Why You Wouldnt Survive Silent Hill’s Fog/Other World


There is more to it all then just Pyramid Head and a few attractive ladies, its about surviving your deepest fears, traumas, and other mental downfalls manifested as terrifying creatures from you and those around you that will ultimately have you NOT surviving.
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  • Wow Such Gaming
    Wow Such Gaming10 miesięcy temu

    Pyramid Head is in Dead By Daylight! Too bad we never got that Silent Hills game though... Have a good Tuesday everyone!

  • Joey Hargett

    Joey Hargett

    7 dni temu

    @Christian Cardenas and you can

  • Raiden Ibrahim

    Raiden Ibrahim

    Miesiąc temu

    @Anthony Hugo wow! Took roughly 10 minutes but it reallyworked!

  • Anthony Hugo

    Anthony Hugo

    Miesiąc temu

    i dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hacker :D

  • yoko nishimura

    yoko nishimura

    2 miesięcy temu

    Can you do this for the Corpse Party series, pretty please?

  • Anthony


    3 miesięcy temu

    You called him Conehead, that’s Dan Acrkroyd

  • Lemoni
    Lemoni6 godzin temu

    Other world... Riiiiight..

  • Jeffrey Sammon
    Jeffrey Sammon9 godzin temu

    The town could drive you to commit suicide, like Angela or James.

  • Professional Name
    Professional NameDzień temu

    What could the Silent Hill art/concept style be described as? Gothic surreal? Gothic psychedelic? Phantasmagoric?

  • Drew Thompson
    Drew Thompson7 dni temu

    Silent hill is a zombie game in spirit.

  • Mickey
    Mickey8 dni temu

    I think to win you would have conquer your greatest fears and inner demons

  • King Ford
    King Ford8 dni temu

    I’d jump off the cliff because I’d prefer to die normally and not by mf demons

  • Elise Lange
    Elise Lange10 dni temu

    Ah good to know if the world of silent hill came to ours I would just off myself. Fuck that noise.

  • w7f21
    w7f2113 dni temu

    Ohh noooo I don’t want a demon maid it scares me so much!!

  • Vincent Kebe
    Vincent Kebe19 dni temu

    This video is absolutely unnecessary, we all know we'd die in the first 5 minutes. Imma still watch it cause it's a 40 minute video about Silent Hill, thx mate.

  • Majin Ally

    Majin Ally

    13 godzin temu

    harry,( the first game) mary, travis, heather and

  • Tom D
    Tom D20 dni temu


  • Alexis Bayer
    Alexis Bayer24 dni temu

    I wouldn't survive because, I played this game in the dark and I got so scared I sat in my room with the lights on all night

  • Just a Guy That Doesn't Look Suspicious
    Just a Guy That Doesn't Look Suspicious25 dni temu

    If I found myself in Silent Hill, or any horror game/movie, I would kill myself. I ain't going through that sick shit

  • XxDrJewxX
    XxDrJewxX29 dni temu

    I dont think you have a good grasp on silent hill, given your description on events that happen, why they happen, who did what, why monsters appear, what the otherworld is, who the monsters are and why, too much misinformation, otherwise an enjoyable video.

  • TheBashi
    TheBashiMiesiąc temu

    11:13 who got rtx on with the creepers?

  • DrRocketman 779
    DrRocketman 779Miesiąc temu

    My monster would be a giant venomous scorpion, probably breathing out poisonous gas. And radiation. There would be radiation too.

  • Kurber Bing
    Kurber BingMiesiąc temu

    Once you're in Silent Hill, there's no way out. I have no idea why people go there.

  • Jesse Chavez
    Jesse ChavezMiesiąc temu

    And what of the belief that anything with a remotely sapient mind can be reasoned with

  • Jesse Chavez
    Jesse ChavezMiesiąc temu

    Then surely an end ending desire to destroy the creatures of silent hill could manifest the most powerful of allies

  • Daisy Page
    Daisy PageMiesiąc temu

    0:18 so games (and Steven king) have made people afraid of my homestate Good Only visit our beaches And clean up ur trash srsly (Silent hill is set in Maine if you don’t know ;-;)

  • Dragonaut111
    Dragonaut111Miesiąc temu

    I’m glad you stuck to the games canon, for fans of the movie who have no played the games, there are some severe distinctions. The character of Dahlia Gillespie is one.

  • Rosé the Protégé
    Rosé the ProtégéMiesiąc temu

    Never played or watch silent hill

  • DatMonkey
    DatMonkeyMiesiąc temu

    penal lol

  • John Smith
    John SmithMiesiąc temu

    what about Sammael himself?

  • patrick thuis
    patrick thuisMiesiąc temu

    Can the nurses give you an STD if they were real? Asking for a friend.

  • Mark Vincent
    Mark VincentMiesiąc temu

    Could you survive if you had heavy weaponry

  • Temar Smith
    Temar SmithMiesiąc temu

    I would watch a video of all the enemies in silent hill formatted like this.

  • Temar Smith
    Temar SmithMiesiąc temu

    Therapist: Would you rather confront yourself in the safety of my office and admit you were wrong in a situation or do the Trauma Gauntlet on Silent Hill? Somebody, somewhere: yes.

  • Landon Cube
    Landon CubeMiesiąc temu

    Ah I see the beginning alarm was a warning to the ear rape

  • Ghost Of War
    Ghost Of WarMiesiąc temu

    Welcome to the hell that you made

  • ImDixon
    ImDixonMiesiąc temu

    Algamation isnt a word

  • Tom Cross
    Tom Cross2 miesięcy temu

    Ofcourse you won’t survive silent hill, you are already a ghost if u find yourself there no?

  • Majin Ally

    Majin Ally

    13 godzin temu

    no that’s not how it works

  • Paramud
    Paramud2 miesięcy temu

    so anyways, i started blasting

  • Keith Diaz
    Keith Diaz2 miesięcy temu

    The fact that I will spawn Pyramid Head means I'm already dead.

  • Kira The Renegade
    Kira The Renegade2 miesięcy temu

    To survive Silent Hill you'd probably need to decipher whatever the town is trying to make you learn, normally a repressed emotion or trauma that seeks to subvert sanity, and accept it. The town itself is out to kill you so long as you haven't learned what its trying to teach. Accepting responsibility/pain as a part of life is always the lesson; but until the person actually learns it, they're in danger.

  • Majin Ally

    Majin Ally

    13 godzin temu

    silent hill didn’t kill harry, the cult did. but no that’s not how it works

  • SilverG2


    Miesiąc temu

    It's not like the town is sentient and is trying to make you learn something. The spiritual power is merely projecting your psyche in the form of physical manifestations.

  • R Linnei
    R Linnei2 miesięcy temu

    My silent hill trauma demon is just having to watch dad pull the trigger again. I think I have a good chance.

  • God
    God2 miesięcy temu

    Wrong. I'll get quantum immortality and dance my way away.

  • huntclan hunt
    huntclan hunt2 miesięcy temu

    Didn't the Salem witch trials only kill like 20 people? Also only by hanging, not burning? I'm not saying they were justified or good... But I do feel like they were overhyped.

  • Skull Bardics
    Skull Bardics2 miesięcy temu

    My dumbass thought silent hill and resident evil were the same thing

  • Heathen That Heretic
    Heathen That Heretic2 miesięcy temu

    The book of revaluations ain’t got nothing on this jack!

  • Victoria Dreamer
    Victoria Dreamer2 miesięcy temu

    So youre telling me those stupid rabbit fursuits they added as legion skins were from silent hill?

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google2 miesięcy temu

    Pffft im already insane, legally speaking anyways lol

  • Ellievibes
    Ellievibes2 miesięcy temu

    *as deadpan as possible* Radio... what’s going on with that radio?

  • Shimylove
    Shimylove2 miesięcy temu

    God I want to play that game now..

  • ncshuriken
    ncshuriken2 miesięcy temu

    As a long time rabid Silent Hill fan, I don't think this even needs to be explained! Anyone who's played SH1-3 will know, if this was real, you're simply f*cked, as much as its possible to be f*cked. If you wake up in Silent Hills Dark/Other world, or the Fog world, "its game over maan, GAME OVER!!" That quote applies to this just as much as it does to the "doomed" colony in Aliens.

  • Majin Ally

    Majin Ally

    13 godzin temu

    none of the people lured to the down died. and harry doesn’t count

  • SneshazardPoe
    SneshazardPoe2 miesięcy temu

    Around 23-24 mins in, what song is that? Who IS THAT? Its beautiful!

  • Lalia boo
    Lalia boo2 miesięcy temu

    I’d give up so quickly

  • Mateja Stoiljkovic
    Mateja Stoiljkovic2 miesięcy temu

    Yea fuck hights

  • Caleb Hilling
    Caleb Hilling2 miesięcy temu

    I like that dbd trailer lol

  • Purple Puddles UwU
    Purple Puddles UwU2 miesięcy temu

    Oh no im so scared of 9 foot tall vampire woman that wants to crush me with her big mommy milkers

  • Ant Op
    Ant Op2 miesięcy temu

    I'll admit, i would probably die, but only due to the fact id want to try my luck at fucking one of them nurses...

  • Birbo Pikle
    Birbo Pikle2 miesięcy temu

    Me who lacks sins and regrets: "..."

  • zack kramer
    zack kramer2 miesięcy temu

    i don't need someone to tell me in fat i know it i would just fall over and eat shit..... but ima watch this anyways

  • mercyy
    mercyy2 miesięcy temu

    Tbh Lisa remains to be one of my favourite side characters

  • Konstantin Askinadze
    Konstantin Askinadze2 miesięcy temu

    whats the name of the song at 2721

    PAIMON VS THE WORLD2 miesięcy temu

    Who said I claimed to survive this

  • T Boon
    T Boon2 miesięcy temu

    Fog world is not real world . Case in point near the end of SH2 after James beats the PHs. He emerges briefly into the real world hotel. Its dilapidated and burned up from the fire that took it. He very briefly was able to snap himself out of the nightmare before being pulled back in. At least thats how I saw it.

  • Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen
    Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen2 miesięcy temu

    And Giant Man-eating spiders

  • Torite Thoraiys
    Torite Thoraiys2 miesięcy temu

    So being afraid of huge heights, aliens, drowning, death by fire, being buried alive, getting crushed, parasites, my eyes being popped, ears being stabbed(Butthole Surfers), surprise attacks esp while sleeping, being tortured, random rigged explosives or poisons placed in public, being eaten alive, falling from great heights, accidentally killing a loved one, feeling like a deer, and probably a bunch of other stuff I can't think of yet... Silent Hill, sounds more like Sumkyna Hell. Can't even imagine what kinda monsters I'd be up against with a machete, two loaded 9s and an 870 with no ammo. Living in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors close by could be an advantage too though. Just a creek, a road, and a bunch of rolling forested hills. Maybe I'd luck out and survive?

  • lil SPIKEY
    lil SPIKEY2 miesięcy temu

    Is it bad I’ve always wanted to be a character in a horror game even if I was only there for a couple of seconds and then disappearing due to implied death I would be happy with that

  • Sly Ace
    Sly Ace2 miesięcy temu

    6 minutes in and what the actual fuck? Who tought of this lore, god damn.

  • Adequate Haybale Direction
    Adequate Haybale Direction2 miesięcy temu

    Worst therapy session ever, 3/10

  • xXPandaGalaxyXx
    xXPandaGalaxyXx2 miesięcy temu

    honestly tho, silent hill's concept would be a cool form of therapy. like going into a simulation and beating the shit out of a physical manifestation of your personal issues so great to me.

  • Mathew Wine
    Mathew Wine2 miesięcy temu


  • vAx producer
    vAx producer2 miesięcy temu

    why dose this guy sound like the youtuber no bullshit

  • joe mama
    joe mama2 miesięcy temu

    Only you could spend ten minutes explaining lore

  • Rifqi Hatta
    Rifqi Hatta2 miesięcy temu

    Silent Hill and Siren games (not the crappy ps3 remake)... Yeah I wouldn't survive

  • Commander [REDACTED]
    Commander [REDACTED]2 miesięcy temu

    I watched Silent Hill when I was 9... quite a big mistake... I couldn’t sleep for a week ahah

  • Tim C.
    Tim C.2 miesięcy temu

    It'd be really interesting to finally see my demons manifest themselves just to know what they are and what they would look like, then beat them relentlessly with a pipe while chucking beef jerky at em and blasting static on my radio.

  • whyyoudie 419
    whyyoudie 4192 miesięcy temu

    How did u fuck up pyramid head so bad did you do no research whatsoever. Pyramid head is a direct creation of james guilt punishing him for what he did to his wife which is why when his unconscious is finally brought into conscious territory and he remebers what he did 2 Pyrimid heads kill themselves he is only canon in silent hill 2 and if u played the game for any amount of time you would know this please dont make a video if u know nothing about thw source material

  • bonfireofdreamz
    bonfireofdreamz2 miesięcy temu

    Hah I guess id let the void kill me , mini slow down drug trip then instant obliteration lol at least you don't gotta see some fucked up monster before you die

  • Dragon Dude

    Dragon Dude

    Miesiąc temu

    But wouldn't you end up as one of those things anyhow?

  • Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra2 miesięcy temu

    Ouu what about Silent Hill vs The Suffering? Which place would you prefer?

  • NDF Productions Official
    NDF Productions Official2 miesięcy temu

    Why I would survive. I’m just built different 🤷🏽‍♂️😎

  • clutzicon
    clutzicon2 miesięcy temu

    2:24 “ the order” at least it’s not “the real organization 13”

  • Just_Casual04
    Just_Casual042 miesięcy temu

    Oh, hey! This was made on my birthday and I actually love Silent Hill

  • Sienna Contiello
    Sienna Contiello2 miesięcy temu

    Thing is, if you have the guts to push forward... The spark of a will to make your way through the town, you will survive!

  • Neko Vermillion
    Neko Vermillion2 miesięcy temu

    I know what I will get. Termites and moles. Why? I will be sent down holes until I'm too deep to escape.

  • NakedHarpy
    NakedHarpy2 miesięcy temu

    WSG: You can't win. Nihilists who welcome death, combat with sarcasm, and have already combatted their deep psyches: hold my beer.

  • Alexia G
    Alexia G2 miesięcy temu

    Anyone know the song in the bg?

  • Dennison
    Dennison2 miesięcy temu

    You made it sound like I actually thought I would survive in silent hill's fog/otherworld

  • Luiz Bezerra
    Luiz Bezerra2 miesięcy temu

    Why I wouldn't survive: I have a terrible aim and sense of direction

  • Layla Branom
    Layla Branom2 miesięcy temu

    You know what? I'd end up too pissed off to let these assholes get to me. *The Doom Slayer has entered the facility.*

  • Blank Blonk
    Blank Blonk2 miesięcy temu

    No, PLclip, I do not need a video to know why I would not survive a hellscape

  • Gianna Nicole
    Gianna Nicole2 miesięcy temu

    You been thru more then me trust me 😌

  • Shawn Cousin
    Shawn Cousin2 miesięcy temu

    Review why you wouldn't survived the last of us

  • Liz W
    Liz W2 miesięcy temu

    fun fact: I had to wait 5 hours for my doctor. He had an 'emergency' with a nurse.

  • Art Gaignard
    Art Gaignard2 miesięcy temu

    Why does everybody say Dahlia set the kid on fire. The game doesn't explicitly say that.

  • alioZboi 1
    alioZboi 12 miesięcy temu

    2:29 I see what ya did there 👈🙂

  • Ali Aaron
    Ali Aaron2 miesięcy temu

    The Silent hill is hell on steroids

  • DerpyGamer0013
    DerpyGamer00133 miesięcy temu

    I think sooting myself in the chest with a shotgun would be more of a mercy than being in the Silent Hill universe.

  • Sporkinstien
    Sporkinstien3 miesięcy temu

    As someone who's been binging junji ito's work, I'm pretty sure I'd just kill myself asap if I found myself in silent Hill lmao

  • Chief Sosa baby

    Chief Sosa baby

    23 dni temu

    Nigga gonna pull a James water ending lmao

  • Commander_EAA
    Commander_EAA3 miesięcy temu

    it sounds like if I ended up the Fog World, bug like monsters would be everywhere and right before they would end me, pyramid head would Finnish me off

  • Airmanmx1
    Airmanmx13 miesięcy temu

    would I survive warhammer 40k a war against chaos gods followers?

  • Obsidian 999
    Obsidian 9993 miesięcy temu

    I'm great at retrospection, so I will be fine.........head get chopped off by mirrors. Seifield music plays.

  • GamerB Savage
    GamerB Savage3 miesięcy temu

    I'm watching silent hill right now 😱

  • Christian nevins the evil villain
    Christian nevins the evil villain3 miesięcy temu

    Doge was The Mastermind all this time

  • Alexander The Magnifcent
    Alexander The Magnifcent3 miesięcy temu

    Has a huge silent hill fan as far as I’m considered only 1-3 are cannon

  • Damont Williams
    Damont Williams3 miesięcy temu

    I know this is late. But don’t say cone head😂 a cone head is a kkk memeber😂😂 pyramid head

  • MadameWesker
    MadameWesker3 miesięcy temu

    My favourite Bender quote! 2nd is it's a grower, not a shower!

  • NX Malivo's Videos
    NX Malivo's Videos3 miesięcy temu

    I hate how the "Origins" story seems to be canon now. In the original Silent Hill you actually find out Alessa was burnt by accident, her psychic powers making the boiler in her house explode. It does not make sense for the cult to burn Alessa. As they would like to have her give birth to their god, it would be in their best interest to keep Alessa alive and in good shape... but whatever...