I bought every Galaxy Note ever.

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With Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Note 20 Ultra upon us, and Samsung Galaxy S21 coming next year, welcome to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note comparison, including camera, battery, performance tests.
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  • GoogleMe Blackwood
    GoogleMe Blackwood38 minut temu

    I still have a Note 7 using

  • King Kion Sus
    King Kion Sus4 godzin temu

    Can you make samsung tablet series pls

  • AvanggaAR
    AvanggaAR5 godzin temu

    15:00 hehe

  • Adonis King
    Adonis King6 godzin temu

    The Galaxy Note 3 and 4 are the best out of the family.

  • MikeBlox
    MikeBlox12 godzin temu

    Can I have the note 10 for real no joke

  • 釀忈剰Maria
    釀忈剰Maria15 godzin temu

    I like the idea

  • brian Windgassen
    brian Windgassen17 godzin temu

    Thanks you for saving the website worldwide 馃寪 馃檹

  • MartinSmellsLikeApricots
    MartinSmellsLikeApricots17 godzin temu

    00:00 Start 13:53 Comparison

  • Jorge Jim茅nez
    Jorge Jim茅nez19 godzin temu


  • Esmond Msimango
    Esmond Msimango20 godzin temu

    Guys I just need one last note. Note 21 ultra which I will keep for 5 years before upgrading to a foldable phone.

  • Nuha Abdul_Ameer
    Nuha Abdul_Ameer20 godzin temu

    I miss my note5 it was amazing I had it for 3 years but unfortunately it drowns in the water馃挃馃挃

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A23 godzin temu

    U did an amazing job reviewing al these phones .

  • JMsurYT
    JMsurYT23 godzin temu

    To me, best Note was the 9th as it got everything. Removing the headphone jack is a dealbraker to me, especially on the Note which should be the most complete phone Samsung has to offer.

  • Jax Q
    Jax QDzie艅 temu

    Me watching this from a galaxy note 4 : ._.

  • Vu Hoang Phat
    Vu Hoang PhatDzie艅 temu

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  • Vu Hoang Phat
    Vu Hoang PhatDzie艅 temu

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  • sahil singh
    sahil singhDzie艅 temu

    Why don't you review budget phones like poco m2 or c3

  • Christine Betito
    Christine BetitoDzie艅 temu

    mrwhosetheboss can i get a phone

  • Hoang Tuyen
    Hoang TuyenDzie艅 temu

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  • S.A. Riaz
    S.A. RiazDzie艅 temu

    You missed Galaxy Note 10 Lite brother.

  • Drifco Gamer
    Drifco GamerDzie艅 temu

    Bruh the note 2 has 2 ram my phones is the samsung galaxy a 10 s and I only have 2 ram

  • misty sky
    misty skyDzie艅 temu

    im curious on where did he purchase all of that samsung note seems orig and legit

  • 脡ric Duhamel
    脡ric DuhamelDzie艅 temu

    My first phone was a Note 3, got a Note 4 after 2 years of owning the 3 but broke in 11 month, got a free S6 that broke after 9 month.. to this day I鈥檓 with Iphones BUT my Note 3 is my "Ipod", now 8 years later I have bought a Note 9 to replace my Note 3 as my music phone, the Note 3 is still working but it鈥檚 time for a change, best phone ever made

  • Nom
    NomDzie艅 temu

    I haven't bought a Samsung phone since the S2 melted, S2 had 1 metre wifi, S4 battery exploded and the Note 5 needed two screen replacements. Xiaomi all the way.

  • Tribit Fan Opex
    Tribit Fan OpexDzie艅 temu

    Note 10: hit me harder daddy!

  • I like to suck on popsicals
    I like to suck on popsicalsDzie艅 temu

    I feel like dying at 14:55

  • ferhattje
    ferhattjeDzie艅 temu

    The note 7 is the most beautiful phone ever made.

  • Yinon Weinstock
    Yinon WeinstockDzie艅 temu

    my phone is galaxy note 9+

  • Glern Babuh
    Glern BabuhDzie艅 temu

    I love that phone can you give me note 10

  • Zon Rules 24
    Zon Rules 24Dzie艅 temu

    awesome review馃憣馃徎

  • Jules Roberts
    Jules RobertsDzie艅 temu

    You lucky, lucky sod.

  • Ib Ma
    Ib MaDzie艅 temu

    How can u afford all these phones

  • Hemit Patel
    Hemit Patel2 dni temu


  • Reverse World
    Reverse World2 dni temu

    Me next. I started with note 2, will get the rest of the family soon

  • Mythical Jonin
    Mythical Jonin2 dni temu

    I Still remember having a Note 2

  • lighthouse 47
    lighthouse 472 dni temu

    You said you bought every iPhone or Were they given to you by the manufacturers there鈥檚 a difference

  • A.J. Deutsch
    A.J. Deutsch2 dni temu

    I have a note 9, the phone is an absolute beast 2 and a half years later. Samsung built these phones to last. The phone is still fast, the battery holds up fantastic, and the camera is still great. I am upgrading to the S21 ultra after getting an insane deal on it so my Note 9 will be missed but its been a great phone

  • Brandi with an i
    Brandi with an i2 dni temu

    I started with the Note 3. That was it for me. Now, I'm on the Note 20 ultra. Really don't see me owning anything else.

  • MuffinFighter
    MuffinFighter2 dni temu

    In 2018 I jumped from Note 3 to Note 8. It was quite a change 馃槀 if there is going to be a Note 22, I will get it

  • tedscheese
    tedscheese2 dni temu

    7:26 umm don鈥檛 u mean note 7

  • Olivia Evans
    Olivia Evans2 dni temu

    I miss my little Note 2. It was my first smartphone, and I have never been able to type faster than on that thing! Good times. :')

  • Idham Kassim
    Idham Kassim2 dni temu

    Ur missing galaxy note edge 馃槑

  • Naren Sid
    Naren Sid3 dni temu

    note 10 lite ?

  • Fausto Andrade
    Fausto Andrade3 dni temu

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  • k_y
    k_y3 dni temu

    Upgraded from my Note 4 to a Note 9 last weekend

  • Mr Venus
    Mr Venus3 dni temu

    14:59 naughty boii

  • 螒喂渭慰尾慰蟻慰 螒蟻魏慰蠀未伪魏喂
    螒喂渭慰尾慰蟻慰 螒蟻魏慰蠀未伪魏喂3 dni temu

    and now in S21 they made steps back from a tech S-pen to a wooden STYLUS without place on the phone ;C

  • Hicher 2500
    Hicher 25003 dni temu

    love his shirt make merch pls

  • Zeus2371
    Zeus23713 dni temu

    I also bought the Note 2 and I have only owned a Note ever after that!

  • Assassynator
    Assassynator3 dni temu

    I loved my Note 2

  • DaBubble Girl
    DaBubble Girl3 dni temu

    Lol me here With a galaxy s7 edge

  • rogue0621
    rogue06213 dni temu

    I had the Note 2,4 and now 20 ultra

  • zerihun assefa
    zerihun assefa3 dni temu

    Paralysis knows that his career is his endeavor!

  • ayush jain
    ayush jain3 dni temu

    Galaxy note 3 neo ?

  • The RealDevPlayz
    The RealDevPlayz3 dni temu

    Yea I have a note 10+ (my brother uses it bc his tablet is 馃 and I use iPad 6 lol) ok

  • Smitaa Srivastava
    Smitaa Srivastava3 dni temu

    14:56 something is going in 馃槅馃槅

  • Agehf Khan
    Agehf Khan3 dni temu

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  • Vanesa Latifi
    Vanesa Latifi3 dni temu

    15:00 me:you naughty naughty you teasing meee you naughty naughtyyyyyyy

  • Paulo Pereira
    Paulo Pereira3 dni temu

    surprised the Note 7 didn't blow up in his hand

    JASON HUANG3 dni temu

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  • Seikomode
    Seikomode3 dni temu

    Please do the S model line up!

  • Sai Prasath
    Sai Prasath3 dni temu

    11:46 General Kenobi.

  • CursedKeyblade1
    CursedKeyblade13 dni temu

    note 4 is my favorite one. removable battery, SD card, IR blaster, heart rate reader... insane phone.

  • Khairunnisa Hazmi
    Khairunnisa Hazmi3 dni temu

    I only own samsung galaxy j6 馃憗馃憚馃憗 watching this video make me cry in BROKE馃槗

  • Lightning
    Lightning3 dni temu

    the words can't express the huge work that you did.

  • Linyan Aung
    Linyan Aung4 dni temu

    I got note 4 , note 9 and note 10

  • Bailey Betty
    Bailey Betty4 dni temu

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  • Change Dev.
    Change Dev.4 dni temu

    I still use the note 3! :-(

  • Change Dev.

    Change Dev.

    3 dni temu

    @Nylrak Yeah, probably!

  • Nylrak


    3 dni temu

    Bro you need a new phone for 2021, that note 3 is going to be 7 years old now

  • Scuddyz0n3
    Scuddyz0n34 dni temu

    He did the note 8 scandalous

  • misty pooky
    misty pooky4 dni temu

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  • 4 dni temu

    your my favrout youtuber

  • iqra malik
    iqra malik4 dni temu

    U talk to much just stop

  • Fadlk Haq
    Fadlk Haq4 dni temu

    Samsung is just giving notes afterthoughts...its like they dont care about the note

  • cohlinn
    cohlinn4 dni temu

    I'm still using Note4. The last model with removable battery. Still my favourite phone to date.

  • Nylrak


    3 dni temu

    I was using it as well until it suddenly died some weeks ago. Now I'm using Galaxy S9 but may changed it to S10 idk

  • Cuba K
    Cuba K4 dni temu

    I love in Europe and my note had a black pen in the box instead of yellow

  • amar Jeet123
    amar Jeet1234 dni temu

    From s5 to s8 and note 5 to note 8 phones are amzing

  • Darkstar The Therian
    Darkstar The Therian4 dni temu

    US Military after realizing that they can just kill people in war by giving them note 7s: business is boomin'

  • ketel binkie
    ketel binkie4 dni temu

    Ver nice Note video! As a Note fan I really enjoyed it!

  • Zachary Kosove
    Zachary Kosove4 dni temu

    The comparison time stamp in the top right is really annoying

  • peter cech
    peter cech4 dni temu

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  • proud pakistani
    proud pakistani4 dni temu

    This guy needs to get a life seriously..

  • Umema Malik Muhammad
    Umema Malik Muhammad4 dni temu

    My brother had the S6 edge+ for a really long time i think 6 years but it is burned and he sgonna buy teh s21ultra

  • Joel Benson
    Joel Benson5 dni temu

    This was an excellent review of all of the Note series. I really enjoyed it Thanks

  • GeoMetall yt
    GeoMetall yt5 dni temu

    Next time Arun is buying a new phone, he would ask for no charger with it

  • Bachz Hazel
    Bachz Hazel5 dni temu

    I still love my note 2 and 4. Will probably get the 20 as well to replace my 8

  • Bachz Hazel
    Bachz Hazel5 dni temu

    I still love my note 2 and 4. Will probably get the 20 as well to replace my 8

  • Shreyash Ingale
    Shreyash Ingale5 dni temu

    Bro I liked Galaxy Note 7 馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Thiesia Sanchez
    Thiesia Sanchez5 dni temu

    how much is samsung note 10 plus today?

  • 銉凩eo
    銉凩eo5 dni temu

    Still using my Note9 and rock solid on performance

  • Gi Cy
    Gi Cy5 dni temu

    Are phones over innovated?

  • Avallone Gomez
    Avallone Gomez5 dni temu

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  • Onur EREREN
    Onur EREREN5 dni temu

    I came to see how Galaxy Note 10 Lite fared among the others, but leaving disappointed.

  • She Shakur
    She Shakur5 dni temu

    Love my Notes. Been rocking with the Samsung Note series since day 1. 馃グ And Still rocking with them. Can't wait to see what they'll release in 2021.

  • Ayyappa R
    Ayyappa R5 dni temu

    Brilliant advertising skills 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

  • Ryco
    Ryco5 dni temu

    I still have my working note 7 till this day

  • 袨谢械泻褋邪薪写褉 袘褍褌械薪泻芯
    袨谢械泻褋邪薪写褉 袘褍褌械薪泻芯5 dni temu

    Why the box metters? I couldn't care less about box as soon as I got my phone out of it. And you would not decide to get the phone because of the box.

  • Muratveli
    Muratveli5 dni temu

    In terms of design, nothing will top Note 9

  • No-reply banjeee
    No-reply banjeee5 dni temu

    A wise man once said: Finally s21 will launch so that the prices of s20 will get lowered To buy a s10

  • No-reply banjeee

    No-reply banjeee

    Dzie艅 temu

    @Gabriel Praslin im afraid u might have gotten som chinese clone, look at pictures of real ones and compare

  • Gabriel Praslin

    Gabriel Praslin

    Dzie艅 temu

    That's funny, I just got an S10e which still has a headphone jack!

  • Mythical Jonin

    Mythical Jonin

    2 dni temu

    (Confused Unga Bungas)

  • Cookie_Andrea
    Cookie_Andrea6 dni temu

    Who Elise vibes the outro?

  • Lucas Ks
    Lucas Ks6 dni temu