MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Story All Cutscenes Full Movie 2019 [1080p HD] MK11


Mortal Kombat 11 Story All Cutscenes Full Movie 2019 MK11 includes all the endings from Mortal Kombat 11 and cinematic game movie of Mortal Kombat Story.
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  • MKIceAndFire
    MKIceAndFire11 miesięcy temu

    MORTAL KOMBAT 11 AFTERMATH All Cutscenes Movie -

  • Lord liu kang

    Lord liu kang

    7 dni temu

    What happened to the dark

  • Beasty 90

    Beasty 90

    7 dni temu

    hey question, if Raiden existed in the Doom Universe, reckon he took a drink of Argent at some point thus making his power red? lol xxx

  • Carl James

    Carl James

    7 dni temu

    @Lord liu kang earthrealm is my home

  • Lord liu kang

    Lord liu kang

    7 dni temu

    @Carl James be careful u will get ur ass kick

  • Carl James

    Carl James

    7 dni temu

    You are goated

  • Lil.d got the Juice
    Lil.d got the Juice4 godzin temu

    Nobody: Cockroach that got sprayed by raid: 2:46:57

  • Landon Martinez
    Landon Martinez4 godzin temu

    I didnt know Jigsaw was in MK11 lol 54:43

  • Scunt
    Scunt6 godzin temu

    2:56:20 if the sea of blood is bottomless, then why is there an anchor on the ship.....

  • Hzmicide
    Hzmicide7 godzin temu


  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia9 godzin temu

    been getting into the Mortal Kombat lore again and one thing I can tell you that really stands out is *Raiden must consult with the elder gods*

  • Jaylen Royall
    Jaylen Royall9 godzin temu

    10 times better than The 2021 theatre version

  • Jack Back
    Jack Back11 godzin temu

    Scorpion: Comes to the fire gardens to help Raiden Raiden: THE REALMS ARE AT CRISIS

  • Cody Gulliford
    Cody Gulliford12 godzin temu

    44:03 no ones talk about Scorpion dab on these two and left?

  • Symphic
    Symphic12 godzin temu


  • Rhapsody in Glue
    Rhapsody in Glue14 godzin temu

    That segment where Hasashi took out those Lin Kuei drones in the factory for Sub Zero was truly a work of art.

  • Mikey Currin
    Mikey Currin15 godzin temu

    1:55:47 like kitana was ever into you

  • Pheonyx Jay
    Pheonyx Jay15 godzin temu

    44:02 Did this dude just dab out of existence?

  • B
    B18 godzin temu

    Jade's story skips a beat here. You start off with her fighting Kollector, but ends fighting Kotal.

  • Prarthak Rai
    Prarthak Rai18 godzin temu

    When the armies are shown from, 02:51:00 the music gets me sooo fired up.

  • Tasman Wirihana
    Tasman Wirihana19 godzin temu

    Let's appreciate that this man showed us both multiple choices ❤️

  • Katusaki Rocks
    Katusaki Rocks20 godzin temu

    Bro, Liu Kang bycicle kick disrespect.

  • Ezio New
    Ezio New21 godzinę temu

    this is way better than Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie

  • Bandit PL
    Bandit PL21 godzinę temu

    the way Liu Kang kills kronika should be a fatality


    43:48 scorpion just dav his way out

  • Callum Wooding
    Callum WoodingDzień temu

    The G.O.A.T of youtube!

  • Athen LaFoy
    Athen LaFoyDzień temu

    "The sea of blood is bottomless, you will fall forever" WTF is the anchor for then?

  • Athen LaFoy

    Athen LaFoy

    15 godzin temu

    @Sina Haider no I mean how will an anchor work for a ship if it cannot reach the bottom of the sea

  • Sina Haider

    Sina Haider

    21 godzinę temu

    So he cannot swim of course.

  • Lord liu kang
    Lord liu kangDzień temu

    So shirai ryu elemant of fire just liu kang

  • Agt. Maine
    Agt. MaineDzień temu

    44:02 ....Did scorpion just fucking dab out of there?

  • LaviaNYC
    LaviaNYCDzień temu

    I dnt like seeing Liu kang like this it scares me

  • Carson Bosworth
    Carson BosworthDzień temu

    Damn i cant believe that scorpion died

  • San b
    San bDzień temu

    I don't get the last part can someone explain ?

  • ¿Gacha-Bagel?
    ¿Gacha-Bagel?Dzień temu

    2:30:02 holy shit its mortal kombat shaolin monks again

  • Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
    Giovanni Balbosa-Mc IntoshDzień temu

    The movie was awesome

  • Dekisho T
    Dekisho TDzień temu

    Subzero sound like a decepticon

  • Stephen Reyna
    Stephen ReynaDzień temu

    why wasn't old erron black playable, he was in the kitana vs shao kahn fight but that was it.

  • Alexander Balanowski
    Alexander BalanowskiDzień temu

    wait what about the whole your younger self dies then you thing liu kang killed his younger self but didn't die

  • علي محمود
    علي محمودDzień temu

    I watched this fully twice

    CRACKERDzień temu

    where is night wolf in this games

  • jwn5
    jwn5Dzień temu

    Oh damn... Did scorpion just one up every single revenge character in videogames with a 30 sec cutscene? Going further beyond time to kill the gods of gods, gods, gods and so on till he figures out who the hell set up his family to die? Shit One day that mf gonna kill existence itself for revenge

  • Keith Strongshadow
    Keith StrongshadowDzień temu

    So to get a clear understanding of MK11's story, the characters of Mortal Kombat 9 are colliding with the future characters in MK11.

  • Slick xD
    Slick xDDzień temu

    Erron Black had the best ending story

  • Kelsey Robinson
    Kelsey RobinsonDzień temu

    40:01 the facial animations in this game are quite good but this one takes the cake

  • Johnatan Punk
    Johnatan PunkDzień temu

    1:02:22 Look at scorpion's spear

  • Nunya Bidnezz
    Nunya BidnezzDzień temu

    Anyone : Jackson Brigs you are being used Briggs : i need to do this Raiden : Jackson Brigs you are being used Briggs : you’re right

  • Nunya Bidnezz
    Nunya Bidnezz2 dni temu

    Mortal Combat 9 has the best story. This mortal combat is really interesting! But they made cronika look weak af!

  • Artemios
    Artemios2 dni temu

    This video game Movie is better than the 2021 movie ^^

  • Sarah 96
    Sarah 962 dni temu

    Sub zero is so sexy!

  • Trent Pacheco
    Trent Pacheco2 dni temu

    The voice actor of Sonya is so bad

  • Mikey Currin
    Mikey Currin2 dni temu

    Will that be for here or to go Raiden: I must consult with the elder gods

  • mido eldeeb
    mido eldeeb2 dni temu

    5:48 ok...

  • Sans Golem
    Sans Golem2 dni temu

    Can someone tell me why isn't Kronika a playable character?

  • suicidalbunny1608
    suicidalbunny16082 dni temu

    Jax briggs vs Jax briggs must have been awkward for Jax briggs

  • beezzarro
    beezzarro2 dni temu

    Whoever voiced Sonja Blade is doing voice-acting for the first time. Everyone else around her is doing a great job and it sounds like she's never had any coaching

  • beezzarro


    2 dni temu

    @wordup102 that explains it

  • wordup102


    2 dni temu

    It’s Ronda Rousey

  • Last Word
    Last Word2 dni temu

    Wait a minute, is that ezio from ac2 at 3:23:44

  • Анатолий Бронштейн
    Анатолий Бронштейн2 dni temu

    This comment was approved by the Elder Gods.

  • Eduardo Perez
    Eduardo Perez2 dni temu

    Did scorpion dab? 44:02

  • Alkazar Onyx
    Alkazar Onyx2 dni temu

    I like the detail that Shinock couldn’t talk because he couldn’t really breath to allow for it

  • Mack G17
    Mack G172 dni temu

    Kotal Kahn stay getting his ass whooped

  • Lord Honesty
    Lord Honesty2 dni temu

    Jax’s ending was the best... I’d a did the same thing... but one group of “people” would have to be erased from existence..... take a guess which one 😊🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Анатолий Бронштейн

    Анатолий Бронштейн

    2 dni temu

    I have a feeling you are not talking about idiots, because that would make you suicidal.

  • Анатолий Бронштейн

    Анатолий Бронштейн

    2 dni temu

    I have a feeling you are not talking about idiots, because that would make you suicidal.

  • Krithin Ks
    Krithin Ks2 dni temu

    There are some parts missing

  • Анатолий Бронштейн
    Анатолий Бронштейн2 dni temu

    Who ever worked on characters design deserves a medal.

  • The Ruby Arrow
    The Ruby Arrow3 dni temu

    2:06:28 that was the exact way Carl lost his eye in TWD!

  • Cornetto Mann
    Cornetto Mann3 dni temu

    That girl who controls time it looks like she has cancer

  • Jeremy matthews
    Jeremy matthews3 dni temu

    It's almost 2 am and imma send this

  • robinson raju
    robinson raju3 dni temu

    1:37:37,the og nut punch

  • Mr Boom Snook
    Mr Boom Snook3 dni temu

    2:01:17 this punch makes his nose bleed but anyone who gets caught by Jax’s fatal blow will not have their face mashed up

  • Gabriel Castro Rucoba
    Gabriel Castro Rucoba3 dni temu

    So if Kronika rebuild the castle...then Sonya must be alive!!!

  • Brayden waters Hi
    Brayden waters Hi3 dni temu

    Kong Lao and lord Raiden have the dope is hat day or the hat duo

  • Voshfinns Wolf
    Voshfinns Wolf3 dni temu

    The story for this game is SO good. I only wish we got the actual Tournament variations like mk9.(I understand why we didn't for Kitana, Jade, Mileena, and Sonya)

  • SpawWn7
    SpawWn73 dni temu

    how is scorpion still alive if the other scorpion died? When Kano died the other one died too unless im missing something

  • Jibon420


    3 dni temu

    Because it's younger Kano who's dead , not the older one , if your younger self dead then your future wouldn't be exist

  • Faiq_riyan
    Faiq_riyan3 dni temu

    Scorpions deep 44:02

  • Fezz Casares
    Fezz Casares3 dni temu

    Kotal has to be my favorite character in mortal kombat

  • daniel gardar

    daniel gardar

    2 dni temu

    Really? That bruddah gets whooped every time he’s on the screen

  • Soundwavesuperior23
    Soundwavesuperior233 dni temu




  • Shade
    Shade3 dni temu

    1:23:37 huh?


    1:01:08 Sub-Zero spitts cold barzzzz Literally!

  • Oveidohitta161
    Oveidohitta1613 dni temu

    Liu kang looked godly

  • Harry Ross
    Harry Ross3 dni temu

    Orange by

  • Блядь
    Блядь3 dni temu

    The art style was fine in mk 10 what did they do

    SOUL々 STEALTH3 dni temu

    Should I watch mortal kombat 11 ultimate after this or move to after math ,,, plz reply

  • Drylu
    Drylu3 dni temu

    1:23:40 the part explaining why Jade is fighting Kotal is missing.

  • Soundwavesuperior23
    Soundwavesuperior233 dni temu


  • Lego007guy M
    Lego007guy M3 dni temu

    1:33:45 That's an Indiana Jones reference in Mortal Kombat! Damn!

  • Dan LaBrecque
    Dan LaBrecque3 dni temu

    Im here to make the obligatory comment after the release of MK12 to say "Wow remember when we thought this game looked so real?"

    SHAQUILLE FAAGU3 dni temu

    32:11 don't shao sound like Brock Lesnar screaming...

  • Pandelea Ioan Silviu
    Pandelea Ioan Silviu3 dni temu

    Did scorpion just dab before he yeeted 😂

  • shaunthesheep24
    shaunthesheep243 dni temu

    46:17 just seeing this makes me want another MK: Shaolin Monks game or even a remake/remaster. Imagine if it had these graphics.

  • Dale Whyte
    Dale Whyte3 dni temu

    I'm kinda pissed we didn't get to see more of War Lord Raiden

  • Rodolfo Ramos
    Rodolfo Ramos3 dni temu

    any one notice where was reveant stryker smoke reptile erorr marco

  • the Branch7757
    the Branch77573 dni temu

    First 34 minutes..already better than the story of Mortal Kombat 2021

  • No Names

    No Names

    2 dni temu


  • ryan
    ryan3 dni temu

    I have carefully crafted them to keep the realms in balance....yeah sure balanced 🤣 Wonder what she had planned during the original armageddon if Shao Kahn was to win and Raiden fucks it up for her

  • Richard
    Richard3 dni temu

    nice to see Kotal got a real fucking sword this time instead of a piece of cardboard with spikes

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor3 dni temu

    2:39:46 Scorpion's mind: WHAT THE FUCK DISGUSTING KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • MrRaziel25
    MrRaziel254 dni temu

    i just wonder and i will probably get shit for this but i wonder since kronika is shinnoks mum and cetrion is his sister, who the hell is the dad?

  • DarkLuca
    DarkLuca4 dni temu

    At least younger johnny knows his trigger discipline around a gun

  • Saber Miyamoto
    Saber Miyamoto4 dni temu

    44:00 scorpion dabs

  • Dead Ace
    Dead Ace4 dni temu

    The start where she shoots her in the back and then shes just thanks for making me commander mom

  • True Silver Hunter
    True Silver Hunter4 dni temu

    3:00:00 wouldn't kill your past self kills your now self? wtf is this bro.

  • iCards
    iCards4 dni temu

    So Lu Kang's final destination was Smash's Final Destination?

  • Tully Bell
    Tully Bell4 dni temu

    2:02:00 we go from mortal kombat to John wick

  • Cody Cho
    Cody Cho4 dni temu

    I feel the ingame cinematic universe in this new trilogy that's been going in the last decade is far better than what we got in the new live action movie

  • Vincent Valentin
    Vincent Valentin4 dni temu

    This story line is better than the actual Mortal Kombat (2021) movie. I wish I can talk like Raiden!

  • ChillzoneTM


    4 dni temu

    For sure

  • Walter Hale
    Walter Hale4 dni temu

    If a past self kills their future self is it murder or suicide?

  • iReverb
    iReverb4 dni temu

    Bro why tf did I think scorpion was kawhi Leonard in the thumbnail