Top 10 NEW Games of March 2021


March 2021 will see some new game releases for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Here's what to pay attention to.
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#10. Balan Wonderworld
Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE Switch XSX|S PS5
Release Date : March 26, 2021

#9. Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Platform : PS5
Release Date : March 2, 2021

#8. Monster Jam Steel Titans 2
Platform : PC, PS4, XBO, Switch
Release Date : March 2, 2021

#7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Platform : PC PS4 PS5
Release Date : March 2021

#6. Ranch Simulator
Platform : PC
Release Date : March 4, 2021

#5. Evil Genius 2: World Domination
Platform : PC
Release Date : March 30, 2021

#4. Overcooked! All You Can Eat
Platform : PC, PS4, XBO, Switch
Release Date : March 23, 2021

#3. Minute of Islands
Platform : PC, PS4, XBO, Switch
Release Date : March 18, 2021

#2. It Takes Two
Platform : PC, PS4, XBO
Release Date : March 26, 2021

#1. Monster Hunter Rise
Platform : Switch
Release Date : March 26, 2021

Stubbs The Zombie
Platform : PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Release Date : March 16, 2021

Kingdom Hearts series
Platform : PC
Release Date : March 30, 2021


  • Xavier Garcia
    Xavier Garcia5 godzin temu

    You`ve forget one of the best of the year! BIOMUTANT!!!!!!!!

  • christopher rubio
    christopher rubio3 dni temu

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord? I know it's late, but this game!

  • Sathapana Rongthong
    Sathapana Rongthong4 dni temu

    Skip skip skip, Kena!.. cool! skip skip skip !!? Monster Hun.. ah fuck Switch... boring month.

  • Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver
    Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver8 dni temu


  • David Smith
    David Smith9 dni temu

    The heading should have been "Top 10 NEW Cartoony type Games of March 2021".

  • Jay Antiwoke
    Jay Antiwoke14 dni temu

    “If you just want to hate your mom” Jake Baldino 2021

  • Fuc You
    Fuc You17 dni temu

    So no games nice

  • Elias Elias
    Elias Elias21 dzień temu

    I think kena is coming in august

  • unknowna1
    unknowna121 dzień temu

    No Kingdom Hearts?

  • Alexander Rayman
    Alexander Rayman23 dni temu

    Hmm, boring last gen games

  • Dan Simms
    Dan Simms23 dni temu

    Always wanted to play Kingdom Hearts but I feel like it is almost too late.

  • Adam12995
    Adam1299524 dni temu

    Can you guys start adding chapters for videos like these.

  • C West
    C West25 dni temu

    I think 50 percent of the games budget goes into making a trailer.

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma27 dni temu

    How about games that are 100% for March

  • leonardo second channel
    leonardo second channel27 dni temu

    When you dont want among us to lose popularity so not putting fnf

  • J Evola
    J Evola28 dni temu

    wow game developers are killing their own industry it seems...nothing remotely interesting, I feel bad for anyone who went out of their way to pick up a New console or PC this year.

  • Gmode Mega

    Gmode Mega

    20 dni temu

    @J Evola faster loading. Future releases. To each their own, bro.

  • J Evola

    J Evola

    20 dni temu

    @Gmode Mega and this incentives purchase of new consoles and PC's how?

  • Gmode Mega

    Gmode Mega

    20 dni temu

    Yeah, bc there's no good games made years

  • The W1tch K1ng
    The W1tch K1ng28 dni temu

    Sad to see Kena getting delayed it's understandable. Minute and It takes two are new to me and both look interesting! Minute of islands kinda looks like a Dance Gavin Dance video.

  • Aaron Bankster
    Aaron Bankster28 dni temu


  • Eno_ lx
    Eno_ lx29 dni temu

    Please do before you buy: destruction all stars

  • reedofwater
    reedofwaterMiesiąc temu

    "Kena" and "It Takes Two" are the only things that seem interesting to me.

  • Sandra Alice
    Sandra AliceMiesiąc temu

    Can't believe they delivered my play station5 to me yesterday.. *Dumpsdark* on telegram is real and legit thanks alot bro 💖

  • Gabriel Saviank
    Gabriel SaviankMiesiąc temu

    NOT A SINGLE GOOD ONE. I'll definitely sell my console.

  • Nicholas Bumgardner
    Nicholas BumgardnerMiesiąc temu

    My vote is for It Takes Two. My wife and I enjoyed A Way Out, and this looks even cooler.

  • chebzicken
    chebzickenMiesiąc temu

    March 31st Narita Boy. You disappoint me

  • Kirby C
    Kirby CMiesiąc temu

    Kena is coming out this month?!

  • CptEddyPrice
    CptEddyPriceMiesiąc temu

    MH Rise confirmed to release on pc 2022 ( IGN )

  • Morbid Oath
    Morbid OathMiesiąc temu

    Nope not a single one

  • sean vandeusen
    sean vandeusenMiesiąc temu

    Kena has been set for August for some time.

  • 10xKameHam 10xTheMayhem
    10xKameHam 10xTheMayhemMiesiąc temu

    The only game I'm interested in isn't on this list... ironically it comes out on my birthday March 17th.

  • Mo Sky
    Mo SkyMiesiąc temu

    Kena comes August 2021

  • Mr Waffle
    Mr WaffleMiesiąc temu


  • Mr Waffle

    Mr Waffle

    Miesiąc temu

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo

  • Mr Waffle
    Mr WaffleMiesiąc temu


  • Deenan TheKemon I
    Deenan TheKemon IMiesiąc temu

    My daughter is so excited for Kena Bridge of Spirits, she loves watching me play certain games, that's one she told me I better buy! She calls it "the little black fuzzy guy game". Lmao, she's so cute.

  • Just Friends
    Just FriendsMiesiąc temu

    Damn imagine the speed run potential for It Takes Two

  • red 310
    red 310Miesiąc temu

    Minute of Islands seems like it was made by the people who made Adventure Time lol

  • outlaw pararam
    outlaw pararamMiesiąc temu

    super duper mega extra sad year for gamers

  • Red_Jdub
    Red_JdubMiesiąc temu

    Anybody know the title of this game, female character looks fantasy. I've seen screen shots of the cover shes standing in the woods outside of a hut or something. Spirit of something idk hard time finding na.e

  • 11NUGGETS11
    11NUGGETS11Miesiąc temu

    Y’all like some weird ass games lol.

  • Machine Mechine

    Machine Mechine

    Miesiąc temu

    Search for "10 best game of + we never forgot"

  • Machine Mechine

    Machine Mechine

    Miesiąc temu

    Think about chess, checkers, hide & seek, monopoly, rock/paper/scissors, duck duck goose, tag, paintball, poker, plants vs zombies, and the list keeps going. It's not the game that matters, it's how you play it. This is because it is a pastime hobby that we enjoy for fun and entertainment. That shit, that gamers do now, it's all wrong. That's why you are constantly disappointed that they didn't wipe your butt for you instead of you having to call out for your mommy to wipe your butts. It's literally fucked. What it is you want, doesn't exist. On the other hand, a real gamer will play anything. That's the point. Opening up the mind in a way that sets us free. You good? It's important, that you good.

  • Yung Tuna
    Yung TunaMiesiąc temu

    Underworld looks like a mario Odessy knockoff af

  • Shaun
    ShaunMiesiąc temu


  • al stroker
    al strokerMiesiąc temu

    This is interesting that interesting nothing on here is interesting 👎👎👎👎

  • Ijustbe Vibin042
    Ijustbe Vibin042Miesiąc temu

    Kena bridge of spirits looks like a disney horizon zero dawn

  • Dani Matini
    Dani MatiniMiesiąc temu

    Do game got Kena delay to aug

  • l l
    l lMiesiąc temu

    Anyone else extremely underwhelmed by pretty much every game released in the past few years?

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay JacksonMiesiąc temu

    How are games going downhill... I just don’t 🤔

  • Simsala Tim
    Simsala TimMiesiąc temu

    Can you do a best switch games of 2021 or of all time? Just bought one and my girlfriend only plays animal crossing and I want to buy something we can play together!

  • Fiano Anthonio
    Fiano AnthonioMiesiąc temu

    It feels weird seeing Evil Genius 2: World Domination trailer after watching what happened in Myanmar.

  • Ellerion Snow
    Ellerion SnowMiesiąc temu

    Kena shows a release of Aug 24. ):

  • Ingo Stelz
    Ingo StelzMiesiąc temu

    Kena in March????? I thought August 2021???

  • J W.
    J W.Miesiąc temu

    Kena and It Takes Two are the only thing good on this list. The rest is blah. Same shit, different skin.

  • shishir16089
    shishir16089Miesiąc temu

    Kena"s release date is August 2021.

  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel JohnsonMiesiąc temu

    Elite dangerous odyssey alpha?

  • Lεs-Yεux _Dε HεRmıonε
    Lεs-Yεux _Dε HεRmıonεMiesiąc temu

    i usually do not fancy cute stuff though Kena looks great. The character also resembles Rey to me by the figure and the game itself stands like Tomb Raider series.

  • Jure Jure
    Jure JureMiesiąc temu

    Hard to decide which game looks more CRAP

  • ravenz13
    ravenz13Miesiąc temu

    Chivalry 2.... how can you miss that

  • Ryu nosuke
    Ryu nosukeMiesiąc temu

    cyberpunk 77 should have come right around this time.

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel SanchezMiesiąc temu

    I'm just happy I get Final Fantasy VII on Ps+

  • selvmortsydd
    selvmortsyddMiesiąc temu

    Kena is August, was never planned for March..

  • rubycandy92
    rubycandy92Miesiąc temu

    Will Ranch sim be out on ps4

  • Murkaeus
    MurkaeusMiesiąc temu

    Kena was listed as August 24 in Playstation's State of Play.

  • Agent Aschenbrenner
    Agent AschenbrennerMiesiąc temu

    I’ll be honest, there’s nothing here that I’m interested. Maybe I’ll try out the new Yakuza(after I play the other games) but that doesn’t really count since I’m on XSX/PS4/PC and it’s been out for a bit already

  • MJ Kool Aid
    MJ Kool AidMiesiąc temu

    Kena is an August game🥲

  • Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby
    Sir Reginald Von BartlesbyMiesiąc temu

    Bruh I don't even have a Playstation but u wanna play kena

  • B3NX
    B3NXMiesiąc temu

    we want FALCON as the narrative please .

  • Sgt. Bash
    Sgt. BashMiesiąc temu

    so another month of shite? gotcha... evil genius 2 being the only exception

    ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ ΖΕΡΒΑΣMiesiąc temu

    F the oscars

  • Ali Malik
    Ali MalikMiesiąc temu

    Kena bright of spirits is going to be released on august 24th

  • Nalyo Gaming
    Nalyo GamingMiesiąc temu

    Another great video as always!

  • Jess Davis
    Jess DavisMiesiąc temu

    Ranch Simulator is my job as a game lol

  • Phantom Studios
    Phantom StudiosMiesiąc temu

    Well. *That was disappointing*

  • Schluebricant
    SchluebricantMiesiąc temu

    11:58 "While also maybe saving your relationship" :D "in the game I mean" :(

  • Daes tka55
    Daes tka55Miesiąc temu

    horrible month just like the previous one and the previous one and the...-

  • felix wood
    felix woodMiesiąc temu

    I played the balan wonderworld demo and it's fucking dreadful

  • Felix Barahona
    Felix BarahonaMiesiąc temu

    Minute of Islands

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny RuizMiesiąc temu

    Another dull month 🙄

  • Don Backup Videos
    Don Backup VideosMiesiąc temu

    Boring month so mad returnal got pushed back

  • Don Backup Videos
    Don Backup VideosMiesiąc temu

    Kena says august 24th on ps5

  • Kal El
    Kal ElMiesiąc temu

    Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town comes out on the 23rd.

  • nemo pouncey
    nemo pounceyMiesiąc temu

    you can use a gun in ranch simulator?

  • nemo pouncey
    nemo pounceyMiesiąc temu

    anybody remember monster truck madness?

  • nemo pouncey
    nemo pounceyMiesiąc temu

    it's amazing how the yakuza series goes back to the ps2.

  • nemo pouncey
    nemo pounceyMiesiąc temu

    you half to give sega credit for keeping yakuza going tho.

  • Crazy Kobold
    Crazy KoboldMiesiąc temu

    The only new game releasing in March that I care about is Subverse.

  • Dr Blitz
    Dr BlitzMiesiąc temu

    ps5 is desert dry all ive played is call of duty. nothing else has kept my interest

  • Barry Third
    Barry ThirdMiesiąc temu

    It's all making sense

  • Rodo 5's
    Rodo 5'sMiesiąc temu

    Do you guys know if "It takes two" has crossplay?

  • William Rootz
    William RootzMiesiąc temu


  • DarkAnomaly
    DarkAnomalyMiesiąc temu

    Balan Wonderworld based on the demo is just awful. I hope they polish it before release because it definitely needs it.

  • Jure Jure
    Jure JureMiesiąc temu

    Trash games

  • light
    lightMiesiąc temu

    What about stubs the zombie they're re-release it on all platforms I'm really excited for it I played it as a kid back in the early 2000's

  • Justin Rigsby
    Justin RigsbyMiesiąc temu

    You’d think the monster truck game would come out on a sunday sunday sunday

  • JScott
    JScottMiesiąc temu

    Let’s be honest, there is 0 good games coming out this month 🤣

  • TheLegendborn
    TheLegendbornMiesiąc temu

    Unfortunately Kena: Bridge of spirits is looking to be released 23/8/2021, thought I'd check the playstation store as I wasn't able to track down a physical copy for pre-order.

  • Jimmy Reyes Animation

    Jimmy Reyes Animation

    Miesiąc temu

    Ember Lab said they're not planning a physical release at the moment.

  • BrokeGymrat
    BrokeGymratMiesiąc temu

    Ok i gone keep my money in March

  • Alex Zaslavsky
    Alex ZaslavskyMiesiąc temu

    Evil Genius 2

  • BrokenBootStrap
    BrokenBootStrapMiesiąc temu

    @gameranx I have mixed signals on the release date for Kena, some say March some say Aug. have you seen anything?

  • i5had0w
    i5had0wMiesiąc temu

    Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC in 2022 fyi

  • 22ae
    22aeMiesiąc temu

    Let me summarize this video, the only two games that look worth even using your breathe talking about is Monster Hunter, and also Evil Genius 2. You're welcome.

  • JM TM
    JM TMMiesiąc temu

    SAMUDRA and Retro Machina

  • lewiqe
    lewiqeMiesiąc temu