Immortals Fenyx Rising The Lost Gods DLC Review


Fenyx Rising Lost Gods DLC Is completely different.
While Nier REPLICANT VER.1.22474487139 and Returnal reviews are coming from me, I wanted to check something else out and Fenyx Rising the Lost Gods felt like the perfect review.
While not AC Valhalla Fenyx Rising offered something a bit on the side and different this DLC is as different from Fenyx as Fenyx was to AC...well actually more. Lost Gods is out on the 23rd for PC, PS4, Xbox, Stadia
Follow me on Twitter for reviews and info @jeremypenter ACG her eon youtube, and while this game isn't on Gamepass it is a part of Gaming news just due to how different it is. And that's why you can bet I would cover it.

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  • ACG
    ACG15 dni temu

    A unique game. The changes are cool but some are presented weirdly. Still oddly fun and as you continue to play.,..much moreso. We need you at the ACG basecamp folks!

  • Ronald Alfredo

    Ronald Alfredo

    9 dni temu

    @Leonel Ignasiak Yup, been using flixzone for since november myself =)

  • Leonel Ignasiak

    Leonel Ignasiak

    9 dni temu

    A tip : watch series on Flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.

  • Carolus Rex

    Carolus Rex

    14 dni temu

    Btw and the main game is 100% breath of the wild

  • Carolus Rex

    Carolus Rex

    14 dni temu

    It's everything but not unique it's absolutely copy paste form games like hades and Diablo 😂

  • MicroGFX
    MicroGFXDzień temu

    This DLC is ridiculous. Enemies just keep spawning like wtf. I have a lifestyle armor or sword I don't even know. And I don't get any lifestyle from attacks. This whole DLC is strange.

  • Jacob Huggins
    Jacob Huggins3 dni temu

    Why the camera angle though. Ugh. Just started tonight and it is so irritating that I can’t see what’s up the road/on the horizon. 😤

  • Jacob Dawiczyk
    Jacob Dawiczyk4 dni temu

    Honestly I love this game and all the DLC I really love the storyline and the gameplay up until lost gods and I was about frustrated for like a week and rage quit and then came back and got adjusted to the new changes to the camera and save points through the altars. I did like the fact that towards the end of the game there was a vault inside of a vault. The Ending of the game was good to left it open for new developments which I like

  • Dustin
    Dustin6 dni temu

    I jumped the gun buying the season pass. I was hoping it would just be more cool gameplay and maybe even some new moves. Well a new God was kind of some new moves but it was a butt ton of puzzles and not original which was a disappointment. Then this top down thing is just silly. I just wanted more of the original game because the original game was awesome. This is just blah. I was seeking newness. Oh well.

  • Black_Sheep_0213
    Black_Sheep_02136 dni temu

    The isometric view did such a disservice to this game. Create a beautiful world, and then force the player to stare at the ground. The best thing that could be done to improve this DLC is a mod to allow completely free camera. That and, completely rewriting the dialogue... yuck. It was cheesy in the main game, but it worked. In this DLC, it tries and fails in every attempt to be funny.

  • MrSpice
    MrSpice6 dni temu

    Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

  • Simon H
    Simon H6 dni temu

    I already put over 90 hours into this game, i'm not going to put more and get any dlc. I pay once per game. The only time i play dlc is when they're included in the edition i get.

  • Jevil _
    Jevil _8 dni temu

    Can anyone help me? I preordered the gold edition on switch but it’s telling me I need to buy the the lost gods dlc

  • Yusha Babar
    Yusha Babar8 dni temu

    The game was good when it first came out but now the dlc’s are just disappointing

  • Floris Backx
    Floris Backx9 dni temu

    Always a pleasure watching your video's, stay safe, stay healthy : )

  • Bird Brain
    Bird Brain10 dni temu

    I just finished the game and I have to say IF it wasn't for the crappy camera angles this could have been a really great experience better than dlc #2. Fenyx watching over Ash from Olympus sounded good in theory but the execution was a disaster 🤨 Ash has some really cool outfits and weapons but you have to go into the menu screen to enjoy them or use a magnifying glass 🧐

  • NYCJoeBlack
    NYCJoeBlack10 dni temu

    I hope the intent is to release a physical copy in the form of COMPLETE EDITION with all the Updates/Patch/DLC!

  • Ian Moffat
    Ian Moffat10 dni temu

    Downloading it now. Just because I bought the ultimate edition. This game looks great in 4k but gets boring very VERY quickly. Its a game you just want to play, not play as a completionist

  • Glenn Gill
    Glenn Gill11 dni temu

    Annoying top down perspective, blocks out under trees and behind walls in dungeons 🤬

  • Kulvir Singh Bhatti
    Kulvir Singh Bhatti11 dni temu

    Keep up the good work and stay safe in these hard times to all this message goes out to

  • TrueBlackSaiyan _23
    TrueBlackSaiyan _2311 dni temu

    What's the point of having use create a character in the original game if you not going to let us play in the DLC as them

  • Andrewmon
    Andrewmon11 dni temu

    Such a disappointing game. So glad I didnt get the DLC

  • kornilios js
    kornilios js11 dni temu

    Ι really like that acg is giving this game some love. It's a very underrated game, probably the best ubisoft game in years and it's unfortunate it didn't sell well

  • Hen Halpert
    Hen Halpert12 dni temu

    Fenyx Original game: Lets copy from Zelda Fenyx DLC: lets copy from Hades

  • Jaime Ballenger
    Jaime Ballenger12 dni temu

    I can’t stand that I can’t look up. It’s literally ruining it for me.

  • sunnymadethat ,
    sunnymadethat ,13 dni temu

    i actually really liked the base game reminded me of how semi massive and explorative video games used to be & i can’t wait to play it

  • nightrain50
    nightrain5013 dni temu

    no character creator... I'm out

  • james Butcher
    james Butcher13 dni temu

    this game is the perfect definition of mediocre..

  • Kikaiheki
    Kikaiheki13 dni temu

    It is so pretty. I need it!

  • Affiliate Marketing Style
    Affiliate Marketing Style13 dni temu

    Findet Ihr diesen Kanal auch so klasse wie ich? 🤝 Übrigens, ich hab auch so einen Kanal. Ob der auch mal so gut wird?

  • SushiBoats
    SushiBoats13 dni temu

    Different weapon types outside of swords, axes, and bows would be cool

  • David Douglass
    David Douglass13 dni temu

    Wonder how it looks in switch handheld mode ?

  • ScribbleVicious
    ScribbleVicious13 dni temu

    I loved this game except for one thing. I couldn’t stand how far the camera was away from the character. I felt it should have been closer like the AC games. I have no idea why I’m excited for the Isometric camera view lol

  • Freeze1119
    Freeze111913 dni temu

    Man I need to stop pre ordering season passes. I had such high expectations for the dlc, why they took this path of 3 separate games I’ll never know.

  • Maul xx

    Maul xx

    4 dni temu

    I stopped preordering anything years ago for obvious reasons.

  • Kory Robles
    Kory Robles13 dni temu

    Worst DLCs of all time. I wish I could get a refund on my season pass smh

  • Stwooert Arteaga
    Stwooert Arteaga13 dni temu

    This is what DLC’s should be all about. taking chances and making changes.

  • Skadisson Deboye
    Skadisson Deboye14 dni temu

    Ubi is killing it with their new singleplayer IPs. I hope that encourages even more ingenuity.

  • Skadisson Deboye
    Skadisson Deboye14 dni temu

    I mean it's probably the only chance we get to see how Ubisoft would make a Diablo game, that's pretty exciting to me.

  • Megadeth-1a 88
    Megadeth-1a 8814 dni temu

    Couldn't even see the character tbh. What a terrible idea.

  • Carolus Rex
    Carolus Rex14 dni temu

    So first they Steal the main game a 100% from breath of the wild and now they steal. Hades and Diablo great job Ubisoft great job

  • Carolus Rex

    Carolus Rex

    13 dni temu

    @Jack Shapiro bro gameplay and story is 100% stolen from breath of the wild but instead of saving 4 titans you have 4 goods and instead of hyrule castle your have a shitty olymp fenyx is just a cheap reskin of botw

  • Jack Shapiro

    Jack Shapiro

    13 dni temu

    First, they didn’t “steal” the base game from breath of the wild. They are different games entirely. They are in the same genre. Also, this is how new genres form, when multiple devs get inspired from one another, and make things in a similar format, or base. Second, this wasn’t made by EA, it was made by Ubisoft. And also, I don’t like the third dlc anyways.

  • Carolus Rex
    Carolus Rex14 dni temu

    Ubisoft: let's release a new dlc to grab some cash *copy pastes hades* yeah that will do the work

  • toddwatler
    toddwatler14 dni temu

    don't say friggin ever again🤦‍♂️

  • ferusgratia
    ferusgratia14 dni temu

    Looks like Ubisoft is trying to copy Super Giant Games.

  • Kyra Potter
    Kyra Potter14 dni temu

    Kinda disappointed 😞

  • Jaelski
    Jaelski14 dni temu

    Can you play this as standalone? I mean it's like a new game right?

  • Nico Möllmann
    Nico Möllmann14 dni temu

    I like the game so much and I really love the riddles, but I am not a fan of the new perspective in the game

  • shadowfallenable
    shadowfallenable14 dni temu

    The baseball Athena challenge is freakin hard!!

  • Daniel Ståhl
    Daniel Ståhl14 dni temu

    Oh yes you are doing Nier: Replicant review??? HEEEELL YES MY MAN

  • Nicholas To totoototooototo
    Nicholas To totoototooototo15 dni temu

    Another Ubisoft disaster

  • Nikos Athanasopoulos
    Nikos Athanasopoulos15 dni temu

    Points to Udisoft for making all 3 DLC's completely different!

  • NYCJoeBlack


    10 dni temu

    I hope they make a COMPLETE EDITION.

  • Steven Pecoraro
    Steven Pecoraro15 dni temu

    8+ hours!!! Awesome!!!

  • kirito les épéiste noir le hero
    kirito les épéiste noir le hero15 dni temu

    Watch dogs legion dlc svp

  • Curt Kieckbusch
    Curt Kieckbusch15 dni temu

    So good to finally see something for you. More gaming content, please!

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes15 dni temu

    I really enjoyed the base game and the current dlc's but looking at that top down view I feel like its lost some of its the charm which is a shame. Hoping for a sequel, ideally set in Egypt but doubt we'll even get one.

  • Jameel Far
    Jameel Far15 dni temu

    i personaly dont like the camera angle i like the normal one can you change it?

  • skate and create
    skate and create15 dni temu

    The 3rd DLC already dropped?? Dang I wish I copped the Gold edition when it was on sale now 😩

  • Hunter Olsen
    Hunter Olsen15 dni temu

    Honestly, this just gives me a lot more respect for Darksiders Genesis. Airship Syndicate did a bang up job making it.

  • rocketscientist14


    13 dni temu

    They truly did.. such a good game.

  • Da King
    Da King15 dni temu

    I've always disliked this camera angle. I like being closer to my character with regular third person open world style

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia15 dni temu

    It is weird that they just changed the camera view but I do like it, once I get a better graphics card then I'll give this game a try

  • Genesiscoupe3000
    Genesiscoupe300015 dni temu

    I would actually buy the game just for this DLC! Will help while I wait for Diablo 4 to come out. Lol

  • Ori Arditi
    Ori Arditi15 dni temu

    Will you be doing a Nier Replicant review???

  • High Swag

    High Swag

    15 dni temu

    He’s playing thru it now

  • Ashley Steffy
    Ashley Steffy15 dni temu

    Excited to watch this later today, as I always love your reviews! Thank you for being one of the best reviewers on PLclip. :)

  • Ellwood Riesing
    Ellwood Riesing15 dni temu

    Immortals Fenyx Rising was one of my favorite games of 2020 and I've enjoyed both expansions thus far. Glad to see the third one is shaping up well, too. The lack of any transparency for camera-obstructions is a bit of a shame, but I bet the coding and art assets needed for that would have been way too expensive for a DLC. Still sounds and looks like a hoot Also, I would have never imagined that of the two games, I would end up binging Immortals Fenyx Rising and petering out on AC: Valhalla to such an extent that it's been half a year and I still have eight zones to go. The exact opposite of what I expected. Trippy. Here's to hoping that Ubisoft greenlights a second one. It'd be nice to see a new franchise under their belt.

  • SterlingK Art
    SterlingK Art15 dni temu

    This game is the game that keeps on giving, even though I had to drop money on the expansion. It's still some good DLC compared to most games

  • Stalkingwolf
    Stalkingwolf15 dni temu

    First 10-12 h of Fenyx Rising were fun, then the game got really redundant and boring

  • Hein Smit
    Hein Smit15 dni temu

    So this isn't some randomized dungeon crawl, they just changed the perspective for shits and giggles? Very odd, will try it once I get around to beating the main game

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious15 dni temu

    Can you look at Rayman Origins👹🤛🏻💀

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious15 dni temu

    Can you look at Rivals Of Aether🌲🌊❄🌪⚡🔥

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious15 dni temu

    Can you look at MO:Astray💧

  • Mr Mysterious
    Mr Mysterious15 dni temu

    Can you look at Rain World🌧🌎

  • Marcus Silva
    Marcus Silva15 dni temu

    Your honest reviews are appreciated. Thanks.

  • CasePB
    CasePB15 dni temu

    Looks like a phone version of the original game.

  • Adam Blue
    Adam Blue15 dni temu

    I really like Immortals, and while I wasn't planning on getting the DLC, this makes it different enough to be a fun new challenge. Thanks for the info!

  • Maxence Matteau
    Maxence Matteau15 dni temu

    Did they change the stamina system? You are always in the negative...

  • Brandon Douglas
    Brandon Douglas15 dni temu

    I bought the first and lost interest extremely fast.

  • Chet Sandberg
    Chet Sandberg15 dni temu

    I haven’t even thought about how sound cues would change.

  • Chet Sandberg
    Chet Sandberg15 dni temu

    I need to play this game

  • Russ Murano
    Russ Murano15 dni temu

    Looking forward to this. I really enjoyed Myths of the Eastern Realm. I was disappointed I couldn't choose a female character like the main game but Ku grew on me as a character.

  • E Palacios
    E Palacios15 dni temu

    Good honest review, thumbs up. I personally got the original game on a Switch "sale" and found it to be an incredibly disjointed MEH of a game. Hard pass for me.

  • ACG


    15 dni temu

    Well said!

  • Sic Semper
    Sic Semper15 dni temu

    i didnt expect to enjoy this game this much. Why is it so fun lol. Hoping for a hugely expanded sequel in a few years.

  • Louis DellaLucca

    Louis DellaLucca

    15 dni temu

    Its Zeus' and Prometheus' commentary.

  • sesoM


    15 dni temu

    @ACG judging with Ubisoft reputation? Theyll only continue games that sell well and are more mainstream. I love this game but they barely did any coverage for their own game. Kinda cannibalistic.

  • ACG


    15 dni temu

    Not sure lol

  • totallyTim
    totallyTim15 dni temu

    Oof. Immortals has to be one of my most regrettable purchases in the last decade, even though ACG gave it a positive rating... It starts out great, like a BotW clone, but you soon realize there's absolutely no depth to this game as you just do the same thing over and over again. Probably one of the worst generic Ubisoft open world titles ever made. This DLC doesn't seem to come close to addressing the core problem... of the game just being a boring waste of time once you explore 2 environments. I'm just glad I wasn't tempted into buying the season pass.

  • ACG


    15 dni temu

    Ya if you feel its boring nothing is going to change that as the feedback to them wasn't probably that

  • Johnny Zhu
    Johnny Zhu15 dni temu

    Meanwhile, AC Valhalla got none

  • Vee


    15 dni temu

    Valhalla is already super long. Fenyx Rising's story is like 25 hours while Valhalla is like 60 hours, probably twice that to do everything... IFR was in need of DLCs much more than Valhalla.

  • Setorrs11
    Setorrs1115 dni temu

    Would have liked to play this game on Steam, but i guess they don't want my money.

  • Screamin Mime
    Screamin Mime15 dni temu

    Best game of 2020!

  • Jameel Far

    Jameel Far

    15 dni temu

    yeah after last of us part 2 and ghost of tsushima for me

  • gallowsgradient
    gallowsgradient15 dni temu


  • garion333
    garion33315 dni temu

    Ubisoft doing Diablo. That's unexpected.

  • ACG


    15 dni temu

    Very and in some ways worked out well!

  • Yabba Dabba
    Yabba Dabba15 dni temu

    Meh, I never even finished the main game. It turned out to be kind of lame and I lost interest after a few hours. Zero chance I'll buy the DLC.

  • Jamie Prescott

    Jamie Prescott

    15 dni temu

    Dlc 1 and 2 are garbage anyway

  • DooDoo Poop
    DooDoo Poop15 dni temu

    This is so odd.

  • Brown
    Brown15 dni temu

    I do want to get the original game and the expansions, just have to find the right time.

  • Tymme Zinni

    Tymme Zinni

    15 dni temu

    It's the last DLC in the (first?) season pass; I'd wager there's going to be a GotY / Complete edition released in the next few months.

  • Zanychelly
    Zanychelly15 dni temu

    Ubisoft menus all looks the same, with different colors... 90% of their games also does looks the same. This one is the exception.

  • Carrie McErlean
    Carrie McErlean15 dni temu

    Love the game, haven't played any of the DLCs, not sure if they use this perspective in all of them but if so I don't think they'll be for me. Happy with the way it looks in every other way, but that camera angle is something I unfortunately just couldn't get over.

  • Carrie McErlean

    Carrie McErlean

    15 dni temu

    @Robert Cone Thanks, that's good to know! Will definitely get the first two at some point and maybe if the 3rd is ever super cheap or in a bundle or something may try it

  • Robert Cone

    Robert Cone

    15 dni temu

    First two DLCs are same perspective as base game, NOT like this third one

  • fat and ugly
    fat and ugly15 dni temu

    That subscribe prompt at bottom left corner was awesome. But I doubt many people would notice

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx15 dni temu

    i cant do puzzles but in this game i did the puzzles they r so easy and thats good

  • Dark Death47xxx
    Dark Death47xxx15 dni temu

    i have the game on Nintendo Switch and its really good

  • Zeev
    Zeev15 dni temu

    Wasnt it released already a month ago? The marketing of this game could be better. I am already confused with all their DLCs, and the one I have tried, the one "demo" level where you have timed mission to go from A to B, was so mediocre that I lost any interest in any additional DLCs for this game, although I really enjoyed the base game.

  • Kodesai
    Kodesai15 dni temu

    This DLC is fucking stupid.

  • DSG
    DSG15 dni temu

    Immortals took me by surprise. Such a fun game

  • pj trant
    pj trant15 dni temu

    I think this has been my favorite and most fun game since it came out last year. I love the variety in the DLC as well. It’s everything Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is not.

  • Shuffleblade
    Shuffleblade15 dni temu

    So what was the rating here, you say "its well worth it", does that mean its a buy?

  • 100PercentCori
    100PercentCori15 dni temu

    The third??? I didn't even realize one and two were out!

  • Wade Egguardo

    Wade Egguardo

    15 dni temu

    I didn't even realize the base game had released.

  • Stop the Sniff

    Stop the Sniff

    15 dni temu

    @LITTY KITTY Hernandez Ubisoft store hasn’t worked for me for months, for any game. I’m not going to mess with finding whatever email I used and logging off and on, if they don’t want my money

  • Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    15 dni temu

    The 2nd one just came out like 2-3 weeks ago it seems like.

  • LITTY KITTY Hernandez

    LITTY KITTY Hernandez

    15 dni temu

    Lol facts. The in game store doesn’t work for me to see dlc I have to go to the Microsoft store to see everything abs purchase

  • iyaramonk


    15 dni temu

    Even the base game release felt kind of under the radar to me.

  • Tony Sahni
    Tony Sahni15 dni temu

    I played the demo for this game and it felt like babies first open world game to me. Is it worth grabbing on sale?

  • MJay 624
    MJay 62415 dni temu

    3am club??

  • ACG


    15 dni temu


  • Croz Raven
    Croz Raven15 dni temu

    with this isometric camere view, it feels like the change of Darksiders games in one go LOL

  • Adam Harmon
    Adam Harmon15 dni temu

    Props to them for trying to give you a completely different experience. Even if its not perfect, thats ballsy and cool.

  • Maul xx

    Maul xx

    4 dni temu

    But who asked for it?

  • mayday2592 !

    mayday2592 !

    15 dni temu

    @Yabba Dabba yes lets just go the predictable rat and do more of the same. Yawn...

  • dan spear

    dan spear

    15 dni temu

    Especially since it's dlc, it's a good way to take a chance.

  • Yabba Dabba

    Yabba Dabba

    15 dni temu

    I disagree. Seems sort of like a pile of crap.

  • Who Dat Ninja

    Who Dat Ninja

    15 dni temu

    just seems like a cost cutting measure.