Poco X3 - The Shady Truth.

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Review of the POCO X3 NFC Smartphone, including specs, features, camera test, battery test, and comparison with other phones. But...this phone has some secrets.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss4 miesi臋cy temu

    I should clarify that, you CAN disable ads in the settings of the phone - The point I was trying to make is that, I didn't like fact that they're there in the first place. What's YOUR opinion on ads baked into the phone? Does it bother you, or, do you not care at all?

  • Mr Human

    Mr Human

    18 dni temu

    6GB / 128GB version is still 鈧199. NOT 鈧249 or 鈧269. What do u have to say about it now?

  • Niladri Das

    Niladri Das

    29 dni temu

    I wouldn't mind at all if displaying ads is an "option". Poco allows me to disable them so their strategy doesn't really bother me.

  • AvEr Gajixa

    AvEr Gajixa

    Miesi膮c temu

    Wouldn't care of they paid me for running Ads on my phone

  • Faraz Ahmeed

    Faraz Ahmeed

    2 miesi臋cy temu

    @mohammad reza you dont have to switch phones you can watch youtube video on how to remove ads im xiaomi phones and it only takes 3-5 minutes to get rid of them though this will be a problem for old people since they don't know how to remove ads even if they watch videos but for people that are not old they can just disable ads in 5 min.

  • Pookie S.

    Pookie S.

    2 miesi臋cy temu

    @Siddharth Shankar it's*

  • LyR
    LyR58 minut temu

    The 128GB version is 212鈧 on Amazon Germany.

  • Mega Hawk
    Mega Hawk3 godzin temu

    Sadly I can't get any Chinese phone here in Netherlands china is banned

  • Tfishappening xd

    Tfishappening xd

    Godzin臋 temu

    Seriously? That sucks bro

  • Babulal Makwana
    Babulal Makwana8 godzin temu

    The battery is 6000 mah

  • Bikash Rajbanshi
    Bikash Rajbanshi22 godzin temu

    Does it come in black?

  • Arjun Ravi CSA CBE
    Arjun Ravi CSA CBEDzie艅 temu

    2021 gang

  • Asha Shastri
    Asha ShastriDzie艅 temu

    At 1:00 did he just showed kurzgesagt which is a youtube channel's intro? Sorry if the spelling is wrong

  • Justanother Asian
    Justanother AsianDzie艅 temu

    You can turn off all the ads

  • Black Mamba
    Black MambaDzie艅 temu

    next poco midrange.. added liquid cooling, amoled display, and 256 rom

  • Black Mamba
    Black MambaDzie艅 temu

    the problem is heating issue even on casual games..

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken KanekiDzie艅 temu

    Gaming phone

  • RDJ3000
    RDJ30002 dni temu

    i just got this fone...and i dont see a single ad on the phone... may b its coz i have added a private dns address in the settings which block ads on my samsung phones, i think it does work with this phone as well... use the address dns.adguard.com, reboot if u want or wait a minute.. voila... all ads are blocked

  • Frank Reynolds

    Frank Reynolds

    10 godzin temu

    Not every phones has private dns settings. MIUI didnt have it when I was using.

  • Hamster Gaming
    Hamster Gaming2 dni temu

    I am watching this video on Poco x3

  • Yohen TV
    Yohen TV2 dni temu

    Night photo using Gcam port is great

  • Bipin khatiwada
    Bipin khatiwada2 dni temu

    Yes I can Relate 馃憡

  • Donna Joy Daoaten
    Donna Joy Daoaten2 dni temu

    giveaway sir 馃槉馃槉馃槉

  • isaac looi
    isaac looi2 dni temu

    dude im not even in the comments for the phone your cinematography and edit style is so well done, i usually skip videos to get to the juice but im sitting here.. admiring the quality of your vid.

  • Kwesi Marcano
    Kwesi Marcano2 dni temu

    the sticker probably goes inside the case adhesive side up

  • JaxYa
    JaxYa2 dni temu

    Hey, where are my stickers??

  • XXLStrength
    XXLStrength2 dni temu

    Good review

  • Aymane Ababou
    Aymane Ababou2 dni temu

    Great videos as always Mr Whose the boss keep up the good work Good news you can disable the ads when u dive into the settings when the popup menu appears and lagging issue can be resolved by changing the launcher to a new one from the google play store So finally it's a huge value phone

  • Maan Broeksma
    Maan Broeksma2 dni temu

    You just cannot blame them for the in app ads, because thats their thing and the reason its so cheap. And you can turn them off in the settings app. So not a problem.

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage3 dni temu

    Huawei rebranded to escape the ban?

  • Andro MourningStar
    Andro MourningStar3 dni temu

    i....didnt regret buying this phone.

  • Fruit.
    Fruit.3 dni temu

    You can make cheap items when you have slaves making them lol

  • random short clips
    random short clips3 dni temu

    realme 7 pro vs poco x3??

  • Abid Pampori
    Abid Pampori3 dni temu

    Bought on 12 Jan 2021 found some bad things like contrast is low u need to put full brightness, and battery is draining shit,

  • It'sYe BoiJosh
    It'sYe BoiJosh3 dni temu

    You can turn off the ads

  • -*KGB*-
    -*KGB*-4 dni temu

    all i gotta say is ROOT

  • M AAA
    M AAA4 dni temu

    Samsung that you push all the time also has ads.

  • Techrulz鉁旓笍
    Techrulz鉁旓笍4 dni temu

    Waiting for poco f3 5g

  • Ilaman Gulesenov
    Ilaman Gulesenov4 dni temu

    It was spelled backwards because its a fake tattoo, on your skin it will look alright

  • Jaydeep
    Jaydeep4 dni temu

    i think you can turn off ads from setting while installing.....

  • Myke Robert
    Myke Robert4 dni temu

    in Philippines you can get POCOX3 鈧159

  • SV Lagonda
    SV Lagonda4 dni temu

    Hideous advertising embedded into Xiaomi phones.

  • School boy
    School boy4 dni temu

    Heading to uni and wanna know if this phone is worth it?

  • Jiangiang De Zhanshi
    Jiangiang De Zhanshi4 dni temu

    Another fun fact about Poco X3 NFC Jellycase is that it has Antibacterial protection according to Poco's official website.

  • Sadew Akash
    Sadew Akash5 dni temu


  • hindenberg
    hindenberg5 dni temu

    they hook people with 199 and make the stock less than 269. clever business strategy

  • Ian Morgado Villase帽or
    Ian Morgado Villase帽or5 dni temu

    I'm watching this with my POCO X3 hahah

  • Amjath Khan

    Amjath Khan

    4 dni temu

    How do you like it so far? Thanks!

  • jay kay
    jay kay5 dni temu

    Not a flagship for 199? Of course not

  • Lukasz Loza
    Lukasz Loza5 dni temu

    Help!!!! Got the poco X3 and got problem.My power button is getting very very hot, like overheating.Please help!!!!

  • Arsen Isakov
    Arsen Isakov5 dni temu

    Always remember, low prices have bad issues on the long run.

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored5 dni temu

    Xiaomi are known for their bloatware, but you can manually uninstall almost everything and remove ads completely. Also I only buy Xiaomi for the sole purpose of rooting and installing custom ROMs, because meme ui cannot be trusted

  • Krestel Basz
    Krestel Basz6 dni temu

    I hope i can buy this fone :( the pandemic destroy my chance to buy... mrwhosetheboss if u r not going to use the phone... pls raffle d phone....

  • Abhinav Katare
    Abhinav Katare6 dni temu

    Just buy oppo f17 and it is fast charging well colour

  • Paulo J.
    Paulo J.6 dni temu

    there's always trade-off ....

  • Vamsi Siddhartha
    Vamsi Siddhartha6 dni temu

    Bro there are no adds in my Poco x3 phone

  • Shyam Sundar
    Shyam Sundar6 dni temu

    Should have checked the facts properly before bashing the phone saying that it has ads. Anyway, it is better than Google ads because you cannot get rid of them. But this one you can.

  • Scythical
    Scythical6 dni temu

    Dude is complaining about storage while most people use 30gb of their phone at most Like 64gb is already more than enough, why more?

  • jamie74 gemini
    jamie74 gemini6 dni temu

    This thing is literally 159 quid on their uk website and has as much storage as my 800 quid iPhone.. Think it needs a tad more love... oh wait, you saved yourself in the last 10 seconds 馃ぃ

  • Kashif Iqbal
    Kashif Iqbal6 dni temu

    1:40 Add IR Blaster . I love it on the phone but why people don't care about the IR Blaster

  • 袧懈泻芯谢邪泄 袧懈泻芯谢芯胁
    袧懈泻芯谢邪泄 袧懈泻芯谢芯胁7 dni temu

    Make a review on Realme 7 Pro

  • Michael Papadopoulos
    Michael Papadopoulos7 dni temu

    Mind if I ask what you're recording yourself on? Your voice sounds very deep and clear, as if you're speaking right into a big expensive condenser mic, but then when you show video of your face there isn't a mic anywhere near your face in the shot!

  • Dr Coomer
    Dr Coomer7 dni temu

    It's a great phone once you turn off the ads, and make sure the mobile bands it supports are useable with your provider.

  • Aditya
    Aditya7 dni temu

    I am literally using a galaxy a21s

  • Aditya


    6 dni temu

    @heavythinker16 good

  • heavythinker16


    6 dni temu

    How is it?

  • A S T R U E
    A S T R U E7 dni temu

    What's your name?Aron?

  • Feigi
    Feigi7 dni temu

    don't beleive chinese

  • Caffeinated
    Caffeinated8 dni temu

    Bought this an hour ago

  • Lu Cho
    Lu Cho8 dni temu


  • Bene
    Bene8 dni temu

    Honestly just get the phone, root it and get a custom ROM. You pay 229鈧 and get it without ads

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor8 dni temu

    Ouch, I'm on a a21s

  • Black Muse
    Black Muse8 dni temu

    The two disadvantages are gone with gcam and by setting off the ads. When I first used my poco i disable all the ads and then I download gcam app and this really make a huge difference. So, poco x3 definitely worth any 馃挾 more than xiaomi redmi note 9 Pro, that's the truth!

  • VisionTV
    VisionTV8 dni temu

    Review about realme x3 superzoom please :)

  • Darma Waty
    Darma Waty8 dni temu

    That for Xiaomi

  • Chaman Kudmarbettu
    Chaman Kudmarbettu8 dni temu

    My friend bought a poco X2 and got it rooted and put evolution X ROM 馃槀

  • Raymond Benoza
    Raymond Benoza8 dni temu

    You summed up what people do in this generation perfectly. Eat breakfast, watch Netflix, eat lunch, watch Netflix, eat dinner, you guessed it, watch Netflix.

    GHOST8 dni temu

    0:28 thats a tattoo, not a sticker so it has to be backwards

  • johnderby11
    johnderby118 dni temu

    Its a tattoo not a sticker

  • Its me sandy
    Its me sandy8 dni temu

    Can u do video samples shot by poco x3

  • Saif Shaikh
    Saif Shaikh9 dni temu

    Poco x3 came with 6000mah batery

  • Ganate Gaming
    Ganate Gaming9 dni temu

    This phone is awesome... Video title may be misleading... Camera awesome with gcam... Battery charger perfect. Perfect all rounder.

  • Naseer Memes
    Naseer Memes9 dni temu

    Today my brother purchase this phone he is very excited

  • Rajkumar Manisana Singh
    Rajkumar Manisana Singh9 dni temu

    Blablablaaaaaa........if you don't know then shut up...... Poco x3 is best phone...

  • Zoen Victo
    Zoen Victo10 dni temu

    poco x3... is made for gaming not for photography...

  • bannedfahim asmr roblox
    bannedfahim asmr roblox10 dni temu

    120hz display note20 has it

  • bannedfahim asmr roblox
    bannedfahim asmr roblox10 dni temu

    I'm using the note

  • Bruh Entertainment Studios
    Bruh Entertainment Studios10 dni temu

    I personally don't care about ads, if it makrs a phone cheaper

  • mybloodyemperor
    mybloodyemperor10 dni temu

    x3 rawr

  • George Pats
    George Pats10 dni temu

    its doesnt cost much AS A FLAGSHIP

  • Glen Smith
    Glen Smith10 dni temu

    Probably the best mid range phone in 2020.

    JC QUEVEDO11 dni temu

    Wow! Grape!!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Avinash
    Avinash11 dni temu

    "Almost there" is the apt tagline! But the way they are injecting ads, it should be "Avoid".

  • Bruh Entertainment Studios
    Bruh Entertainment Studios11 dni temu

    Guess what phone I'm getting

  • Syaugi Athar

    Syaugi Athar

    10 dni temu

    gnitteg m'I enohp tahw sseuG

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad11 dni temu

    check out redmi note 9 5G (Mi 10i) its better then poco x3

  • Ryan John Hernandez
    Ryan John Hernandez11 dni temu

    1:00 *any kurzgesagt fans out there?*

  • Jackie
    Jackie11 dni temu

    We can all have conspiracy theories about why there are lots of ads on this very affordable phone given the specs it has. But hey, Facebook, an American-made app, actually compromises one's data privacy. So even if you spend a fortune on a high end phone with no ads, you're still exposed to them by accessing websites and using different apps. Don't you ever wonder why you see so many ads after looking for something over the internet, and everywhere you go after that, there are ads leading you to that same product you were searching for? It's ugly AF, but does the same job like flagships do, which is, to use the phone mainly for calling, texting, browsing/watching, and occasional photography. I don't really care about gaming either, but just want a decent battery for, as he said, Netflix. All the other issues he stated have fixes apparently, so it's really not a big deal. I once used my aunt's Samsung phone (I forgot the model, but it's way more expensive) and I didn't really like it coz it's laggy too. Even at night mode, photos could be blurry if you don't know how to properly shoot. Bottom line, all phones have their downsides. The shady truth is that China can sell cheaper phones because they manufacture all the parts and pay laborers cheaper than in western countries. They don't (or rarely) outsource. It's the same as (some) designer clothes (shoes) that are pricey/overly expensive but are made in China. You're just paying for the brand name. If you're worried about security, guess what? It was thrown out the window since these phones and apps and websites were created. It's reviews like this that make people think they're "safer" by spending a fortune when in fact, they're not.

  • UsefulHuman
    UsefulHuman11 dni temu

    Wow its "X3" XD

  • TeatheThea
    TeatheThea12 dni temu

    Poco X3 NFC or Huawei Nova 5T? 馃

  • Muhamad Dzaki fahir

    Muhamad Dzaki fahir

    10 dni temu

    @TeatheThea okay,nova 5t

  • TeatheThea


    10 dni temu

    @Muhamad Dzaki fahir thats more expensive than the other two

  • Muhamad Dzaki fahir

    Muhamad Dzaki fahir

    10 dni temu

    mi 10t pro

  • HyoRyeong Kwon
    HyoRyeong Kwon12 dni temu

    Poco X3 NFC: This 64-megapixel camera doesn't have OIS, like a flagship Huawei Mate 40 Pro: This flagship with a 50-megapixel camera doesn't have OIS Me: Wait a minute, who. are. you?

  • NickSeyJian
    NickSeyJian12 dni temu

    They put NFC in the name because there is a non NFC version with bigger battery.

  • God_ YNWA
    God_ YNWA12 dni temu

    ALL adverts are annoying

  • Lou Cipher
    Lou Cipher12 dni temu

    fake laggy 120hz screen get blasted with ads all the time *so not worth it, get Realme 6 pro instead*

  • Miguel Borillo

    Miguel Borillo

    11 dni temu

    Bruh no The ads are only for main xiaomi apps like the storage cleaner but ads is better than your data being sold

  • Miguel Borillo

    Miguel Borillo

    11 dni temu

    I own it it's laggy because it's trying to keep it at 60hz when your just watching a video and it needs a second to jump back so your eye registers it as lag

  • Mr Refried Beans

    Mr Refried Beans

    11 dni temu

    Do you own the phone?

  • chikpom
    chikpom13 dni temu

    I wouldn't mind getting ads all day or get tracked if I'm poor and can't afford a decent phone.

  • chikpom


    11 dni temu

    @God you literally know everything, stop tracking us!

  • J_schmuck14


    11 dni temu

    @God fuck yeah god my fams a catholic and when they heard i had sex at 14 i got kicked out the yard for 4 2 days馃ぃ

  • God


    11 dni temu

    @J_schmuck14 lust is never pure......be lewd, be lovely.......be kind and be kinky 馃檹

  • J_schmuck14


    11 dni temu

    @God god man i thought sex was supposed to be pure not recorded馃ぃ

  • God


    11 dni temu

    Yeah, same for me.....plus all phone companies steal your data Especially Google It basically knows everything about you Even what p*rn ya watch

  • Serious Cat
    Serious Cat13 dni temu

    What do you say, should I go for this or the Mi 10 Lite if the price is practically the same (228 鈧 for this versus 248 鈧 for the Mi 10 Lite)?

  • Sayooj Anilkumar
    Sayooj Anilkumar13 dni temu

    I have poco x3 8gb ram and 128gb internal running good馃帀

  • Tanish Singh
    Tanish Singh13 dni temu

    Meanwhile at apple: No headphone jack or status led on their 1000 dollar phone

  • davgo1968
    davgo196813 dni temu

    Great review!! Love the detail!! What LTE bands does the phone support??

  • Saadan Ahmed
    Saadan Ahmed13 dni temu

    I am watching your dumb video on an Samsung Galaxy A21s offended

  • Muhamad Dzaki fahir

    Muhamad Dzaki fahir

    10 dni temu

    HD+ 馃槀

  • Miguel Borillo

    Miguel Borillo

    11 dni temu

    He just stating the specs

  • Manzoor Faraz
    Manzoor Faraz13 dni temu

    Great video dear I love you...I am watching this in my poco x3... Really a great device...鉁嬸煂光潳锔忦煈岎煉