We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalker


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Inspired and intrigued by Disney's latest visual effects surprise in "The Mandalorian" season 2, Niko and the crew decide to take their own shot at bringing young Luke Skywalker back to the Star Wars universe.
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  • Corridor Crew
    Corridor Crew2 miesięcy temu

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile or PC: clik.cc/MrfQ0 and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days!

  • john doe

    john doe

    2 dni temu

    once its was a meme, now its a real game O.o

  • JudeMcDude


    17 dni temu


  • Mark Peterson

    Mark Peterson

    Miesiąc temu

    The CGI looked bad because Favreau had to do it in one day in secret by just 2 people. To keep it from leaking and keep it from Kathleen Kennedy.

  • Kohakka Nuva

    Kohakka Nuva

    Miesiąc temu


  • shperax


    Miesiąc temu

    People are pretty critical here, but over all your version is better then Disney. It moves way more realistic.

  • Gene Donato
    Gene Donato2 godzin temu

    Not so really good but better

  • Faddidaddi
    Faddidaddi3 godzin temu

    That's not better! Is that a joke?

  • Nonsense
    Nonsense5 godzin temu

    I love you guys but the orig looks more realistic yours looks creepy

  • jrsinger78
    jrsinger788 godzin temu

    I nearly cried, that’s incredible guys

  • Kustomation Studios
    Kustomation Studios17 godzin temu

    I can’t believe you managed you pull it off

  • Keven Lima
    Keven Lima18 godzin temu

    Next time use a neopixel lightsaber the lighting would have looked way more intense

  • Eru Mukkudorakku
    Eru Mukkudorakku19 godzin temu

    You are better

  • M. Jackson
    M. Jackson21 godzinę temu

    Amazing how a company of billions did a worse job than you... It almost angers me.

  • Omagari Toshi
    Omagari ToshiDzień temu

    It's a fine recreation but it lacks five years of ageing and calmness that comes with the experience.

  • Mr Funnyman
    Mr FunnymanDzień temu

    Wow this was much better than the official one. Great job! 👍🏼

  • Breshannon Devereaux
    Breshannon DevereauxDzień temu


  • Förtuner NX
    Förtuner NXDzień temu

    I'm sorry but both look weird

  • Lima Man
    Lima ManDzień temu

    I'm glad to know your channel, for me it's a masterpiece, I can't even imagine the end like this, overwhelming! such a belleza. I love so much

  • ZYNC.K
    ZYNC.KDzień temu

    Why didnt disney just hire sebastian stan as luke he looks so much like mark hamil

  • Mas Que Musica
    Mas Que MusicaDzień temu

    Your Luke looked like Anakin I love it thanks

  • Eric Catamaran
    Eric Catamaran2 dni temu

    The final result looks amazing! I really love it. Good job!!

  • Zeno Bilucaglia
    Zeno Bilucaglia2 dni temu

    I can say... Amazing work! Dream team!

  • Melo Universal
    Melo Universal2 dni temu


  • Ira Safira
    Ira Safira2 dni temu


  • Rasmus Pedersen
    Rasmus Pedersen2 dni temu

    Much more believable visuals... but somehow... worse acting than Mark Hamill. How is that possible?

  • David Vizcarra
    David Vizcarra2 dni temu

    Anyone else thinking that M. Hamill looks CGIsh in the original trilogy takes?

  • sam gaming
    sam gaming2 dni temu

    It was good 👍😌👌👏☺😊

  • TJ Jensen
    TJ Jensen3 dni temu

    Rogue One and Furious 7 are switched, nice!

  • Daniel kirk
    Daniel kirk3 dni temu

    The ADR is slightly off in the final line, "May the force be with you". Honestly though, we are looking for it. 99% of all views wouldn't even know. Good job.

  • Lonian John
    Lonian John3 dni temu

    Too much movements.

  • A A
    A A3 dni temu

    Disney do average job still look too plastic PC game like for money involved

  • Ko Hashiguchi
    Ko Hashiguchi3 dni temu

    Just a pleasant shout-out: I'm watching this on a Puget Systems PC, with which I am very happy.

  • Jay Arangilan Diaz
    Jay Arangilan Diaz3 dni temu

    Better than Multi-billion dollar CGI lol

  • Subu Sekhar
    Subu Sekhar3 dni temu

    the "spoiler alert" in the video is moot cos of the title and thumbnail.

  • Bryan Sandler
    Bryan Sandler4 dni temu

    As far as him really looking like luke the face looks fantastic yea we know you kinda threw it together quick and the hair not great but The Face overall way way better 100%

  • PeterZ Standalone
    PeterZ Standalone4 dni temu

    you know he is not the same age right?

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter4 dni temu

    With all that incredible and expensive digital tech at their disposal, complete and unrestricted access to hardware and facilities. With all those endless hours spent layering imaging and modelling at no doubt 60fps.... for that super smooth hyper-realistic effect. We all know REAL isn't enough anymore (24-30fps), they still couldn't write some decent inspired dialogue? Every second of it clangs, to the point where you think they did it on purpose. How many more times do we need to see people re-imagine, remake & piss on other people's work? Once again this proves that everything starts with the script. I'm not easily pleased like some people, it is transparent. For the most part, this is why storytelling is dead in the water. Write intelligently, originally and thoughtfully before you embark on any passion project. If it doesn't engage the people around you, your friends and family for instance, it's not going to entertain the masses. Test audiences are a great tool for refining your work, unbiased opinions are what you should be seeking. For good writing all you need is a pen and paper, and a brain. Isn't that just great? And it costs nothing but time. For the record I think the Disney version of Luke is better.

  • matt
    matt4 dni temu

    I don't think you know what the word better means

  • KnottyWood Outdoors
    KnottyWood Outdoors4 dni temu

    The hair is so bad, i have to go with the original 😊

  • Judah
    Judah4 dni temu

    Anyone else notice the 'Furious 7' and 'Rouge One' mistake

  • Alejandra Ramírez
    Alejandra Ramírez4 dni temu

    The fact I know crap about cgi but it just made me mad how they didn't use Mark fot this... Like... ?¿

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett4 dni temu

    Wow. That was utterly terrible All the talk and tech and it looked worse.

  • Tomek
    Tomek4 dni temu

    thinking of two films where there are janky head replacements, you could review The Comeback Trail, scene just after the horse jumped over some flames (53:51), Tommy Lee Jones' head looks super fake. And similarly, there's a scene in I, Tonya where Margot Robbie is doing pirouettes on ice (wearing turquoise outfit) and the head replacements just stands out so much in some shots

  • Cody Lanoue
    Cody Lanoue5 dni temu

    Please for a react of the Old Republic Game cut scenes. The one where the mother is trying to save her daughter is amazing.

  • Sabrecho
    Sabrecho5 dni temu

    I do agree that the first luke was kind of like looking at a freestanding, lifesize toy of Luke. So this variant, with the eyes and the smile and the eyes and neck movement... and did I mention the eyes?... Very well done guys. :)

  • R W
    R W5 dni temu

    Pretty good for 2 weeks, but.... Disney's was better!

  • IZzcanV
    IZzcanV6 dni temu

    you did the spiler alert after you showed the scene wow you guys are absolut geniuses

  • underby
    underby6 dni temu

    i think its better and that even with the disadvantage of doing this third party after the movie was made.

  • Southern Bella
    Southern Bella6 dni temu

    18:22-18:24 WHOOOOOOOOA!

  • Southern Bella
    Southern Bella6 dni temu

    If you had just fixed the hair, it would have ben perfect. But, hands down SOOO much better than the actual show's version!

  • mihir mayekar
    mihir mayekar6 dni temu

    that's sick

  • TheSliderW
    TheSliderW6 dni temu

    The lip sync doesn't work that well

  • Hydra Dominatus
    Hydra Dominatus6 dni temu

    Pffft. Yeah right.

  • Erickson Villeta
    Erickson Villeta6 dni temu

    This CGi on Hamil is really cool

  • Erickson Villeta
    Erickson Villeta6 dni temu

    I won't even get fooled by that deepfake of Tom Cruise.

  • Glidescube
    Glidescube6 dni temu

    Well mandalorian luke needs to look 7 years older than ROTJ luke.

  • Levi Betts
    Levi Betts6 dni temu

    imagine what you guys could do on a Disney budget

  • Francisco Arredondo
    Francisco Arredondo6 dni temu

    Next do the last fight black panther fight scene.

  • Tuxified Art
    Tuxified Art7 dni temu

    Disneys is better

  • Keith Peters
    Keith Peters7 dni temu

    Disney should have just gotten Sebastian Stan to put on a little makeup, ready for a Skywalker spin-off series.

  • Joe Stois Jr
    Joe Stois Jr7 dni temu

    Thanks for the spoiler alert. I’ll be back in a couple weeks.

  • MK Liu
    MK Liu7 dni temu

    Amazing what you guys did in such a short time!

  • Miguel Mellizo
    Miguel Mellizo7 dni temu

    More detailed Deepfake

  • Miguel Mellizo
    Miguel Mellizo7 dni temu

    This is LIT.

  • Shabab Haider Siddique
    Shabab Haider Siddique7 dni temu

    Why are ppl saying its better, it looks way more unreal and fake.

  • AMV12S
    AMV12S7 dni temu

    Instead a RTX 3090, an FPGA should do a better job, isn't?

  • Kernelpickle
    Kernelpickle7 dni temu

    The neck and facial expressions weren’t quite as good. I guess this approach works for people that are no longer with us, but if you have the living actor or one of their kids, it would be a better base to superimpose the younger face over top of. See if you can deep fake Carrie Fisher over top of her daughter Billie to see how that works, or deep fake someone from 30 years ago on top of their current day self, because I’d bet that with the geometry of the facial structures being so much closer that the AI won’t have to work as hard to figure out what’s in between the two images.

  • Martin C.
    Martin C.7 dni temu

    It's better and worse. I like the movements and that an improvement. Disney's, though stiff, looked a bit more life like.

  • CrimsonStang
    CrimsonStang7 dni temu

    Honestly this is way better. I laughed for a solid 30 seconds when I saw Luke appear. It was the same reaction with Tarkin. I said "wow as long as he doesn't take his hood off this will be really cool" and then it happened

  • Simeon McAdams
    Simeon McAdams7 dni temu

    the face is more tan than the neck that messes it up

  • Lucian Andries
    Lucian Andries7 dni temu

    1. What was the thing with the fingers? Ugh..... 2. The last scene was bad, the face looked very glossy... :( But other than that yeah, you did a better job! Guess a few billions weren't enough... lol

  • Tenchu Mugen
    Tenchu Mugen7 dni temu

    Looked amazing way more realistic than disneys

  • Marco D‘Addazio
    Marco D‘Addazio7 dni temu

    No non lo trovo migliore

  • Scott Heighton
    Scott Heighton7 dni temu

    I think it is a push. You guys made something that definitely feels more alive, but I feel like Disney having the time and resources they did made something that looked a bit crisper and more tangible.

  • Matt Blatchley
    Matt Blatchley7 dni temu


  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering7 dni temu

    The "uncanny" part of this video was the mouth tracking, I find that to be a common problem with CGI and de-aging too (TRON Legacy). A mouth that moves more expressively and tracks tighter to words can help sell otherwise flawed footage.

  • Ari Ukkonen
    Ari Ukkonen8 dni temu

    Disney should hire you guys.

  • Jani SIr
    Jani SIr8 dni temu

    The worst thing in the scene is how bad the Yoda toy was.

  • Johannes Doe
    Johannes Doe8 dni temu

    Very nice job!

  • chinatown
    chinatown8 dni temu


  • Steven Poe
    Steven Poe8 dni temu

    Why doesn't Disney just hire these guys?

  • DI MB
    DI MB8 dni temu

    when will you guys learn to step up your wig game? ^^

  • Juliuswwss
    Juliuswwss8 dni temu

    Lukes good :)

  • lydia espiritu
    lydia espiritu8 dni temu

    Just speaking from my own perspective and own opinion. I'm not in any position to criticize, this is just my own personal opinion and perspective. About your guy's version: Cons: Luke is a little too skinny. Pros: Everything. Everything else is perfect in my opinion. The features look just like Mark Hamill. In comparison to the original: Your version is way better. Also thank you for giving us this video. :) Subscribed.

  • ThomasHaberkorn
    ThomasHaberkorn8 dni temu

    nice but mouth movement is still off

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas8 dni temu

    wow man luke is really good.

  • Cfjcc Hahn
    Cfjcc Hahn8 dni temu

    its the hair it looks so bad with the hair

  • Gabriel Santos de Souza
    Gabriel Santos de Souza8 dni temu

    Your version looks better in my opinion, great job! Subscribed!

  • Wiley Howell
    Wiley Howell8 dni temu

    At times I could see a laser-sharp line between Luke's face and Dean's forehead, but other than that it was perfect.

  • Dimitri Loginowski
    Dimitri Loginowski8 dni temu

    hmm. i think it was more of a side-step rather than an improvement.

  • Magma Ch33s3
    Magma Ch33s38 dni temu

    It’s prime time now. Josh Hutcherson is 28. Dax Shepard, the guy who played an older version of the character, was 29 when they filmed zathura. Make it happen!!!

  • Magma Ch33s3
    Magma Ch33s38 dni temu

    Eh I mean tbh the forehead triangle part was weird.

  • kat
    kat8 dni temu

    They could have just hired Sebastian Stan. Instant younger lookalike for Mark Hamil without any needed VFX. ;) But it's super interesting to see how you do this.

  • Noah Stewart
    Noah Stewart9 dni temu

    Ending clapping bit was a bit foot loose.

  • Kyle Kraemer
    Kyle Kraemer9 dni temu

    There's more detail, the lighting is better, the eyes look better. It's a solid attempt. I still wouldn't call it good, but it's improved for sure. Something about the mouth and head movement feels off. It also looks a bit too much like video game cgi.

  • John TheIdiot
    John TheIdiot9 dni temu

    It's better cgi, but it looks worse. FeelsBadMan

  • Verdadero Misterio
    Verdadero Misterio9 dni temu

    i dont think yours is any better honestly

  • LudoTwentyThree
    LudoTwentyThree9 dni temu

    You really didn’t

  • Francesco D'Alonzo
    Francesco D'Alonzo9 dni temu

    I mean he is supposed to be like 5-10 years older here so...

  • KingJake2511
    KingJake25119 dni temu

    Quality goes to Disney Realism goes to you

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar10 dni temu

    Looks good but looks like EA Battlefronts

  • Leonardo Beltrán Grados
    Leonardo Beltrán Grados10 dni temu

    Don’t you agree that they should consider making a video with a deep fake and put dean on falcon and the winter soldier?

  • Joshua Goetchius
    Joshua Goetchius10 dni temu

    i see why this was made but the reason the original looks a little different from the luke in the OT is because hes grown older since then, great vid though.

  • Jahn Arellano
    Jahn Arellano10 dni temu

    IMHO your version achieve a better dinamic light over the face and that is very hard to accomplish, congrats!