What's the most painful thing you've been told? (Strangers Answer)


July 15, 2019- It was recently brought to my attention that the guy in the intro was telling the story of a relative. I didn’t know this until 5 months after uploading the episode. I want you all to know that I will always do my best to keep my channel 100% honest but unfortunately sometimes there is no way for me to know. If I had known that the story was in any way misleading before uploading, I would not have included it in the episode.
This episode is hard to watch and it was definitely hard to make... but I hope it gets a good message across. I love you all. #BeKind
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  • Thoraya Maronesy
    Thoraya Maronesy2 lat temu

    Hi everyone! I've been reading through some of your comments and it makes me happy to see that you find my page a safe place to share your answer to this question. With that being said, I want you all to know that unfortunately I'm unable to keep up with all the comments and I feel awful because some of you have been sharing really personal experiences that I think should be acknowledged by someone. So please if any of you are having suicidal thoughts here is the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 and if any of you have been sexually assaulted and are looking to speak to someone, here is the number to National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 ..... If you're not looking to reach a professional I really hope you'll consider talking to someone close to you that you can trust! Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't think that I'm ignoring any of your comments

  • Ghosts, Paranormal,UFOs & Mellow Meditation Music

    Ghosts, Paranormal,UFOs & Mellow Meditation Music

    23 dni temu

    Thanks !

  • Ambie


    25 dni temu

    @Brittney Betch yeah I dated 2 girls after her, I have to admit that she definitely wasnt the best person. Idk what I was thinking with her or the 2nd one, I found the girl I really love but she doesnt like me lmao

  • Gabriel


    25 dni temu

    How about asking people what their single biggest regret in life is? Mine would be not fighting harder to see my three children when their mom wouldn't let me see or speak to them. After years of trying, I honestly had given up because it emotionally drained me to the point where I was suicidal and completely heartbroken. I had to make a decision that went against my morals and my heart to step back and let go before I took my own life. After 13 years I finally got to see them. Now that their grown, I have at least some kind of relationship with two of them. One doesn't wish to see me and as hard as it is to accept that, I have to. They all have children now and the fact that I don't even know what my granddaughter looks like breaks my heart every day. I wish I knew what I could do to repair my daughters heart and mend things. I still love her as much as I did the first time I held her in my arms. 💔

  • Brittney Betch

    Brittney Betch

    25 dni temu

    @Ambie also i just realized that you posted that 2 years ago.. Youre only like 2 years younger than me lol. But still, if you havent found her already, shes out there

  • Brittney Betch

    Brittney Betch

    25 dni temu

    @Ambie hey mann, just wanted to say, youll find the right one :). Youre still young, and trust me, youll have a lot more bad experiences, but remember that all them just help you shape and know what kind of person you want to be with. Youll find the right one, just give it time, okay ?

  • _xXDinoXx_
    _xXDinoXx_49 minut temu

    “What a f!cking idiot. Can’t believe she missed the ball.” -My best friend We were in an elementary school volleyball game, and I missed a spike. She mumbled it under her breath but I still heard.

  • Daddyspigcumsuck
    Daddyspigcumsuck54 minut temu

    My biggest insecurity is being overweight, when I was in first grade , I was pretty fat at that time , I didn’t know much English then , a student told me “eres gorda” I told them no , I wanted to cry , then a girl defended me by saying” shes not fat” then the boy asked that question again “are you fat “ and I said yes because I didn’t know or knew English , like a week later a girl in my grade came and told me “eres gorda “ and that worst of it she was laughing we went to recess , they were looking her and other students I was crying inside the class they were outside, my teacher asked me “why’re you crying?” I responded “because a girl called me fat” she said who was it? , I didn’t say the name cause I thought they were going to hit me , I just said “ someone” a year later on 2nd grade they continued with the fat shaming , I just didn’t want to continue school anymore I hated with my life I was crying at my dad telling him that I didn’t want to go , don’t hate it much but don’t like it , .

  • Daly Daly
    Daly DalyGodzinę temu

    3:49 shes in 4k sheshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay sorry i will go

  • Brenda Magallanes
    Brenda MagallanesGodzinę temu

    My mother said "you've never been anything but a source of pain and suffering for this family" after learning about sexual abuse I suffered as a child...she later apologized but I don't think she meant the apology. It was not sincere. I haven't spoken to her since.

  • Melody Gente
    Melody Gente2 godzin temu

    i'm german so... 1 "wärst du nicht so krank, wärst du schon längst mein waschweib geworden." means: "if you weren't that sick, you'd be my wash- woman long ago" (weib is a very rude word for woman). i was ten and had a bit of clothes laying around in my room. i have scoliosis, so i needed to wear a cheneau corsett, which made that i couldn't bend down and picked my clothes up. i was so in pain because of my back and that. my mother said that. 2 "das du überhaupt weisst was 'freunde machen' heißt" means "that you even know what 'making friends' means". my mother said that too. i was eleven and just talking about how i made a friends, which i was really proud of because i was and am very bad at socialising. 3 my father yelled at me and send me to my room because of a stupid thing. of course my mom knew i self harm and when i needed to go downstairs she checked my arms. you probably know what she found. it was the first time i was doing this at my wrist/arms so she was shocked. but sadly, also angry. then she yelled at me and told me how stupid it was. that was the first time i had a mental breakdown in front of them. after that, they didn't let me use my phone, even if it was the only thing that could distract me. the next day, i did it with a sharp cutter knife. they just saw it and were about to start it again, but then my brother came. they told him about it and convinced them to give me therapy. i was eleven.

  • Allison Pak
    Allison Pak2 godzin temu

    It may seem simple but, mine is “we’ve decided to move. Im sorry”

  • jayda amari
    jayda amari2 godzin temu

    “did you scream? did you fight him off you? he’s just a boy he probably didn’t think you really meant for him to stop so let’s not use the R word because it wasn’t rape” - my dad

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith2 godzin temu

    "Why did you choose to be this way? You've ruined my life." - My mum after I came out as trans & bi

  • Milou Moonen
    Milou Moonen2 godzin temu

    ''we don't want you here" classmates when i was 12

  • Victoria Biasutto
    Victoria Biasutto3 godzin temu

    "Ghost/Casper" from an old classmate, because my skin tone is too white. Hurts like hell to this day and I have a lot of self-esteem issues, and he never even noticed.

  • God Ofdestruction
    God Ofdestruction4 godzin temu

    "you're ruining our lives. If you die, we're going to cry for you a little but then we'll forget about you" my uncle

  • Pa3idsj eji3o
    Pa3idsj eji3o4 godzin temu

    i was about 10 years old and it was hard for me to gain weight and my dad always told me 'just eat its not that hard like its embarrassing to be around you'

  • Атмосфера Чёрная
    Атмосфера Чёрная4 godzin temu

    When I was 15 one morning my pedofile, psychopath stepfather who had dementia told me he is planning to kill my mom and our pets. I remember coming from school that day and standing in front of the door for a while squeezing the key in my hand. When I did open the door I saw my dog running towards me so I knew he forgot....

  • Freckles Supreme
    Freckles Supreme4 godzin temu

    “AHHH GET OF MY LIVESTREAM GRACIE WERE NOT FREINDS ANYMORE” I simply typed I miss being freinds to the girl who has hurt me the most in this world

  • Jenna Turner
    Jenna Turner4 godzin temu

    My preschool teachers teased me and sang a song about me being a tattletale. I asked to go to the bathroom to cry

  • Андреа Миланова
    Андреа Миланова5 godzin temu

    "He got hit by a car. I don't want her to know." That's what my grandma told my mom around 4 weeks ago. One of her cats got hit by a car. R.I.P Black, i always loved you and i'm always gonna love you, no matter are you with me or no ❤️ "We are sorry for you lost, we did everything we can" That's what doctors told my mom, dad and grandma... It's been 7 years but i still clearly remember it. I love you, grandpa.

  • Hudson Olivia
    Hudson Olivia5 godzin temu

    “ Your dad has a 5% chance of living” he took his chance, he made it, but hearing that broke my heart

  • Synck
    Synck5 godzin temu

    "Shut up kid" -That guy

  • Bea C
    Bea C5 godzin temu

    "The reason why I left you was because you were getting fat, I'm shallow like that". My ex after 6 years together.

  • zohreh abd
    zohreh abd5 godzin temu

    “You need to gain weight to look better, otherwise no one’s going to be with you...” _ almost everyone in my family

  • Nadie Marodi
    Nadie Marodi5 godzin temu

    Some of the comments are just so painful 🥺 bless y’all hearts

  • Megan Baker
    Megan Baker6 godzin temu

    I was in special education in some classes throughout school, one day my 8thgrade history teacher (special ed) called the whole class half retarded when we didn't understand something then when I didn't understand another question i was all the way retarded then I all of the sudden didn't speak English because I didn't here her say sit down (over the intercom),when I thought I heatd my bus being called. All this in one day. I also think before my Granddaddy died because he was so sick he said hw was sick and tired of all the noise I was making. After he passed and I was home from staying with some friends of the family I told my mom I was sorry I killed him. I was 10 and super attached to him I always called him frienddaddy,

  • Megan Baker

    Megan Baker

    6 godzin temu

    my grandaady said that i meant to say that when my granddaddy said

  • SiimplyBriellah
    SiimplyBriellah6 godzin temu

    "Im glad i moved away, you rat i never missed you, you dont belong in this world" -my Ex bff

  • ivy0912
    ivy09126 godzin temu

    I was told by an ex-girlfriend that I would not be able to crack my GMAT exam. I had to quit my job in order to study for that exam, and when I left the city to come back to my hometown, she broke up with me on phone. She broke up with me right when I was about to start my preparation. I was indeed broken, but I didn't have a lot of time to brood. Somehow, god had intended for that setback to happen because then I was able to muster enough courage and focus at that point for a few months to study hard. I have mock exams at home and the highest score i got was 680. It is said that you generally get a score less than that you get in the mock, so I had to be ok with it. I went for the exam, gave it with utmost focus, it was a 4 hour exam and probably the toughest exam i have ever given. Mentally exhausting. When the score's screen came up saying loading, my heart raced like anything. I got a score of 700, which is very good from the exam's standard, and I completely broke down staring the screen. I had never breached the 700 mark on any mock, so that was an achievement for me! If you have read my story, I would like to thank you. God bless you!

  • Lilly Weißkraut
    Lilly Weißkraut7 godzin temu

    I dont feel anything anymore and that is what is fucked up. Its worse than the pain I felt in my life

  • Miwa Tapia
    Miwa Tapia7 godzin temu

    “You don’t have a heart, feelings, you don’t know how to care, or love, you are just selfish” “I thought you were going to be this wonderful princess, but I was wrong” “You won’t be successful, you will fail in life and you will probably end up in jail” “We don’t want you here, because all you do is hurt people and you enjoy hurting people” “If you don’t do what I say you won’t see your dad this weekend” -step dad

  • Miwa Tapia

    Miwa Tapia

    7 godzin temu

    I was 12

  • Kady Sherrill
    Kady Sherrill7 godzin temu

    “It’s not that big of a deal, I’ve been through worse” -step mom.

  • Morgaine
    Morgaine8 godzin temu

    "You're too positive" - my close friend shortly after I told her how I was really feeling when I was going through the hardest time in my life. Usually I cover my depression and anxiety with fake laughter. I've gotten too good at it I think

  • Mercii TM
    Mercii TM8 godzin temu

    “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea who’s eyes are so small that he can’t even see.” I was bullied when I was in 5th grade for being Asian and the kids would sing these racist songs, pull their eyes and make other racist jokes. The worst part is these were my friends, but idk, life is tough sometimes but you gotta keep pushing forward. :)

  • Forgotten Memory
    Forgotten Memory8 godzin temu

    "I hate you, I wish I had a different sister" - my dear brother

  • kattoo _
    kattoo _8 godzin temu

    “i never loved u, i just needed u lol”- my ex “i fucking hate you”- my mom

    ZEIFORK 4 LIFE8 godzin temu

    I was 11 when my bestfriend came up to me with the new girl and my bestfriend said "if we have a friendship it would-" and then the new girl goes "it would crash" and that broke my heart bc i knew my bestfriend since kinder garden

  • Susie Herndon
    Susie Herndon8 godzin temu

    "I'm sorry there's no heartbeat....." 36 weeks pregnant with my son Nicolas

  • anushka khatri
    anushka khatri9 godzin temu

    She's is better than you. You’re jealous of her. These are the painful words anyone has ever said to me. These words affect me so deep that I started comparing myself with others but now I am happy I am trying to accept my flaws and the way I am. I am trying to love my self more and more. 😊

  • Our Wonderworld
    Our Wonderworld9 godzin temu

    My dad .y mom used to always fight and, little me was so traumatised from seeing my dad yelling at my mom and hurting her, So I would stand infront of my mom because I was paranoid..And my father told me *it's all because of you, she acts like this because you can't let us have a conversation* that made me think, it is all my fault that my parents were breaking apart?

  • Melinda Cheatham
    Melinda Cheatham9 godzin temu

    I just want to hug all these folks and tell them I love them and how proud I am of them.

  • komtrolla
    komtrolla9 godzin temu

    "If you want to kill yourself, do it now. We're gonna save money to you"

  • Victoria Alexandre
    Victoria Alexandre10 godzin temu

    You have beautiful cheeks🥰

  • Jess
    Jess10 godzin temu

    "Why can't you just be normal?" One of my classmates when I was being hyper. "You need to stop being so weird." One of the instructors at a daycare that I went to. "I should give you up for adoption." One of my parents when I was being particularly difficult and running around the house when I was supposed to be getting ready for school. "Tuck your stomach in," a girl I went to school daycare with while we were sitting on the bus. "Why are you so weird and ugly?" A classmate in middle school. "I don't wanna talk to you anymore, you're weird." A "friend" of mine in the eighth grade." "I'll never see my son again," my mom as she cried on my shoulder after my brother died. I remember waking up to her wailing.

  • Preevin
    Preevin11 godzin temu

    "You will end up in the streets like those suffering beggers, get lost". This is what my dad told me when I was 10 or 11 and I'm 13 right now and it hurt me so much thanks to my mom that she told me to never listen him and his words. He still lectures me bad and demotivating things till this day if his mood is off, just to cure his a*s anger and make me go 1 step back I hope I can see that day where I forget him and have a long and happy life and to keep my mom healthy. Wish me Luck Guys.

  • NoFace
    NoFace11 godzin temu

    “She’s not even a sister to me she’s just a kid to me.” -My big brother 2021 during an argument.

  • Shena Khalil
    Shena Khalil11 godzin temu

    u are ignorant" my aunty said that to me and it really hurts

  • Obsessed With ownself
    Obsessed With ownself11 godzin temu

    I love the fact that almost everyone in the comment section is sharing the words they were told and it hurt them

  • Pasquale Jr Montó
    Pasquale Jr Montó12 godzin temu

    My parents are from different countries. They divorced when I was 14 and I got to live in the country my mom grew, away from my father and from where I grew up. We would have fights regularly and she said sometimes : "I'll send you back to your father". Eventually, after a year I called him and took a plane away from my mother and brothers. After some time living with him he said that same thing: "I'll send you back to your mother". I don't want to live in either place. I'll go away and follow my dreams, and never look back. Their negativity will never hold me down.

  • Madhuri Garud
    Madhuri Garud13 godzin temu

    My mom once told me :- we are ashamed of you , go die somewhere And that hit me hard..

  • TheFlameKid
    TheFlameKid13 godzin temu

    4:12 She freeks me out a lil. She similar characteristics in her face to mine except skin color and gender. She could be a sister or niece tbh

  • DivyRajsinh Solanki
    DivyRajsinh Solanki15 godzin temu

    " he plays victim card to gain sympathy" ~ someone

  • Avraham Elitzur Berlinger
    Avraham Elitzur Berlinger15 godzin temu

    People use the word "like" too much (an in alike)

  • Inuka toshino
    Inuka toshino16 godzin temu

    "Your singing sounds like a dying cat" -my entire family This hurt more than anything because I want to become a singer and it makes me really sad and angry knowing that my own family doesn't believe in me. Also my parents are constantly telling me the world is dangerous and people can't be trusted and stuff like that. Because of this im now really shy and I have serious trust issues.

  • kim .:.
    kim .:.16 godzin temu

    ‘I wish you were a boy. I wish i never had you as a child you useless s1ut’ my dad to me after I got groomed/s3xually harassed by an older guy

  • Queisha Sabanal
    Queisha Sabanal17 godzin temu

    "I hate you" from my little cousin i drank mud and ate dirt for...

  • tengo maisuradze
    tengo maisuradze18 godzin temu

    that kid with the fortnite shirt tho

  • Just Another Introverted Human
    Just Another Introverted Human19 godzin temu

    I'm in-between two, "Your absolutely pathetic" i was having a panic attack and my older sister saw me, and. "Your sister tried to OD again and shes in the hospital" and yes it was the same sister.

  • Screech The Parrot
    Screech The Parrot20 godzin temu

    i was coming out to my grandma as trans and she said “Fuck you i dont support the lgbtq+ community and you know that” i cried I absolutely hate her i still cant get over it to this day

  • wowimstillalive
    wowimstillalive21 godzinę temu

    does it make me a bad person to not love someone anymore? i'm genuinely so confused because a lot of these people seem to have some form of "I don't love you anymore" as their most painful thing. Is it ok for me to tell someone that?? Because I genuinely don't love him anymore and I don't want to feel like I'm leading him on. I've already told him I need to just be friends with him again, but he texted me saying, "I'm scared that you'll stop loving me someday." I already have and I don't know how to tell him. Am i a bad person for not loving him anymore??

  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez21 godzinę temu

    I really got to stop watching videos like this, I cry too easily 😭💔💔

  • Bobby's Sketching
    Bobby's Sketching22 godzin temu

    "You're the most judgmental person I've ever met" To keep my pride I said "I know" It hit me so hard because I knew it was true and I still struggle with trying to be better. I don't want to be mean but when it happens I don't think and after I'm embarrassed but refuse to apologize. I'm really trying though.

  • ThinkThat Thinks
    ThinkThat Thinks23 godzin temu

    "I don't love her anyways" my mother told my dad in a call while I was listening to them. (When I say her I mean myself)

  • Jen P
    Jen PDzień temu

    "You look horrible" It´s something so dumb but when it´s from your mom it hits hard

  • Casey Schneidtmiller
    Casey SchneidtmillerDzień temu

    TW "Go commit suicide you stupid fag" - My ex Best Friend

  • fanpage club
    fanpage clubDzień temu

    "finally ur eating a salad" - my step dad - i was watching a youtube video about a girl doing a what she eats in a day thing...

  • Alaa Al.Mawajdeh
    Alaa Al.MawajdehDzień temu

    the saddest thing that its not just one painful thing there is a lot of painful things and i cant choose the worse one...just please watch out the things come of your mouth!

  • Snuggle Blossom
    Snuggle BlossomDzień temu

    "You'd be better off being a street corner worker" When I told my mother I wanted to go into music as a profession. "No one will ever love you, you're ugly, useless and fat. Who could ever love you" My Abusive Ex who I was with for 5 years.

  • Your_local_YT_user
    Your_local_YT_userDzień temu

    “We need to head back to your moms house. Kramer (my cat) is going to get put down”

  • Rei Rei
    Rei ReiDzień temu

    “Sugars is dead” - My parents after my heart horse died in labor. I’m still mourning after 3 years.

  • Alvaro Moreno Acosta
    Alvaro Moreno AcostaDzień temu

    What's the most painful thing you've been told? -The truth

  • Kyan de Haan
    Kyan de HaanDzień temu

    that people were stuffing food up my mouth and said "weirdass anorexic"

  • Wraith Edits
    Wraith EditsDzień temu

    ''We don't love you anyways'' Parents told me this for 2 - 2,5 Year ago andi've never loved and talked to them the same way, i still have nights remembering my dad hurting me and my mom not doing anything and just says ''you deserved it''

  • K H
    K HDzień temu

    "I never asked for a demon child like you." -My mom to me. I mean, I hear it a lot so its not that sad.

  • Nelly Thompson
    Nelly ThompsonDzień temu

    Hi guys I am so so so so sorry for the mean words sorry that you get sorry!! Nobody Deserves that!!!!!!! I am so so sorry for all the mean Things that People say!!!! Ly❤ guys!!!!!!!!😘 !You are so so so so so so Great !Don't Let anyone Take you down you are amazing💯💯💯💯💯!!!!!!!And Haters Stop bring mean ok pls!!!

  • C Johnson
    C JohnsonDzień temu

    “You’re going to fail. Why is this so hard for you? Everyone has a hard time so why can’t you just move on?” - my mom the night before I attempted suicide

  • Jinann Wang
    Jinann WangDzień temu

    "I only play with you when Yvonne's absent" third grade's a rough year.

  • Jinann Wang
    Jinann WangDzień temu

    the most hurtful things come from the people you love

  • only me
    only meDzień temu

    “It will be better if I killed u in womb” -my mother

  • Yes Sir
    Yes SirDzień temu

    “Your never going to make it in Life.” - My old teacher “Ugly black people like you deserve to die” - My old bullies “I hate you so much” - My Sister “Why can't you just be smart for once” - My Mother

  • Manisha Veluri
    Manisha VeluriDzień temu

    I will disown you if you ever marry someone who is not of our religion. I will change you - Dad

  • 7 Milan
    7 MilanDzień temu

    ‘Get out we don’t like whites here’

  • kim .:.

    kim .:.

    16 godzin temu


  • caleb carota
    caleb carotaDzień temu

    “i was told i only have 3 months left to live, that was 5 months ago, im waiting” BOSS BEHAVIOR

  • Anonymous hihi
    Anonymous hihiDzień temu

    ”You are kind of ugly” - a boy in school ” I hate u” - mother

  • VS-Kuno
    VS-KunoDzień temu

    "Kill yourself, it's not like anyone would notice." "Stop cutting and just kill yourself already." - About half of my 7th grade class

  • Carol
    CarolDzień temu

    So Guys!!! Whenever someone say so hurtful to you, think it as a "learning tool" to be the best version of yourselves....

  • Carol
    CarolDzień temu

    After looking at what all these people go through, I came to know that there will be more people who will discourage you than, motivate you! That's when we become independent on ourselves! Coz people really never bother, unless it's a win-win situation!!

  • Mr. Kaishi
    Mr. KaishiDzień temu

    "You're supposed to be the rock that keeps this family together" Being the youngest of 3 "What, you they're father now?" Being the oldest of 2 half bros "Silence" When she left after 12 years. While I was sleeping. With no note. No explantion. "Youre too old to not know what you want to do" After I turning 18 "As soon as you're 18, you're out of here" Me being 10 The list goes on, but I just realized how pathetic it is reliving shit that took years to recover from.

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy GachaDzień temu

    "Hoe" A person sent that directed to me on the grade group chat...I didn't know what hurt more, the fact that I felt uncomfortable with myself and the fact that I had guy friends or that no one in the whole grade stood up for me...Anyone in the grade could've said something but- they didn't.

  • ranie carrise
    ranie carriseDzień temu

    "this is all your fault" -my mother to me while arguing with my dad

  • Mineichi Simp

    Mineichi Simp

    Dzień temu

    I know how it feels, it hurts so much

  • Eleni Biebuyck
    Eleni BiebuyckDzień temu

    'This is the last time I'm going to be on a plane and I don't even get to sit next to you'. My mother said this when we flew back from our vacation in italy. We weren't seated next to each other and nobody wanted to switch. She died 7 weeks later from cancer and I miss her every day

  • Pepins Spot
    Pepins SpotDzień temu

    "Fag". I was in 5th grade. That started a cascade of psychological problems that, to this day, I still strugle with. I'm 52.

  • No Yes
    No YesDzień temu

    “Nobody love you because you cry to much” - *my parents*

  • Mineichi Simp

    Mineichi Simp

    Dzień temu

    I don't get why anyone would dislike crying, fucking hell


    “ you want some pizza? It over here ( points at belly ) “ - my big brother 2020

  • generic
    genericDzień temu

    "your father passed away" when I was 10.

  • Rosfel Rosaut
    Rosfel RosautDzień temu

    "You're worthless. You will never be good enough, mediocre."

  • Leila Gomez
    Leila GomezDzień temu

    My mother used to say that I was so annoying that no one would like me, I don't think she wanted to hurt me, she doesn't have much education, I love her. But it still haunts me so much today, I have molded myself many times. As a child, I admired a teacher so much, I wanted to be like her. She was a math teacher. One day we were assembling geometric shapes and I cut the piece where we put the glue. When she saw it, she looked at me with such anger and said "You ruined that cube!" and then she threw it in my chair. She never even apologized, it seems so silly, but I was a child and it destroyed me. She didn't have to be so rude, today as a teacher I know that there were many ways to fix that cube and no reason to be rude. "You are cold!" (When I was desperately trying to show my love, not only trying to show it but really in love. I started to think there was something wrong with me when I was coldly betrayed and cheated, today maybe being a cold person is always the best option, because trusting your true self in someone, hurts a lot). There are so many things said that destroy us and at the same time modify us so much ...

  • Emi Goutaudier
    Emi Goutaudier2 dni temu

    All of those people are so attractive. And good looking.

  • Maria Wright
    Maria Wright2 dni temu

    " The father you grew up with is not your biological father"

  • moniique
    moniique2 dni temu

    nobody: absolutely nobody: my mom: are you a witch why cant you clean your room

  • Chl0ePlays Roblox
    Chl0ePlays Roblox2 dni temu

    your a bitch and a brat chloe and your never gonna achieve anything- my mom