Solving a $30,000 Puzzle!! - BEST PUZZLE EVER!!


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Today I'm going to attempt to solve a $30,000 Puzzle by Labsterium! The saga of Future me continues...
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris RamsayMiesiąc temu

    Total Solve time: 4hrs 45 Mins 0_0 - Thanks for watching and Leave a like if you want the Saga to continue!

  • Swaggy turtle

    Swaggy turtle

    Dzień temu

    honest to god if it wasn't for u prolly never would have found magic and now I'm getting into puzzles and these ones look so cool

  • Julissa Heredia

    Julissa Heredia

    9 dni temu

    I wish I had your exciting life, Chris

  • 501st Legion

    501st Legion

    11 dni temu

    Plz tell me the finger is fake

  • Meylin Lopez

    Meylin Lopez

    13 dni temu

    @Julia Violet Petrovski laakáoi1upaa

  • Arthur Holm

    Arthur Holm

    16 dni temu

    loved the pov, felt like I was solving it with you!

  • roblox but not really
    roblox but not really6 godzin temu


  • chase cahoon
    chase cahoon7 godzin temu

    33:18 thought his hand was done for

  • chase cahoon
    chase cahoon7 godzin temu

    33:18 yes, reach you hand into a TRAP DOOR to grab a SEVERED FINGER !

  • chase cahoon
    chase cahoon8 godzin temu

    The whole“did I break it?” aspect to so many puzzles, kills the mysterious integrity of the piece. ...not to mention: “careful not to unplug it”

  • chase cahoon
    chase cahoon8 godzin temu

    8:44 totally thought the clock face was communicating a code

  • Ashley Lex
    Ashley Lex11 godzin temu

    Great video.. just wish there wasn't creepy music. Makes me not want to watch this at night.

  • Horatio Wolfe
    Horatio Wolfe16 godzin temu

    I was digested in this... I just wish I'd started from the beginning though

  • Typhus 1618
    Typhus 161816 godzin temu

    lol that key did absolutely nothing you could just turn it with anything

  • Bazaar Creation
    Bazaar Creation17 godzin temu

    better be a booster box is that bitch

  • Chairman Jiao Bai Dun
    Chairman Jiao Bai Dun17 godzin temu

    this is NOT 30k puzzle. I bought the same one for $9,000

  • Brian Stout
    Brian StoutDzień temu

    Chris Ramsay’s apart of cicada 3301

  • Lincoln Brito
    Lincoln BritoDzień temu

    35:36 , what is the name of the music? Pls

  • LiveTheLoveYouWant
    LiveTheLoveYouWantDzień temu

    Why do you have a tattoo that says villain?

  • Fishin’ With Q
    Fishin’ With QDzień temu

    That instrumental at 17:00 i have to have it!!!

  • Mister B.
    Mister B.Dzień temu

    this is one part of pratice of freemason road !

  • Mister B.
    Mister B.Dzień temu


  • Harmony Quinn
    Harmony Quinn2 dni temu

    This is too fucking cool. I know this is a very expensive hobby, so awesome to actually be able to see it. Much love dude 🌺

  • Lea Hoffi
    Lea Hoffi2 dni temu

    Dear diary: today I stumbled into puzzle solving PLclip and spent several hours watching a guy solve different puzzles. I regret nothing !!

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord2 dni temu

    30k for this or 0.00 for The Door on mobile.

  • tom van lin
    tom van lin2 dni temu

    This guy is to smart hahaha i couldnt solve this shit even if you gave me a week

  • Matt Simunovich
    Matt Simunovich3 dni temu

    Where can I get one?

  • daffodil
    daffodil3 dni temu

    at this point your channel is just rubbing how expensive the puzzles are in our faces I think im out

  • Mr Zinomo
    Mr Zinomo3 dni temu

    John wick finger

  • Jeremiah Raggio
    Jeremiah Raggio3 dni temu

    2050 some super computer suppose to do things

  • A-Droid
    A-Droid4 dni temu

    The mammoth rowboat dolly want because router commercially squeal worth a uneven reaction. hanging, ajar legal

  • Bross Lee
    Bross Lee4 dni temu

    Plot twist you’re actually in a secret society now.

  • DM01 Zaza
    DM01 Zaza4 dni temu

    oh sh1t, did you dont see Hellraiser? Dont open this!

  • Jeremy Sexson
    Jeremy Sexson4 dni temu


  • karendiane5
    karendiane54 dni temu

    A crow could’ve figured this out way sooner

  • Ellieze Hood
    Ellieze Hood5 dni temu

    Somehow a quarter equals three

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer5 dni temu

    What are the dimensions on the split flap sign you got! I think you mentioned it was a lot but I was looking to get one myself just wasn’t sure what would be a good size to get but I like the one you got so I would probably go for that :D

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer5 dni temu

    I love the tablet puzzles that’s one of my favorite features of these elaborate puzzles! Like how cool is that! It reminds me of the room

  • Abualfadhel Saad
    Abualfadhel Saad5 dni temu


  • Evan Stedman
    Evan Stedman5 dni temu

    I would have never gotten the buttons at different heights thing

  • Chandon Rees
    Chandon Rees5 dni temu

    You should make escape room videos

  • Evert van Ingen
    Evert van Ingen5 dni temu

    I came from an Harry Potter Playstation 1 / PC Music PLclip suggestion list... I'm not disappointed.

  • Kitty Pipkin
    Kitty Pipkin5 dni temu

    Loved the GoPro angle with the other camera angles

  • vanumoti rased
    vanumoti rased6 dni temu

    The weak trail intraoperatively stitch because disgust findingsinitially stare beneath a finicky house. smelly, makeshift duckling

  • clayman648
    clayman6487 dni temu


  • вяσσкlуи ѕкує ʝσниѕσи
    вяσσкlуи ѕкує ʝσниѕσи7 dni temu

    bruh very your smart 😭i would’ve gotten annoyed and quit😭😂

  • Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas7 dni temu

    Do you try to solve any puzzles on live??? I would love to interact while you are trying to solve.

  • Vartazian360
    Vartazian3607 dni temu

    You lost me at the final generations puzzle...looked insane

  • Shawn Gillespie
    Shawn Gillespie7 dni temu

    You should create a playlist with all of the Labsterium puzzles!

  • Conner Sauchuk
    Conner Sauchuk7 dni temu

    Holy hell talk about absurdres!

  • LuigiGamingHD
    LuigiGamingHD7 dni temu

    *sees finger* JJK fans: “hm I know where this is going”

  • The Game Getaway
    The Game Getaway7 dni temu

    Who on earth actually buys these things other than Bill Gates?

  • Shiloh Clarke
    Shiloh Clarke7 dni temu

    0:05 and hes playing miles Morales ps5

  • Jesse Midel
    Jesse Midel8 dni temu

    nice shoes

  • Mayur Suryawanshi
    Mayur Suryawanshi8 dni temu

    Use the go pro

  • Be130
    Be1308 dni temu

    Here is the video where he got the KEY:

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan8 dni temu

    Where's Pinhead?

  • Tcp XD
    Tcp XD8 dni temu

    That kind of creepy but cool

  • Арина Кабанец
    Арина Кабанец8 dni temu

    Wow !!!!

  • Bernie Kendall
    Bernie Kendall8 dni temu

    The Most Awesome Puzzle and Solution I have ever seen!

  • B. R. Supreme-Constitution
    B. R. Supreme-Constitution8 dni temu

    Did you pay $30,000 for this, or did they give it to you so you could promote it?

  • TaylorGH1823
    TaylorGH18238 dni temu

    I loved the GoPro!

  • KDDB
    KDDB8 dni temu

    One of the best I've seen from you for sure! Yeah, keep using the GoPro here and there ;)

  • AngelXerksiel
    AngelXerksiel8 dni temu


  • Aaliyah Hill
    Aaliyah Hill8 dni temu

    I am obsessed with watching your videos! And I love them all. 🖤 some of them are puzzling. 🧐

  • KontrollerModz
    KontrollerModz8 dni temu

    when he counted to the six on the clock to press the button im just thinking like its a clock, we all know where the 6 is...i hope so😂

  • Sasa Mikus
    Sasa Mikus8 dni temu

    Take care of your fingers Chris in next puzzle

  • Ryck Jamez Whatley
    Ryck Jamez Whatley8 dni temu

    Puzzle takes battery's or and plugs in

  • Abbie Marshall
    Abbie Marshall9 dni temu

    The earsplitting moat metrically soothe because force overwhelmingly annoy after a small sleep. steadfast, jagged composer

  • Abbie Marshall
    Abbie Marshall9 dni temu

    The well-made vault lilly sneeze because ferryboat qualitatively waste onto a garrulous size. like, confused ant

    GOKULA KRISHNA9 dni temu

    Dude your selection for background music is awesome 🤩🤩👌👌

  • Connor Zambrano
    Connor Zambrano9 dni temu

    This is insanely fun, what a work of art

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia9 dni temu

    This dudes not as smart as he thinks he is

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi9 dni temu

    This series is good

  • Ryyi23
    Ryyi239 dni temu

    These boxes are like physical versions of the video game series The Room. Edit: lol just got to the part where he says it's like The Room.

  • Earthangel888
    Earthangel88810 dni temu


  • Timmy Strace
    Timmy Strace10 dni temu

    I would love to know how much that card press cost from Chris at Clickspring.

  • UnknownError
    UnknownError10 dni temu

    They want you to spell argus

  • Perfect Daughterz
    Perfect Daughterz10 dni temu

    This is how my dad plays monopoly

  • Dorian Gomez
    Dorian Gomez10 dni temu

    Yup go pro helps. Consider getting better batteries :p nice puzzle.

  • KingJason13
    KingJason1310 dni temu

    I fully expected a Cenobite...

  • Xenon
    Xenon10 dni temu

    Better be careful before he accidentally summons needle skull the pastor of the bad place

  • nguhau khaiqua
    nguhau khaiqua10 dni temu

    The thirsty respect premenstrually examine because smell univariately compare sans a attractive crime. heady, damaging jason

  • morti271
    morti27110 dni temu

    is that a glass floor? 😂

  • Hellxxslayer96 !!
    Hellxxslayer96 !!10 dni temu

    I’m only here for the puzzle they are dope

  • Raisin Cbn
    Raisin Cbn10 dni temu

    @fabienolicar tu dois la faire celle ci !

  • Anonymus Player
    Anonymus Player10 dni temu

    Trailer is more interesting than movie

  • Justanotherday2012
    Justanotherday201210 dni temu

    Shit for a $30k puzzle that better be a finger!

  • Zelda Of Hyrule
    Zelda Of Hyrule10 dni temu

    This is really one cool puzzle.

  • Moderately Amused
    Moderately Amused11 dni temu

    Man knows his puzzles but has to count to 6 on a clock face.

  • Rozanneo Olivier
    Rozanneo Olivier11 dni temu

    The way he got excited and said “yoink” 😂😂

  • Axel Diaz
    Axel Diaz11 dni temu

    In my opinion it is the greatest awesome parcel box. Kudos to you. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

  • Ellegaitor
    Ellegaitor11 dni temu

    Discovered you on Facebook saw the edited down version of this and thought I have to find him on PLclip and saw a longer version and now I’m obsessed lol 😂 I need one of these x

  • Sahibpreet Singh
    Sahibpreet Singh11 dni temu

    You should make a playlist on the Saga continues

  • ØkÄmii Wōłfe
    ØkÄmii Wōłfe11 dni temu

    Wow... years ago he did this in a small room, and now he’s rich enough to buy an office as big as an apartment WITH a game machine

  • Joseph Layton
    Joseph Layton11 dni temu

    don't get me wrong I love the puzzle it was great, but did anyone else get tired of the sound that the puzzle was making?

  • Pxbln
    Pxbln11 dni temu

    the intro felt like a movie lmfao

  • dreikano
    dreikano11 dni temu

    Use a external charging device for the go pro that can be clipped to strap or belt.

  • jin
    jin11 dni temu

    Bro how

  • micki owens
    micki owens11 dni temu


  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph11 dni temu

    Next time you do this you should bring along a BLACK LIGHT

  • Holden Caninhas Cruz
    Holden Caninhas Cruz11 dni temu

    0:03 just a casual PS5 flex

  • Notan
    Notan11 dni temu

    Why would you buy something like that for 30k$ excuse me? Its just a thing for one time then useage

  • Rimnok Valonhiem
    Rimnok Valonhiem11 dni temu

    My solution to this puzzle is called a sledge hammer

  • Unsigned Texture
    Unsigned Texture11 dni temu