100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]


This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100


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    Does anyone no why on bedrock there is no villages at all on the flats. I know it’s on Java but I just think it’s stupid

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    @Reika Ikebuchi yeah I remember bedrock on the Xbox one used to have villages spawn quite often and it was cool but I guess Mona got doesn’t want bedrock to have the cool stuff I guess

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    Like currently? Or in the past? Because I know that before villages used to spawn on flat in Bedrock, just not always

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    I tried to defeat the wither on my survival world but unfortunately i couldnt bc all the explosions gave me too much lag...i couldnt even move and had to use 3 totems of undying just to bring up the menu

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    If ur on a crap device dont even think about the wither, just go after the ender dragon only

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    Apparently all the blocks created by explosions r considered entities and since i was at bedrock lv, hundreds of entities were being added in seconds...and i wasnt trying to talk about my problems i was warning everyone who has a crap device to not bother fighting the wither (LukeTheNotable's vids motivated me to fight the wither in the first place and ik im not the only one)

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    I should have mentioned i was on a tablet when i fought the wither XD

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    Bruh, there’s no way a single wither could cause that much lag. U either have a million farms running, which is stupid, or u have a potato of a device. Probably the latter, since wither is op on bedrock and phones are potato devices. So, you should bedrock trap the wither, which is way easier. Just sayin, I don’t want to be a hater. Also, a comment section is no place to rant on ur problems. :)

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    ps. I had all netherite armor with protection 4 and mending and netherite tools with a sharpness V sword, power IV bow, potions of regen and strength II and even healing II arrows

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