Most Heartwarming Moments in Social Experiments 社会实验中最暖心的瞬间!

Girl Dirties Her Trousers During Period:
Pregnant Woman Carries A Heavy Suitcase:
Girl in Wheelchair Crosses the Road:
Girl Is Stuck A Insulting Note on Her Back:
Poor Boy Wants to Buy Flowers:
Old Man Is Eating with Shaking Hands:
Girl in High Heels Is Injured:
Poor Birthday Boy Lingers Outside the Cake Shop:
Sanitation Worker Wants to Heat Her Food:
Old Man Has Only Steamed Bread for Lunch:
Kindness is free, but it's priceless!


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    We put the links to the full version of these videos in the introduction area. Thanks to these kind people, they make the world better!

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    I am crying see you content

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    anyone can learn

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    Tree man please add tagalog subtitle. much love from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

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    Ezra Loraine8 godzin temu

    It's 1 am and I'm crying my eyes out

  • m mmh
    m mmh8 godzin temu

    One guy says 'It doesnt matter, this is what i should do. Anyone who sees it will help' 🙏

  • guess who
    guess who10 godzin temu

    so heart-warming, be the good yourself, the world will be more better. the asian people are friendly and positiv, not like the westen, they are searching problem all time and act negativ in many ways.

  • វាសនា ចៅចិត្រ
    វាសនា ចៅចិត្រ11 godzin temu

    This video makes me believe in humanity, that we are mostly good by nature and want to do good by others. Very uplifting. Thank you.

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    Hi Spongebob12 godzin temu

    The most beautiful thing in the world is just sharing❤️

  • Hi Spongebob
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    I like to see people like this cake who always help each other Greetings from Indonesian

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    noone else notice this persons name is TREEMAN

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    Boooo to all the soulless passerby that do nothing. Pray that people aren't like you when it's your turn to need help.

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    I don't know while I watch the video, I am crying.

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    Same here.

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    So beautiful to see kindness. The people helping feed the shaking man is when I started crying like a baby. Thank you for posting this ! ❤🙏🏻😭

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    who as a man its hard to hold tears back jeesh those vids and i still come back X)

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    Well, just wondering, are they from China or Hong Kong?

  • Goofy dancer
    Goofy dancerDzień temu

    i always admire Asian people. They are most kindest people you would ever meet. Which country is this though?

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    Those flower vendors are the kindest people ever

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    It's glad to see kind people in this harsh world

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    They need to do the same experiment to Americans or Europeans for sure. Really wondering how it could be.

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  • Luisa Fowler
    Luisa FowlerDzień temu

    A lot of people in wheelchairs hate being pushed without permission. It's just better to ask before helping them. Of course, American society is different than Chinese society.

  • misha arongdee
    misha arongdee2 dni temu

    Good deeds of Chinese people. Empathy is needed now more than ever. 💖

  • Helena Rose
    Helena Rose2 dni temu

    i am crying right now.. the world needs more of that kind of content.. Thank you so much for make me believe in humanity again :)

  • ES SA
    ES SA2 dni temu

    Most of them are older people, I mean the one who helps

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    I’m crying

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    The cake one has me in tears

  • Malaika Malik
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    I usually cry when other people start to cry. So, if I help you just know ima be crying too

  • Malaika Malik
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    I came here knowing I will cry like an idiot, but it'll be worth

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    Ohhh, thats why i wanna learn chinese language

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    Only warm to same asian and goodlooking? thats what i learn here

    JEEVAN SHANKAR2 dni temu

    Thank you each and everyone who helped people in need Hatsoff to everyone

  • mylifeisbtsboys
    mylifeisbtsboys2 dni temu

    People of other countries r soo kind 😭I may can't say it but I'm saying I wish my country people also be this kind 😭 in my country no one cares if someone dies in front of their eyes.

  • Modslover
    Modslover2 dni temu

    Those were heart warming.

  • Cow gives milk
    Cow gives milk2 dni temu

    I'm glad I help as much people as I can But why do I feel lonely and sad at the end of the night 🌙 😔

  • Niko Nelson
    Niko Nelson3 dni temu

    12:54. I losssssttt it when she came out. She was just sooooo happy to be giving this kid a cake on his birthday

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria3 dni temu

    This is the difference between Asia and everywhere else on the planet

  • Rogelio Astorga Susana
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  • ernest yau
    ernest yau3 dni temu

    這個世界其實很多很多好人, 善心人!

  • apple berry
    apple berry3 dni temu

    Thank you for the all people help homeless people and others god will help you and thank you for people who help others and thanks to the doctor who help me with my sick🥲

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  • 一实
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    I wanna punch who says Chinese are bad they ate very kind in here I don't see often these things

  • Nefeli Lazaridi
    Nefeli Lazaridi4 dni temu

    ok but they just let people do the extra mile for the social experinment ?? They should tell them that it's an experinment. 10:06 she went home to bring her shoes (even that the problem was her strained ankle really)

  • Max Max
    Max Max4 dni temu

    Faith on human beings: restored!

  • Alice jane Westwood
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    Sooooo many.. to blind to see what's in front of them.,Can only see whats at end on their nose..Thank you for sharing your vids..always much love n light ..💯💯💯❤❤❤👍👍👍😊😊😊😊..

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    LUDHIANA WALA4 dni temu


  • 煎饼果子在德国
    煎饼果子在德国4 dni temu


  • S. Si
    S. Si4 dni temu

    what people often donˋt realize, it can be a gift for those who help you if you just let them. Helping can make happy, often more then those beeing helped. So don’t be ashamed if you need help, maybe you make somebody happy?

  • tigress63
    tigress635 dni temu

    I find this very interesting because I've never seen that aspect of Chinese people. I know many Chinese people here in Canada and most seem rather distant. The Chinese couples that I know don't often hold hands or have any sign of affection in public. I don't know if it is more of a cultural thing to seem strong or because prejudice still exists or if it is that they came from a difficult time. Come to think of it, it is rare that I see different races here in my province being this kind to one another or hugging one another etc. I do see interracial couples and those are the only time I notice physical affection between races. I live in a very friendly city, but such kindness I think is still very difficult as we have so many scam artists and such that no one trusts anyone anymore.

    BILAL SHAH5 dni temu

    Love ❤️ from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • gaurav kumar
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    Chinese people are great

    RONII CAMIIN5 dni temu

    Always make me cry

  • Volgin
    Volgin5 dni temu

    People may say what they want about China's politics decisions, but you can't say that the population is cruel and this video is the proof

  • AlienLady77 Yt
    AlienLady77 Yt5 dni temu

    we need to see this part of the chinese people me from the filipines when i was 6 i thought chinese people were cruel beacause of theyre goverment, but i realised chinese is good people in american movies why do they always make chinese a villain i dont understand i guess they hate chinese people.

  • Pete Mac
    Pete Mac5 dni temu

    nice experiment, it shows some people are kind, however how many people went by before someone helped, I've seen this in reality and a hundred people will pass by before someone helps. Some cities are different to others. Working class and lower will always do something to help. Its sad how the world works when someone is in need.

    CAI HONG CHEN5 dni temu

    Kindness is everywhere, even if you can't see it

  • Tanja Rezac
    Tanja Rezac5 dni temu

    This is just heartwarming...

  • Michael Gu
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    It's nice to see people that are kind however i'm not convinced when it comes to aggression from others thing.

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    Nahhh I just wanted to cry that is why I watched this

  • Hitesha Thakur
    Hitesha Thakur5 dni temu

    One day I was also walking by an temple I saw one mother and probably her daughter just sharing one bread I gave them my lunch box so they can eat it

  • سبحان ربي العظيم
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    ashhad 'an la 'iilah 'iilaa allah wa'ashhad 'ana muhamad rasul allah💜💜

  • Sakura Christine Ito
    Sakura Christine Ito6 dni temu

    kindess, love, connection & support!! That's what makes us a special species.

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    This video makes me cry! I love these people who help other people.

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    I'm a 32 year old man reduced to tears Just wow 👏

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    Japanese are very nice people

  • 两杯波霸奶茶


    4 dni temu

    They are Chinese

  • Gamers Corner
    Gamers Corner6 dni temu

    i dont know why but i had a smile throughout the whole video i got in a similar situation when a lady stuck her heels in manhole but we had to break her heels to take out the shoes and we bought her new shoes that touched me and reminded me of that day lovely video lovely people spread love

  • dark mocote
    dark mocote6 dni temu

    C'est vraiment très touchant 😔🥺

  • Pemba Lopchan
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    It's really heartbroken video and positive message for the world

  • nikiforov
    nikiforov6 dni temu

    I just don't how they could hate asians especially chinese people.... They literally are the most sweetest human being on this planet and it is not theit fault this whole covid started in the first one expected this to happen...stop blaming others....everyone makes mistake

  • Yunus Baihaqy
    Yunus Baihaqy6 dni temu

    i dont know what happend when my parents like that, i cry :(

  • Deborah michael
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    Honestly we can learn so much from the Asian community. It’s so heartwarming ❤️😭

  • Ve S
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    Me wondering who clicked hate on this video 👎 while I’m crying like a baby of how happy they’re from one simple thing 😞

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    man this made me cry like twice

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    Show the world this

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    Humanity, compassion and empathy. Beautiful people with the kindest of hearts. 😘

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    oh this made me cry such beautiful angels

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    what country is this ? China or Taiwan ?

  • kim taehyung
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    this is the bright side of china, the politics made the country look bad

  • Nalyma VR
    Nalyma VR7 dni temu

    even asians socials experiments are cute... awwww...

  • unk
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    I can't get over how they call each other brothers, sisters and aunties. its so beautiful to me

  • Magicite Bunny

    Magicite Bunny

    Dzień temu

    @Hamsa Hamdan every Muslim as well calls the other Muslims brother or sister

  • Hamsa Hamdan

    Hamsa Hamdan

    Dzień temu

    It is the same culture as Pakistani culture It really does increase love and mercy between the hearts

  • Magicite Bunny

    Magicite Bunny

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    So sweet!

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    I was supposed to be happy, but I cried a lot.

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    Damn. I have no words for this. Pure hearts at work right here.

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    This was really really creepy

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  • Amazing Username
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    What I took away from this the most is a reaffirmation that where I live in south London, people are cunts!

  • Shivani G
    Shivani G7 dni temu

    This channel has taught me not to close my heart and be kind no matter what..

  • BurningWater95
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    is this in china? Makes me want to travel

  • Nekro
    Nekro7 dni temu

    My grandpa is a chinese, and in my whole life i’ve never heard of em say bad words or mean things.🥺

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    Me trying not to cry 😢

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    but why would you not help :(

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  • Maria constanca Li
    Maria constanca Li8 dni temu

    I am so happy that I see people in the comments changed their thoughts on Chinese people because of this video, as a Chinese I really appreciate🥺🥺

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    Arslan Farooqi8 dni temu

    I Can't hold my Tears .

  • Sakshi Kajaniya
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    Not just Asian hate let's stop all kinds of hate and make our world a better place

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    *Have some more ! I can't finish them😭😭

  • 白須シラス
    白須シラス8 dni temu

    Until now, I didn't like Chinese people so much, but I was really impressed to see the video. What I had thought was completely different! There are many good people in every country. I was very impressed.😊

  • CW
    CW9 dni temu

    the people in this country are so caring regardless of the situation. might have to move there now

  • Alessandro Pierno
    Alessandro Pierno9 dni temu

    I want to live in this country wherever it is.