MARVEL'S SHANG-CHI Official Trailer (2021)

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First trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Marvel movie.


  • Jerome Asis
    Jerome Asis11 minut temu

    omg i love sisu

  • Dan Cap
    Dan Cap2 godzin temu

    I was so hyped because I thought it was an Iron Fist movie then I saw the title “Shang Chi” and I was like “Who the fu-“

  • gabe isaiah Delgado
    gabe isaiah Delgado3 godzin temu

    1:29 CLEAN ASF T-T

  • Candise White
    Candise White4 godzin temu

    my jaw dropped at one point and never picked back up

  • Keemo
    Keemo5 godzin temu

    2018:Black panther 2021:Yellow tiger 🤷🏾‍♂️😗

  • Rain Yubidashi
    Rain Yubidashi6 godzin temu

    I'm here coz of Wang Jackson voice

  • RestoreTheSynderVerse
    RestoreTheSynderVerse9 godzin temu


  • nistel SE
    nistel SE11 godzin temu

    looks far more engaging than turkeys like mortal kombat, eternals, even black widow, lol...

  • gems gems
    gems gems12 godzin temu

    Mr Kim your son is a doing well. No worry

  • communist panda Xi
    communist panda Xi13 godzin temu

    Ohhhhh the CCP is moving and soon all marvel superheroes are came from China and change it , use it as propaganda .that how good CCP to the world.

  • 약빨.
    약빨.15 godzin temu

    Disney, another word for PC shows all of the typical stereotyped Asians in this video Disney style racism 🤮🤮🤮

  • charlie
    charlie15 godzin temu

    it was like a video of the sett once the bus had crashed

  • charlie
    charlie15 godzin temu

    has anyone seen the tiktok about the bus seen

  • The Talisman
    The Talisman16 godzin temu

    Yo this looks awesome. Holy shnikeys

  • Destan Dews
    Destan Dews16 godzin temu

    The strongest hand to hand combat mcu character finally gets a movie❤️

  • Vilven Prabakar
    Vilven Prabakar19 godzin temu

    When China Take over Hollywood...

  • Jonathan Christian
    Jonathan Christian19 godzin temu

    I trained you so the most powerful people in the world couldn't kill you Thanos : you not talking about me

  • Anonymous Freak
    Anonymous Freak22 godzin temu

    So they basically combined the name Shang Tsung and Quan chi from Mortal Kombat into the name Shang chi 😆.

  • Zach Pulido
    Zach Pulido22 godzin temu

    I don’t care.

  • Resa Chiic Covers
    Resa Chiic Covers23 godzin temu

    Is that... a frickin Muni bus xD

  • Brae Brae -8
    Brae Brae -823 godzin temu

    Person: who are you? Him: 🤺

  • Maximillian Yañez
    Maximillian YañezDzień temu

    I am simple man. I watch trailer. I see Razor-fist. I get hyped.

  • Maria Rios
    Maria RiosDzień temu


  • Ragnared
    RagnaredDzień temu

    what's the title of the song on this trailer?

  • bob odenkirk
    bob odenkirkDzień temu

    simu liu i want u so bad man

  • Reda Ali
    Reda AliDzień temu

    Who are you Im a kung fu spiderman

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram SinghDzień temu

    Shang chi and the legend of coronavirus.

  • Ike
    IkeDzień temu

    Sorry but this looks like fuckry.....

  • grass hopper
    grass hopperDzień temu

    i gave you ten years to live your life and where did that get you??? that gave me creeps....

  • Dam Ndow creativity
    Dam Ndow creativityDzień temu

    Shang chi vs his mentor fight scene will be awesome

  • The Narrator
    The NarratorDzień temu

    Man why do you have to put trap shit

  • jem ceevee
    jem ceeveeDzień temu

    Noooorrraaaa hahahahah

  • Excursion Comics
    Excursion ComicsDzień temu

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  • V L
    V LDzień temu

    Please lord, no white saviors or anything. Please just let it be full asian cast thank you lord.

  • out quick
    out quickDzień temu

    Hope its good, team LOKI over here

  • felis pardalis
    felis pardalisDzień temu

    I am tired of Chinese, China and Kun-fu !

  • Ays
    AysDzień temu

    Asian parenting the movie

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew MillerDzień temu

    This looks fucking wickedly cool. I can't wait to see it in a theater with my family ☺️

  • Mamba Mentality
    Mamba MentalityDzień temu


  • MANG_21
    MANG_21Dzień temu

    I don’t know whether to comment about seeing “jung” in a marvel film or to comment that JACKSON WANG(‘s music) IS IN A MARVEL TRAILER🤯🤯

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan BhaiDzień temu

    When The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon does a Collab with marvel..

  • Sanka Adikari
    Sanka AdikariDzień temu

    Appa would be so proud of you :D

  • Nostra
    NostraDzień temu

    She- who are u Sang chi- pose ninja Commets section- here we go again

  • Karthik Eyan
    Karthik EyanDzień temu

    Where the mfs who said marvel is done after endgame.....

  • V.G. Castle
    V.G. CastleDzień temu

    I don't want to be that guy. But this is only good for a standalone movie. I'll watch it. I just can't imagine new set of characters who are going to be part of the Avengers

  • kiri kirkl
    kiri kirklDzień temu

    Lust and caution's actor. Is he even get old?

  • maester
    maesterDzień temu

    They should have made the villain a black guy like real life lol

  • Zhurak
    Zhurak2 dni temu

    Does Iron Fist fit in Shang Chi's world? Im not familiar with this comic at all.

  • Falihur Rohman
    Falihur Rohman2 dni temu

    just how many cars destroyed by that bus?bet every of it are CGI.

  • Damu Vang
    Damu Vang2 dni temu

    I hope it’s similar to the old martial arts movies back in the days.

  • Duane Drummond
    Duane Drummond2 dni temu

    marvel has done it again.. wow

  • Wesley Simon
    Wesley Simon2 dni temu

    Bus seen looks like the Asian version of speed

  • Ronimus Prime
    Ronimus Prime2 dni temu

    I hate how these films have cheesy stupid one liners and comedy jokes throughout the film. It's what ruined Avengers for me. If you have them every now and then is one thing but fuck I was so sick of Tony Starks jokey banter throughout the film's I was actually happen when he died

  • Mhedy Alkhaldi
    Mhedy Alkhaldi2 dni temu

    Please tell me the OST by Hans Zimmer

  • Sabo0
    Sabo02 dni temu

    First ever Asian Superhero

  • Alien Hybrid
    Alien Hybrid2 dni temu

    You woke up the Dragon 🐉

  • Coopdawg720
    Coopdawg7202 dni temu

    Not a very marvel movie aquafina doesnt need to be in this but bad trailer but actually might be good

  • ASAZ
    ASAZ2 dni temu

    1:06 does he have elemental powers? Because he slowed down the water so that's what I think, but can someone please explain?

  • neoholmen
    neoholmen2 dni temu

    marvel and anime? 🤩

  • enk the GEMINI
    enk the GEMINI2 dni temu

    My grandma's home training movie she's a badass

  • Jfom94
    Jfom942 dni temu

    Shang tsung + Quan chi = Shang Chi

  • Tyler Chan
    Tyler Chan2 dni temu

    Her: Who are you? Him: I am the Iron Fist. Protector of K'un-Lun. Sworn enemy of the Hand.

  • huntressvideos
    huntressvideos2 dni temu

    This could be really, really great or be really, really terrible but count me in.

  • Mahmoud Maged
    Mahmoud Maged2 dni temu

    okay thats cool

  • Yancy Wenceslao
    Yancy Wenceslao2 dni temu

    They created a Chinese character to please chinese audience. That's just it. Marketing strat

  • Eric Wu

    Eric Wu

    2 dni temu

    Chinese people in China are bashing Shang-Chi because it is filled with American Chinese stereotypes. This will do horribly in China. Not really great marketing I say. (Unless you're saying this is marketing for American Chinese; that I agree with.)

  • Aiden Miles
    Aiden Miles2 dni temu

    This looks amazing.

  • Jasper A. Kwayu
    Jasper A. Kwayu2 dni temu

    Hope the movie will be better than the trailer

  • Andrew McAndrew
    Andrew McAndrew2 dni temu

    Is his father some form of marvel's ras'al ghul?

  • Peter Kessler
    Peter Kessler2 dni temu

    I am always in for a good kung fu movie, even if it's done by Marvel

  • Mmn
    Mmn2 dni temu

    I’ve no idea who this character is but the trailer looks really cool n now I’m excited for it

    CUMA HOBBY2 dni temu

    Still waiting the raid 3..

  • Jacob T
    Jacob T2 dni temu


  • Jeffrey's Films
    Jeffrey's Films2 dni temu

    the new chinese propaganda movie haha i wonder how many Uygur muslims were harvested to fund this shit

  • Sebastian B.
    Sebastian B.2 dni temu

    In order to win over the Chinese Communist Party, the main villain in this movie is Chiang Kai-shek.

  • Dasun Nirmitha
    Dasun Nirmitha2 dni temu

    1:33 Who are you? *poses* Ookay you can fight.. Good for you.. Now do you speak English?

  • Just A Random.
    Just A Random.2 dni temu

    Better than Mortal kombat now

  • Karan
    Karan2 dni temu

    Whaaaa?? this is like some power ranger dino thunder stuff

  • Lin Rueangsri
    Lin Rueangsri2 dni temu

    I thought it was an asian version of speed 😂

  • Kiran Gaming
    Kiran Gaming2 dni temu


  • Isac285
    Isac2852 dni temu

    its my impression or the sample of the music seems like Lay's song "Lit"?

  • Leigh Graner
    Leigh Graner3 dni temu

    Things must be off the rails if the 1 bus is at Ghirardelli Square

  • Lampai Vongmany
    Lampai Vongmany3 dni temu


  • Jason Ming
    Jason Ming3 dni temu

    Where the fans Awkwafina??? 👇

  • SynthZ
    SynthZ3 dni temu

    Marvel + Kung Fu + Hip Hop + Wuxia = WIN!

  • Frame Of Mind
    Frame Of Mind3 dni temu


  • Sebastian Mundell
    Sebastian Mundell3 dni temu

    Woman: WHO ARE YOU? Shang Chi: *commence hero pose!* Woman:.............ok?

  • Akasia Diabi
    Akasia Diabi3 dni temu

    "I gave you 10 years to live your life. And where did that get you?" Thanos: "Back to me."

  • Yize Dai

    Yize Dai

    2 dni temu

    "I gave you 10 years to live your life" From Asian parent.

  • Yize Dai

    Yize Dai

    2 dni temu

    This movie is absolutely filmed by a racist, you see.

  • Original J
    Original J3 dni temu

    “Superhero? Why you no want to be doctor like your cousin?”

  • Rebecca Shuman
    Rebecca Shuman3 dni temu

    *who are you? I am the dragon warrior* funny part 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alberto Duran
    Alberto Duran3 dni temu

    Now we need a Mexican hero film...

  • LaserSauce Retro Archives
    LaserSauce Retro Archives3 dni temu

    Literally no one's is gonna mention legendary Tony Leung is a part of this cast

  • Crypto Changeling

    Crypto Changeling

    Dzień temu


  • Kevin Kosmo

    Kevin Kosmo

    Dzień temu

    @Eli Rivera lololol

  • Eli Rivera

    Eli Rivera

    2 dni temu

    Is that the bus driver with the raspy voice?

  • Chris Autenrieth
    Chris Autenrieth3 dni temu

    Most hyped I've been.for a marvel movie in a while, still washing Captain Marvel's presence away; I'll waiting on Dune with baited breathe, Director Gender shaped a character for no central reason to look woke; the books have plenty of kickass and powerful female Characters aka the Bene Gesserit and then Chaini, MAUDID/Paul's wife, Paul's mom and of course the little abomination Allia, He'll u can argue that the Spacing Guild Navagators are truly definitely gender fluid, as they look like Alien space cows in Herbert's drawings

  • Drew Standish
    Drew Standish3 dni temu

    Dam did they really have to run over the Del Sol, Porsche and i8 at 1:54. Like could just used some KIAs or something.

  • Frank Serpico
    Frank Serpico3 dni temu

    Wow. This looks....... Lame as fuck.

  • samz dkillz
    samz dkillz3 dni temu

    Not interested at all

  • AK Tan
    AK Tan3 dni temu

    wtf , the actor is like so normal face ...not even bloody fighter look , look like family dad , wtf ,,why choose him ???

  • Trap Sage
    Trap Sage3 dni temu

    If only Iron Fist was as nearly as good as this

  • Dizzy Rawr
    Dizzy Rawr3 dni temu


  • yeet TNT
    yeet TNT3 dni temu

    I liked how Shang-Chi doubled-arm-leg kicked the two people on the bus BRUH! I LIKE THE BEAT AT THIS PART! HERE IS THE TIMESTAMP 1:29

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior3 dni temu

    1:29 replay