ARMY OF THE DEAD Trailer (2021)


First teaser for Army Of The Dead


  • Guardians
    Guardians6 godzin temu

    Why they dont make zombie movies like train to busan , we need darker stories!!!!!, not this one !!!, this army of the dead looks very colorful, looks like disney ,very lousy

  • Paul Muad'Dib
    Paul Muad'DibDzień temu

    Zombie Elvis still manages to wear glasses lol , not exactly wwz is it ?

  • Alex Quinonez
    Alex QuinonezDzień temu

    Glad Snyder didn't do this movie with Warner Bros.

  • Spartacus Rhino
    Spartacus RhinoDzień temu

    The directors from this film should have done Mortal Kombat also, warner brothers is ganna fuck up that movie.....

  • Martin Makau
    Martin Makau2 dni temu

    overdone theme. its practically impossible to add anything to this genre

  • Mohammed Ar!ff
    Mohammed Ar!ff2 dni temu

    Batista the animal 🦒

  • Jacqueline Castillo
    Jacqueline Castillo2 dni temu

    I'm getting walking dead type.vibes🧐

  • Nash Coleon
    Nash Coleon2 dni temu

    Is this what's to come in our future? Hmm think about this yall, they put the truth right in your face everyday

  • arbilois
    arbilois2 dni temu

    Batista sucks as an actor. the caliber of movies out there is pure junk now days.

  • Sajjan Aryal
    Sajjan Aryal3 dni temu

    why this zack snyder is so hyped name? I don't feel his work so good to be hyped this much.

  • Israel Pacheco
    Israel Pacheco3 dni temu

    Zack Snyder? I am there just cause of him!! 100%

  • JMichaels Physique
    JMichaels Physique3 dni temu

    ft everyone who got the cvid vaxx hahahahahahahahah

  • Lawrence Porter
    Lawrence Porter3 dni temu

    That was one shitty trailer.

  • Sajid Khan Dsk
    Sajid Khan Dsk3 dni temu

    😱 What is this? 😒 It's a God damn zombie Tiger. 😂 That's crossing the line (lion).

  • Vince Almaraz
    Vince Almaraz3 dni temu

    Oh goody, another mass zombie movie. How original.

  • willie nelson
    willie nelson3 dni temu

    ain't watching any movie with that p.o.s batista in it !!

  • Master-n-Teach Virgo
    Master-n-Teach Virgo4 dni temu


  • Vanilla Sky with Mahi
    Vanilla Sky with Mahi4 dni temu

    0.36, just feel like Kurt Russell as elvis...!!!!

  • not your damn business
    not your damn business4 dni temu

    is that like a sequel to dawn of the dead?

  • zameer Khan
    zameer Khan4 dni temu

    When it is realising on India??

  • Shubham Balabantaray
    Shubham Balabantaray4 dni temu

    tiger from walking dead reached vegas somehow..

  • Shak Arora
    Shak Arora4 dni temu

    Recycled plot.

  • Vignesh K
    Vignesh K4 dni temu

    u can make "N" number of ZOmbie movies but none can come close to Walking Dead!

  • TeacherAustin
    TeacherAustin4 dni temu

    Barista is the man

  • NomNom Nom
    NomNom Nom4 dni temu

    Looks dumb.

  • NomNom Nom
    NomNom Nom4 dni temu

    Wow Butista looks ugly with his real face lol.

  • Melih Masal
    Melih Masal4 dni temu

    S.track Kenny Rogers'ın The Gambler

  • Heavy Metal 357
    Heavy Metal 3574 dni temu

    0:24 Dawn Of The Dead 2004

    ANIL DALAL5 dni temu

    World war Z 2 in Batista style

  • Gigawatt
    Gigawatt5 dni temu

    So what is this? A heist movie with zombies?

  • What'sHerNameAgain?
    What'sHerNameAgain?5 dni temu

    This is your year, Zach Snyder. Hurrah!

  • Akuma211
    Akuma2115 dni temu

    cannot wait!

  • Sanctuary Life Systems
    Sanctuary Life Systems5 dni temu

    So lets get this straight this is a remake of a remake of a remake? Let me get this fking straight for a minute. Should be fun though!

  • Brian Finlay
    Brian Finlay5 dni temu

    ZOMBIES: 13, SIN CITY, the board game, the movie.

  • Roderick Neal
    Roderick Neal5 dni temu

    Ohhh Yea.

  • Lennox Reid
    Lennox Reid5 dni temu

    Mad ting

  • Squadron PM Gaming
    Squadron PM Gaming5 dni temu


  • DerFelsentroll
    DerFelsentroll5 dni temu

    Der sah aus wie Matthias Schweighöfer. 🤔 . . . und, er ist es. Interessant.

  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver5 dni temu

    You have got to be shitting me...another zombie movie? Dude can Hollywood not come up with anything original? They need to stop zombie movies for at least 3 decades. Good grief...

  • Anmatrix


    5 dni temu

    @Aashish Basnet ya already planned sequels

  • Aashish Basnet

    Aashish Basnet

    5 dni temu

    @Anmatrix and he is building a zombie franchise😎

  • Anmatrix


    5 dni temu

    Shhhh. It's from the guy who made the dawn of the dead. It's way original than u think

  • valkry007
    valkry0075 dni temu

    another hollywood academy award winner

  • Scandinavian Godzilla Nerd
    Scandinavian Godzilla Nerd6 dni temu

    Is this a sequel to Dawn of the Dead?

  • jimmytwogunz
    jimmytwogunz6 dni temu

    looks like Dead island in 1440...

  • Harrison W
    Harrison W6 dni temu

    Last movie i saw with this guy in it was bushwick and ong, shittiest movie ever, hope this is better

  • Gabriel Perez
    Gabriel Perez6 dni temu

    this is looking like a stupid movie. Not going to see it.

  • Ken Scialoia
    Ken Scialoia6 dni temu


  • blaqlocust
    blaqlocust6 dni temu

    Forget it I saw the date

  • blaqlocust
    blaqlocust6 dni temu

    When is this coming out on Netflix?

  • DanOne Music
    DanOne Music6 dni temu

    Aloha from Hawaii 🏝️ (✧Д✧)→ I was a extra in this.

  • Planet of the Atheists
    Planet of the Atheists6 dni temu

    Night of the Living Dead Dawn of the Dead Day of the Dead Then: Decades of overproduced, silly zombie garbage.

  • Anmatrix


    5 dni temu


  • Joshua Nowicki
    Joshua Nowicki6 dni temu

    Question : Anybody else see the haley strategic gear before you start the video?...

  • strike8096
    strike80966 dni temu

    man of steel was a zack snyder masterpiece that did not get the attention and box office numbers it should have

  • alucientes
    alucientes6 dni temu

    same movies over and over and over and over ...

  • Peter Tj
    Peter Tj6 dni temu

    This is going to be an awesome remake .. The first army of the dead was an and is still an instant classic .

  • mixflip
    mixflip7 dni temu

    coins haven't dropped out of slot machines for over a decade. lol

  • banditBoy943777


    4 dni temu

    @mixflip fair enough lol!

  • mixflip


    5 dni temu

    @banditBoy943777 stumped? Nah....just interesting to see. Oh and btw....take a walk on Foremaster street and main street in Las Vegas and you will see meth head zombies all day.

  • BLU_Soldier001


    5 dni temu

    And zombies aren't real what else is new

  • banditBoy943777


    5 dni temu

    Coins falling out of a slot machine is what you're stumped on in a movie called Army of the Dead lol

  • Sexy Mongrel
    Sexy Mongrel7 dni temu

    Sequel to Dawn of the Dead

  • A Ibenz
    A Ibenz7 dni temu

    I Hope this MOvies make sequel dude please like resident evil. Don't Like World war Z not be sequel

  • Mohammad Shuhaib
    Mohammad Shuhaib7 dni temu

    not fair other trailers show almost show whole movies but this nothing :)

  • PowerActive
    PowerActive7 dni temu

    omari hardwick is in this???? sign me up

  • Lance Blinent
    Lance Blinent7 dni temu

    Bautista; A gun banning fanatic who bad month Trump for not banning guns and yet he stars in a movie carrying assault weapons.

  • E G
    E G7 dni temu

    Looks like it could be a good movie, shame that the same shit streaming service that is still making it possible for pedophiles to watch Cuties at their leisure is the sponsor of the movie. Guess I will be passing on this one also.

  • James McElroy
    James McElroy7 dni temu

    When? And who needs money in a zombie apocalypse? The infection must be local? 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟

  • Anmatrix


    5 dni temu

    the whole world is safe. Outbreak is in Vegas only so there is free money lying there.

  • All Boxing

    All Boxing

    7 dni temu

    Yes, only in Vegas.

    HÜSEYİN BULUT7 dni temu

    2021 coronavirüs this same world killed

  • megan arana
    megan arana7 dni temu


  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft8 dni temu

    Nice to see Snyder get off the Super hero thing to get back to some horror. His Dawn of the Dead remake was epic.

  • Benjamin Ehrentreich
    Benjamin Ehrentreich8 dni temu

    boring zombie movies

    BiSHGOD8 dni temu

    This looks like a good video game .

  • Zeusasaurus
    Zeusasaurus8 dni temu


  • All Boxing

    All Boxing

    7 dni temu

    Marvel movies.

  • richtea78
    richtea788 dni temu

    Dawn of the dead is still his best movie

  • divine_masculine69


    5 dni temu

    @Joseph Dye of course I have seen the movie, what I’m saying is that Zach Snyder didn’t direct that movie

  • Joseph Dye

    Joseph Dye

    5 dni temu

    @divine_masculine69 lol haven’t you ever seen Shaun of the dead?! It’s a spoof movie, super funny. I agree dawn of the dead is better. Just joshin!

  • divine_masculine69


    5 dni temu

    @Joseph Dye Shaun of the dead it a whole different movie

  • divine_masculine69


    5 dni temu

    @Joseph Dye it’s Dawn of the dead 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Joseph Dye

    Joseph Dye

    5 dni temu

    “Shaun of the dead”

  • Deino Tumiwa
    Deino Tumiwa8 dni temu

    Why does he have to fight?? The zombies can't see him

  • Thul Gham'Dar
    Thul Gham'Dar8 dni temu

    So it's a New Vegas Heist movie, with zombies.

  • Grab the Crucifix Band
    Grab the Crucifix Band8 dni temu

    Nobody gonna mention that first scene? You could see what looks like zombies chasing an animal? Like a Buffalo? Why is that tho?

  • TalkinIshOnTheInnanets
    TalkinIshOnTheInnanets8 dni temu

    Imma just need ghost to wrap up these movies and come on back to Power....Tariq is getting himself into deep dookie

  • 007
    0078 dni temu

    I ain't simply must see this movie on a download on my 76 inch TV..., yeah , bring on the beer..

  • Mr. King Palma
    Mr. King Palma8 dni temu

    Damn this actually looks fire 🔥 looking forward to it

  • Kaper Dona
    Kaper Dona9 dni temu

    Note that This is for legends only do u remember army of the darkness Bruce Campbell movies?

  • Jared Brown

    Jared Brown

    6 dni temu

    Army of darkness, chainsaw for a right hand and his boomstick in the other

  • DeBuDDi
    DeBuDDi9 dni temu

    wp so next gen zombies movie? like it

  • meanoldrunk
    meanoldrunk10 dni temu

    Dave Bautista??? he is pompas ass........ pass

  • Triple X
    Triple X10 dni temu

    Drax after avengers started zombie hunting

  • Brian Meehan
    Brian Meehan10 dni temu

    That's heavy brother, but I dig it? What a fucking stupid looking film.

  • Brandon Hampton
    Brandon Hampton10 dni temu

    Please no more zombie movies. We get it already.

  • RD11
    RD1110 dni temu

    Ghost is alive

  • Samira Boutkabout
    Samira Boutkabout11 dni temu

    Sb 01/07/1980. 2800 mechelen. Belgium. Xxx. Omg. OmA. Djibreel and his army sweet he comes soon to visit his brothers. Dunya angels sweet i hope he visits me,ameen

  • Stephen
    Stephen11 dni temu

    Rewatched Sucker Punch the other day...ZS is an unparalleled, visionary director of our times

  • G Tin
    G Tin11 dni temu

    Thank you Zack Snyder

  • Fırat KARA
    Fırat KARA11 dni temu

    Dar boğazına itelediğim katılım sağlamanın ne demek olduğunu öğrendin mi.

  • KhaLasH thakkar
    KhaLasH thakkar12 dni temu

    ARMy OFF the DeaD

  • Hamas Aadhil
    Hamas Aadhil12 dni temu

    Another masterpiece of Zack Snyder...

  • Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas
    Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas12 dni temu

    Let's see how Zack Snyder pulls out this one.

  • Foreign Tiktok
    Foreign Tiktok12 dni temu

    Here we go again

  • Rusty lungzs
    Rusty lungzs12 dni temu

    It looks like there stealing money from a casino vault? Whats the point of that in a zombie apocalypse

  • Hondo
    Hondo13 dni temu

    we love shooting zombies, I mean leftist !

  • Lala Mabaso
    Lala Mabaso13 dni temu

    This does not look good, sorry

  • KASAMAGO network
    KASAMAGO network13 dni temu

    Bautista got the main character...this great for action movies

  • Jason Jung
    Jason Jung13 dni temu

    So we no longer have to wait for Pitt's Z2

  • Dylan
    Dylan13 dni temu

    Damn this looks good. I like how I end up liking everything Zack Snyder makes.

  • Cecilio Thomas
    Cecilio Thomas13 dni temu

    Netflix movies don't look to me original, l mean you don't quite see that reality in the meake up, it looks like any halloween party

  • JARDEN yt
    JARDEN yt14 dni temu

    Thats a game based right?

  • Be Lieve
    Be Lieve14 dni temu

    Dave Bautista is in every scene of this movie but you can only see him when he moves.

  • Lala Mabaso

    Lala Mabaso

    13 dni temu

    He has mastered invisibility with his imperceptible movements 😆

  • SalazarA55


    13 dni temu


  • M Dlamini
    M Dlamini14 dni temu

    Nice to see Omari getting recognition in Hollywood movies...

  • Josh Major
    Josh Major14 dni temu

    That's the trailer.......Did I miss something???