iPhone SE (2020) - 20 Things You Didn't Know!

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iPhone SE 2 - 20 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know!
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    ZONEofTECH8 miesięcy temu

    20 Interesting Facts, about the NEW iPhone SE! Which one was your favourite?

  • Abdul Wahab

    Abdul Wahab

    Miesiąc temu

    @tapj28 not for me I upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone se 2020

  • Abdul Wahab

    Abdul Wahab

    Miesiąc temu

    @Кирилл Филиппов it does shoot 4K 60 I have it

  • Gaming with Gino

    Gaming with Gino

    2 miesięcy temu

    A good mobile for gaming watching it on I phone I phone SE 2020

  • Simon Lama

    Simon Lama

    3 miesięcy temu

    Your videos are so long to watch and boring

  • chason


    5 miesięcy temu

    @Expliot Fxr3 which is still kinda steep for that kind of phone make up.

  • Unicorn Fluff
    Unicorn FluffDzień temu

    “iphone 6 cases are not going to fit the iphone se” me watching this with my iphone se in an iphone 6 case: 😶

  • Swaggy :]
    Swaggy :]Dzień temu

    Should I switch to iPhone se from 6s plus

    MOHAMMED IRFAN3 dni temu

    Is iphone se plus coming

  • Joy
    Joy3 dni temu

    I’m waiting this with my new iPhone SE 🔥

  • Henrik Meyer
    Henrik Meyer4 dni temu

    Does this guy not remind you of Steve jobs

  • Newill
    Newill11 dni temu

    Just bought it. A bit late, but still, changed from iphone 7 which was my best companion so far.

  • vintagee .k
    vintagee .k12 dni temu

    not me watching this on the new se 😭

  • Yung Views
    Yung Views12 dni temu

    I have red

  • jenny Lovess
    jenny Lovess13 dni temu

    watching this to for my iphone se bought it last dec.31, i love it its very handy😘

  • Saffi_123
    Saffi_12314 dni temu

    I love watching videos on why my iPhone is so good 😂 😂

  • ᵯůsTaᵽḫa Cồrñḙh
    ᵯůsTaᵽḫa Cồrñḙh15 dni temu

    IPhone SE white here😁

  • Zackary Yoder
    Zackary Yoder16 dni temu


  • Hayden
    Hayden17 dni temu

    I don't need to worry about upgrading to wifi 6 devices I only get 6 Mbps

  • PowerOfAPawn
    PowerOfAPawn17 dni temu

    There is a typo for gray for 4/20, you typed grey

  • Jake Baty

    Jake Baty

    13 dni temu

    It is grey

  • Mark Odessy
    Mark Odessy19 dni temu

    I thought the SE was 133 grams?

  • Ronny
    Ronny19 dni temu

    iPhone 11 Refurbished or Iphone SE New? Iphone 11 costs me $70 more. Which one would you recommend?

  • ayo wtf
    ayo wtf21 dzień temu

    🧏‍♂️ inflicting

  • Nalintina
    Nalintina21 dzień temu

    I have an SE I definitely recommend, perfect size, great camera, and great graphics too.

  • Nalintina


    21 dzień temu

    Plus wireless charging, I have one (not from apple) but it works rlly good with 10 wats

  • Sheikh Humayun Kabir
    Sheikh Humayun Kabir22 dni temu

    No wonder apple doesn’t like you....because of speak the truth..lol

  • Alana Stemmer
    Alana Stemmer22 dni temu

    Who is watching this show with the se

  • Jake Baty

    Jake Baty

    13 dni temu


  • Charles Hunt
    Charles Hunt22 dni temu

    If I did iPhones all over again purchase the three 3gs then the SE and then the second generation se. All with maximum storage

  • ______________________
    ______________________23 dni temu

    POV your watching this on a iPhone se

  • April Privott
    April Privott23 dni temu

    I love my iPhone se 2020. I got it three days ago.I switched over from android. My first apple phone. Awesome!!!

  • Dženeta Kačar
    Dženeta Kačar23 dni temu

    Me watching this with iphone se 2020 😏

  • T. Miller
    T. Miller26 dni temu

    This dude has his Steve Jobs sweater in full effect...

  • Finn Stackhouse
    Finn Stackhouse27 dni temu

    Just ordered mine should come in a few weeks. Switching from a Samsung a20e so should be a nice upgrade



    4 dni temu

    Hopefully get mine it's either se xr or 11

  • judge death
    judge death28 dni temu

    fun fact it's made by slaves

  • Lismont Niden
    Lismont Niden28 dni temu

    Lmao he looks like Timo Werner

  • aviral gupta
    aviral gupta28 dni temu

    i just discovered your channel and i'm loving it!! SUBBED!!!

  • Romie Tha homie
    Romie Tha homieMiesiąc temu

    Hey look it’s Steve Daniel jobs

  • Danny Melo
    Danny MeloMiesiąc temu

    Best review out there.......surpasses anything out there hand down. Very thorough, informative. Hope you get well sponsored and make many more reviews. Thanks!

  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio KageyamaMiesiąc temu

    Yes really recommend I got mine today and teh best phone I have had I use to have my mums old iPhone 11 but it broke and in my opinion I like se better since it’s smaller and easier to carry and batter life lasts long and it charges very fast

  • LaLa_D 33
    LaLa_D 33Miesiąc temu

    Hey luv, I just got this phone so I appreciate the video. Great stuff!

  • Shivam Thakur
    Shivam ThakurMiesiąc temu

    Such an informative video

  • Alyssa Tuttle
    Alyssa TuttleMiesiąc temu

    If anyone is wanting to save some money while still getting this phone I recommend getting it on black Friday to save about $50-$100 depending where you get it from and if its online or not

  • RockGaming
    RockGamingMiesiąc temu

    Iphone 11 lite as a name is so cringe

  • Miss Blair
    Miss BlairMiesiąc temu

    I’m just thankful they stopped giving iPhones starting with 16 gigabytes. That was horrible. When I had the iPhone 6s it sucked I could barely have anything on the phone that I wanted without low storage. I moved to Samsung. Then this year when I saw the iPhone SE 2020 was out I decided to get it last Wednesday and don’t regret my choice. Apple did an amazing job making this phone. They’ve made way for some android users looking to switch to iPhone with an affordable price. This is coming from someone who had a Samsung A10e to an iPhone.

  • Shellie H
    Shellie HMiesiąc temu

    I like baker fast charger. Works great too

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan WilliamsMiesiąc temu

    why you trynna dress like Steve Jobs you look sis

  • B LÜV
    B LÜVMiesiąc temu

    Also, thankful that I can spend less and still end up getting more.... you won't get the charger brick or the headphones in the newer iPhones.... it's a win win going with the SE

  • Md. Imran Hossain
    Md. Imran HossainMiesiąc temu

    little gaming,little bit photography and huge video streaming and music....Is that ok to buy SE2020?

  • Richard Adams
    Richard AdamsMiesiąc temu

    Seven commercials between Apple (2) and Xfinity (5).

  • Nafisah Rashid
    Nafisah RashidMiesiąc temu

    Getting the SE in 1-2 weeks

  • Devin Renshaw
    Devin RenshawMiesiąc temu

    If I even bought my first iPhone in the 2nd gen SE you already know this phone is gonna be successful af plus it's on black Friday sale (all colors in stock) on straight talk for $199

  • invaso dallo spirito oscuro
    invaso dallo spirito oscuroMiesiąc temu

    I have the se 2 and it's really fast and plays games like pubg UHD graphics with 60 fps

  • Liao Ye
    Liao Ye2 miesięcy temu

    Trash video

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark2 miesięcy temu

    Do you know why it doesnt have 3d touch? And what is 3d touch because theres no live wallpapers on it and im sad about it.

  • chethan rj
    chethan rj2 miesięcy temu

    "0:24" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • Meme God
    Meme God2 miesięcy temu

    I’d get it but I wish there were more colors

  • GoinOutLikeGeez
    GoinOutLikeGeez2 miesięcy temu

    Coming from a iPhone 7 should I get the se2 or the iPhone 12? I love touch id and the home button but I miss having a full screen like my Note 8.

  • Jeanette Lowe
    Jeanette Lowe2 miesięcy temu

    Very helpful info

  • XxCoøkie PlayzxX
    XxCoøkie PlayzxX2 miesięcy temu

    The 11th one they were talking about the 11

  • XxCoøkie PlayzxX
    XxCoøkie PlayzxX2 miesięcy temu

    I kinda miss the iphone text on iPhones

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams2 miesięcy temu

    My 140€ xiaomi phone also got NFC chip, and in addition even a AR blaster etc and.. 5000maph which lasts 2 days and a huge screen with tiny camera crop out. Alsogot fast charging with farst charger included. And apple people still thinks they are good while paying x times and can't even change the Battery or camera cuz its paired to they phone to charge money in repair.. trash

    AD FUSION2 miesięcy temu

    Can you make a video on my question. How to transfer game data from android to iPhone (ping / cyber Hunter)

  • Aeron Lt
    Aeron Lt2 miesięcy temu

    i wish i can have one

  • Aeron Lt

    Aeron Lt

    Miesiąc temu

    @Reneiya Green oh woah. hello, it's okey 😳😊.

  • Reneiya Green

    Reneiya Green

    Miesiąc temu

    try buying it off of Straight Talk website. $199.00

  • Williams Batts
    Williams Batts2 miesięcy temu

    I’m proud to say I’m watching on my iPhone SE 2020.

  • bassem
    bassem2 miesięcy temu

    its an ip67 and not ip68

  • Muhammed Naeem
    Muhammed Naeem2 miesięcy temu

    ordered SE ..will get it soon

  • Charlie De De
    Charlie De De2 miesięcy temu

    Hi you are the only review blogger to mention jewel sim to tricky for them to work out. all the best

  • ajan iqbal singh dhaliwal
    ajan iqbal singh dhaliwal2 miesięcy temu


  • Anas B
    Anas B2 miesięcy temu

    unpopular opinion : iphone se actually means iphone shitty edition

  • Jerror SnapDragon
    Jerror SnapDragon2 miesięcy temu

    Funny thing is this SE has stereo speakers. One next to the Front camera and 2nd in the main lower part. It is so fancy that the screen vibrates when you tune it to higher volume. And also stereo microphone as well.

  • That1dudethatwasbillgates • 69 years ago
    That1dudethatwasbillgates • 69 years ago2 miesięcy temu

    iPhone se x pro max, sounds a bit weird right

  • Irma Nunez
    Irma Nunez2 miesięcy temu

    Metro had a promotion where you switched and I got this phone for 200$. My first iPhone and so far I love it!

  • Romie Tha homie

    Romie Tha homie

    Miesiąc temu

    It’s now $49

  • Lily-Rose Winston
    Lily-Rose Winston2 miesięcy temu

    Everyone’s like ‘I’m proud to say I’m watching this on the new SE’, and I’m here like ‘omg I’m so proud to be watching on the old iPhone SE’ 😂😂😎

  • Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd
    Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd2 miesięcy temu

    This is shittest phone & after 5 & X, I downgraded to SE & gradually want to fade off apple & move to android The battery of this phone is pré-historic, forget all feature, display etc - it’s not usable at all - crap You have to charge 4 times in a day, that’s only if you are heavy talker - business talker not just chit chat I mean I had to buy 3 gadgets - wireless car charger, wireless desktop charger & power bank cover. So the light or pocket friendly form factor is a toss. Android phone on the other hand lasts days together , they do gr8 photos, videos, media & so on . For this price you get bomber android. This is my last iPhone

  • Mujtaba Khan
    Mujtaba Khan2 miesięcy temu

    I think he forgot to say the mask

  • DandyDoughnut
    DandyDoughnut2 miesięcy temu

    no judging but the only mobile games i play is doctor mario and among us (duh) i had a 5s and i got a samsung s7 after i love the design of the iphone se 2020 should i get it? normally i don't use my phone except for the among us i play some times and to call text or do normal phone stuff i feel dumb for asking but i just want to be 100 percent sure!

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect2 miesięcy temu

    I had the original iphone se

  • MotoMasterX5
    MotoMasterX52 miesięcy temu

    They got me to try out am iphone after being Android since my first smartphone! I'm looking forward to trying it out, and I am sick of google selling my info, I'm glad Apple is leading the way with privacy as well

  • Caleb Cohrs
    Caleb Cohrs2 miesięcy temu

    What the hell is Friend are

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler3 miesięcy temu

    Go for it. It’s awesome. I’m satisfied with it. Battery backup is awesome too!

  • Dusk Hnamte
    Dusk Hnamte3 miesięcy temu

    Just say something about iphone SE why so many blah blah. We have to wait for 20 years to actually hear the review of iphone SE2 u steve jobs wannabe🤣🤣

  • NERCH’
    NERCH’3 miesięcy temu

    this is the video that i actually searching

  • Gamer YT
    Gamer YT3 miesięcy temu

    The best explanation

  • Mandar
    Mandar3 miesięcy temu

    Why is your logo reminding me of L&T ( Larsen and turbo's) logo ?

  • Mãvíš_płâżź
    Mãvíš_płâżź3 miesięcy temu

    Ok so I have the iPhone SE and it is amazing, my favorite part is the battery life, I’ll wake up in the morning and it will be at 100% so I’ll play on my phone for about 5 hours and I check the percentage and it’s at 40! This phone is really amazing I definitely recommend!!!

  • Mãvíš_płâżź


    26 dni temu

    @Manuel Atenco yes, yes you can😌✨

  • Manuel Atenco

    Manuel Atenco

    Miesiąc temu

    Hey can you play light games like among us or roblox for a long time whit out it draining or what do you do or what games plz try to answer im opening mine on Christmas 😀

  • Wali Rehman
    Wali Rehman3 miesięcy temu

    I got the iPhone SE2 in black 2 weeks ago 🔥🔥

  • Wali Rehman

    Wali Rehman

    Miesiąc temu

    @Varun Ahuja it’s fine. Not too amazing. Honestly I use my phone more than an average person. I do gaming, editing and social media so it does last me till evening

  • Varun Ahuja

    Varun Ahuja

    Miesiąc temu

    Enjoying it? How about battery life?

  • Hekindafreshdoe
    Hekindafreshdoe3 miesięcy temu

    I’ve had the iPhone se for about a month now, and it’s actually so nice. A huge step up from my previous iPhone 6s

  • Katzumi


    Miesiąc temu

    @Jeremiah the camera is amazing and crystal clear and the battery holds for a good amount of hours it also charges quickly. it’s also very powerful i can run graphics heavy games on max with no problems

  • caitlyn campbell

    caitlyn campbell

    2 miesięcy temu

    i switched from an android to iphone!

  • caitlyn campbell

    caitlyn campbell

    2 miesięcy temu

    i’ve had mine for almost a week!

  • Jeremiah


    3 miesięcy temu

    I'm currently on an android and the camera is ridiculously horrible I want one for Christmas or anytime soon is the camera good? Or what about the battery life how long does your last regularly using it per day? :)

  • Aesthetic Ideas
    Aesthetic Ideas3 miesięcy temu

    Watching this on my iPhone se ☺️

  • Kester Frank
    Kester Frank3 miesięcy temu

    Thanks to those who recommend Frezy_techo on IG.he his just a genius.

  • Kester Frank
    Kester Frank3 miesięcy temu

    Frezy_techo on IG is a genius for all kind of device unlock.tested and confirmed .

  • Kester Frank
    Kester Frank3 miesięcy temu

    In just less than 20mins my iPhone 11 pro max was ubblacklisted by Frezy_techo on Instagram.

  • Swacky
    Swacky3 miesięcy temu

    How thinner iPhone's had headphone jacks, seriously???

  • Sury Syuhada
    Sury Syuhada3 miesięcy temu

    Watching this on my iphonese2020 🤤

  • Anmol Yadav
    Anmol Yadav3 miesięcy temu

    Best iPhone close your eyes go for it

  • Armann Taan
    Armann Taan3 miesięcy temu

    First 5 mins = Useless.

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore3 miesięcy temu

    Jon Ralphio schooling me on tech, I like it.

  • Tom Card
    Tom Card3 miesięcy temu

    I got the product red SE I love it !!!!

  • Nick
    Nick3 miesięcy temu

    I'll edit this when a buy a iPhone se and airpods pro

  • idk man
    idk man3 miesięcy temu

    I'll edit this on Xmas when I get my iPhone se 2020 edit: i got it!! i love it so much!! its a really great phone!

  • idk man

    idk man

    21 dzień temu

    @Radee oop yep i forgot lol

  • Radee


    21 dzień temu

    Did you?

  • Reynaldo Ortega Gonzalez
    Reynaldo Ortega Gonzalez3 miesięcy temu

    I you iPhone 6 Plus 😭😤😢

  • Syrus
    Syrus3 miesięcy temu

    Honestly think the galaxy A71 is better and cheaper. I also find Android better because of customisation.

  • Isaiah Perez
    Isaiah Perez3 miesięcy temu

    I just got this phone tody

  • Suhaila Roslani
    Suhaila Roslani3 miesięcy temu

    Im using ip se 2nd generation n i like it❤️

  • RandomPerson999
    RandomPerson9993 miesięcy temu


  • Ro Ashley
    Ro Ashley3 miesięcy temu

    I just upgraded from the 8+ to the SE and I LOVE IT!!

  • Kornel Ejsmont

    Kornel Ejsmont

    Miesiąc temu

    @S K it has a better processor its from iphone 11 pro

  • S K

    S K

    2 miesięcy temu

    What differences you’re noticing now?

  • Sanghamitra Basak
    Sanghamitra Basak3 miesięcy temu

    I’m loving iPhone se