Kong and Godzilla Team up against MechaGodzilla | Godzilla & Kong vs MechaGodzilla |Godzilla vs Kong

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After MechaGodzilla proved to be too much for anyone of them, Godzilla and Kong form an alliance to try and defeat MechaGodzilla.
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  • The Goofy Joe
    The Goofy Joe22 dni temu

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    6 dni temu

    @John D it's a question

  • John D

    John D

    7 dni temu

    Why is the editing ass backwards? Kong has an axe, then he doesn’t, then he’s in the middle of swinging axe. You ruined a phenomenal fight with your shit editing.

  • Nekko Sopkasw

    Nekko Sopkasw

    9 dni temu

    Well epic battle



    10 dni temu

    hi your video is amazing can you please tell me how you record it and without getting blocked?

  • Gerson Reyes

    Gerson Reyes

    13 dni temu


  • Desto OP
    Desto OP19 minut temu

    Mechagodzilla could've beaten both of them if he hadn't been watered on he was way too powerful for Godzilla and had alot of chance to beat both Kong and Godzilla

  • Call Me Mark
    Call Me MarkGodzinę temu

    0:56 that cutaway was so bad... Terrible editing 😂😂

  • holson Charles
    holson Charles3 godzin temu

    Human still op as fuck...

  • 195 Days ago
    195 Days ago5 godzin temu

    0:16 this Kong jumping scene is in almost every king Kong movie

  • *バカ-very idiot guy*69*
    *バカ-very idiot guy*69*6 godzin temu

    2:06 Imagine if kong did that to godzilla

  • Jesse Lane
    Jesse Lane7 godzin temu


  • Wehny
    Wehny8 godzin temu

    Finally. Godzilla did a big brain since kong almost die on mecha.

  • Sasha Blouse
    Sasha Blouse9 godzin temu

    Nobody is going to talk about the amazing music?

  • Priscilla Villavicencio
    Priscilla Villavicencio9 godzin temu

    I like how mecha Godzilla is a robot but he still has blood

  • Gamerafighter76
    Gamerafighter7610 godzin temu

    I loved this team up; these two ancient rivals put their differences aside for the greater good of their world.

  • Iskandar Aslar
    Iskandar Aslar11 godzin temu

    I love this mecha godzilla looks kinda different from the previous reincarnation because his arm looks bigger

  • Talldevotte711 2
    Talldevotte711 211 godzin temu

    The color change makes it look like a DC movie lol

  • Iskandar Aslar
    Iskandar Aslar11 godzin temu

    The fact godzilla and kong almost lose this fight

  • Lol Head
    Lol Head13 godzin temu

    mechagodzilla: besides. who would you be without me kong? kong: time to find out.

    RRQ ATHENA FOREVER15 godzin temu

    So Kong got defeated by Godzilla in the end as Expected...

  • liquid metal
    liquid metal16 godzin temu

    2:09 fatality...... Kong wins

  • liquid metal
    liquid metal16 godzin temu

    1:16 it's time for king Kongs scary shave. Only have Terminator Godzilla start by getting Kong's pubic area 😆😂😆😂😆😂

  • Isaac Poo
    Isaac Poo18 godzin temu

    This movie is sick also I like you have the Iron Man thingy

  • Joebert Saylago
    Joebert Saylago18 godzin temu

    Tbh though Kong did all the work

  • Danish Khan
    Danish Khan20 godzin temu

    Fatality Flawless Victory

  • Jack Ashmore
    Jack Ashmore20 godzin temu

    They overpowered the fuck outta that axe against mecha but Godzilla took it to the thigh easily...

  • Erna Velasco
    Erna Velasco20 godzin temu


  • Paweł Wiciak
    Paweł Wiciak21 godzinę temu

    King kong 👑💪

  • oscar C
    oscar C21 godzinę temu

    both of them could be defeat by king ghidora 2018

  • Javed iqbal Salim
    Javed iqbal Salim22 godzin temu

    King kong whoop ass

    YACIN DIARX23 godzin temu


  • Jan Modrinsky
    Jan ModrinskyDzień temu

    How they grab both of mecha godzilla s arms and smah him into a building is Hilarious

    OBAMA PRISMDzień temu

    1:05 "NO!"

  • Castle crush gameplay YT
    Castle crush gameplay YTDzień temu


  • Meloyd Quinones
    Meloyd QuinonesDzień temu

    Weston love it💕❤️💞♥️💙💚😍😘🤩💖😚💜💋🤗😅!!!!!

  • Alexis Colon Rivera
    Alexis Colon RiveraDzień temu

    King Kong: I will finish all of this... TO REGAIN ME AND GODZILLA'S GLORY *Kills MechaGodzillla* YEAH!!!!!

  • JD Pragmatic
    JD PragmaticDzień temu

    2:05 Give Me Your FACE!

  • Loukey Firetrot
    Loukey FiretrotDzień temu

    It was Kong and Godzilla, who had to combine with power to defeat Mecha King Gidora. Very rare footage.

  • Big J
    Big JDzień temu

    When you and your sibling are fighting your dad for the TV Remote.

  • Tyler Benskin
    Tyler BenskinDzień temu


  • LukiLe
    LukiLeDzień temu

    Its scary how MechaGodzilla is literally powered by Ghidorah's conscious even trying to kill Godzilla the same way he killed him by firing his beam into godzilla's mouth.

  • Demon King
    Demon KingDzień temu

    If mechagodzilla is this powerful then how powerful will be mechaghidorah and any of you wonder will monsterverse godzilla be as big as godzilla earth

  • KingSxmurai
    KingSxmuraiDzień temu

    Reminds me of king caesar and godzilla teaming up

  • Gurpreet Chandi
    Gurpreet ChandiDzień temu

    This is not real final battle

  • Jeffrey Nyberg
    Jeffrey NybergDzień temu

    1:24 You can hear a robotic version of Gidora's cry

  • Terry Tyrannosaurus

    Terry Tyrannosaurus

    5 godzin temu

    And btw it's Ghidorah.

  • Terry Tyrannosaurus

    Terry Tyrannosaurus

    5 godzin temu

    I know right.

  • Classified
    ClassifiedDzień temu

    Godzilla kiss of death Mechagodzilla Uno reverse card

  • Edwin
    EdwinDzień temu

    Kong is savage. That was the most brutal fatality I have witnessed

  • Neutral Peace
    Neutral PeaceDzień temu


  • အမုန္း ရင္ခြင္
    အမုန္း ရင္ခြင္Dzień temu

    the movie name? plz

  • Otaku rex

    Otaku rex

    Dzień temu

    Godzilla vs Kong

  • Godzilla
    GodzillaDzień temu

    Kong and zilla brothers in arm

  • Stephan Mckinnie
    Stephan MckinnieDzień temu


  • kunal
    kunalDzień temu

    Comment section is like a copy of movie script

  • Avadhoot Rasal
    Avadhoot RasalDzień temu

    Mechagodzilla was sliced like butter.

  • Emil Mahmudov
    Emil Mahmudov2 dni temu

    Ебать Конг годзиллу сейвил

  • Slaynn Mortis
    Slaynn Mortis2 dni temu


    ADITYA KUMAR2 dni temu


  • Mecha Gaming
    Mecha Gaming2 dni temu

    Cinematic Masterpiece 👌

  • Gabester Studios
    Gabester Studios2 dni temu

    Man mg hated Godzilla more then kong

  • Lucky Chocolate
    Lucky Chocolate2 dni temu

    I really loved this movie 10/10 for me spoiler warning

  • Big J
    Big J2 dni temu

    Thank God the camera man was their to capture this amazing fight. No idea how they survived though.

  • rabia Irani
    rabia Irani2 dni temu


  • rabia Irani
    rabia Irani2 dni temu


  • Lakshay King
    Lakshay King2 dni temu

    I love how Kong has Mecha's blood (Oil) all over his body while fighting like a Gladiator🔥🔥

  • Andrew Otaku
    Andrew Otaku2 dni temu

    We all saw this coming, but goddamn, was it cool.

  • Jazmín Pérez Espinoza
    Jazmín Pérez Espinoza2 dni temu


  • Little Junior
    Little Junior2 dni temu

    Meh good thing Mechagodzilla got destroyed or else all of humanity would get x2 radiation cancer

  • Zakariya Majeed
    Zakariya Majeed2 dni temu

    1:30 here i excpected godzilla to fire at mechagodzilla and when he fired at the axe i realised how smart he really is

  • Windex Bottle
    Windex Bottle2 dni temu

    At 0:58 min if it wasn’t for Kong, Goji would’ve died. You could literally see him become unconscious and not moving for those few seconds after being kneed in the stomach.

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee2 dni temu

    Am I the only one that thinks the axe is made from the spike of Godzilla's ancestors?

  • Jake Coykendall
    Jake Coykendall2 dni temu

    Best finishing move ever

  • Mister Mushroom
    Mister Mushroom2 dni temu

    OH YEAH!!!!

  • Shishir Singh X-C
    Shishir Singh X-C2 dni temu

    Movie name pls?

  • KimFid
    KimFid2 dni temu

    When the robot appear I was "ok bye"

  • NightLord YT
    NightLord YT3 dni temu

    My potty is enough to eliminate the 3

  • Wolfe
    Wolfe3 dni temu

    mechagodzilla was pissing me off

  • phillip walling
    phillip walling3 dni temu

    Jia: *Signs* Godzilla not enemy. Kong: WHAT!? After all he puts me through, you expect me to help him just like that? *JUST LIKE THAT!?!* Jia: *Signs* Yeah. Kong: Fine!

  • phillip walling

    phillip walling

    2 dni temu

    @Rich Hole No, Jia can't talk, she can't sigh. She uses *Sign* language.

  • Rich Hole

    Rich Hole

    2 dni temu


  • Breeze
    Breeze3 dni temu

    Only problem with that movie is they atleast shoulda made Godzilla and Mechagodzilla fight a little better and not just Mecha beating the shit out of Godzilla. Shoulda made Godzilla atleast competitive. Gotta couple good shots in atleast.

  • Amandeep Kaur
    Amandeep Kaur3 dni temu

    Kong and Godzilla brother

  • SCWB
    SCWB3 dni temu

    Oh shot! That fatality

  • Brian Rate
    Brian Rate3 dni temu

    He sould have drank from his skull lol

  • jihan_ph
    jihan_ph3 dni temu

    Team work bruh

  • Kaniel Moar
    Kaniel Moar3 dni temu

    what if Godzilla and Kong vs Space Godzilla?

  • s-Escapist HB33
    s-Escapist HB333 dni temu

    wHACK, You know it's about to go down when your Right arm falls off...

    ROWHITE NEKO3 dni temu

    If godzilla alone it cant fight mechagodzilla because godzilla really have a overpower but it slow movement than mechagodzilla but kong it fast but it not strong for defense

  • Nicholas Park
    Nicholas Park3 dni temu

    2:13 Kong went full on Yautja there.

  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp3 dni temu

    After the the fight with M.G. and the g.man stared at kong and said to the g man what now old timer. and godzilla said to kong good job youngster.

  • GalacticHypernova
    GalacticHypernova3 dni temu

    Billions of dollars down the drain... At least it made for good spectacle. ^^

  • stupidity
    stupidity3 dni temu

    Its power ranger DinoForce

  • Bittybaff
    Bittybaff3 dni temu

    Who saw this coming? Literally everyone. It's the same problem that plagues marvel, no one ever dies so ANY conflict is weakened by a lack of stakes

  • Carlos Barbosa
    Carlos Barbosa4 dni temu


  • The Swan
    The Swan4 dni temu

    I like how you can slightly hear Ghidorah’s roar in Mechagodzilla

  • Aaryan Dogra
    Aaryan Dogra4 dni temu

    Whos joe?

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez4 dni temu

    Wtf even is this

  • GalacticHypernova


    3 dni temu

    *Lizord and Monke team up to fight giant robot controlled by meme lord Kevin*

  • Mega skullcrawler

    Mega skullcrawler

    4 dni temu

    Godzilla vs kong if you even watch the monsteverse

    ANDERSON WIDJAJA4 dni temu

    I think you got the filming wrong

  • GalacticHypernova


    3 dni temu


  • Mega skullcrawler

    Mega skullcrawler

    4 dni temu

    It’s to avoid copyright duh

  • Rundøwn Games
    Rundøwn Games4 dni temu

    Yo in The movies godzilla Killed that mofo like in a minute and he cant even stop MechaGodzilla WHEN GODZILLA BREAKS HUMAN PHYSICS AND THE SQUARE CUBE LAW

  • abridgedfan100
    abridgedfan1004 dni temu

    Anyone else notice how each movie ends with the victor tearing off the head of their enemy? Godzilla does it with the FeMuto and King Ghidorah, and now Kong does it to Mechagodzilla. The only exception is Kong killing the large Skullcrawler.



    2 dni temu

    U forgot Kong also did with scullcrawler

  • Dinesh Dindor
    Dinesh Dindor4 dni temu

    apna kong mekhagodzilla se kam ha ke😁😍

  • Scythen Death
    Scythen Death4 dni temu

    They team up their nickname Kongzilla

  • Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access
    Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access4 dni temu

    1:00 Kong: nobody kills my bro but ME

  • Eranda Jayasinghe
    Eranda Jayasinghe4 dni temu


  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia4 dni temu

    1:46 How did he get his arm back?

  • Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia

    3 dni temu

    So you're saying he did this to not get sued by Legendary or Toho?

  • GalacticHypernova


    3 dni temu

    Editing to avoid copyright.

  • David tha meme lord
    David tha meme lord4 dni temu

    Alot of monsters could beat mechagodzilla because hes made to beat godzilla nostly.

  • PewDiePie A
    PewDiePie A4 dni temu


  • EDO GAMING 223
    EDO GAMING 2234 dni temu