Two Feet - Lover


Two Feet - Lover
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"Every morning, we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better."
- Unknown
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  • TwoFeet
    TwoFeet16 dni temu

    Thank u for the support on this album Cloud ❤️

  • KaBbuOP


    15 dni temu

    Big fan❤️

  • Jessica Clakley

    Jessica Clakley

    15 dni temu

    Dude I love your work and I show everyone I know! Keep it up and I can’t wait til I can see a live show

  • N Y 么 E I M

    N Y 么 E I M

    16 dni temu

    You're awesome 🔥

  • Florian Schuck

    Florian Schuck

    16 dni temu

    Nice song

  • C. K

    C. K

    16 dni temu


  • Sam Han
    Sam Han8 dni temu

    Twofeet: Lover Also Twofeet: Love is a B*tch

  • orange stripedhat
    orange stripedhat9 dni temu

    Was just waiting for that bass and treble to kick in

  • pro çınar 20
    pro çınar 2010 dni temu

    1 hour

    MATBKSM -MT-10 dni temu

    Woooooow best música 2021❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tadpoleee
    Tadpoleee11 dni temu


  • Rod David Rodriguez
    Rod David Rodriguez13 dni temu

    U r. Doing a great job u r talented and carry a special place in the Universeu r a valuable in a time where not many take the time to realize that wealth is not measured only monetarily but by the type and class of people u r and congregate with

  • Hatim el kharraz
    Hatim el kharraz13 dni temu


  • Minecraft Shorts
    Minecraft Shorts14 dni temu

    Prediction:This song will blow up at some point.

  • Mia Hidanovic

    Mia Hidanovic

    12 dni temu

    your right

    RABBIT GAMER15 dni temu


  • Natalie Moore
    Natalie Moore15 dni temu

    Okay so check this shit out... This song fucking killed me, made me smile and saved me all at once. Really. It was painful as fuck but it saved me. Thank you panty dropper. I mean it. 💜😲💜

  • Dugoti
    Dugoti15 dni temu

    Love you Music

  • Strong Trap Music
    Strong Trap Music15 dni temu

    Your music is always great, it always makes me want to listen again

  • Orcadian Horsemen
    Orcadian Horsemen15 dni temu

    So calming...

  • Lee1_2
    Lee1_215 dni temu

    Day 3 of asking for paint it black

    MIND THE GAP15 dni temu

    Mad bro

  • Anis Siddique
    Anis Siddique16 dni temu

    Its awesome...

  • Aykut TANGUR
    Aykut TANGUR16 dni temu

    #CloudQuote "If u love so much, u feel pain mucher" -Unknown

  • Bahunur Beytekin
    Bahunur Beytekin16 dni temu

    just found out about you yesterday Best thing that has happened to me this week. Thank you

  • SUN VER.
    SUN VER.16 dni temu


  • Small Music
    Small Music16 dni temu

    songs I finally found the perfect playlist

  • Free Trap Music
    Free Trap Music16 dni temu

    great to hear it. 💖💖💖💖

  • Faceless
    Faceless16 dni temu

    Dope mix man ! keep it up 🔥

  • Demon dark Music
    Demon dark Music16 dni temu

    I can feel the flow moving from my right ear to left while the headphones are on.

  • LoomXZ
    LoomXZ16 dni temu

    Alternative: Two- feet lover

  • pamih
    pamih16 dni temu

    Im love for the you remixs

  • Bloodsmile
    Bloodsmile16 dni temu

    love you from no place 😘

  • NOZ Trap
    NOZ Trap16 dni temu

    Even after 2 hours, the beat still gave me chills and goosebumps

  • Chill & Gamer Music
    Chill & Gamer Music16 dni temu

    1:02 Epic Bass

  • Super Music
    Super Music16 dni temu

    this will be successful soon 👍👍👍

  • Astrid Gómez
    Astrid Gómez16 dni temu

    chacarron chacarron wua wua wua elmo xd

  • Astrid Gómez
    Astrid Gómez16 dni temu

    oh yea

    BOMGER16 dni temu

    For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life

  • 2050Doggo
    2050Doggo16 dni temu

    Your early and expecting a heart from CloudKid

  • Larry Jason
    Larry Jason16 dni temu

    I have a great Day with you Jason my love

  • Larry Jason
    Larry Jason16 dni temu


  • Mar zar
    Mar zar16 dni temu


  • 2thick2vent
    2thick2vent16 dni temu


  • Lee1_2
    Lee1_216 dni temu

    Day 2 of asking for paint it black

  • primrose lily
    primrose lily16 dni temu


  • gredethw
    gredethw16 dni temu

    Lyrics Have a Lovely week ! 🥰...❤...✨ *Two Feet - Lover * Lover Where you stay? Feelin' Like I'm playin' Like I'm playin' Lover Where you stay? Feelin' Like I'm playin' Like I'm playin' Feelin' Where you stay? Feelin' Like I'm playin' Like I'm playin' Like I'm playin' Playin' Playin' Playin' Playin'

  • Klever Kushlan

    Klever Kushlan

    14 dni temu

    Where? I'm hearing "Will you stay?"

  • Josuep8hw
    Josuep8hw16 dni temu

    such an underrated artist, every song of him is just awesome! 👌 🌎🌤

  • gredethw
    gredethw16 dni temu

    #CloudQuote 🪐☄ "Life is to be enjoyed, not endured" - Unknown

  • gredethw
    gredethw16 dni temu

    Damn Two feet ! *Back at it again with your badass beats* ! #CloudFamily ❤😍🐾

  • gredethw
    gredethw16 dni temu

    Feels like its gonna be loved by everyone nd gonna get viral ❤️💯😎 #CloudSquad

  • Dafit
    Dafit16 dni temu

    Oh my god this is* masterpiece (・o・)

  • Josuep8hw
    Josuep8hw16 dni temu

    ✨☁ *Hi... I comment a joke everytime Cloudkid uploads* ☁✨ What did the blind man say when he listened to braille music fir the first time? This shit bumps....

  • Josuep8hw
    Josuep8hw16 dni temu

    #CloudQuote ❤️ "You are not your mistakes; they are what you did, not who you are." - Lisa Liebermann-Wang

  • Vitinho_ mill_ grau
    Vitinho_ mill_ grau16 dni temu


  • Trap Lance
    Trap Lance16 dni temu

    Cloudkir makes a imagination of heaven

  • pawcioleq
    pawcioleq16 dni temu

    Imagine driving in the night and the rain is pouring on your windows and you listen to thic music 😎🤙

  • Duleon Shio
    Duleon Shio16 dni temu

    Bangers after bangers!

  • Josuep8hw
    Josuep8hw16 dni temu

    If You see this ..... *Have a Wonderful week Family* 💙☁️✨ #CloudyficationSquad

  • Josuep8hw
    Josuep8hw16 dni temu

    Two feet + The Track = *Love Everyday* 👣❤️☁️🌹

  • Josuep8hw
    Josuep8hw16 dni temu

    Happy #Firstminutemonday Everyone 👣☁️☺️💙

  • Cachirul
    Cachirul16 dni temu

    Humildad ante todo

  • MoShna TV UOGC
    MoShna TV UOGC16 dni temu

    Thank you. :D Lov5e Ya All.

  • FredSilva
    FredSilva16 dni temu


  • SilverBullet
    SilverBullet16 dni temu

    His music feels like you just control your soul and vibing completely with the guitar.

  • Maz val
    Maz val16 dni temu

    Какая мягкая и прелестная обложка. Я вновь утопаю в любви🧐💕

  • tiktok vidoları
    tiktok vidoları16 dni temu

    are yuo super music ❤❤❤❤

  • eymen şahin
    eymen şahin16 dni temu


  • Zac Alpha
    Zac Alpha16 dni temu

    Yessssss two feet we need and I fucked up next 💪🏽🎸

  • Zac Alpha
    Zac Alpha16 dni temu

    Yessssss two feet we need and I fucked up next 💪🏽🎸

  • Cyber_Blade YT
    Cyber_Blade YT16 dni temu

    Two Feet's poppin' off !

  • Rk roy
    Rk roy16 dni temu


  • XNightshadowgamesX 2001
    XNightshadowgamesX 200116 dni temu

    Great music keep the good work

  • soprolo
    soprolo16 dni temu

    i did not expect that beat

  • AvA.J
    AvA.J16 dni temu

    IM LOVER😍love cloudy songs

    ꧁SIX DEMON꧂17 dni temu

    good music a favority

  • Morena FF
    Morena FF17 dni temu

    I love you

    GT MAX1VÓ17 dni temu

    What's up cloud kid

  • Andres Marquez
    Andres Marquez17 dni temu

    two days two songs two feet

  • suhail ar
    suhail ar17 dni temu


  • LoDitor
    LoDitor17 dni temu


  • yosii boblil
    yosii boblil17 dni temu

    oh damn

  • Fabian Tofferl
    Fabian Tofferl17 dni temu


  • Arnav Chelani
    Arnav Chelani17 dni temu

    I love this....get it?

  • re lax
    re lax17 dni temu


  • Reshadz
    Reshadz17 dni temu


  • sserna_blog
    sserna_blog17 dni temu

    türk var mi brolar

  • Chill & Gamer Music
    Chill & Gamer Music17 dni temu

    Holy sh1t but what good basses

  • Cami Chávez
    Cami Chávez17 dni temu

    This is just Amazing🔥🔥❤

  • Alexander SW火
    Alexander SW火17 dni temu

    I love it!!!!

  • Emma Dobson
    Emma Dobson17 dni temu

    this song was posted earlier than normal????

  • Luciferone99six Ign
    Luciferone99six Ign17 dni temu

    Nice 🖤🚬

  • SsNaKEz-
    SsNaKEz-17 dni temu

    [Day 3] Snakes do not hibernate but enter a state of reduced metabolic rate called BRUMATION during cooler weather periods. Many snakes stop eating during winter and conserve energy by not moving around as much. On a warm sunny day in the middle of winter snakes may still come out and bask.

  • 자전거
    자전거17 dni temu are my lover..❤❤

  • BlackMett3r :p
    BlackMett3r :p17 dni temu


  • quiet Skele 605
    quiet Skele 60517 dni temu

    Have a great week too cloudkid🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤♥️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • TwentyoneNix
    TwentyoneNix17 dni temu

    two feet lets gooooooooooooo

  • John Victor
    John Victor17 dni temu

    i love you cloudkid ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • dusje me
    dusje me17 dni temu

    I read the title as: "I'm a foot lover"

  • SsNaKEz-
    SsNaKEz-17 dni temu

    Crazy upload, as allways ^^

  • Edwin Jamioy Arcila
    Edwin Jamioy Arcila17 dni temu


  • Karan Brar
    Karan Brar17 dni temu

    Nothing better than embrace of mother and a lover.

  • Mr. SaBbY Ç-UXD
    Mr. SaBbY Ç-UXD17 dni temu


  • Cho'gath BÉT
    Cho'gath BÉT17 dni temu

    :)))) hiiii

  • Cascaded Angel
    Cascaded Angel17 dni temu

    More two feet! this is godly!

  • TheOneKid
    TheOneKid17 dni temu