A $500 ad

At Mint Mobile, we like saving money. Specifically, we like saving you money. Specificity is important, I think. #MintMobile


  • Zentii_
    Zentii_6 godzin temu

    This video itself has infinite possibilities

  • AlexS VLoGs
    AlexS VLoGs9 godzin temu


  • DramaCreator
    DramaCreatorDzień temu

    I watched an add to watch add

  • Pyro-Moloch
    Pyro-MolochDzień temu

    "Hey, we're another greedy-ass company who will cut corners on anything to profit off of ya"

  • rushmix org
    rushmix orgDzień temu

    first they got comfortable giving us double ads now they recommend it :D

  • Simanta Dutta
    Simanta DuttaDzień temu

    Only ads I click to watch

  • Vector5284
    Vector5284Dzień temu

    i can make that for free

  • Jeremy Beremey
    Jeremy Beremey2 dni temu

    how much did it cost to hire Ryan Reynolds? I bet it wasn't in this budget nor was it $500

    DUBBING TADKA5 dni temu


  • Diocritic
    Diocritic5 dni temu

    Same technique and budget as The Green Lantern

  • TkSharma
    TkSharma5 dni temu

    ok dude

  • O O F
    O O F5 dni temu

    But how much did they spend on Ryan Reynolds

  • SolarPsycho
    SolarPsycho5 dni temu

    They asked us for Changing the background

  • Inuka Ranasinghe
    Inuka Ranasinghe6 dni temu

    whats up dead pool " !!! "

  • Bradley Drewitt
    Bradley Drewitt6 dni temu

    First time I searched for an ad

  • CØMRAD _
    CØMRAD _6 dni temu

    I didnt even know it was an ad

  • Omar Al Machayekh
    Omar Al Machayekh7 dni temu

    i would but mint is not in my region (UAE)

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren7 dni temu

    I just deliberately watched an advert. I knew it was an advert, and I had the choice of not watching it, yet I still chose to watch it. What am I doing?

  • ojaswit luthra
    ojaswit luthra8 dni temu

    they didn't even put anything on the green screen behind him

  • Trần Bi
    Trần Bi8 dni temu

    Why did I click and watch an ad while I usually skip it in every video

  • L
    L8 dni temu

    I willingly watched this when I saw it on my recommended so that says something

  • Finneetfriet
    Finneetfriet8 dni temu

    Isn’t that the music mumbo jumbo sometimes uses in his video’s. Yes this is indeed concerning that I know this...

  • Isaiah Perez
    Isaiah Perez9 dni temu

    Deadpool owns a company?

  • ZoomUK_
    ZoomUK_9 dni temu

    Should have given me the $500. I could probably make a better ad without having to use $1

  • Mike Kep
    Mike Kep10 dni temu

    greatest marketing ever

  • Detective Giraffe
    Detective Giraffe10 dni temu

    “Shut up and take my money”

  • Sleepy Snapbody
    Sleepy Snapbody11 dni temu

    You see this is the kind of ad people need to take inspiration from this

  • Dingus Balingus
    Dingus Balingus11 dni temu

    Putting yourself on a green screen and posting it on the internet is big pp move

  • David Arsenyan
    David Arsenyan11 dni temu

    Yes, $500 on the green screen, wonderful. BTW how much did they pay the celebrity to stand there and talk for 30 seconds?

  • Seilorenso


    10 dni temu

    You know that ryan raynolds owns mint mobile right?

  • ItsExotic
    ItsExotic11 dni temu

    basic chroma keying is free since they have an editor lol

  • Tekstar
    Tekstar12 dni temu

    That's how you make me interested in your ad

  • Soseiki Haragatatsu
    Soseiki Haragatatsu12 dni temu

    I'm still waiting for deadpool to show up at the marvel cinematic universe

  • N518 Studios
    N518 Studios12 dni temu

    Mumbo's timelapse music...

  • BKay
    BKay12 dni temu

    Just for that imma actually buy dis

  • B K
    B K12 dni temu

    "we dont spend money on ads so we can save you some on this deal!" *hires Ryan Reynolds*

  • Seilorenso


    10 dni temu

    You know that ryan raynolds owns mint mobile right?

  • Achear _
    Achear _13 dni temu

    not all ads can be voluntary clicked and earn the respect of the people of the internet

  • wasubu l minoco san l
    wasubu l minoco san l13 dni temu

    did i just watched a 30 second ad

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb13 dni temu

    im sold

  • Seth Pine
    Seth Pine13 dni temu

    I have PLclip premium I thought there were no ad’s.

  • No One
    No One13 dni temu

    It’s deadpool disguised as Ryan

  • Johannes Life
    Johannes Life14 dni temu

    Confused af but nice 🎃🔥🧡

  • SplopoDop
    SplopoDop14 dni temu

    Bruh I got this vedo in my reccomandation and as an ad. This is next level

  • Trays
    Trays14 dni temu

    Believe it or not I actual clicked this

  • I will defeat Justin Y
    I will defeat Justin Y14 dni temu

    Wtf wheres the skip button?

  • kenny
    kenny14 dni temu

    yep mint mobile what im switchin to now thanks

  • Nick desert
    Nick desert14 dni temu

    I guess it worked

  • MiKe
    MiKe14 dni temu

    I hate You-tubers who can’t even respond to those that watch and make a comment.

  • Fueled By Lovely
    Fueled By Lovely15 dni temu

    Marketing is on point. I actually use Mint and it's pretty lit saving money.

  • leafion
    leafion16 dni temu


  • Compass Films
    Compass Films16 dni temu

    The internet: Has ads appear that you skip *Ryan Reynolds: Has ads appear in your recommended that you watch*

  • Just Some Guy That Loves Anime
    Just Some Guy That Loves Anime16 dni temu

    Never thought an ad would be more expensive than me

  • _ BigJustyn
    _ BigJustyn17 dni temu

    I mean they could have made this exact ad from $5

  • bobbercraig
    bobbercraig17 dni temu

    I will switch from AT&T to Mint Mobile the day Deadpool does an ad for Mint Mobile. Bring on the swarm of lawyers and licensing issues. In fact, I will go on camera with you (Deadpool) and proclaim my new found fondness for Mint Mobile and perhaps my secret, illicit man crush on a certain actor that portrays this Deadpool fella. I dare you Ryan Reynolds!

    AARYO-DHRAVIDAN18 dni temu

    I want mint mobile... It's not even available in India...

  • Mmm, Me
    Mmm, Me18 dni temu

    You know you've made a good ad when it gets recommended to people.

  • Oscar Menjivar
    Oscar Menjivar18 dni temu

    The fact that you actually watched an add cuz you wanted to deserves a like

  • I'm nobody
    I'm nobody18 dni temu

    you could've spent less. $500 is still to much to make a 30 second video Jesus. You could've bought a ps5 bruh

  • Sarthak Mahire
    Sarthak Mahire18 dni temu

    fam i'd do this ad for free just gimme credit

  • Carl the electrician
    Carl the electrician19 dni temu

    no problemo

  • Jason Bodily
    Jason Bodily19 dni temu

    Amen and amen.

  • Lumerii
    Lumerii19 dni temu

    So anyone gonna make a greenscreen edit on this ad?

  • Shubotube
    Shubotube20 dni temu

    when you don't push people to buy something youtube reward you as putting your ads into recommendation

  • Reddith the Shadowpriest
    Reddith the Shadowpriest20 dni temu

    So basicly with 2 Mio Views he is making Money with a 500€ Ad. oof

  • I_Post_ Garbage
    I_Post_ Garbage20 dni temu

    Finally an ad that no one wanted to skip

  • Aiden Richmond
    Aiden Richmond20 dni temu

    come to canada pls

  • The Language Llama
    The Language Llama20 dni temu

    This man green-screened a green screen on the background of a green screen.

  • Ihoujin
    Ihoujin20 dni temu

    Once again the monopoly in Canada prevents any competitive networks doing business here.

  • Stuart Griffin
    Stuart Griffin20 dni temu

    This 500 buck ad, made back its money from the ad itself. Only ryan reynolds can do that. Literally make a ad that pays for itself

    HUMSKI21 dzień temu

    I didn't get this ad...this is the ad I want not trashy mobile game ads that make no sense

  • Oofed
    Oofed21 dzień temu

    So. Let's talk recommended.

  • Jeffrey Torres
    Jeffrey Torres21 dzień temu

    I pay for youtube premium and I watched this ad on purpose

  • Jelle Limpens
    Jelle Limpens21 dzień temu

    This is actually a good stock video... I need this

  • Vishvesh Pandey
    Vishvesh Pandey22 dni temu

    If you buy 3 months and get 3 months free and then return 3 months, you get 3 months for FREE! Save your money:)

  • Abdu Q
    Abdu Q22 dni temu

    yeap its usually like that , client came up with a budget , agency spend the budgets on actor/talents, leaving production with $500

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo22 dni temu

    What about offer wireless data plans?

  • Justin Lopez2586
    Justin Lopez258622 dni temu

    Hmm why does he sound exactly like deadpool???🤔😂😆🤣

  • Naz M.

    Naz M.

    22 dni temu

    Hmm siblings maybe..

  • Sanskar Deshkar
    Sanskar Deshkar22 dni temu

    I just wanna know what song that is

  • SadistFurret420
    SadistFurret42022 dni temu

    you’re saying that if i switch i get a free ryan reynolds in my phone?! sign me up

  • Adam Rutter
    Adam Rutter22 dni temu

    Easy baby... easy...

  • Uzzy_25
    Uzzy_2522 dni temu

    Isn't Ryan Reynolds an ACTOR?

  • BigDuckEnergy
    BigDuckEnergy23 dni temu

    PLclip coming through with those recommendations again

  • Gee Vee
    Gee Vee23 dni temu

    thanks for supporting us stock photographers!

    CG STAR23 dni temu


  • foxblues
    foxblues23 dni temu

    Why is ad are green screen?

  • Wassim Ounis
    Wassim Ounis23 dni temu

    Didn't like this add, make another one please

  • Rob Mackie
    Rob Mackie23 dni temu

    Hello I saw an article online that you were trying to bring Mint Mobile to Canada. If its true are you making headway on that please help, our mobile plans are ridiculous. Thank you.

  • Chethan T P
    Chethan T P23 dni temu

    I think Ryan Reynolds is the only guy who is active in PLclip

  • Jack Chau
    Jack Chau23 dni temu

    The only time when I actually click on an ad just to watch it

  • Sanket Kumar
    Sanket Kumar23 dni temu

    when your ad gets more algorithm views than actual ad views

  • orange Parka Kid
    orange Parka Kid23 dni temu

    Just take my money man, damn

  • Gee Funk
    Gee Funk23 dni temu

    I switched to Mint, but I am honestly having doubts since my speed is capped and my phone after I waste my data is slower than a freekin dead turtle! And there is no option to buy more data since I'm already on the "Unlimited Plan"!!!!

  • Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge23 dni temu

    I feel like he got scammed xD

  • Chanas
    Chanas24 dni temu

    PLclip: Here is an ad. Everyone: PLclip: Here is an ad by Ryan Reynolds 2.2M people: *Interesting*

  • MCPEreports
    MCPEreports24 dni temu

    wait i could do smth like this in like 10min haha

  • Five Sided Square
    Five Sided Square24 dni temu

    Could you make one for, lets say, 100 DOLLARS!!

  • Noraml Person
    Noraml Person24 dni temu

    A $1000 ad plclip.info/show/pWinz2vbiq-rcYY/wideo

  • haitam21
    haitam2124 dni temu

    why does he kinda look like the guy from deadpool and the voice too

  • Alexis Acevedo
    Alexis Acevedo24 dni temu


  • lautaro brailovsky
    lautaro brailovsky24 dni temu

    all those dislikes are the companies that spend money on ads

  • PianoMusic Official
    PianoMusic Official24 dni temu

    It's a good idea to invest