Trailer for upcoming HBO Max movies including Mortal Kombat and The Suicide Squad


  • MESHAL8 Washington
    MESHAL8 Washington6 dni temu

    Amazing wonderful

  • SPADE 760
    SPADE 76013 dni temu

    Damn!!! Still not getting hbomax

  • Shynay Holland
    Shynay Holland14 dni temu

    I want all the smoke!

  • DedicatedStone5
    DedicatedStone519 dni temu

    Honestly with the fate of theaters in limbo this is the best choice. In Washington state only a couple of theaters are open with no more expected to open till summer or next year if they survive

  • Ray Ruiz
    Ray Ruiz20 dni temu

    Mortal kombat !!!😃

  • E A
    E A21 dzień temu

    Mk trailer Feb 14th

  • Florencio Soto
    Florencio Soto21 dzień temu

    Please name of the song/soundtrack? Please please

  • сергей
    сергей21 dzień temu

    Масонский знак на спине

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo22 dni temu

    Am I trippin or is that Noob Saibot in yhe later image

  • Brandon Gainer
    Brandon Gainer25 dni temu

    Unless what they're showing off is dope AF

  • Jhaylen Yeahquo
    Jhaylen Yeahquo26 dni temu

    Space. Mf. Jam

  • GutsRage
    GutsRage26 dni temu

    this sonya blade looks like crap in comparison to the one from the first movie.... no matter how much tech they put into this remake it will never beat the OG movie.

  • PlzJustDie


    23 dni temu

    Don't judge a book for his cover

  • Cucunguk Naplok
    Cucunguk Naplok26 dni temu


  • Ty meng
    Ty meng27 dni temu

    I can't wait to see the Mortal kombat trailer it's gonna be Action are you guys Excited to See Mortal kombat Suicide squad 2 Rated R dope as **** That's Why

  • Wicked Shades Productions
    Wicked Shades Productions27 dni temu

    I’m sorry but WHO asked for a Suicide Squad and Matrix sequel?

  • Chetan Creation
    Chetan Creation28 dni temu

    “My Father is not having any job" “I want to do something for my Father" “But PLclip is not giving me views" “Ya I am worse than others...🙏🙏🙏

  • McMufinCap87
    McMufinCap8728 dni temu

    This is the mortal kombat rebirth movie that was patch in 2010 that look real good

  • biz Stu
    biz Stu28 dni temu

    Matrix yessir

  • Wishes and Greetings
    Wishes and Greetings28 dni temu

    Best Wishes 😃

  • Darth Vader 1980 The dark side
    Darth Vader 1980 The dark side28 dni temu

    Wolverine is in Mortal Kombat cool 😎

  • Instinct Bael
    Instinct Bael28 dni temu

    No hate this was totally clickbait......

  • DibblezArt
    DibblezArt28 dni temu

    Looks like Sub is kind of wearing that one costume in MK11. Samurai looking one.

  • Sergio Vazquez II
    Sergio Vazquez II28 dni temu

    Is this supposed to be a TRAILER??? Or a crappy HBO Max ad for OLD movies??

  • Cerita Pelem
    Cerita Pelem28 dni temu

    Denzel washington🔥

  • tk0100
    tk010028 dni temu

    This was just stupid!

  • Rafael Nunes Oficial
    Rafael Nunes Oficial28 dni temu

    WAIT A FCKNG SECOND! MATRIX ??? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!

    SENDO29 dni temu

    I read the title "Mortal Kombat VS Suicide Squad"....god dammit...

  • JwanGee P
    JwanGee P29 dni temu

    OMGGGGGGGG HBO Max on steroids I cannot handle all these moviessss. Keep them coming though !

  • Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups
    Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups29 dni temu

    Fucking Coronavirus, these are meant to be seen on the big screen

  • 69jarinek
    69jarinek29 dni temu

    This is teaser about teaser?


    I saw "the little things" it was ok. I thought it was going to be better. The one actor that sucks his face/lips in all the time is a friggin horrible actor

  • Amir Murray
    Amir Murray29 dni temu

    Ill believe mk when i see it the fans been waitin 22yrs...matrix might be ok...suicide swuad was s crock of shit so a sequel is just plain useles

  • Zydyk Holyrood
    Zydyk Holyrood29 dni temu

    Was that a young Antonio Soprano? Man if we get a prequel series to sopranos that'd be amazing. So many call backs from main series, writes itself.

  • Legionere
    Legionere29 dni temu

    I thought I read the producers of Dune were threatening to sue if their movie was released to streaming like that?

  • Esmile Malik
    Esmile Malik29 dni temu

    MATRIX!!!! 🤯🤯🤯

  • jyp sm
    jyp sm29 dni temu


  • bubbinator88
    bubbinator8829 dni temu

    You guys are getting really bad with these fake trailers

  • ngiants22
    ngiants2229 dni temu

    Is this freaking click bait or what? And here I thought I would see an actual trailer of the mk movie. Such bull. 1:56 of my life wasted..

  • Nikhil S
    Nikhil SMiesiąc temu

    Hbo pulled itself out from India at the end of 2020 ... which I feel was a another bad news of 2020 ..

  • sock under bed
    sock under bedMiesiąc temu

    I just wanna see space jam

    CJ TRILOGYMiesiąc temu

    Can’t wait for MortalKombat

  • Tohirun
    TohirunMiesiąc temu

    i see hanzo skin in thubnail

  • #Kamikaze
    #KamikazeMiesiąc temu

    I came for MK THATS ALL lol 😂 an I got nothing 😤



  • Branden Walker
    Branden WalkerMiesiąc temu

    That is some bull shit what happened to the Mortal Kombat animation did not doing it no more

  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian JimenezMiesiąc temu


  • Chris
    ChrisMiesiąc temu

    This was so annoying

  • Vídeos X
    Vídeos XMiesiąc temu

    The conjuring 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Gustavo Adolfo
    Gustavo AdolfoMiesiąc temu

    I watched Little Things. Good... but not sooooo good. Huge actors and a weak story

  • Slow Multiverse
    Slow MultiverseMiesiąc temu

    1:00 the best scene

  • Erick CP
    Erick CPMiesiąc temu

    Alguien que me pueda decir el nombre de la canción de fondo...?

  • TRon Ron
    TRon RonMiesiąc temu

    Truthfully am mainly looking forward to conjuring.

  • Lennie O'Connor
    Lennie O'ConnorMiesiąc temu

    hyped for dune

  • Diadlo
    DiadloMiesiąc temu

    What's the point of putting that much money into HBOMax and not be able to release it anywhere except the US?

  • Kronos Lives
    Kronos LivesMiesiąc temu

    why call this video "mortal kombat " and "suicide squad" trailer when its a commercial of upcoming trailers for upcoming movies smh

  • Whysoserious
    WhysoseriousMiesiąc temu

    Am only here for Tom and jerry and matrix 😂

  • Anand Thawait
    Anand ThawaitMiesiąc temu

    During whole video..yeah that's lame..Matrix appears..dope music in background..boss started in mind

  • lil vah head
    lil vah headMiesiąc temu

    i really hate the mature shit fan made shit fu

  • Doraemon 0326
    Doraemon 0326Miesiąc temu

    Theaters? What country has open theaters these days? (pandemic) Geez!

  • Fabi Peter
    Fabi PeterMiesiąc temu

    Please does anyone know the theme track of the trailer

  • Doctor Koon
    Doctor KoonMiesiąc temu

    did we really need a 2nd space jam but with lebron?

  • WhyTheCM
    WhyTheCMMiesiąc temu

    I’m about to cry

  • Zinogre
    ZinogreMiesiąc temu

    Me as a person working as a rep at at&t/DirecTV when a new film is showing, it's queue time

  • Shane Roberts
    Shane RobertsMiesiąc temu

    Anyone know the background music, its so catchy.

  • Rıdvan Keskin
    Rıdvan KeskinMiesiąc temu

    2021 will be a very good year...

  • Rıdvan Keskin
    Rıdvan KeskinMiesiąc temu

    MATRİX!... :O

    ANKIT KUMARMiesiąc temu

    Matrix 😶

  • Mehmet Aslan
    Mehmet AslanMiesiąc temu

    King kong İdris alba godzlla

  • Lundu Fishing Club
    Lundu Fishing ClubMiesiąc temu

    Subzero ?

    KAATILMiesiąc temu


  • Mark Thompson
    Mark ThompsonMiesiąc temu

    Click bait. Just a HBO Max trailer.

  • Not Nice
    Not NiceMiesiąc temu

    its been many years that there is no Huge jackman movie , since that Logan.

  • Martín di Marco
    Martín di MarcoMiesiąc temu

    Tarde o temprano los estudios tenian que dar este paso, las salas de cine son geniales pero la pirateria hizo estragos y el covid termino ratificando el cambio de estrategia. Las salas de cine deberian convertirse asi en repetidoras de señal para poder seguir existiendo. A mi me da lastima porque los cines siempre fueron geniales pero la vida cambia y hay que adaptarse.

  • ibrahim kılavuz
    ibrahim kılavuzMiesiąc temu

    0:37 what is the song name ?

  • Guiilty
    GuiiltyMiesiąc temu

    I just wanna hear MORTAL KOMBAT 🎶 🎵

  • mitrooper
    mitrooperMiesiąc temu


  • Mark
    MarkMiesiąc temu

    and not one new or original idea to be seen.....

  • Arafat Bin Luthfih
    Arafat Bin LuthfihMiesiąc temu

    Joe taslim indonesian actor as The subzero . Proud of u man..

  • H0usseTube !
    H0usseTube !Miesiąc temu

    Antonio Soprano?

  • Courtney Jones
    Courtney JonesMiesiąc temu

    Whoever runs this channel needs they ass whooped.

  • Maria Jimenez
    Maria JimenezMiesiąc temu

    Did i just hear, "Antonio Soprano"!

  • Alex
    AlexMiesiąc temu

    You just gonna drop matrix at the end and not say anything about it huh.

    MOHAMMED FAIZANMiesiąc temu

    Ohh sorry

  • Jovy Rivera
    Jovy RiveraMiesiąc temu

    MK, Suicide squad and Godzilla vs Kong are rhe only ones I like here. Still no hbo max in my country tho

  • James Hanna
    James HannaMiesiąc temu

    The sopranos finally

    KONDZIZZA REBU?Miesiąc temu

    Space FUCKING Jam! ❤️

  • Jason Aabstone
    Jason AabstoneMiesiąc temu

    this is not a trailer for the 2 movies you claim. its a trailer for HBOMAX of what they plan on showing for 2021. I have HBOMax and seen the same thing.

  • dea putri
    dea putriMiesiąc temu

    I’m so sad because we don’t have HBOmax here in Indonesia :-/

  • nick mccurdie
    nick mccurdieMiesiąc temu

    Are we for real?, not one “fUcKinG CliCkbAit” comment?

  • Ahmad Rivaldi 047
    Ahmad Rivaldi 047Miesiąc temu

    Joe taslim 👌

    ADN MEDIAMiesiąc temu

    Looks like it collaborated the video from different movies 🍿🎥

  • eadekolu
    eadekoluMiesiąc temu

    Did I just see the Matrix?

  • Sergio Andres R T
    Sergio Andres R TMiesiąc temu


  • Heroes Never Die
    Heroes Never DieMiesiąc temu

    whoever decided to go make a movie about dancing and singing in the streets yall just lost millions of dollars for no god dam reason.

  • Rawan
    RawanMiesiąc temu

    all this beauty, and only the US see it🥲

  • Richard Meadows
    Richard MeadowsMiesiąc temu

    Can't wait to see these movies

  • amar deep singh
    amar deep singhMiesiąc temu

    Did i just saw matrix?

  • Cracklasco
    CracklascoMiesiąc temu

    Stop blue balling us with Mortal Kombat god damnit. Making me a little worried they’re afraid it’s gonna suck if they’re holding off for this long.

  • Scott K
    Scott KMiesiąc temu

    The Sonya actress is pretty cringy.

  • Juan Castro
    Juan CastroMiesiąc temu

    Holy shit. This was incredible. I had no idea about some of these movies.