itzy YUNA's overflowing confidence

Yuna showing her overflowing self confidence. Yuna introduced herself as the model in ITZY. Yuna is relaxed because she's tall. Yuna is confident that Ryujin likes her. Yuna can't stop complimenting herself. "My legs are 2 meters long" "My nose is like Mt. Everest" "Superstar Shin Yuna" "Human Barbie". Yuna wore a pink coat because it makes her look prettier without makeup. Yuna loves treating her unnies and but them food. Young and Rich. Then there is Hyena Yeji wants to make Yuna pay for her drinks. Yuna confident, supermodel, hussey and maknae.
I edited this video to show one of itzy Yuna's characteristics: her self confidence. Yuna is not shy complimenting herself as much as she compliment her members. Yuna being the young and rich maknae loves paying for her unnies.
🐳I personally edited every part of this video! See channel's "About" for more info.

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  • 알렉산더카일
    알렉산더카일12 dni temu

    her unnies raised her to be a queen

  • Mila Roberts
    Mila Roberts2 godzin temu

    she's so effortlessly funny

  • Lenzal Afonso
    Lenzal Afonso7 godzin temu

    Why does Yuna look like that rich single aunt every guy would want....

  • mashaal shahid
    mashaal shahid18 godzin temu

    She’s soooo cute I love her

  • Muh Rafi
    Muh Rafi19 godzin temu

    yuna is nayeon's student, with that confidence

  • jaylah !
    jaylah !20 godzin temu

    Not a coincidence her and jin are Sagittarius's

  • Mari
    Mari21 godzinę temu

    as she should

    BLACKVELVET STAN21 godzinę temu

    No but i fucking love how confident my baby is😂i wish i have that confidence too

  • Mutiara Putri
    Mutiara Putri22 godzin temu

    i love yuna

  • Golden Creator Films
    Golden Creator FilmsDzień temu

    “My nose is like Mount Everest” pls 💀 😂 😭

  • Neidy M
    Neidy MDzień temu

    if only I had an ounce of confidence life would be different...that’s why admire and love confident women like 👏 👏 ❤️

  • Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie GarciaDzień temu

    Can't believe she's 17!!

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel CampbellDzień temu

    My bias being cute and confident. She is respectful and hilarious but not cocky or overbearing, I love that about Yuna. She that girl who is sure if herself but would never look down at anyone

  • Midnight Wolf
    Midnight WolfDzień temu

    *sees thumbnail* *happpy Cai Xukun noises*

  • Ladygirlmomo
    LadygirlmomoDzień temu

    Every gruop have there confident person 1. Sana/nayoen 2. Yuna 3. Lisa 4. Soojin U can add more idols

  • fluffy skies
    fluffy skiesDzień temu

    why is no one talking about the fact that she's a sagittarius

  • Marianna A.

    Marianna A.

    13 godzin temu

    Are sagittarius annoying?

  • icealps
    icealpsDzień temu

    Yuna: her swag and guts. Hahaha! Love our maknae... 😄

  • Zacha Ruli
    Zacha RuliDzień temu

    I love her Omg

  • Müller
    MüllerDzień temu

    Young and lich its something that im going to keep saying for a while now

  • molo balls
    molo ballsDzień temu

    I hope yuna will never lose her smile just like sana shiii did. It's so sad to see them lose their smile because of those insensitive people,. Fighting yuna shiii

  • 0613 BTS
    0613 BTSDzień temu

    Don't lose that confidence queen!

  • Melanie
    MelanieDzień temu

    I mean she's the visual she's super pretty I'm not surprised she's insanely confident there's not much for her not to be confident about

  • Joanna King
    Joanna KingDzień temu

    Shes sooo funny! And looover her confidence!!!

  • highdiyak
    highdiyakDzień temu

    bruh if y'all do something about this girl's confidence.. Imma fight y'all.

  • apado gwaenchana
    apado gwaenchanaDzień temu


  • Mashiho'd PotatoeTM
    Mashiho'd PotatoeTMDzień temu

    Yoon Jaehyuk 🙌 Shin Yuna Young and Rich

  • Mark Brenzuela
    Mark BrenzuelaDzień temu

    i can't even recite in the classsss help

  • DumplingseEnthusiast
    DumplingseEnthusiastDzień temu

    We stan a confident queen💕💕

  • ENCORE mv 100M views
    ENCORE mv 100M viewsDzień temu

    I genuinely mean it as a compliment. Why does Yuna look like jungkook with long hair lol

  • DumplingseEnthusiast


    Dzień temu

    Omg you're right 😂💜💜

  • John Vincent Laurel
    John Vincent Laurel2 dni temu

    Nayeon what tf did u do to Yuna?! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ruo Zhi
    Ruo Zhi2 dni temu

    i only have 2 ult groups. treasure and itzy. my biases are haruto and yuna who are both confidence personified 🤣🤣

  • Itsmoi👁👄👁🥥🧊
    Itsmoi👁👄👁🥥🧊2 dni temu

    my name is HAAHHHHGGGASEAY

  • shotaro debut
    shotaro debut2 dni temu

    I love Yuna so much :((( she' so young and it's in a super girl group like itzy! like, the expectations for her at 17 are huge! And she debuted at 15! But she's always been so confident and happy! She's our sunshine, our happy virus and our angel! Yuna knows she's crazy talented and incredibly beautiful, and im happy she shares her confidence becuase of the double standards :((. by that i mean if a male kpop idol seems confident of himself he gets praised but if a woman shows that she's mean :(( and people actually say she's mean for that! poor those non-midzys that don't know that Yuna spends money for her unnies and fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ anyways i love Yuna!

  • Monk Godz
    Monk Godz2 dni temu

    Hahaha my bias is Ryujin but I can't stop loving this girl😂😂 Happy pill❤️❤️

  • Praise Gabriel Mendoza
    Praise Gabriel Mendoza2 dni temu

    Hwang Yeji

  • Jessica Pasaribu
    Jessica Pasaribu2 dni temu

    ngl she looked like a baddas pretty rich girl who doesnt need a man lol😭

  • milkyyuna
    milkyyuna2 dni temu

    I feel like she could play a big role in The Penthouse

  • Bodowski Weh?!
    Bodowski Weh?!2 dni temu

    Yuna giving as a Nayeon vibe HHAHAHAHA

  • ayjfr88
    ayjfr882 dni temu

    5:41 Me: OH LORD! SHE KNOWS!

  • Naga Chaitra
    Naga Chaitra2 dni temu

    The thumbnail is true though,young and rich

  • snsdtwinkle
    snsdtwinkle2 dni temu

    If I had at least a quarter of Yuna's confidence I would be able to face anything the world threw at me

  • Lavit105
    Lavit1052 dni temu

    I really wanna see her in future dramas

  • Liskookie Lily
    Liskookie Lily2 dni temu

    I love her sm

  • ## 조비연!
    ## 조비연!2 dni temu


  • vanilla bean
    vanilla bean3 dni temu

    wow, i have the biggest crush on her (〃▽〃) (btw were the same age so I don’t get called creepy)

  • tigsik
    tigsik3 dni temu

    Oh my god shes like my niece i swear to god lol

  • jkv aqmini
    jkv aqmini3 dni temu

    just by reading the phrase on the cover i've come here to comment: ✨bambam has taught her well✨ that's all, now i'm gonna watch the video

  • Rindra Ny Aina
    Rindra Ny Aina3 dni temu

    Even IU is speechless😂😂

  • Lalalalalalal123 Laalal
    Lalalalalalal123 Laalal3 dni temu

    Anyone else think yuna looks exactly like that kid assassin in kill bill I can’t stop thinking about ittttt

  • ᴇ ᴠ ɪ ʟ ᴄ ʜ ᴇ ᴡ ʏ
    ᴇ ᴠ ɪ ʟ ᴄ ʜ ᴇ ᴡ ʏ3 dni temu

    For me, personality-wise, YUNA fits Itzy's concept about confidence the most. That's why she always shines in every comeback, because she really is confident.

  • Suditi Sri
    Suditi Sri3 dni temu

    at 1:15 yuna looks like that young rich mom that picks up her children at school in a bentley

  • amy's purple lion
    amy's purple lion3 dni temu

    Jin and Namjoon watching this: *feeling proud* yeah, like that! I love that!🤠

  • Faris Danial
    Faris Danial3 dni temu


  • bidisha das
    bidisha das3 dni temu

    5:53 we all can relate 😭

  • bidisha das
    bidisha das3 dni temu

    Difference between twice maknae and itzy is insecure of her height another is confident of her height 🤣

  • #
    #3 dni temu

    she's a queen

  • Cyrish Protacio
    Cyrish Protacio3 dni temu

    Yuna is a baby

  • Lolade Aderibigbe
    Lolade Aderibigbe3 dni temu

    Pls I need to work on my confidence... I just realized I had none cuz of this video

  • richalle cangas
    richalle cangas3 dni temu

    Yuna has a supermodel body 🔥🔥

  • Celline Domingo
    Celline Domingo3 dni temu

    I think.. Yuna is Nayeon's lost sister. She's full of herself. Hahahaha. IYKWIM. 🤣😅 I Love ITZY and TWICE. ❤️

  • janhavi dhotre
    janhavi dhotre3 dni temu

    I heard mother from yuna instead of model

  • bidisha das

    bidisha das

    3 dni temu

    Lol me too

  • Tin Marie
    Tin Marie4 dni temu

    I hope she'll get to act someday!! She has a superstar aura!!

  • Sheena Orais
    Sheena Orais4 dni temu

    Yuna and Nayeon are kinda aliKE HAHAHA

  • Blub
    Blub4 dni temu

    5:41 yea?

  • a girl who loves APink Snsd IU Itzy
    a girl who loves APink Snsd IU Itzy4 dni temu

    My Queen💌

  • sharon raiprakash
    sharon raiprakash4 dni temu

    Can you mention where can I find video clip at 2:15

  • I love Suzy
    I love Suzy4 dni temu

    Omg shes a good listener though. I do laugh whenever i see her. Shes such a weirdo; she is the best. I love my itzy bias! Thank you to yunas itzy unnies! You are the best, too ❤. I hope yuna will always feel confident and all itzy members to live happily and be healthy. Also we love you, juri juri!


    She knows fully well 5hats she is pretty beautiful

  • roseluvies
    roseluvies5 dni temu

    1:04 I'm the youngest one and I'm the mother in itzy

  • K Masha
    K Masha5 dni temu

    I don’t know why but she’s giving me confidence and I love that

  • Raima Shahzeb
    Raima Shahzeb5 dni temu

    I think she is jin's (bts) long lost sister as she has the confident and also keep telling she is beautiful, but that true tho....

  • Iam Kayla

    Iam Kayla

    2 dni temu

    Actually she learned from nayeon unnie nayeon has so much self confidence to

  • sooni dori
    sooni dori5 dni temu


  • mina
    mina5 dni temu

    Yuna should definately try acting... I feel like a role similar to the one of Cheon Song Yi would be perfect for her.

  • Last Braincell
    Last Braincell5 dni temu


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    malarie enriquez5 dni temu

    Wait lol is her name hussey or jose LMAO

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    Akif Danial6 dni temu


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    Ifra Shahid6 dni temu

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  • Timid Starmie
    Timid Starmie6 dni temu

    Do people not realize that hussy in English is slang for slut?

  • Casidy's Bliss
    Casidy's Bliss6 dni temu

    My nose is like Mt. Everest - YUNA 2020 😂

  • Ngoc Anh Nguyen
    Ngoc Anh Nguyen6 dni temu

    Nobody: Yuna: Ooh. Bitch, get out the way😎 🥰🥰🥰 Ooh. Bitch, get out the way😎 🥰🥰🥰 Ooh. Bitch, get out the way😎 😂😂😂

  • Chntl G
    Chntl G6 dni temu

    Nayeon 🤝 Yuna

  • 바보King
    바보King6 dni temu

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    no one7 dni temu

    True definition of not shy not me😆

  • syifa
    syifa8 dni temu

    1:14 what episode is this in?

  • Chaeryeong's Watermelon
    Chaeryeong's Watermelon8 dni temu

    if i looked like that i would be confident too ✋

  • Xiao Xuan
    Xiao Xuan8 dni temu

    Me having no confidence Meanwhile Yuna:having more confidence than my mom

    THE NORTHSTARS9 dni temu

    They are the Beagles of the 4th Generation.

  • B C
    B C9 dni temu

    Why do I feel like yuna hangs out with nayeon too much, the same energy from those two I swear😂

  • Nainika Surendran
    Nainika Surendran9 dni temu

    Guys can u tell me how to get my english name ?

  • EXTz_ Flow
    EXTz_ Flow9 dni temu

    Yuna é tudo mano! 🇧🇷💕

  • EXTz_ Flow
    EXTz_ Flow9 dni temu

    Yuna é tudo mano! 🇧🇷💕

  • Esma
    Esma9 dni temu

    I would have love to see Yuna and Somi relationship flourished they could have been boom if only JYP was not a Bvtch

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    Golu Dubey9 dni temu

    Me a proud Sagittarius

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    Victor paniagua

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    Francisca Ribeiro

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    Golu Dubey

    7 dni temu

    @STAYC JJANG nov sag here



    7 dni temu

    were both dec 09 😂

  • Frank Verisco
    Frank Verisco10 dni temu

    Shes the hottest visual. Yuna is sexy with a great body and the looks she gives hot!!!

  • koolkid
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  • Pam Beesley
    Pam Beesley10 dni temu

    yuna Jose

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    DubuUu Uuuu10 dni temu

    im nayeon's daughter is in itzy!!!!

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    Chou Chou11 dni temu

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    Rena11 dni temu

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