I restored this $7 Junk Playstation 2 Slim - Retro Console Restoration & Repair

In this episode I restore a Playstation 2 (PS2) slim which I got for $7 as part of a junk lot of consoles. Low end price for working device is typically around $50. Black consoles can be cheaper because there are more of them available. As a bonus I got a free game, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi, it's quite common game and even in good condition not very valuable. But it's a nice addition to my collection, here is a link to my video of repairing the disc: plclip.info/show/hoSKmqGpm4_Zj3o/wideo
I started the restoration by testing the console. I was able to power it on. I think it wasn't supposed to work but the descriptions for these consoles are quite often inaccurate. However it was not reading games.
After opening the console I tried to see if I could repair the disc drive. The Playstation 2 disc drive is known for breaking quite easily. The laser just stops working. I decided to replace the whole disc drive. Only the laser part can also be changed. After replacing the laser I still had to do a little adjusting on the screws I show on the video.
After replacing the drive I continued to disassemble the console. I cleaned everything with compressed air, soapy water and isopropyl alcohol and removed a little yellowing with UV-light and hydrogen peroxide. Tutorial to the process here: plclip.info/show/nJqLtafPo46oa6Q/wideo&
The original model sticker was in bad condition so I copied it in photoshop and printed a new one.
Thanks for watching!
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  • Hastomo Hadi
    Hastomo Hadi22 minut temu

    Finally the ps2 slim is back alive again. I hope more person like you Mr odd tinkering, so many old game console can be restored and saved. This retro gaming console don't deserve to end up in trash bin 🤗.

    MODS-APP56 minut temu

    I have PlayStation 2 and still good and smooth I bought 2006

  • Elias Gillberg
    Elias GillbergGodzinę temu

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  • PA_Fe4R
    PA_Fe4R3 godzin temu

    The nemo sticker is gone :(

  • YaDirect
    YaDirect5 godzin temu

    11:59 and that's how you fillet a fish

  • Dylan Hudnall
    Dylan Hudnall6 godzin temu

    like damn does no one take care of there ps2 i dust that shit off and play it ever 4 weeks

  • Fun4Kidz
    Fun4Kidz6 godzin temu

    It looks like a guy who repair game

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim6 godzin temu

    I lot of people get rid of their consoles so you can just fix them and sell them thats amazing I wish

  • Matheus Moreira
    Matheus Moreira6 godzin temu

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  • Escorpion Matero
    Escorpion Matero9 godzin temu

    Budokai tenkaichi 3 best game ever

  • Andy MacRae
    Andy MacRae9 godzin temu

    What is the hissing noise between every transition in the video? Really noticeable on headphones. As always, amazing resto!

  • Gregory Sohn
    Gregory Sohn10 godzin temu

    i have 1 :]

  • dylanjones761
    dylanjones76110 godzin temu

    lad you need to reign it in with the ads holy shit i can tell january cpm getting to you xd

  • Sam Doucette
    Sam Doucette11 godzin temu

    I like these video. I have a tinkerer's nature. I repaired my old Electrolux vacuum cleaner many years ago. Strangely, I had a few parts that didn't manage to find their way back in when I put it back together, but it still worked for years.

  • Fork Warrior
    Fork Warrior12 godzin temu

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  • McKenzi Parker
    McKenzi Parker13 godzin temu

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    SrBlack Music [NoCopyright]

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    10 godzin temu

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    HYPER GAMING15 godzin temu

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    Zahran Abdillah16 godzin temu

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  • Alexio Abrahams
    Alexio Abrahams16 godzin temu

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  • Hereyo
    Hereyo19 godzin temu

    Can please Give me the PS2 ? My lil bro would like to play PS2 since he just 2Years Old when my PS2 was broke.. he is not in time to play game Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 with me and my elder brother. I feel bad for my lil bro cause he really like to play Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 with me but we can't help cause we dont have money to buy more PS2/3/4..

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