Kate Micucci Knows Exactly What Her Last Name Sounds Like - CONAN on TBS


Kate Micucci hosts a monthly show called "Playin' with Micucci." It's not what it sounds like...


  • Jay S
    Jay S3 godzin temu

    She is akward and unfunny.

  • Jean-François Rémillard
    Jean-François Rémillard4 godzin temu

    She's so naturally funny!

  • David Harper
    David Harper22 godzin temu

    I only know her of the Big Bang Thoery as Lucy !

  • shamrock1961
    shamrock196122 godzin temu

    reminds me of the chick who played Ralph the plumber on Green Acres.

  • Biały Wilk
    Biały WilkDzień temu

    Oh, it's the random Rajesh girl from BBT!

  • UberKrassMann
    UberKrassMannDzień temu

    no really? the person with the silly sounding name hasn't completely missed what it sounds like their entire life? you don't say.

  • SiLvErWaRe0000
    SiLvErWaRe0000Dzień temu

    If they brought back Popeye, she should totally play Olive.

  • La La
    La LaDzień temu

    If Kate Micucci got together with the guy next door - Mike Hunt - they'd probably be a good match

  • thomas graham
    thomas graham3 dni temu

    Conan is a punk

  • Joky Bones
    Joky Bones4 dni temu

    she definitly nose comedy

  • Frank Benlin
    Frank Benlin4 dni temu

    Too bad Raising Hope was too good for tv.

  • zero charisma
    zero charisma4 dni temu

    Nose from hell.

  • kt m

    kt m

    2 dni temu


  • RG7621
    RG76215 dni temu

    Want to marry!

  • Ej Isloco
    Ej Isloco5 dni temu

    Neil Patrick didn’t care about Micucci, nor Mike Hunt.... But seems to like Eric shun or Wayne Kerr.

  • Catman
    Catman5 dni temu

    Sharon Micucci, I think she would be a very generous woman

  • Mic509hael
    Mic509hael5 dni temu

    She has the most adorable voice I’ve ever heard 😊

  • Channel
    Channel6 dni temu

    I like this woman, someone bring her to England, please. We'd love her.

  • Robert Stanley
    Robert Stanley6 dni temu

    Hilarious, now I know why I've always enjoyed her acting.

  • Louis A
    Louis A6 dni temu

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO woww thats fvcken funny.

  • mellilore
    mellilore6 dni temu

    Man the trombone guy, and with him all the trombone players, will be mad. Actually trombone is no easy instrument, not at all, in fact.

  • Gaming Tonight
    Gaming Tonight6 dni temu

    I thought it would be "My Cookie"

  • DP BBC
    DP BBC6 dni temu

    She's super funny on SNL

  • KR6 Productions
    KR6 Productions6 dni temu

    Looks like a tall loli

  • kindpotato
    kindpotato6 dni temu

    as someone who doesn't play trombone, trombone is cool

  • Malcom H
    Malcom H7 dni temu

    she is wholesome hahaha

  • Nicolas Reveco
    Nicolas Reveco7 dni temu

    The way she talks reminds me of a young Harmony Korine

  • Jaya Cipta Budi
    Jaya Cipta Budi7 dni temu

    Am i the only one think, she's looks like Dave from D2D ?..

  • Phil Robinson
    Phil Robinson7 dni temu

    I love Micucci. Micucci is very cute!!

  • Jesper Sichlau
    Jesper Sichlau7 dni temu

    What I love about these clips is that 97% in we cut to Neil Patrick Harris siting RIGHT next to her. Like wtf.

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator7 dni temu

    she looks like a cartoon figure

  • Alessandro
    Alessandro8 dni temu

    Fun thing is that also in Italian her surname sounds similar to dirty words, add a vocal and you will have "mi ciucci" = "you suck me"

  • jbrisby
    jbrisby8 dni temu

    Two people who just get odder and odder looking as they age.

  • IndiaRocks
    IndiaRocks8 dni temu

    Real life Olive

  • Dean Massrer
    Dean Massrer8 dni temu

    Are you thinking of another name besides Phil, Pat and Sharon?

  • leifscheele1
    leifscheele19 dni temu

    Mrs. Micucci is funny, talented and lovely.

  • Yason You
    Yason You9 dni temu

    Didn't know there was a Nazareth in Pennsylvania.

  • Jet Mech
    Jet Mech9 dni temu

    weird face

    FANG XIAO9 dni temu

    When Conan felt shy you know she was good

  • Ezaarkash
    Ezaarkash10 dni temu

    Hilarious -- Sharon Micucci - Phil Micucci, Pat Micucci ..nice - she sounds like Olive Oil from Popeye

  • John B
    John B10 dni temu

    she's is so cute. wow.

  • The Great Awakening
    The Great Awakening10 dni temu

    More stars than all the grains of sand upon the Earth.

  • Max Stirner
    Max Stirner10 dni temu

    Adorable. Winner of the Lauren Lapkus look-alike contest (she played Denise, Stuart's employee and girlfriend in "The Big Bang Theory"). Kate is one of those actors who immediately stand out, especially in small, supporting roles at the beginning of their careers. If "Scrubs"'s Stephanie didn't work for you, surely Lucy in "The Big Bang Theory" did the trick? "There is no true beauty without a slight imperfection." James Salter

  • James Willey
    James Willey10 dni temu

    If we were to marry, she could change her surname to mine. muuuuuuch better.....

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores10 dni temu

    Phil Micucci! Sharon Micucci!

  • thedarkangel1975
    thedarkangel197511 dni temu

    I live 10 minutes from Nazareth PA!

  • Corvette Ronnie
    Corvette Ronnie11 dni temu

    She's so cute......in a Pug kind of way.

  • Henrique Pinto
    Henrique Pinto11 dni temu

    Is it just me or she could be Melissa Villaseñor's sister?

  • Bugdriver49
    Bugdriver4912 dni temu

    She also had a number of guest spots on "Scrubs"......she is wonderful!!

  • Gibster
    Gibster12 dni temu

    See female comedians who try too hard and give other female comedians a bad rap. It's really not that hard to be funny. This lady had my rolling and didn't have to belittle anyone or talk about how dirty her lady parts are.

  • Steve 369 Powell
    Steve 369 Powell12 dni temu

    I never got to perform with miccuchl

  • Anthony Gibbs
    Anthony Gibbs12 dni temu

    she is so cute x

  • Dragunov Bogdan
    Dragunov Bogdan13 dni temu

    she is both ugly and very cute

  • Charles Hatfield
    Charles Hatfield13 dni temu

    She is so adorkable!

  • Lucky S
    Lucky S13 dni temu


  • theFrozenLiquid7
    theFrozenLiquid713 dni temu

    4:10 not suprised that barney enjoyed that joke

  • Mark.SA-TX
    Mark.SA-TX14 dni temu

    Brilliant, love how show owns it

  • Sammy Spaniel
    Sammy Spaniel14 dni temu

    As a white supremacist who hates all things nice and lovely I would like to know what her ethnicity is first so I can decide whether I like her or not. Help me out people. I've got crosses to burn and Trump rallies to attend. Speed it up. I don't have all day.

  • Totaro17
    Totaro1714 dni temu

    Perfect last name for her

  • Gary Kerns
    Gary Kerns14 dni temu

    Imagine how guys named Michael Hunt feel!

  • Rob
    Rob14 dni temu

    I love her alot.

  • Communism With Giggles
    Communism With Giggles14 dni temu

    Her name isn't Oates? I've been lied to

  • Atlas Cinematography
    Atlas Cinematography14 dni temu

    Olive Oyl in real life

  • Big V Rocks
    Big V Rocks15 dni temu

    What a sweetie and pleasant personality!

  • Beyond Plane Sight
    Beyond Plane Sight15 dni temu

    This whole time I thought Conan would ask, “If you get married have you ever thought, ‘if I take his last name, I’ll lose Micucci’”

  • SuperN0va


    5 dni temu

    Imagine her keeping it as her middle name, and her husband's last name is Burns, Busch, or Haer.

  • Veljko


    14 dni temu

    That would be taking it to far

  • James Nichols
    James Nichols15 dni temu

    or Sharon...then pan to the guy who's never shared a coochie for an awkward haha...

  • mw3051
    mw305115 dni temu

    she seems nice

  • QiQQo
    QiQQo16 dni temu

    guys i'm italian and Micucci is a normal surname... can anybody explain to me the pun?

  • Ronald Woodard
    Ronald Woodard16 dni temu

    I LOVE her! She's so cute! And if she EVER needs someone to play with her.... Well, let's just say I'm available, okay?

  • Brown Leaf Beardsman
    Brown Leaf Beardsman16 dni temu

    “No ones smoked a corn cob pipe in 200 years” As I sit here smoking my Missouri Meerschaum country gentlemen haha

  • HRSH Dhillon
    HRSH Dhillon16 dni temu

    barney was their?

  • Daniel Jaquier
    Daniel Jaquier16 dni temu

    That corn cob pipe was used by potheads for decades.

  • Tricia P
    Tricia P17 dni temu

    She is adorableness!

  • Shervin Fernando
    Shervin Fernando18 dni temu

    Best joke ever.....!!!! 🤣

  • N
    N18 dni temu

    Playin' with MiCucci... hahaha!

  • Goran Zdravkovic
    Goran Zdravkovic18 dni temu

    Nazareth, PA is awesome. It's home to the oldest guitar company in the country, none other than Martin!

  • Goran Zdravkovic
    Goran Zdravkovic18 dni temu

    It's Sid the sloths girlfriend.

  • morkamino
    morkamino19 dni temu

    She looks like Tina from bobs burgers

  • nwijesinghe
    nwijesinghe20 dni temu

    who the fukate micucci???

  • MadelnOahu
    MadelnOahu20 dni temu

    She's so wholesome that she's precious

  • Jamey Lane
    Jamey Lane20 dni temu

    My the only one that can't stand this chick?

  • Gilly Gil
    Gilly Gil21 dzień temu

    Now, that was actually funny.

  • flycubfly
    flycubfly21 dzień temu

    That’s cool , i’m from Nazareth .

  • Joseph Gallardo
    Joseph Gallardo21 dzień temu

    Now on SNL as a cast member!

  • Jason Lilly
    Jason Lilly22 dni temu

    She should name her son Eton

  • PolymiteTheYT
    PolymiteTheYT22 dni temu

    Philip would be bad too

  • Red Recliner
    Red Recliner22 dni temu

    NPH sighting. Day made.

  • O
    O22 dni temu

    What's funny about her surname? Explain, please..

  • clapton79
    clapton7922 dni temu

    She should totally do standups I like her naturalness

  • George Deboo
    George Deboo23 dni temu

    Why do I get the feeling that this is constantly recommended because the title makes it sound like a woman enjoys a sexual double entandre?

  • pirueta444
    pirueta44423 dni temu

    She is ugly as hell

  • Kyfig 43
    Kyfig 4323 dni temu

    My moms maiden name is Kutch, she had the same problem ;-;

  • Asedrftopjikopjknp Saedrftoujikopkhn
    Asedrftopjikopjknp Saedrftoujikopkhn23 dni temu

    The wet thread cumulatively search because crocodile gradually drip underneath a even excellent excited giraffe. annoying, brief plaster

  • FatMeatstick45
    FatMeatstick4524 dni temu

    That's the most Jewish looking woman I have ever seen.

  • arthur heine

    arthur heine

    22 dni temu

    @Noah Namey yeah, italian....never heard that one before...

  • Noah Namey

    Noah Namey

    22 dni temu

    She's Italian raised Catholic..

  • arthur heine

    arthur heine

    23 dni temu

    she makes anne frank look austrian.

  • idntshagsheep
    idntshagsheep24 dni temu

    What % of her DNA is turtle?

  • Sam J Pettersson
    Sam J Pettersson25 dni temu

    4:14 the hilarious look on Andy and Neils faces "i'm just gonna laugh but i don't really know if i should..."x)

  • Jason Goldman
    Jason Goldman25 dni temu

    Lol at the trombone player's expression.

  • Mass Vocals
    Mass Vocals25 dni temu

    she is a personality ....

  • jazzman782000
    jazzman78200025 dni temu

    Let’s be clear, trombone IS the coolest instrument.

  • Guillaume Joop
    Guillaume Joop25 dni temu

    She's too pure for this world

  • JB
    JB25 dni temu

    One time I saw Kate Miccuci at a coffee shop and she was buying a lot of coffee, like, 7 coffees because she was buying coffee for her family during the holidays and she must be really nice.