The REAL Gucci Mane vs Young Jeezy Story


#guccimane #jeezy #verzuz
A short history of events leading up to the Gucci vs Jeezy verzuz on November 19, 2020.The jeezy vs gucci story goes back 15 years, and it wasnt always bad.


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    When you momma name you Pookie you really do NOT have much of a chance of making in this world.

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    It's hard to take these videos seriously and whether to believe some of the details of these stories are accurate when you clearly dont research as thoroughly as you should. Pookie lock? And on the King Von you also said that David Barksdale was his grandfather when that's absolutely not true.

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    Gucci Mane is a hardcore gangster with street credits if you dont know

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    Yoo make more Atlanta rapper documentaries (like thugger, future, gunna, baby)

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    Jeezy said he had a problem with his throat didn’t he? I thought I heard sumn that said his voice was gone and throat was messed up and Gucci was pissed cuz then it was a delay on they single releasing. I thought that’s what I heard idk but this was a good vid 🤟🏽

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    Didnt really hear anything gangsta about Gucci past he sounded like a smart college kid who chose to be a gangsta and had an opportunity so if his rap career didnt work out he would of just been another statistic but then blamed white people for why he has to live the gangsta life even tho he had a chance and chose the gangsta life just to be cool... But jeezy tho he seemed to really be about that life he had to of no doubt about it considering he trapped so much he was a millionaire he was really about it Gucci did shoot someone but only out of self defense lol

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    Jeezy elevated mentally,Gucci 40 yrs old and still childish asf ,Jeezy not stun that special ed ass nigga

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    Jeezy mad cause Gucci dropped straight hot fire on the so icey track

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    It’s actually a middle school where pookie was found

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    Why do black people hate black people? That's not good for black people

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    Dommy dagreatMiesiąc temu bruhh if you think that beef over you’re fucking delusional that man tried to get Gucci killed ain’t no going back after that

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    I feel like u skipped a lot of shit..

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    Gucci was rapping selling dope and going to school at the same time

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    2:29-2:33 is probably the reason his music played all over Atlanta and other cities across the United States. They must of dumped a lot of money into him back then. Same with P.Diddy

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    This story is missing a lot of intell The real streets of Atlanta know what happend and been happened while the late ones just now coming on board and still can’t get the story clear

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    Jeezy ain’t never been about that life I know this for fact caught fool sleeping in cashville that fool wouldn’t get out off the car scary azz fool young buck was with him none them got out the car but T was the only one come talk to my lil homies to let him go facts so when I saw how hen acting he is a good acter



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    Ain’t guns in prison so what you mean

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    @AFRIKAN KING Lol you're funny af bro. All I know is I'm legally registered to own and have a concealed carry. I'll never shoot somebody for nothing other than if you threaten my life (or family) within my vicinity. But if you're one of those types thinking that people aren't strapped nowadays especially after the recent surge in gun purchases, police violence, covid, and the political climate, you're sadly mistaken. God bless and grow up.



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    Tennessee fool we caught all them wanna bez sleeping and know all them ain’t like that facts .everyone wanna b gangsters but in this streets we know who is who

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    How u caught him slipping tho? And y would he get out the car to talk to a nigga he don't know ,y'all niggas weird

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    Bro this shit ain’t nowhere near accurate. Gucci mane dissed Jeezy first. Gucci started the beef.

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    Smh bro I hate hearing white people call tupac 2 PACK

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    Little known fact: Gucci mane is originally from Birmingham Alabama. He moved to Atlanta with his mom later in life around 18 years old. Because he never gave respect to the Birmingham streets that raised him and molded his character, but rather did to Atlanta, upsetting most Birmingham residents who follow the hip-hop genre. There are even times when Gucci performed in the magic city and the crowd wasn’t having it and even start booing, throwing bottles, and yelling insults at the rapper. Because Gucci is a “older” rapper in today’s meaning, most Birmingham residents don’t remember this because they are all 30-40 years old now. And Gucci performs with no interruptions in Birmingham.

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