Gen Z vs Millennials


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  • Eddy Burback
    Eddy Burback2 miesięcy temu

    probably streaming tonight so if you want to catch that follow me on twitch -

  • NoxiousPlays


    27 dni temu

    DOOM will unite the millennials and gen Zs.

  • Br 1

    Br 1

    Miesiąc temu

    Eddy, I don't think Gus is gonna be happy about your chair-standing sponsorship

  • Gavin Lux

    Gavin Lux

    Miesiąc temu

    Eddy I appreciate your mindset going into videos. I want to make videos like you eventually. EDDY BURBACK NEEDS A WIKIPEDIA PAGE INTERNET

  • DNA A

    DNA A

    Miesiąc temu

    the gen z start date varies between 1995, 1996, 1997 and even 2000. saying that 1997 is definitely gen z and 1996 is definitely millennial is not accurate either. i much prefer gen z start at 2000 as it will make it seem less ambiguous. i am a 1996 born and have never seen 1997 borns as being a different gen. it is much more accurate to categorize millennials are people born around the turn of the millennium rather than kids who remember 9/11 as childhood memories start in different ages. i even know some 1997 borns tht can remember 9/11, and i know some 1996 borns that cant remember 9/11. think about it, a 1996 born cannot remember y2k, which is a millennial event. in what ways was 1996 born a millennial? they also cant remember the 90s, and by 90s i mean actual politics and events and not just toddler memories. there is literally no difference between a 1996 and a 1997 born that is great enough for it to be a cutoff. basing a whole generation marker on childhood memories is just very inaacurate. no preschool memories is going to affect u in adulthood anyway. a 5 year old would watch 9/11 on TV and goes back to his cartoons. He isnt the same as the rest of millennials that can most definitely remember its effects. a 1982-2000 millennial definition is more accurate, as used by US Census Bureue as its definition isnt based on preschooler memories

  • The_Void


    Miesiąc temu

    that was autally really reasonable

  • Todd Roberts
    Todd Roberts6 godzin temu

    Something about 40 year olds bullying 12 year olds fills me with anger and joy at the same time

  • Anasyub
    Anasyub7 godzin temu

    hey halls are awesome

  • Rose Lmao
    Rose Lmao17 godzin temu

    we are birthday twins🧍🏽‍♀️

  • Michael P
    Michael P21 godzinę temu

    My theory about this is we are all mad at the older generations for obvious reasons, but because they are the ones with the power, it’s easier to take frustrations out on people closer to our age. I will say though that at my job, the people who are just out of college are noticeably different than the people who are mid twenties to early 30s. But it’s not like it leads to generational tension, I only see this stuff on the internet

  • Star: Review-Aholic
    Star: Review-AholicDzień temu


  • Светка Волков
    Светка ВолковDzień temu

    I'm mad that 12 year olds don't think I'm cool, and now the 12 year olds are mad that I'm mad, so do we rap battle about it or how does this work?

  • SlicedTacos
    SlicedTacosDzień temu

    It’s 2021 and I’m 21

  • Max Magyar
    Max MagyarDzień temu

    i was born in 2005 and i identify as a boomer

  • donkey_mediocre
    donkey_mediocreDzień temu

    I hate young people

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis2 dni temu

    I was born in 97, but Millennials are becoming boomers but like "hello fellow kids boomers" they still think they're young but aren't really anymore. So you get 40 year olds acting like they're 20. Stuff like "Discord is full of alt-right Nazis" sounds like when boomers said "DnD will make kids into satanists" they're getting super offended by jokes not realizing it's mostly just gen z clowning on them like millennials did to gen x. They're just boomers, but they're boomers in denial.

  • Tejnoor Aneja
    Tejnoor Aneja2 dni temu

    Its like America

  • T Kad
    T Kad2 dni temu

    I'm a millennial. I love boot cut high rise jeans and parting my hair so far to the side that... actually all my hair goes to one side, what's up?

  • SupernovaSymphony
    SupernovaSymphony2 dni temu

    As Millennial, I think Gen Z is pretty cool. They are very politically active and I think they are better than us. I think every generation is better than the last. My only note, is seeing how much energy they have when they reach our age xD I hope they keep it up. Gen Z is doing good work

  • GamersluckPro
    GamersluckPro2 dni temu

    As a gen z, I can say that we are stupid. Anyways why are people arguing over something so minimal

  • AnotherJoJoFan


    2 dni temu

    If you say someone's pronouns wrong, they attack you and call you racial slurs

  • wildsmiley
    wildsmiley2 dni temu

    Meanwhile, I’m in my forties and I wish all you kids would shut the fuck up so I can nap.

  • Teral Laret
    Teral Laret2 dni temu

    Ha 14 day older than you kid

  • Patrick Flanagan
    Patrick Flanagan2 dni temu

    "You're time has passed. You're out of your twenties. You can still be cool and older but you cannot be the generation that's making cool stuff." There is so much wrong with this statement. It's ageist, judgemental, it assumes that youth takes precedent in producing relevant art/culture, and this overinflates the importance of age and generation. Considering this video is about how absurd this petty generational conflict is, this statment is hypocritical, pompous, arrogant etc... who are you, Eddy Burback, to decide that because someone is not in their twenties they're "not the generation that's making cool stuff". ?? What is "making cool stuff"? What is "cool"? Can a whole generation make "cool stuff"? Following your logic here, it seems to be anything made by younger people is automatically "cool" or somehow more relevant - maybe to a similarly-aged audience, but, what about the rest of humanity? Framed within your ridicule of this lame song written and performed by a mediocre singer-songwriter, who writes piano music that is clearly from the distant past and shows neither musical originality, nor any adhererence to recent trends in songwriting, this statement is actually irrelevant, except it reveals the clear truth about your perception of generations. It also reveals the truth about your perception of music: The singer isn't actually trying to write relevant, generation-defining music that is "cool". It's a comedy piano song. There are a myriad of things you could have ripped her on, but you still go with "Shut up - you're too old to have a voice and express yourself anymore." That is what your statement is saying, make no mistake about it - "make space" is really saying: "don't write or post". As if anyone who touches an instrument and creates something should be trying to define their generation. As if the whole point of being creative and expressing oneself is to be a pop star, selling to teens. If we could go back in time and get her to follow your advice, I suppose she wouldn't have written this song. So the next time a 32 year old feels the need to sit down at their piano and express themselves, and then post it, I suppose you would just say: don't bother, you're too old. I would counter this and say: people should, if possible, ALWAYS express their creative urges, and if they want, post it online - regardless of generation or age.

  • Kitanuh
    Kitanuh3 dni temu

    i was born in 98 and i didn’t even know there was a “war” lmao 😂

  • Brookie Brooke
    Brookie Brooke3 dni temu

    Gen X here. I can afford millennial avocado toast and Gen Z raided my closet from 1994.

  • jupiter
    jupiter3 dni temu

    Why are people angry at a few people not liking Eminem? Some of the stuff he wrote was real homophobic. Bragging about your generation just like, solidifies that you are part of the worst bit of that generation. It’s a bit cringe m’lord, lady, or whatever the fanciest way to say nonbinary is.

  • thecluttereddesk 222
    thecluttereddesk 2223 dni temu

    Ok mumford and sons is pretty good tho

  • Microsoft Paint
    Microsoft Paint3 dni temu

    lol I remember the whole shorts thing too. Anything that wasn't below your knee were considered "girl shorts."

  • Travis-James Haycock
    Travis-James Haycock3 dni temu

    Who else starred in defiance? You can’t tell me what not to look at! You’re not my real parental unit!

  • ulibarriL
    ulibarriL3 dni temu

    From a gen X. Society and civilization has been in decline since even my youth. The bickering between the two of you post internet generations is about as relevant as soggy buns at a BBQ. Gen Z, you're too young to know any better. You're still kids. Enjoy your youth. Gen Y, you're old enough to know better. Lead by example. Don't leave it on gen X to fix this shit. We can, but you won't learn anything.

  • S3condBest
    S3condBest3 dni temu

    why is that first woman talking about my fucking underwear

  • Please no
    Please no3 dni temu

    4:05 I WAS LITERALLY TYPING BEFORE YOU SAID IT BUT YES! no one outside of the people doing it actually care he is the only youtuber whose vid on this I agree with I'm going to sub

  • tom allen
    tom allen3 dni temu

    what? the gen z you can suck it song was awesome.

  • tom allen
    tom allen3 dni temu

    From the Gen X perspective all ya'll are nuts.

  • realdealteal111
    realdealteal1114 dni temu

    realistically the scariest thing that this made me realize is that there are 3X as many people from the silent generation than the millennial/gen z generation in congress? thats kinda awful

  • JT McAilin
    JT McAilin4 dni temu

    You are the shit! I’m 26, from a poor rural area. We were always living 5 - 10 years in the past. So I am connect to “millennials” and also understand Gen Z. I think this is all extremely stupid and makes no sense

  • Kyrsten Lane
    Kyrsten Lane4 dni temu

    HEY don't insult young children like that. I work with toddlers and pre-schoolers and they're way smarter than Jake Paul

  • Tina Cain
    Tina Cain4 dni temu

    1997 we had a school shooting here in Paducah KY Michael Carneal Heath High School then again recently at Marshall Co High School just a few years ago not that long ago actually in Benton KY

  • Tina Cain
    Tina Cain4 dni temu

    love me some kermit the frog lol

  • Tina Cain
    Tina Cain4 dni temu

    Oohh lawd u a baby haha 1996 my lil cousin gage was born then I remember when he was a infant. Oh gosh now I am telling my age lmao I fall under millenials :)

  • Hungry Draws
    Hungry Draws4 dni temu

    I’m a part of gen z, and I can say with 100% seriousness that I wish I wasn’t

  • anonymous blanketgirl
    anonymous blanketgirl4 dni temu

    It's funny how that guy mentions millenials creating all school shootings when literally a Gen Z-er started the Parkland shooting in 2018.

  • Andrew Santos
    Andrew Santos4 dni temu

    Mid life crisis vs bad home life.

  • ka1zzek_
    ka1zzek_4 dni temu

    gen z here, this is so embarrassing. that one guy should never wear beanies, this is so cringe, wtf

  • Quinn Nosbod
    Quinn Nosbod4 dni temu

    Kim Jong Un is good

  • Puppeteer James
    Puppeteer James4 dni temu

    I'm a Gen Z and I can say. Millennials are More Mature than the Gen Zs.

  • Нилл
    Нилл4 dni temu

    Basically 90s babies should unite into its own group, zillennials?

  • G M
    G M4 dni temu

    older millennials are beefing with younger zoomers and older zoomers are chilling with younger millennials

  • Vic H
    Vic H4 dni temu

    Millennials: girls wearing tight jeans and guys wear relaxed/baggy jeans GenZ: girls wear wear relaxed/baggy jeans and guys wear tight jeans Moral of the story? The people who make blue jeans are getting richer.

  • themonsteraddict MMXVI
    themonsteraddict MMXVI4 dni temu

    The future is now old man

  • MizzNijna
    MizzNijna4 dni temu

    Most of what the teens wear today, I wore in The late 90s,

  • Mateo Berkhout
    Mateo Berkhout5 dni temu

    I thought side parts and skinny jeans were cool, so either I’ve got not fashion sense or it doesn’t really matter

  • Damian Rogers
    Damian Rogers5 dni temu

    Older Millenial checking in (oh god 40 is right around the corner). Teens being angry/frustrated/embarrassed at older generations is a tale as old as time, it's just that the plethora of social media options make them "louder" than ever. And that's a-ok. What's truly embarrassing is the older generations being actually offended by it. Yikes. I'll say that the Gen Z teens are a bit full of themselves and preachy with little consideration for the context of history (based on examples in this video) but uh... isn't that all teens in every generation?? Have Millenials forgotten how things were in their own teen years? It's stupid on all sides, but it's really, really stupid for the older people to have any sort of reaction besides a shrug.

  • Oliver olson
    Oliver olson5 dni temu

    I am personally gen z and i dont care and think both sides are fricking idiots

  • Souma
    Souma5 dni temu

    Zoomer is the word you're looking for. Millennials and Zoomers or Gen Y and Gen Z

  • Ryyi23
    Ryyi235 dni temu

    1996ers UNITE! My day is May 2nd!

  • Zev Feitelson
    Zev Feitelson5 dni temu

    If you're over 30 it means your opinions are no longer relevant on what's cool

  • Zev Feitelson
    Zev Feitelson5 dni temu

    AOC is a millennial, there are a few millennial senators based off your definition of 1981

  • Chris Relhard
    Chris Relhard5 dni temu

    life got so much better when i stopped giving a fuck about fashion trends coming in and out of style. i wear what i like when i like it. if i see some new trend and like something about it i'll wear it for as long as i enjoy it, regardless of what the fuck everyone else is doing. people need to stop getting so caught up on fitting or breaking the norms.

  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red

    5 dni temu

    I agree for sure. I thought I didn't care about style but really I just hated ~fashion~ in terms of trends and things being "out of style." Having a personal style regardless of what's in season can be really fun

  • HejjoDude
    HejjoDude5 dni temu

    “Early millennials” “Late 20s”

  • HejjoDude
    HejjoDude5 dni temu

    “Aww, you guys look grumpy, you should take a nap.” Yeah, tell that the the 25 year old Gen Z-ers.

  • ZTE
    ZTE5 dni temu

    Tbh I don't give a fuck about generations tbh, If I have similar interest with anyone then sweet

  • Niobesnuppa
    Niobesnuppa5 dni temu

    Yesterday an 8 year old said my pants are ugly, so I wrote a song about why they're wrong.

  • curry bread
    curry bread5 dni temu

    Fellow zillennial here, 1997. I´m by definition a gen z but that doesn´t sit right with me. Also millennial feels weird. I'm gonna take that zillennial label, thank you!

  • else thompson
    else thompson6 dni temu

    hi gen z person here yes most people I've meet thinks millennials are dumb mostly cuz we kids the adults also a lot of millennials are just kindoff mean ? like why?

  • TheDevilsbard
    TheDevilsbard6 dni temu

    I think what we learned from this is that all of us Millenials are the same as Kim Jong Un.

  • Video Watcher
    Video Watcher6 dni temu

    I am generationally fluid, thank you. I do not identify with GEN Z...

  • Graeme Mannion
    Graeme Mannion6 dni temu

    SAM DAUPHIN6 dni temu

    Has anyone ever thought that there’s a possible slight humor to Mill vs GenZ .... my question is why do y’all take this war so seriously? You think the millennials making TikTok against GenZ is there overall passion... I’m sure it’s made for humor ... I think it’s comedy ... and a unique way to label generational patterns and groups

  • Iris Bonet
    Iris Bonet6 dni temu

    As an older millenial, thank you for this. Also this is all Buzzfeed’s fault for making us think there’s some huge war going on between us. I love GenZ!

  • Sham Bam
    Sham Bam6 dni temu

    you don't need to be in congress to make change and the starting revolutions was in reference to tumblr "a millennial" social media always talking about making changes and revolution while us gen z are alot more active in the political sphere just statistically

  • DonPig
    DonPig7 dni temu

    Gen X is the best anyway

    DJBRIZOWN 089F7 dni temu

    I’m 15 and I don’t like tik tok, I don’t where what other kids where these days and I hate this generation so much because the human race is so dumb that we make Patrick Star from spongebob have a IQ of 200

  • austin veno
    austin veno7 dni temu

    Alright i know im 2 months late, but I'll settle this debate once and for all. Skinny jeans are not cool, they never were. Shorts below the knee are Capri pants, shorts above the knee are European, both should be avoided, put on some pants. The Muppets are awesome, I don't care how old you are. School shootings are bad, Kim Jong Un is worse, Jake Paul is even worse yet. This whole argument is dumb, both sides are stupid, but I'm going to rule in favour of Gen Z, because they are children, and as such they have a right to be stupid. If you are a grown ass adult with a job and a family and a mortgage and you are making diss tracks on tik tok you have no excuse. I blame you for the current state of the world. Do better.

  • Calcium
    Calcium7 dni temu

    $1000 cash if you shave the mustache

  • zee boo
    zee boo7 dni temu

    "this man was around before you were born" and so was hitler... your point is?

  • Jack Z.
    Jack Z.8 dni temu

    I've always called em ZOOMERS!!!

  • Internet Azzhole
    Internet Azzhole8 dni temu

    Advice: Be careful what you say is "cringe." Because people only cringe at things they can see themselves experiencing. Breaking bones. Getting kicked in nuts. Falling down at the worse time. You didn't cringe when some dork made the argument that millennials started school shootings. Or cringe at the fact that there was a complete lack of understanding why school shootings occurred. You shouldn't be cringing at a lady averagely rapping about a stupid subject unless you would make a video of you averagely rapping about a stupid subject. otherwise it's just funny and dumb things to look at.

  • Internet Azzhole

    Internet Azzhole

    4 dni temu

    @Ruby Red Heh. All right fine. Taking your definition: cringe is second hand Embarrassment. NOW DEFINE EMBARRASSMENT!

  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red

    5 dni temu

    What? The definition of "cringe" doesn't necessarily include that it's out of embarassment because you could see yourself doing that. If that's how you want to think about it that's fine, but that's not the commonly held definition. Cringing is a physical response to secondhand embarassment, it doesn't mean you have to be able to picture yourself

  • Internet Azzhole

    Internet Azzhole

    6 dni temu

    ​@Đào Minh Tuấn That is another use of the phrase "that made me cringe" It's been watered down to mean "That is bad." or "That's stupid." At that point it doesn't mean anything at all. So you're better off just calling people a moron, and being done with it. Like this: "Đào Minh Tuấn you're a moron." And the word gatekeeping is probably also losing its meaning too with people ​ @Đào Minh Tuấn shoot off their worthless posts onto the internet. They will probably copy and paste the google definition in an attempt to save their fragile ego.

  • Đào Minh Tuấn

    Đào Minh Tuấn

    6 dni temu

    look at yourself, you’re gatekeeping the word “cringe”. that made me cringe

  • Internet Azzhole
    Internet Azzhole8 dni temu

    Seriously, are all these people Southerners? Y'all Are all these people just from the south and Appalachia Just hiding behind the cover of Generation labels to start meaningless fights with their own culture. Like when on the internet there was this explosion of calling older millennials boomers; it all started with some body going "my older brother is mowing his house lawn like a baby boomers." The only millennials who had house to mow were ones in cheap rural areas. All those people are fake generation people.

  • Internet Azzhole
    Internet Azzhole8 dni temu

    You said: " Why do you care if a 15 year old think you are cool? Your time has passed. You’re out of your 20’s You can still be cool and older But you cannot be the generation that is making cool stuff. " You got five years left to say stuff Because after that you're out, Learn to shut your mouth.

  • Zildiun
    Zildiun8 dni temu

    There’s also a debate about who is a millennial and who is a gen z. One popular opinion is that millennials range from 1985 to 2004, following the traditional 19 year span for generations. Another opinion is that it rangers from ‘81 to ‘96. However, Gen X ends in 1984, so for Millennials to overlap Gen X makes no sense. Because of this confusion, many people have started labeling themselves as “Zillennials,” because they fall into the grey area of millennials vs Gen Z. I was born in 2004. Yes, I consider myself a millennial, because I think it is ridiculous to deviate from the 19 year Gen system that has been in place all the way back to archeological records. No, nobody cares if you’re a millennial or a Gen Z. Lol.

  • Hey Im Here
    Hey Im Here8 dni temu

    As a gen z kid Im sorry for the *some* teens that are just dumb (tiktok)

  • Thaeden Sweeney
    Thaeden Sweeney8 dni temu

    my generation is stupid

  • NerdKnight66
    NerdKnight669 dni temu

    Imagine people actually getting pissed at someone because of a factor out of their control and determined at birth. And then arguing why they're bad by mentioning actions done by other people who their only relation to is that factor. Remind you of any events through out history?

  • Sorig 1373
    Sorig 13739 dni temu

    1:16 i think its zoomer

  • dino59mob
    dino59mob9 dni temu

    please do an update with cheugy.

  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu

    If you're reading this, DON'T LISTEN TO GUS on this one thing!!!! Your peek coolness does not have to be your mid 20s. That is a common misconception shoved down our throat as kids, that life ends after 30 and only teens/early 20's can be cool. It makes people stop trying, stop dreaming. When my sister was in her mid 20s she was broke, alcoholic, stole from my parents, addicted to drugs, and depressed at the thought of getting older. She didn't think she would make it past 30 Now she's 36, about to publish her second book, has done voice work for multiple anime, written a damn good album, learned fluent Japanese AND piano, quit smoking and drugs, lost 40 pounds and looks better than she did at 25 or even 20, has a gorgeous daughter, lives in a hella cool condo and can tell the most incredible stories because of all the life she's lived in the last decade. She knows how to use CHEF knifes. Her style is impeccable. And most importantly, she has become a kind, well-adjusted person that would quietly smile if you tried to call her "uncool" vs the person she was 10 years ago that would scream at you because she was insecure. The same can't be said about most people in their teens or early 20s (myself included). We're still scared, lost, and need to cling to each other as we figure life out. Getting older should not make you less cool. You may look a little different over time, it may be a little harder to stay fit and active, but aside from that, if you're constantly taking in amazing life experiences, getting older should only make you a cooler person. You should be mastering your skills, constantly innovating and rethinking. The reason younger people come up with creative things is because they're taking in the world through new eyes. Older people can do the same by seeking new experiences. And you don't have to be rich, just step out of your zone a bit. I hope if you're young reading this you take that to heart, and if you're older, it motivates you to live some dreams you thought you couldn't dream anymore.

  • Đào Minh Tuấn

    Đào Minh Tuấn

    6 dni temu


  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu

    Gus: You get less cool as you get older Rihanna: Actually--

  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu

    Meanwhile Gen X is laughing chilling on their hammocks

  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu


  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu

    That one gen z girl with glasses looked older than the millennial before her

  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu

    This is something that Gus mentioned in one of his videos. There is no time that you need to "give away being cool" to the next generation. Some of our biggest cultural movements are being created by talented people in their 30s and 40s, because age doesn't have anything to do with someone's talent levels or ability to spark trends. Most of the current trends come from black twitter and black culture in general, which has NOTHING to do with age, but just culture...creativity, innate ability. You never have to give it away. It's just that 9-5 jobs, kids and responsibilities sap people's ability to do more. This idea that we are no longer able to spark creativity or shake things up past 25 is damaging and sticks people into a box where they simply stop trying, or are ridiculed for trying. Of course you can be the generation that's making cool stuff, because EVERY generation is making cool stuff as we speak, in their own way. Every generation will always have cool people

  • noneyah
    noneyah9 dni temu

    If you grew up in a household with siblings a few older or younger than you, you realize how absolutely ridiculous this is

  • Rebel Friend
    Rebel Friend9 dni temu

    Most of the gen z people I know (including me) spend most of our time making shifty memes

  • Appladay
    Appladay9 dni temu

    When I realized I'm four years older than Eddy and I'm disgusted with my life

  • Đào Minh Tuấn

    Đào Minh Tuấn

    6 dni temu

    Tip: search up “cartel torture” and you’ll be loving your life so much more!

  • noneyah


    9 dni temu

    Why does that make you disgusted with your life? What's wrong with being 28? Asking out of curiosity so I can know what to look forward to

  • KalCounty
    KalCounty10 dni temu

    Ironically, millennials responding to Gen Zers making fun of them with dumb songs on tiktok probably have more in common with Gen Z than they do with most other millennials.

  • Liana H
    Liana H10 dni temu

    He betrayed the Nord 🥺

  • Ace_of_Spades
    Ace_of_Spades10 dni temu

    Eddy then immediately fell through his over priced IKEA desk and was mortally wounded [End Morgan Freeman Voice Over]

  • Sammich gaming
    Sammich gaming10 dni temu

    you look dollarama paul blart

  • mason the monke
    mason the monke10 dni temu

    Im only 12 yet act older then most people on the internet.

  • Đào Minh Tuấn

    Đào Minh Tuấn

    6 dni temu

    how? aren’t you suppose to be at least 13 to make an account?

  • Sasha Baugh
    Sasha Baugh10 dni temu

    You remember kids shows where it’s a group they all have that episode where someone or all of them try to do something alone and struggle then learn the power of teamwork. What if instead of listening to some ridiculous article or reason for why we should hate the other we instead joined together to tell them to get lost then we can all go get food or play games I dunno. I was born in 91 btw

  • The Hawaiian Jap
    The Hawaiian Jap10 dni temu

    Don't care about the war or picking what generation, but I will say this... people born after 2000 have generally been a downfall

  • vepply
    vepply11 dni temu

    We truly live in

  • Funkmaster Red
    Funkmaster Red11 dni temu

    Here’s the actual date difference between the two, you’re welcome. Gen Y: 1980-1996 Gen Z: 1997-2014 PS if you didn’t grow up with original Toonami then you so missed out lol

  • Gary
    Gary11 dni temu

    I just felt disappointed