AirTags Unboxing and Review!

Very excited about these AirTags!
🟣🔵⚪ Customizable dbrand Keychain:
James Rath:
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:


  • Euph0ricBliss
    Euph0ricBliss10 godzin temu

    Do they make a dog collar for em yet? In case you ever lose Matty? Or has been chipped already?

  • Molk Tost
    Molk Tost18 godzin temu

    I don’t know what the air tag actually is 😂🤣

  • Eduardo Esparza
    Eduardo EsparzaDzień temu

    You Should Play Hide & Seek With The Airtag With Jenna In 10 Minutes

  • Zionist Messianic
    Zionist MessianicDzień temu

    Just got mine and very cool

  • partyendsat9
    partyendsat92 dni temu

    How do you find the tags again, on the "find my" app?

  • partyendsat9
    partyendsat92 dni temu

    How to get ripped off in 8k

  • Moped Mike
    Moped Mike2 dni temu

    I order from Best Buy two days ago and they arrived today I got just two air tags and two red leather keychains one for my keys and one for my book bag this is the first device to track my stuff I am excited to see how on my keys I could never find them and I like the automation feature in find my app that is really cool

  • Bella Zainuddin
    Bella Zainuddin2 dni temu

    Does anyone know any link to a glow in the dark AirTag case?? I desperately need it 😩

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White3 dni temu

    Why is everyone else not putting the loop in the clasp like she is.

  • Indira S
    Indira S3 dni temu

    An Airtag small enough to attach to the airpods is necessary hahaha

  • Rusty Pitbull
    Rusty Pitbull4 dni temu

    REALLY!!!! I’m ordering it now!!! With one of the Hermès holders

  • Mr.Melvin20
    Mr.Melvin204 dni temu

    How do I get the green radar gps? Is that for new iPhone models?

  • neogator26
    neogator264 dni temu

    Just ordered a 4 pack. Putting 1 on the wife's keys and one on each of my 2 daughters' dance bags. This will save at least 5 hrs a week of searching. lol Maybe the 4th on the dog?!?

  • neogator26
    neogator264 dni temu

    "Hello?!?" lol I expected a "Come in captain..." following.

  • Sophia Pennington
    Sophia Pennington4 dni temu

    Justine: THERES FOUR IN THE FOUR PACK😲!!!!!!! Me: wowwwww really🤭

  • Trudno Być Katolikiem
    Trudno Być Katolikiem5 dni temu

    because everyone want to be tracked, now matter what apple drops on the market apple believers will swallow it! bon appetite!

  • Pepe
    Pepe5 dni temu

    Pretty sweet, don't have to worry about my car being knocked off.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix5 dni temu

    Notice how she didn't review the price on the leather one. Apple, garbage.

  • Dhruv Saxena
    Dhruv Saxena5 dni temu

    What about the wastage of packaging now??....these are so small and should be in minimal packaging, apple just removed brick and earpods so that people buy it separately and apple makes more money, they're so two faced... I used to be totally apple person, now moved on to android and windows coz of these gimmicks from them

  • Brooke Ryan
    Brooke Ryan6 dni temu

    I’m getting these and putting them inside my horse halter strange but my horses keep flipping escaping good fences a lot of food and they just feel like leaving

  • sreamwalker24
    sreamwalker246 dni temu

    these need to be regulated by the US government if you don't have an iPhone you are now a target of every Apple customer for being stalked because the whole thing thing thing that could be overridden easily by just disconnected speaker jerryrigeverything showed that it was possible so you are being very irresponsible for not pointing that out

  • Angel Zavala
    Angel Zavala6 dni temu

    Just bought mine picking them up up later today!

  • Richard Pearson
    Richard Pearson6 dni temu

    the position of them on the map is 100% accurate only got one and that’s with the red leather thing

  • James Ramsey
    James Ramsey6 dni temu

    Everyone is talking about the huge advantage AirTags have because there are a BILLION Apple devices out there that can help find them. But how many of those billion devices have cellular AND iOS 14.5? I took an informal poll of my facebook friends and only about 50% of the iPhone users are on iOS 14.5. I wonder if even 100 million of those billion devices can actually help find an AirTag.

  • Alex H
    Alex H6 dni temu

    “Huuu HELLO!” ijustine 2021

  • Simone Oesch
    Simone Oesch7 dni temu

    But what if u can’t find your keys

  • M-0787-10 MANAN N BANSAL
    M-0787-10 MANAN N BANSAL7 dni temu

    nobody: justine at 1:46 i should wear this so i can find myself

  • Natasha Selemani
    Natasha Selemani7 dni temu

    I want this for my child. I want to know they're safe at all times

  • chaelicopter
    chaelicopter8 dni temu

    my dad just bought a new computer, *the day the return period finished* the new, cheaper, mac came out

  • rush man
    rush man8 dni temu

    aren't Apple products built in China by slaves. some little 12-year old earning 2 pennies an hour, I'll think I'll give anything by Apple a mis.

  • Swagr Jackr
    Swagr Jackr8 dni temu

    How are you going to lose a bike lol

  • Divyansh Singla
    Divyansh Singla8 dni temu

    Heyyy..u are in vampire diaries???😍😍

  • Maison Walters
    Maison Walters9 dni temu

    How does the green screen pop up

  • Melody Nasorrada
    Melody Nasorrada9 dni temu

    I think I need this I lost so many things even myself 😅😁

  • welshgirl34
    welshgirl349 dni temu

    oooh look there's 4 in the four pack! well DUH

  • rilley mosher
    rilley mosher9 dni temu

    are you going to give one away? i would really want it

  • Mikey Ross
    Mikey Ross9 dni temu

    That’s the first thing i did when i got them the day before the actual release. I asked my brother to hide my airtags all over the apartment so i can find them using FindMy app. Hahaha! I actually enjoyed doing it LOL

  • Krystal Martinez
    Krystal Martinez10 dni temu

    What if someone put it in someone’s bag but they have an android or another phone other than iPhone? How would they know they’re being tracked down?

  • Monda Chewon
    Monda Chewon10 dni temu


  • Layan Amr
    Layan Amr10 dni temu

    Or u could just buy ones that are not apple and buy ones on Amazon that are waaaaayyyyyyyyy cheaper

  • The Clown Prince Of Crime
    The Clown Prince Of Crime11 dni temu

    The perfect tool for stalkers, rapists, and serial killers. Makes their life so much easier. Way to go apple. Privacy is top priority.

  • Krishna Singh
    Krishna Singh11 dni temu

    Will get the 4 pack. Airtags.

  • james collins
    james collins11 dni temu

    Just get with the video, no need for all the extra...smh

  • Chris Thund
    Chris Thund11 dni temu

    If you ever visit Dubai, cooperate with @supercarblondie, you guys have similar vibes and you guys always remind me of each other 😂

  • DennisTheRoach
    DennisTheRoach11 dni temu

  • סיוון אורן
    סיוון אורן11 dni temu

    Put an airbag on your dog, than u don’t have to buy GPS collars

  • freshlyunreal
    freshlyunreal11 dni temu

    Im waiting for someone to release air tag compatible wallets

  • Dhjwjsjsis Dhsjgwjsus
    Dhjwjsjsis Dhsjgwjsus11 dni temu

    For What the air tags are made

  • duncan bravo
    duncan bravo11 dni temu

    What do they do

  • Phil O
    Phil O11 dni temu

    It’s been pulled off the shelves here in Australia due to safety concerns regarding the button battery and kids potentially being able to access them

    PSYCHO12 dni temu

    Many people don't realize that you need an iPhone 11 or 12 series model for precision tracking.

  • Julia Viola
    Julia Viola12 dni temu

    Hey! I am your lost cousin 😭😭 i finaly found u😃

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen12 dni temu

    Bought pack of 4 on day one, loving them all!

  • Steven Stoyanov
    Steven Stoyanov12 dni temu

    This would be good to finally know where my cat is all the time 😂😂

  • Overdrive Tech
    Overdrive Tech12 dni temu

    I got one on the launch day and if you have family with you it says it’s tracking you

  • vidform
    vidform13 dni temu

    Who makes your kitchen ceiling light/pendant at 8:23 and 10:31? It's cool.

  • Palestine
    Palestine13 dni temu

    I think a good solution would be to have your phone disable any Air Tags (that are not yours meaning not paired with your device) that are within a meter or so of you. For example: if a stalker places one inside a persons backpack or pocket, that person who is unaware wouldn't have to worry because his phone would disable the Air Tag until he is further away from it (far enough that it's considered to not be on that person). I'm not sure how Apple would be able to implement this on their phones, let alone phones that are not iPhone ones or apple devices but I think that would fix the issue with it. The only major con I can think of is if you do lose or misplace an item and you want to find it with no malicious intent, then it may be disabled due to being near other phones even if it was used to retrieve misplaced or lost items. However, I think I also have a solution to this issue as well which would be to have the person who is looking for their lost item which could be disabled due to being near another phone. In which case that person who is looking for their lost item would have the option to request the Air Tag to send a notification to the person(s) disabling the Air Tag. So an example to this would be: I lose an item and can't track it due to there being another phone too close to the vicinity of the Air Tag causing it to be disabled. What I would do from there is open the Find My app and send a request that tells the Air Tag to any of the people near it giving them the option to allow tracking once again. That notification would say something like "An Air Tag near you has been disabled due to being too close has requested to be trackable again. Please check if there is an unwanted Air Tag on your person or in any item that you own. If you do not have an Air Tag in any of your personal possessions that is not yours please click allow tracking so that the person who lost their tag may find it again, however if you find an unwanted Air Tag on your person or in any personal items that you own please click Reject Tracking". I'm sure Apple can find a way to shorten that notification since it would be too wordy to phrase it that way I have. If you read this than thank you for taking the time :)

  • John Williams
    John Williams13 dni temu

    Does Dbrand make a variant of this with a nice blue WIndows logo instead of a white apple ready for the compost...

  • Aaron Edwards
    Aaron Edwards13 dni temu

    I really hope Gen 2 has a wallet sized one.

    LORENZR13 dni temu

    Am I the only one that would buy an air tag and put it in a dog/cat collar for a pet..?

  • Avantika Shah
    Avantika Shah13 dni temu

    I know your friend Rosanna

  • Analiah_bunny
    Analiah_bunny13 dni temu

    i just love when she opened the 4 pack and seen 4 in there

  • wyatt andrews
    wyatt andrews13 dni temu

    I love the airtags

  • Jean Michael
    Jean Michael13 dni temu

    Dslke! :)

  • Jean Michael
    Jean Michael13 dni temu

    Looks Cheap, Feels Cheap :)

  • On Da Pull Up With eGotDatWork
    On Da Pull Up With eGotDatWork13 dni temu

    Get one for my car so incase someone steal it ILL FIND MY BABY

  • Scott Dunham
    Scott Dunham14 dni temu

    These would be great to put on a dog's collar.

  • ToddsCarbonExistence
    ToddsCarbonExistence14 dni temu

    Thanks. Who makes the L.E.D. tripod lamp?

  • JasonD1989
    JasonD198914 dni temu

    I want these

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith14 dni temu

    I got mine to put in my hold luggage just incase

  • Gilles Galoustian
    Gilles Galoustian14 dni temu

    OMG that’s NOT how you loop the loops…. WOW!! You have to pass the AirTag end through the cut out slot in the airtag loop side…. Try it and it’ll make sense!!

  • Adrian Antonio
    Adrian Antonio14 dni temu

    I wanna get the new apple airtags but im so damn responsible with my belongings, I never lose anything. I'm gonna have to start slacking so this product would come in handy cuz If I were to buy it would just become a souvenir.

  • Adrian Antonio

    Adrian Antonio

    12 dni temu

    @asioe kiou lmao. now that would come in handy

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    14 dni temu

    I need this to keep track of my kids at Disney. Lol.

  • Dan Fazylov
    Dan Fazylov14 dni temu

    Is Margot Robbie her sister? 😅 they look same

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    14 dni temu

    LOL, the fact that she has one labeled for her bike is a little alarming. 😂 I mean, I lose things as much as the next person, but my bike is not one of those items I misplace.

  • Cool Hive
    Cool Hive14 dni temu


  • Richard Moore Jr.
    Richard Moore Jr.14 dni temu

    Can you do a video "testing" these tags? Have Jenna hide your stuff and also try to track you.

  • J W
    J W14 dni temu

    You so damn extra! How you go pull off the sticker and gasp and say hello!!???

  • Ajay Jaat
    Ajay Jaat14 dni temu

    Nice 👌

  • Let's Daze
    Let's Daze15 dni temu

    These can be good for parents who have young kids that go to school or ride a bus (whenever covid is over) they can just attach one to the inside of their kids’ bag

  • Joseph Tallent
    Joseph Tallent15 dni temu

    I need one for my two dogs! 😆

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou15 dni temu

    She killed me when she said hello to the device after it made the sound😂😂

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  • redsoxers


    14 dni temu

    Take your meds, nut bag!

  • gabaliel rubio
    gabaliel rubio15 dni temu

    Anyone else having trouble using the “find” feature? The only options I’m given is to play sound or get directions

  • tkr goud
    tkr goud15 dni temu

    Mam your house is fantastic 👌

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    15 dni temu

    Limited usefulness. Stuff you lose in your house. Like the little charge adapter for your apple pencil, i cant even find it when it is in my pocket... If you say, use it on a bike,

  • Athithan
    Athithan15 dni temu

    The ending is soo cute!

  • Mel
    Mel15 dni temu

    LOL, the fact that she has one labeled for her bike is a little alarming. 😂 I mean, I lose things as much as the next person, but my bike is not one of those items I misplace.

  • Izzy Garcia
    Izzy Garcia15 dni temu

    I need this to keep track of my kids at Disney. Lol.


    can i have one of does air tag

  • Donovan Hughes
    Donovan Hughes15 dni temu

    I ordered a 4-pack. One will definitely go on my wife’s keychain; she is ALWAYS losing her keys! The other 3 will go on my keychain, our cats collar, and my backpack.

  • Seth Roberts TV
    Seth Roberts TV15 dni temu

    I NEED these!

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers15 dni temu

    This schill again

  • Phil O
    Phil O15 dni temu

    What happens if you put them on your car keys and lend your car to a friend for 5 days? Will they keep making a noise after three days every time they move? Can you test it out?

    DEVIN KNOWS IT ALL16 dni temu

    justine thank you so much for calling the accessibility community just that you dont know how many times we get called disabled or other rude things i being a part of the accessibility community appriciate you even more for this video!!!!

  • T
    T16 dni temu

    My names tyler

  • Bryenna Peach
    Bryenna Peach16 dni temu

    What's cool is no one can track you cause it will send a alert to you saying someone is tracking you

  • Victoria Cisneros
    Victoria Cisneros16 dni temu

    You should play hide and seek with the air tag

  • Mike D
    Mike D16 dni temu

    Your blind friend seems to be able to see. It's a miracle!

  • Mike D

    Mike D

    10 dni temu

    @p orth Twas a joke lad.

  • p orth

    p orth

    11 dni temu

    legally blind, you might want to find out what that means

  • Kirstyn Miller
    Kirstyn Miller16 dni temu

    I lost my AirPods in their case almost a year ago.. because the case died/AirPods died..

  • Robert Ferrari
    Robert Ferrari16 dni temu

    Wearing striped shirt you looks more adorable Justine the Queen of technology and video games ❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️ My idol

  • sut2910
    sut291016 dni temu

    Limited usefulness. Stuff you lose in your house. Like the little charge adapter for your apple pencil, i cant even find it when it is in my pocket... If you say, use it on a bike, someone steals it, and finds airtag and tosses it then keeps your bike. If you dont live in a dense bluetooth device area (like a busy city), it will be limited use. Scavenger hunt is best idea I’ve seen. Whatever picks up signal has to be within about 30 feet. Better off with GPS tracker on valuable items.

  • Kevin Rodrigues
    Kevin Rodrigues16 dni temu

    I love justine’s enthusiasm and wanna but a 4 pack instead of just 1, even though I don’t need 4