Hollywood Undead - Heart Of A Champion feat. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills (Official Video)


Hollywood Undead - Heart Of A Champion feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach & Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills (Official Video)
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🎥: Directed by Frankie Nasso
Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Johnny 3 Tears
Here we go again, comin' straight from the top from the belly of the beast cuz we’re straight off the block
Got ice in my veins and im never gonna stop, body bags, toe tag, yeah everybody drop
Yeah some people got it and some people don’t, somebody wins and somebody won’t Ice Nine, P Roach, Undead that’s all she wrote and everybody else, well welcome to the show
Yeah, compare me to none - cuz I’ve got the Heart of a Champion
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Charlie Scene
I’m absent minded mentally
Slaughtering all my enemies
I’m murdering recklessly
Bitch these streets and no sesame
Another notch on my felony
List, I’m not wasting energy
On this, im gonna win
I'll be honest, that’s something I fuckin promise
godless so I’ll take the charges
spotless is my fuckin conscious
god this is so fuckin pompous
like congress if I was in office
god I’m just so damn exhausted
novices making me nauseous
I’m gonna win that regardless
this ain’t no place for the heartless
cause and live for the pain
the fight the glory the game
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)

Yeah I’ve been knocked down but I get right back up, uh
Yeah I put the work in cuz I cant rely on my luck, naw
Yeah I see you chasin’ you’re just basic, you’re just lame man
You don’t wild out, you don’t throw down so you better stay in your lane, man
I’m always ready for the right time strike hard, strike fast I explode like a landmine
I got you reaching for the lifeline, ima battle every devil till I die till I flatline
I won’t die till I get mine
Compare me to none x 4
I’ve got the heart of a champion
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  • Sói UG
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    that dead bite mask is dope af

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    Love Hollywood Undead love music nice music

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    The whole video is dope

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    @DaVaughna Mesteth uh yea it made his point lol

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    @Hollywood Undead Yes it is! The Video, & The Dead Bite Mask!!! Love Hollywood Undead!!!

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    Hollywood Undead the best Metall Band of the World!

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    I was thinking now that im ready, and I'm waiting for more great featurings.

  • Blue Fairy
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    This here is a reason why I love these guys there’s nothing they can’t do

  • JT Jakubik
    JT Jakubik16 godzin temu

    Only in 2020 does Charlie Scene not where a mask

  • Valics
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    Dead bite? New member?

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    This is a bad ass song I really love this mashup with Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach and Ice Nine Kills they go good together this song is really good.

  • golden briana
    golden brianaDzień temu

    My brother who died and I are big fans of Hollywood undead he wanted everywhere he go as the song that we play at he’s funnel

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    I need to know more about Dead Bite.

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    fuucking nice song boyz

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    That deadbite mask (which is one of my favorite hu songs), Jacoby rapping, Ice nine. This song is just fucking perfect. Side note J3T looks like a fucking monster.

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    They gotta put the masks back on lol

  • Sir_Grimm
    Sir_Grimm4 dni temu

    So, I would like to thank HU for introducing me to Ice Nine Kills. Now what if HU made a cameo in an INK song. That'd be fucking sick.

  • Adam Block
    Adam Block4 dni temu

    Just need a track with HU x Em now and that would be a top notch collab O.O anything is possible now IMHO

  • Joel Vaughn
    Joel Vaughn4 dni temu

    HU and Papa Roach, somebody punch me in my face, 2020 definitely needs this, hell any year would’ve needed this. Praise

  • Another Nerd
    Another Nerd4 dni temu

    What if they did a collab with Ronnie Radke and Andy Biersack? I was listening to Asshole right before this and thought that might be a cool idea. Anyone agree?

  • whipple gaming
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    The intro ater dannys mask fucking dope!

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  • World's Finest Fools
    World's Finest Fools5 dni temu

    it makes my insomnia happy knowing y'all are still out making music :)

  • Ranimal Gaming
    Ranimal Gaming5 dni temu

    "Sellout" - Dictionary - Hollywood Undead. Deuce was better and had the idea. Now ya'll followed it but lack the punch. Just after the money now. So fucking sad.

  • Jack Strange
    Jack Strange5 dni temu

    Every year that flow just gets better.

  • light man
    light man5 dni temu

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  • Another Nerd
    Another Nerd5 dni temu

    I change my mind, 2020 is a good year, just because of this song alone

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    All the people i love in one song

  • Elrath The Memester
    Elrath The Memester6 dni temu

    Im gonna be completely honest, a character i made worked for a group called the deadbites. I named the group after your song. Great work as always guys

  • kennedy
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    Can't stop listening to this. Amazing guys!

  • Officer Dad Life
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    Awesomeness 😎🙏🏼💙

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    Imma? Not!!!!7 dni temu

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  • Imma? Not!!!!

    Imma? Not!!!!

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    Jacoby made this ending so sick

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  • Imma? Not!!!!
    Imma? Not!!!!8 dni temu

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  • Imma? Not!!!!
    Imma? Not!!!!8 dni temu


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    pinkjenStewart8 dni temu

    I love seeing thier faces ...

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    Apercu8 dni temu

    These dudes set white rappers back 20 years. Singin is dope tho

  • Danny Murillo
    Danny Murillo8 dni temu

    Charlie's rapping skills are 10× better than mine would ever be😂

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    But you're awesome at singing dude

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    GRIMM REAPER9 dni temu

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  • One Insanity
    One Insanity10 dni temu

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