I Took Apart The Xbox Series X And...


The Xbox Series X is out in just a few days and the quality of the system and what it is able to do in games is very impressive. Today I wanted to take a look inside the console to see how Microsoft put it together and the overall quality of parts used.
*Thanks to Microsoft for sending over the Xbox Series X*
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  • Spawn Wave
    Spawn Wave2 miesięcy temu

    Apologies for the reupload, I had an issue with rendering in the original video. I record the raw footage at 4K so that I can crop and zoom without losing quality and for some reason the opening video clip of the original file showed the 4K size instead. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

  • Jacob Sebastien

    Jacob Sebastien

    19 dni temu

    @Terry Winter the PS4 pro and the Xbox OneX has No where Near the Power of the Xbox Series X bro'

  • Jacob Sebastien

    Jacob Sebastien

    19 dni temu

    @MetroDuplic8r Why?" My Xbox Series X is Totally Silent an Runs Flawlessly"

  • Jacob Sebastien

    Jacob Sebastien

    19 dni temu

    @Tokeyo Nico It is a Better Built System than the PS5.

  • Jacob Sebastien

    Jacob Sebastien

    19 dni temu

    Awesome Video Bro' Great to see the Quality Components of my Xbox Series 💪 X console' Looks to be Better Built than the PS5.

  • Purp Drank

    Purp Drank

    Miesiąc temu

    I like how you people in the comments keep mentioning how you like the x box authenticity of their design choices that its superb quality when I know most of you have no idea what you're talking about 😂🤣😂🤣👍

  • JC
    JC12 godzin temu

    And... got a million views

  • grumpy_old_man
    grumpy_old_man21 godzinę temu

    This thing is so well designed. Seems like a 2020 version of the gamecube.

  • Levent Toprak
    Levent ToprakDzień temu

    I am just curious tho, which of the consoles has the best hardware and design when it comes to efficiency and less need of care from the user? Plus how durable are the consoles?

  • Mario Chavez Jr
    Mario Chavez JrDzień temu

    The PS5 seems cheap and poorly designed after watching this

  • Santiago Ezquerro Cordón
    Santiago Ezquerro CordónDzień temu

    Wow. I really didn't expect so much quality

  • Anders Bengtsson
    Anders Bengtsson2 dni temu

    Security Torx? you mean just torx?

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu


  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig2 dni temu

    Idk historic

  • Eric Hemingway
    Eric Hemingway3 dni temu

    Seems like alot of heat conductive putty vs putting the chips closer to the metal heatsinks with just a thin layer of putty.. My understanding is that putty does not conduct heat as fast or as well as just having the metal heat sink closer with just the thinnest layer of putty. Or am I missing something?

  • K3nn3H aka K3
    K3nn3H aka K33 dni temu

    What i would like to see after seeing a few vids of the series x being striped down and looking at the design , how slim the components are .You know that a slim or should i say digital version will be on the cards hopefully ,as being a pc gamer and purchasing digitally content . I can see a new digital series x being a must for us gamers that don't want disc version of games .

  • Among us doge. YouTube
    Among us doge. YouTube3 dni temu

    Wow I was planing on staying with my Xbox one but I kinda want one I’m just nervous it’s not cross play form

  • Vincent Rowe
    Vincent Rowe4 dni temu

    I like how it's easy to disassemble for the simple things, like cleaning the fan or removing dust from the vents, but harder for things that could ruin your console: essentially allows anyone to do it without feeling like they are going to mess up 😅

  • Don Jaun
    Don Jaun4 dni temu

    Wow that was awesome. The fact that you took it apart and put it back together. Wow.

  • vankedisi1
    vankedisi14 dni temu

    Cooler is definitely smaller than Ps5 but probably more efficient

  • Animation Meister
    Animation Meister4 dni temu

    Wow the xbox has such an elaborate shape /s

  • Miles Dawson
    Miles Dawson4 dni temu

    I'm in pain he unscrewed every screw at an angle ahhhh

  • Rebecca Mcguire
    Rebecca Mcguire5 dni temu

    Sadly this sounded like they put together a gaming tower. My husband can find a casing thee size of this xbox and put better stuff inside then whats in this system . Pluse you can get Xbox game pass for a pc as well so i feel like i am not going to miss out on much this gen this was not very impressive to see it just kind of confirmed what i thought when i first saw the system revealing. Sigh 😕 im disapppointed with xbox and play station this go around

  • James Lindsay

    James Lindsay

    5 dni temu

    If u have a decent pc then grab game pass. U don't have to buy a console if u don't need it. Some people don't want to deal with a pc and have never had a pc so they prefer to play console and thats great for them. What were you expecting xbox and ps to release thats got u so disappointed?? I own a pc but we got our daughter the series x and she loves it. Sometimes I take it downstairs and chill on the couch and play it. I have no complaints tbh. Happy gaming.

  • Husky1986
    Husky19866 dni temu

    How does your mind remember where and how everything goes back? Do you take note as you go like on a diagram or something?

  • Husky1986


    6 dni temu

    I watched the rest of your video where you said you take photos. LOL

  • Maurice Searcy
    Maurice Searcy6 dni temu

    Awesome work nice video

  • Simply Raiding Your Fridge
    Simply Raiding Your Fridge6 dni temu

    Crazy girlfriends destroying series x's gonna look wild

  • Audiognome
    Audiognome6 dni temu

    Is this a better design than a PS5?

  • Joseph Parraz
    Joseph Parraz7 dni temu

    Be right back gonna do this to my Xbox Series X

  • Unrestricted Gaming
    Unrestricted Gaming7 dni temu

    Am I only one who thought it looked good? It's simple and it blends in with other equipment like pc etc so no complaints from me especially since ps have gone super sjw.

  • Uriel Septim

    Uriel Septim

    6 dni temu

    Just like the Gamecube.

  • Joe Biggs
    Joe Biggs7 dni temu

    Super impressive!! Now we definitely know we got our moneys worth, to say the least!

  • Alex Marti
    Alex Marti8 dni temu

    That shit it's been held by a rubber band , WTF

  • Uriel Septim

    Uriel Septim

    6 dni temu

    To reduce movement from system producing friction from each motion components like the fan.

  • James East
    James East8 dni temu

    Best console design ever made. I hope they succeed.

  • Twinmen
    Twinmen9 dni temu

    Even the back of the Xbox looks like a fridge

  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom9 dni temu

    LOL I can just hear it , after some kids watch this video and take apart there x box ,. "mom I need a new x box " , fun video tho .

  • Đâmpāýłøàd⁴ jåý
    Đâmpāýłøàd⁴ jåý10 dni temu

    Could’ve put cortana in there

  • MV Player
    MV Player10 dni temu

    Bruh stop making eye contact shit making me uncomfortable AF (good video tho)

  • Bramdon Stroth
    Bramdon Stroth10 dni temu

    Get y'all box cutter to open it

  • Bramdon Stroth
    Bramdon Stroth10 dni temu

    Built like ass compared to ps5

  • poot


    8 dni temu

    Have you even see the inside ?

  • ToXic COmBaT1577
    ToXic COmBaT157710 dni temu

    Everyone says it's good but my xbox series x doesn't even work properly

  • Y'shtola Rhul
    Y'shtola Rhul11 dni temu

    ps5 is built like crap and so are its joy sticks from what alot players told me ps4 sticks suck bad too ill say they last like 3-6 months if that

  • Y'shtola Rhul
    Y'shtola Rhul11 dni temu

    i seen alot videos of them smoking like puff the magic dragon sadly thanks to c 19 i had no money in 10 months and many more to come i sure

  • spaceface 777
    spaceface 77711 dni temu

    How can humans make this

  • Eric Hemingway

    Eric Hemingway

    3 dni temu

    Actually, humans *just* make the machines that make the machines that make the robotics that make the robotics that make this.

  • Abir Hayet Joy
    Abir Hayet Joy12 dni temu

    Lol it makes me wondering how you gonna put all back the way it was 😅

  • cr4zyw3ld3r
    cr4zyw3ld3r13 dni temu

    Just fyi do not use a vacuum on or near electronics as there is a chance of causing ESD damage, compressed air or a specific PC blower are ideal

  • Captain Smith
    Captain Smith13 dni temu

    Can't wait for Titan Quest II, Xbox Series X is like a Titan Quest VIP win bonus total final meister coolness thunder payday check Bob rush

  • John Mecca
    John Mecca14 dni temu

    I bet people will start removing then repainting that XBox-green grill different colors to give the top a different appearance.☺️

  • 585ghz
    585ghz14 dni temu

    amazing architecture!

  • Caleldyr BladeRunner
    Caleldyr BladeRunner14 dni temu

    So they can launch the system with a marking of their signature exclusive but cant release the game lmao who tf would actually buy an xbox. So useless xD

  • ————————————


    7 dni temu

    People who like game pass... most people buying the ps5 will never buy a next gen lexclusive

  • Caleldyr BladeRunner

    Caleldyr BladeRunner

    11 dni temu

    @Collin you heard me

  • Collin


    13 dni temu


  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris14 dni temu

    god that thing is fucking atrocious, OG Xbox rolling over in its grave from creativity to a trash can.

  • Kenny Tritch
    Kenny Tritch14 dni temu

    Microsoft: To dissipate heat, we’ve built a highly advanced multi-stage cooling system. . KFC: LOL Just use a piece of chicken.

  • Chess
    Chess14 dni temu

    Much better build quality than the cheap crap from the PS5. Huge props to Microsoft!

  • eight bit
    eight bit15 dni temu

    Great reference video for the future. Thank you for your contribution!

  • K Brown
    K Brown15 dni temu

    You are allowed to do that!!

  • ledgrowlabs
    ledgrowlabs15 dni temu

    What's more addicting then Cokecain an opiates sugar

  • Ry Ry
    Ry Ry15 dni temu


  • Harry Toe
    Harry Toe16 dni temu

    What brand is the disc drive.

  • Jeff Hamilton
    Jeff Hamilton16 dni temu

    Unless something breaks after warranty I don’t know why one would take it apart other than to maybe replace a fried power supply.

  • Deepest Ocean
    Deepest Ocean16 dni temu

    The thing is... Read More

  • Redsocksphan
    Redsocksphan17 dni temu

    Great video!

  • TheRogueMage
    TheRogueMage17 dni temu

    They build the consoles at a loss, and make it up with their subscription services. You end up giving them over another $300-$500 after a few years. They cost the same as a PC, you just aren't giving up all your money at once. They squeeze it out of you over time.

  • Chess


    14 dni temu

    You forgot the 4K blu-ray drive which you’d have to buy. Pc is still more expensive even a couple years later.

    JUSKENZ17 dni temu

    Invest in some lighting. Great job 👍

  • chacaman
    chacaman18 dni temu

    Question for microsoft ... is it not too hot to be so small or compressed? So my question is how much heat do "12tflops" generate, isn't it very packed?

  • TresHermanos
    TresHermanos19 dni temu

    Damn you're cute 😍

  • JakeTheDog
    JakeTheDog19 dni temu

    This guy looks like fixit Felix

  • H3 Was

    H3 Was

    17 dni temu

    Also Ned Flanders/Chuck Norris.

  • XRayCam
    XRayCam19 dni temu

    Complaining (laughing) at an OVERSIZED heat sink.....WHY (first protection).

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker19 dni temu

    That heatsink reminds me of my Noctua cooler in my PC

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews20 dni temu

    Looks like a PC tower

  • Steven Utter
    Steven Utter20 dni temu

    Make sure you subscribe. Yeah 5 seconds into the first I've ever seen of you in my entire life...sure thing bro. Clicking subscribe right now. 🙄

  • Macafee
    Macafee20 dni temu

    It’s insane how well designed the Series X is... it makes the PS5’s design look lazy..

  • F B I
    F B I20 dni temu

    PS4 was stronger than Xbox One. Xbox Series X is stronger than PS5. Man, what happend to PS?

  • F B I

    F B I

    11 dni temu

    @Prodigious 909 Well, maybe next time PS6 will be better. But for real Xbox Series X be mythic doe.

  • Prodigious 909

    Prodigious 909

    11 dni temu

    PS has always had better games and better sales

  • Gerardo Silva
    Gerardo Silva21 dzień temu

    Microsoft did a great job 👍 made it easy to open up and replace any part that would need replacing 🙂

  • novarza
    novarza21 dzień temu

    You have a DSKoopa shirt on..... Automatically subbing!!! =)

  • Doppio
    Doppio21 dzień temu

    Is Spawn Wave ripped? Look at those arms bro.

  • NC Livin
    NC Livin21 dzień temu

    Are you on a grounding mat?

  • Jhdez
    Jhdez21 dzień temu

    My question is why the rubber thingy is wrapped around the heat sink wouldn't it melt?

  • Chrisley Lewis
    Chrisley Lewis21 dzień temu

    This should show us how over priced computer parts are look at how cheap they sold this thing and you know they made a good profit off each unit

  • Chrisley Lewis
    Chrisley Lewis21 dzień temu

    If only I could find one to buy that would be nice well that isn't marked up 300 percent

  • AyushTheHostage
    AyushTheHostage21 dzień temu

    Uh theres an xbox 360 looking thingy inside wtf

  • Adam Gonzalez
    Adam Gonzalez22 dni temu

    I got those orange torx from Amazon

  • chuck farley
    chuck farley22 dni temu

    STILL room in the case for more cooling and storage! Tis a marvel... More reason for me to wait for the updated/ upgraded version in a year. I want a 4tb version!

  • Devil Strider
    Devil Strider22 dni temu

    Damn good design.

  • Noctem Eternis
    Noctem Eternis22 dni temu

    If you're going to vacuum inside anything electronic, make sure you use an anti-static vacuum.

  • Conrad Beardsley
    Conrad Beardsley23 dni temu

    Is anyone else's just hot I think it's just because I'm downloading a game but I just need some help it's supposed to be hot yes or no I don't really know because my old console that is still sitting next to my new one is set up like plugged into the wall no HDMI or anything but when I start the old one up the old one is not hot or anything is it just cuz I'm downloading a new game or is it just cuz how the console is I don't know I would love some help

  • ItZmrMaN35
    ItZmrMaN3523 dni temu

    I got one for Christmas and im very satisfied, still downloading all of my games tho

  • .
    .24 dni temu

    I want one soooo much but the stock is getting destroyed by sweaty 30 y/o virgins

  • Kuro Karitori
    Kuro Karitori24 dni temu

    Why do you look disappointed?

  • Andres Acosta
    Andres Acosta24 dni temu

    So you are telling me that the xbox series x has integrated graphics??? Blegh

  • ————————————


    7 dni temu

    It doesn’t

  • Rodrigo Maciel Porto
    Rodrigo Maciel Porto25 dni temu


  • Metallizombie
    Metallizombie25 dni temu

    I use that harbor freight screwdriver at work 😂

  • God Is good
    God Is good25 dni temu

    Xbox for the win and I'm a ps fan boy

  • Ray Thompson
    Ray Thompson25 dni temu

    itscso well built not like shitty ps5 plastic crap i love ps5 games but its looking like xbox x for me its a tank

  • 64-Bit Warriors
    64-Bit Warriors25 dni temu

    To be honest, I don't care how it's built, or how it runs Its better than my Xbox one, not Xbox one S or X, just my 7 year old Xbox one

  • Ken's Gaming Mod Tech
    Ken's Gaming Mod Tech25 dni temu

    Mann your screwdriver tool is huge! Lol. great video

  • Chris S
    Chris S25 dni temu

    I saw you had concerns about using liquid metal inside, what do you think about Sony using liquid metal with users opting for upright orientation?

  • Hunter
    Hunter25 dni temu

    You could put an rgb computer fan in it. Looks like itll plug right up, lol