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Kids Meet a School Shooting Survivor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
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  • Jordan's Entertainment
    Jordan's Entertainment6 godzin temu

    Other people: “The shooter will be in the hospital”. Me: IM DEAD DEAD

  • GreazyNuts
    GreazyNuts11 godzin temu

    "throw school supplies at them" kid John Wick: showtime

  • ꧁Elii꧂
    ꧁Elii꧂14 godzin temu

    I feel really bad for people who had to experience this. I will never know what this feels like in person because I live in italy and here we have gun control, so we’re a bit safe. I can’t believe that we arrived at the point where students are scared to go to school because every day they could die.

  • Milan Retsas
    Milan Retsas15 godzin temu

    me living in a Australia 🥱😎

  • Yixian Peng
    Yixian PengDzień temu

    I never would’ve thought that school shooting is a I’m scared to go to school. Thinking being in a classroom with friends and classmates and then someone comes in a shoots everyone is just so traumatizing.

  • Aaron Gonzalez
    Aaron GonzalezDzień temu

    Good thing I dropped out of middle school

  • Dumbo
    DumboDzień temu

    Is the red head talking cursive

  • AJO DoesStuff
    AJO DoesStuffDzień temu

    Thank god i live in the uk . We don’t allow guns here . I do not understand why America allows guns, If the united kingdom’s citizens people can deal without guns then you can too.

  • MysticTerror394
    MysticTerror394Dzień temu

    Luckily in Australia guns are illegal :)

  • John J. Apanovitch
    John J. Apanovitch2 dni temu

    This is honestly something I have always feared. School shootings may seem fake, but they, in reality, are very much real. What an inspiring story.

  • Bright Peachess
    Bright Peachess2 dni temu

    wow its been 14 years (i think) since this shooting has happened

  • Olivia Salitros
    Olivia Salitros2 dni temu

    She said he burst in to DA ROOM, immediately I was like oh they should be fine, and was I wrong. Thank the lords she alive after BEING SHOT 2 TIMES

  • Girlfriend
    Girlfriend3 dni temu

    Welcome to ‘Mercia folks 🤠🌭

  • Tiger_The Hybrid
    Tiger_The Hybrid3 dni temu

    In grade two it was the middle of the day- like- a totally normal day. my teacher started covering the windows with posters and table cloths, she locked the door and stuff. we sat in there for like- 2 and a half hours and apperently it was like this crazy parent on somthin or somthin or sombody who had a supposed gun.

  • Steve Glick
    Steve Glick3 dni temu

    My stem teacher said that if we get hold of him we just cut his fingers off one by one: girl was a dawg

  • Cosmo_YT
    Cosmo_YT3 dni temu

    Tips on how to survive a school shooting btw this just to meme around Step 1: If the shooter comes in to your classroom take out your pencil. Step 2: run towards the shooter. Step 3: stab them with the pencil. don't need to be a pencil it can be something sharp in your book bag don't try to papar cut them Step 4: keep on stabing himUntil he bleed out. If the cop ask u what happened just say it was self-defense LOL thank u for your attention :)

  • MintyBear
    MintyBear3 dni temu

    “Of you have a strong gut feeling that something is ganna happen, listen to that” Well I was near Barcelona and we would go there, I didn’t trust going there A 3rd time that week and acted like I was sick. We ended up going to the beach where we heard that there was a shooting at the time we would be at that same time. I also once was in Lille with my class and a demonstration showed up but they were shooting aswell, I ran out off the city even tho I was like in the center and didn’t even know where I was yet I ran back to the bus. I didn’t wanna go somewhere once because I felt sick but I had to go and then I got in a collision with a car... Could say I have a strong intuition...

  • 7alop
    7alop3 dni temu

    0:25 man hit puberty twice

  • iiTragic
    iiTragic4 dni temu

    It's sad that the kids even have to talk about this, and that this is even a topic. This is America.

  • BellaAesthetics
    BellaAesthetics4 dni temu

    I was in a lockdown

  • Dan Stone
    Dan Stone4 dni temu

    What an experience that would be scary

  • Talim being a your thrifty ghorrl 0.2
    Talim being a your thrifty ghorrl 0.24 dni temu

    _I coulda remember that someone stood up and walks to the shooter and did the talk no jutsu_

  • Random
    Random4 dni temu

    So... I want some gold fish *the snack that smiles back*

  • m.l.e.
    m.l.e.4 dni temu

    When she said sometimes you need to follow your gut and do what's right for you, I think that's good advice. Teachers and other authority figures usually have the best intentions for keeping people under their care safe, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are correct about their safety instructions, or instructions that may have been passed down to them from someone else. Look into the Sewol ferry disaster in Korea for a perfect, yet absolutely tragic example of this.

  • Polar Mania
    Polar Mania5 dni temu

    Me listens to this: *oh that's really sad, she got shot twice! :(* Also me: *laughs in homeschoolness*

  • Deborah Dalton-Pritchett
    Deborah Dalton-Pritchett5 dni temu

    this week on moday i was reecently just involved in a school lock down shooting

  • Deborah Dalton-Pritchett

    Deborah Dalton-Pritchett

    5 dni temu

    p.s. just happy to be alive because they got into our building but couldnt get into the classrooms

  • Joe Noyes
    Joe Noyes5 dni temu

    Teachers should be allowed to carry and all students over 18 should be allowed to carry. Gun control is suicide by mind control

  • HuskyNation
    HuskyNation5 dni temu

    if a shooter was in my school i would get some sope and scrub it all over the floor then take my homemade sling shot and put a pebble or iron metal ball and hid somewhere then when they enter they will slip and i will shoot them using pebbles :l YES I CARRY PEBBLES ON ME

  • Kanika Malhotra
    Kanika Malhotra5 dni temu

    Can they just fucking ban guns ??

  • Stevie_teaKITTY
    Stevie_teaKITTY5 dni temu

    *imagine being a school shooter walking into a classroom and then being hit by books*

  • Eclipse The Rainwing-Nightwing
    Eclipse The Rainwing-Nightwing5 dni temu

    Ok, quick story. Easter Day, this year there was a shooter at my neighborhood park, right across the street from me which I go too almost everyday. Luckily, I did not go to the park that day as I went to a picnic with some friends but some of my other friends/my older sisters friends were there. I actually did not know that there was a shooting until I got home and our neighbor posted pictures of the police there in the neighborhood group chat. So when I went to the park 4-5 days later because my sister wanted too (I was afraid that maybe the shooter will be there, he wasn’t) We were talking with our friends who actually were at the shooting and basically this dude was playing basketball on the basketball court there at the park and he got into a fight with someone else there so he went home to get a gun and drove back and shot from the car. There were four bullets but luckily all of them missed. Sadly they haven’t caught the dude yet. I’m still afraid whenever I walk outside and people Idk are walking nearby because what if there the shooter. I’m so glad I wasn’t there but what If I was? And I had attended the Easter hunt instead of the picnic as planned? And me and my sister were walking around passing right around the basketball court and in front of the parking lot and road where the shooter was? I also wonder about what if I was in the situation and the shooter decided to walk around? Where would I hide since the park is all open and he could literally just walk around and get you. And I’m afraid of running because what if the dude sees my and shoots me first? Maybe I’m overthinking.

  • Hawks
    Hawks6 dni temu

    If a shooter came to my class... Bish open the windows I'm flying Even though I'm on the top floor And the windows r small- 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Debany Aguirre
    Debany Aguirre6 dni temu

    Omg i googled more about it and today marks 14 years! What a coincidence

  • Luna The Beginner Artist and JoJo Fan
    Luna The Beginner Artist and JoJo Fan7 dni temu

    Speaking of surviving me and my family ALMOST became a victim of bomb terrorism. So at Sunday I woke up at 7AM and eat breakfast, do my thing, feed my turtles. My Dad woke up at like 8AM and we're almost late for church, so we speedran our morning routine and went to church. Halfway there my Dad's phone rang and he picked it up. And guess what the Pastor said. "You don't need to go today sir, there was a bomb at the runway and we decided to cancel all activities". I was SHOOK, me and my family could've been hurt or worse. I was gratefull that no one was hurt, well, except for the security guard trying to take it out. He's ok now, thankfully.

  • Jackson Sampare
    Jackson Sampare7 dni temu

    The best thing is she wasn’t scared of the bullet bruh I would be running into walls n stuff tryna hide 😅

  • Joon Simp⟭⟬
    Joon Simp⟭⟬7 dni temu

    the good think about visco girls is all the hydro flasks, good slug someone really well with those

  • miu is waifu
    miu is waifu7 dni temu

    Bro why do we just hide in a corner, we like will all die because we're so bunched together like let us hide in different places

  • Danny W.
    Danny W.7 dni temu

    when you read about the shooter, it is unbelievable how preventable he was. It was very apparent that he should've been hospitalized very early on.

  • ivy adamin
    ivy adamin8 dni temu

    I'm in 6th grade and if there ever was one I think I would not survive because they were loud during the drills.

  • Katie Finch
    Katie Finch8 dni temu

    We don't have training for this in Britain or at our school. But if it happens imma jump out a window no legs is better than no life

  • Ari Plays
    Ari Plays8 dni temu

    My teacher says we throw r supplies at them and we have hard desk and chairs so yeah

  • Soliana Dawit
    Soliana Dawit8 dni temu

    Wouldn’t the shooter know that we’re hiding because that person was also in a school and they also practiced lockdowns

  • Lemon Shook & Hanna Mae
    Lemon Shook & Hanna Mae8 dni temu

    if I had to throw my school supplies at the school shooters I would throw my teacher's computer, scissors, my 50 pounds bag

  • cool gamer0653
    cool gamer06538 dni temu

    Stab them in the eyes

  • Cav Plays
    Cav Plays9 dni temu

    In my first months 6th grade, and on the first fire drill,my teacher glanced outside the window. I was like, “Uhm... what’s she doing?” Then she kept looking for like 2 more seconds then she said, “Ok, let’s go.” I shrugged it off, and afterwards I asked what that was all about and what she said blew my mind. I don’t think it was in my school, but two kids pulled the fire alarm, and all the kids when to the front of the school, and the two kids mowed a bunch of kids down.

  • thatgirlm
    thatgirlm9 dni temu

    Get this my teacher has a gun!!!

  • Jackie 910

    Jackie 910

    3 dni temu

    It's not a surprise if you live in USA

  • Melody Rae2009
    Melody Rae20099 dni temu

    If you have a gun pointed at you be quiet and trying to stir them and make sure to keep eye contact someone's less likely to shoot you if you're if they're looking directly at you. If someone has a knife and it's going to stab you make as much noise as possible because there's possibility they can drop the knife. You don't want to do that to some gun because they could accidentally fired it

  • Vanclover
    Vanclover9 dni temu

    Dont Ask but i always TaKe a metal pole with me to school.

  • Rachelle Hensley
    Rachelle Hensley9 dni temu

    I was in high school from 2008-2012. That’s when things changed from sit in the corner, to fight back! All of my teachers had different plans and actions. One teacher kept a stack of huge books on top of the shelves, right next to the door so he can drop it on top of their heads! My oldest teacher who had a walker had bats in the back “to protect her only” she was a trip lol but she also had a rope ladder to get us out of the window from the top floor. And every classroom had a thing on the door, and a rope on the other side to tie the door together. We all had to learn how to do this incase the teacher couldn’t. It’s crazy to think we live in a world like this. Even more messed up was a kid started a rumor that a “weird” kid was gonna shoot up the school just so we didn’t have to go in. Pretty much like a skip day. It really messed that kid up..

  • coopTO2
    coopTO29 dni temu

    school: throw your stuf at him my friend: throws loaded gun at him me: tells the man to shoot my friend first no shoot him first no shoot him first no shoot him first intruder: comites suiside

  • braf zachland
    braf zachland9 dni temu

    00:01 lol what throw their school supplies at them. good plan. that said you can see how horribly edited this was to get her to say that. what a joke these videos are

  • kaixnz
    kaixnz9 dni temu

    shooter watching this: Uh. Uh huh. Oh ok . Ohhhhh

  • Kavin Bala
    Kavin Bala10 dni temu

    it's sorta impossible to defend against a school shooter. pretty much the only thing you can do is prevent the entire thing from happening. when she said at the beginning that they are supposed to throw their school supplies at them all i thought was, there could be ways to stop a shooter with what you may normally have rather than just slowing down the shooter. in some countries students used to be given self defense training but i've never heard about it in america where it's probably more relevant

  • Charlotte Grayson
    Charlotte Grayson10 dni temu

    As someone from the uk the thought of a school shooting is so foreign to me that it’s upsetting to hear that schools have to go throw drills in the event of a shooter in the school. Truly terrifying

  • Alexander the tomcat
    Alexander the tomcat10 dni temu

    The girl who asked if it was okay to laugh is so wholesome

  • Inky Soda
    Inky Soda10 dni temu

    “You’re supposed to throw your things at the shooter” Me and the rest of the band kids: *its showtime*

  • Dalila Baltazar
    Dalila Baltazar10 dni temu

    Those arn't kids those are teens -_-

  • Patricia patterson
    Patricia patterson10 dni temu

    Don’t forget that you and other people might be very scared about that you and other people might get die from the shooting and you and other will die when you and students have no more stuff to protect them

  • Jerold Boy
    Jerold Boy10 dni temu

    School shooter:enters building Me and the orchestra class:AHHHHHH! *charges at him with Instruments as shields and Bows as swords

  • Peter Harton
    Peter Harton11 dni temu

    I would break a window and run even if I’m on the fifth floor I would because that’s better than seeing my friends die

  • alle Coppin
    alle Coppin11 dni temu

    this is so eye opening . respect for this girl so brave and good role model.

  • Hope’s Dreams
    Hope’s Dreams11 dni temu

    So we have this training for these kinds of situations, that would probably get us all killed but whatever. And the teachers aren’t warned about them anymore, because you wouldn’t be warned if it was real. This year my German teacher straight up ignored the alarm because it wasn’t clear enough, it turned out to be a training but imagine if it wasn’t...

  • Richard Cunniham
    Richard Cunniham11 dni temu

    Rip 😢🙌❤️love Jesus and God

  • Isabella Rubenstein
    Isabella Rubenstein11 dni temu

    In my school we just go in the corner and sit we don’t even hide like my parents say don’t listen to the teacher and just throw things at the shooter person and they say that to listen during drills but if the actual thing happens then do what they say

  • King George
    King George12 dni temu

    One time there was a bomb threat at my school. The person who told the school that he put a bomb in was a high schooler. He did it the day there was supposed to be a big test so he wouldn’t have to take it. If you don’t want to take a test so much that you will terrify 150 4 year olds, there is something wrong with you.

  • Jamal Mojo
    Jamal Mojo12 dni temu

    I think amongst the topic of school shootings they should talk about bullying, therapy and suicide because this could stop kids from becoming and creating shooters also the dangers of guns because guns are commonly used and owned

  • Ragu Spaghetti Sauce
    Ragu Spaghetti Sauce12 dni temu

    I wouldn't even discuss about this to younger generations about carrying Firearms to School and School Shootings. You are just making them think and believe that attending School is not safe and it's not worth it.

  • Axel Matthew
    Axel Matthew12 dni temu

    A shooter burst to the room,that 1 quite student pick up the dual deagle from his bag.

  • alex snipes
    alex snipes12 dni temu

    This is why u don't live in america

  • Abigail Parker
    Abigail Parker12 dni temu

    one time in my school there was a man with a gun and knife in my school but don't worry everyone was fine all the teachers were praying and crying

  • Eric Ramsey
    Eric Ramsey12 dni temu

    I heard that kids are supposed to throw school supplies at the shooter not to save themselves, but to save other people. Because while it probably won't save them, it slows the shooter down, and that buys the police more time to get there and save other people.

  • Tripton Puffinbarger
    Tripton Puffinbarger12 dni temu

    As my pe teacher sais “now if u hear shooter in the building u run get in the back and I’ll get y’all some base ball bats”

  • Error 404 Not Found
    Error 404 Not Found13 dni temu

    "We are supposed to throw stuff at the shooter" Me who literally collects tons of rocks at recess time: concussion time

  • Cat vid
    Cat vid13 dni temu

    nobody: me at a shooting who practises archery every week: hand me your pencil and get behind me.

  • Eleminity
    Eleminity13 dni temu

    My school had a shooting, 3 people died and there was also a kid with a knife that tried to stab me but he wasn't part of the shooters

  • Eleminity
    Eleminity13 dni temu

    For a second i read Kids meet a School Visor.

  • Pressley Wandling
    Pressley Wandling14 dni temu

    I had a lockdown about a month ago and the person wasn’t armed but she was trying to hurt the kids in my grade. Earlier in the morning we had a lockdown drill and she had looked into the classroom. A kid had made a joke that we are having a real lockdown. Later in the morning around 11 am, we had a real lockdown. She said that she will come back and that this war isn’t over.

  • Maxime Morin
    Maxime Morin14 dni temu


  • Random User
    Random User14 dni temu

    I want to add: don’t run in a straight line if someone is trying to shoot you, run in a zigzag line so it’s harder for them to shoot you in the head.

  • lps rain bow wings
    lps rain bow wings14 dni temu

    Kid: "I'm Tyrone." Me: " And we're...YOUR BACK YARD FRIENDS,THE BACK-YARDIGANS!!"

  • Harley Davis
    Harley Davis14 dni temu

    my school expects us to hide under the desks if something like that happens but one side of my class is a glass wall with no curtans

  • SkidThe GamingGod
    SkidThe GamingGod14 dni temu

    I thought Pico was gonna be in this :(

  • Oisin Jordan
    Oisin Jordan14 dni temu

    The lad with the sandals though 🥶🥶

  • Natezz
    Natezz15 dni temu


  • Crowspears
    Crowspears15 dni temu

    I have a question. What if you pretend to be dead? Would that help or not?

    DILLIGENT_DRAGON15 dni temu

    5:21 yes i feel very safe at my school it is next to a fire department which is next to a police department and there is a police in our school, so yes i do feel very safe at school

  • Linessa
    Linessa15 dni temu

    Sometimes I think ahead into the feature worrying what will happen… Please tell me it’s not only me 🌝

  • Safiyah Husn
    Safiyah Husn16 dni temu

    This makes me feel really grateful for living in the uk

  • Adam Mahmoud
    Adam Mahmoud16 dni temu

    Lockdowns In Mu schools Are so Dumb they say close the lights and Hide and the shooter will not know you are here. but he is Shooting a school probably there is going to be students in every class room

  • Banana Girl
    Banana Girl16 dni temu

    Each classroom in our school is joined to the vlassroom nextdoor and each classroom has a secret room. Some are behind a bookself, the bottom bookself is always larger than the rest and behind it there is a space where about 10 12-17 year old kids can fit. Another place if we dont have a bookshelf is the tiles on our ceilings open and have a ladder go up into it. I know if the shooter is from the school hed know where it was but they are better that under a desk.

  • Sia Anand

    Sia Anand

    13 dni temu


  • noT
    noT16 dni temu

    now that i think about it maybe corona had some bright sides to it lol

  • Tux Draws
    Tux Draws17 dni temu

    My social studies/English teacher knows a form of karate (pronounced kraw-migaw), if we had him in the class it happened the shooters jaw would’ve been GONE

  • CrossHook Studios
    CrossHook Studios17 dni temu

    i would be in the worst position. i would just... give up... stand up, show myself and, finally. Say, "Shoot me. I give up :(". so.. i would be dead in that point.

  • CrossHook Studios

    CrossHook Studios

    17 dni temu

    second thoughts. I would always sneak a grenade into a school lol.

    JUSTIN TICHELI17 dni temu

    im frickin running out the school

  • Oldnoobman
    Oldnoobman18 dni temu

    "We're supposed to throw our stuff at the shooter" That one kid at the back of the class with butterfly knives and drinks whiskey like every day but still keeps the bottles around: *I'm sure I'll be fine*

  • Abalone the SeaWing Bean
    Abalone the SeaWing Bean18 dni temu

    This is scaring me now, I now think I’m gonna die in high school.

  • Lacey Marie
    Lacey Marie19 dni temu

    My English teacher told us to start throwing books at the person like yeah books are totally gonna save us against a person that has a gun 🧍‍♀️

    PRONGS19 dni temu

    Quite kid: Avengers... Assemble

  • Monke Wise
    Monke Wise19 dni temu

    Just have a gun in the classroom

  • Fart Piss

    Fart Piss

    19 dni temu

    Don’t let the trump supporters see this DON’T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS 😭