but were is wanda

  • strawberry and sunflowers
    strawberry and sunflowers2 dni temu

    marvel understands the assignment 😌

  • MoTu Op
    MoTu Op2 dni temu

    When will marvel studios urdu version will release in pakistan Pakistan has also have a lot of fans of marvel studios

  • JazzzzAH
    JazzzzAH2 dni temu

    What if M’Baku won the fight against T’Challa?

  • Yisus Garcia
    Yisus Garcia2 dni temu

    What if loki was named the king of asgard instead of thor

  • melanie flores
    melanie flores2 dni temu


  • Yisus Garcia
    Yisus Garcia2 dni temu

    Uatu came out so that means galactus is the final boss like thanos 😯

  • Lydia Alatorre
    Lydia Alatorre2 dni temu

    What if Bucky never fell?

  • Emilio Youssef
    Emilio Youssef2 dni temu

    Mexican Starlord? Captain Brittain? Bruh