Was The SSC Tuatara 331 MPH World Record Run Real?


What Really Happened During The SSC Tuatara Record Run? Can It Go 331 MPH?
Shmee's 331 MPH Run Analysis - plclip.info/show/ZZqVt3uZlIK3l2U/wideo
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How Fast Is The "331 MPH" SSC Tuatara Really? This video will focus on three questions: 1) What do we know about the SSC Tuatara world record controversy? 2) How fast did the SSC Tuatara actually drive - was the 331 mph GPS speed accurate? 3) How fast can the SSC Tuatara go based on the specifications? We'll do some easy-to-understand calculus to understand how far the Tuatara actually drove based on the video, and use that to determine what the possible explanations are. In preparation for this video, I spoke with Jerod Shelby of SSC, Dewetron (the GPS company), Driven Studios (video production company), Oliver Webb (the driver of the run), and Shmee (the channel that explained the controversy to the masses). Check out the video for all the details!
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