Cyberpunk 2077 - Teaser Trailer


Check out a stylish teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077.
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  • BaBaBoi Studios
    BaBaBoi Studios2 godzin temu

    Guys relax, the creator just forgot the password for his computer

  • Anshul Ravi Sharma
    Anshul Ravi Sharma10 godzin temu

    Can we just take a look at the date it was uploaded

  • QwertyKaps
    QwertyKaps11 godzin temu

    I fell like the game developers were trying to create a genuinely good game but idk what you call them, the makers of the game just wanted to advert "hEy lOOk kEaNu rEvEeS jOhN WiCk bUy gAmE" and spent the 80%-90% on adverts and recruiting Keanu for the game.

  • HEXAGON Gaming
    HEXAGON Gaming13 godzin temu

    J Jonah Jameson laughing Are you serious?

  • Lucas Fraktor
    Lucas Fraktor16 godzin temu

    yeah well the games total shit now

  • Outlaw 9621
    Outlaw 9621Dzień temu

    Wish they make movie on this 😔❤️🔥🌹

  • Devier
    DevierDzień temu

    Oh boy 😂😂😂

  • Julian Bradley
    Julian Bradley2 dni temu

    The hype is real!....oh wait...sorry.

  • FrostyHamster
    FrostyHamster2 dni temu

    for 8 years the video quality shouldve been like this trailer, but instead we got some last gen buggy bullshit

  • Sithun Biyanvila
    Sithun Biyanvila2 dni temu

    We were ready, but not the game lol 🤣

  • psyhasthenis_MD08 g
    psyhasthenis_MD08 g3 dni temu

    8 fucking years and I'm watching this now?

  • Focken cooont Nerd
    Focken cooont Nerd3 dni temu

    Yes this game had a lot of bugs on release but I have finished it and I can say it is actually one of the best games I’ve played

  • Szocikplayer PL

    Szocikplayer PL

    2 godzin temu

    Players when theyre making heist bugs to get some cash : I luv this game Players when disable man stand up : fckin bullshit

  • Szocikplayer PL

    Szocikplayer PL

    2 godzin temu

    Yeah imagine refund the game cuz ur friend did it and instead of enjoy the story and graphics youre looking at logic and bugs

  • Harvey Whann

    Harvey Whann

    10 godzin temu

    Then it means you haven't played any good games

  • wetzin alvarado
    wetzin alvarado4 dni temu

    The game that destroyed the nearlu flawless reputation of cdpkr

  • sungki eun
    sungki eun5 dni temu

    멕스텍 존나 간지나게 표현했는데 게임에서는 그냥 중풍 걸린 노인 마냥 병신들임.

  • Green Ranger
    Green Ranger5 dni temu

    Wait till 2077. Hope it's ready then

  • HakureiSlut
    HakureiSlut5 dni temu


  • Mixal S
    Mixal S5 dni temu

    GTA 5 was making less years than Cyberpunk... and is better 😑

  • KrystianPLYT


    Dzień temu

    actually cyberpunk started its development in 2016 after finishing the witcher 3

  • Bob Xie
    Bob Xie6 dni temu

    Came back after seeing the girl in the game. Damn nice addition to the game.

  • ASIX
    ASIX6 dni temu

    Every now and then I like to watch this and think that game like this will exist one day

  • skychaelin
    skychaelin6 dni temu

    damn 2013? woah... crazy to see how different the game looks compared with these visuals to what the final product was. I did enjoy the game overall but needed some more work

  • Andy
    Andy7 dni temu

    Did not live up to the awesomeness this trailer evoked.

  • Hecatomb
    Hecatomb7 dni temu

    Stop crying and buy you all a damm good pc, soniers. This game is so wonderful that even that teaser girl after 8 years appears in the game, on a side but a funny quest named Bullets, as the teaser's song. One day you will see xddddd

  • MasterWo
    MasterWo8 dni temu


  • Shiori
    Shiori8 dni temu

    DNF all over again..

  • Vladimir Crisostomo XIV
    Vladimir Crisostomo XIV8 dni temu

    Wow, such a nice teaser. I wonder when will it be released.

  • Heet Gaming

    Heet Gaming

    8 dni temu

    Kon sa mal vukateho

  • TheDarkd3ath
    TheDarkd3ath9 dni temu

    Early warning police spawns behind you

  • Jason Henry
    Jason Henry9 dni temu

    Lies all lies

  • LUCKY MEN atalan
    LUCKY MEN atalan9 dni temu

    liar cd projekt red

  • Batman Return's Again
    Batman Return's Again10 dni temu

    Bruh not even the futuristic police which were shown in the trailer look nothing like in the actual game.

  • BetterCall Denis
    BetterCall Denis10 dni temu

    Seems like cyberprank ~

  • Astronautro
    Astronautro10 dni temu

    pena que só prometiam com DLCs mas no final sail uma m*rda

  • Abhra Soni
    Abhra Soni10 dni temu

    Song name ?

  • • Sn00zy

    • Sn00zy

    10 dni temu

    Archive - Bullets

  • Crusader
    Crusader10 dni temu

    8 years just for a 7/10 game. Even indie titles that took less than a year of development are better

  • Hundesteak
    Hundesteak11 dni temu

    Tyler the creator still made homophobic lyrics when this came out

  • Mihajlo Ostojic
    Mihajlo Ostojic11 dni temu

    We waited in excitement 8 years for junk...

  • Fork
    Fork11 dni temu

    what a waste of time

  • Martin Toloza
    Martin Toloza12 dni temu

    Te cagas de 2013 que estábamos esperando este juego para que tenga más books

  • XDM Studios
    XDM Studios13 dni temu

    Yoo! cool game! i wonder when its THIS is coming out 🤣

  • sasha rataxun

    sasha rataxun

    12 dni temu

    dude she already left

  • Monarch Sciences
    Monarch Sciences13 dni temu


    MAHDI ZEUS13 dni temu


  • Elyas Sakhi
    Elyas Sakhi13 dni temu


  • dominik


    5 dni temu

    Zamknij się 🤣

  • DavyDave1313
    DavyDave131314 dni temu

    Look. Cyberpunk was a great game - indeed with all the bugs and memes it still was extremely pretty and fun on my 3070 4k machine. I had a ton of fun. But thats it. It wasnt this new benchmark of gaming. It definitely didnt meet my expectations. From this trailer, I thought there was gonna be a whole storyline of you becoming MaxTac and maybe even uncovering and fighting the corruption within Night City Police. It is what it is. I had over 100 hours of gameplay, it was fun but man I really wanted that MaxTac storyline.

  • Zuura


    6 dni temu

    F this game and most importantly F ppl like u who flex all over the floor

  • Stay Lucky
    Stay Lucky14 dni temu


  • DJ-LA- -WOLF
    DJ-LA- -WOLF14 dni temu

    Man rhat is heartbreaking 😭😥😢

  • DJ-LA- -WOLF
    DJ-LA- -WOLF14 dni temu

    Man rhat is heartbreaking 😭😥😢

  • curiosity
    curiosity14 dni temu

    Vim do futuro pra dizer que esse será o jogo mais bugado da história dos games.

  • Jeremíaz
    Jeremíaz14 dni temu

    Shit don’t make since. Online has to be way better

  • Guilherme Ribeiro
    Guilherme Ribeiro15 dni temu

    things were simpler when cyberpunk was just hype.

  • haflelife 2
    haflelife 216 dni temu

    this theme had so much potential, but instead of getting an artistic cyberpunk RPG we got another grinding action game

  • elliott j-s-r
    elliott j-s-r16 dni temu

    The game had so many reworks and edits characters changes cd pr was under so much pressure to get this game out released an unfinished version with the hopes of fixing everything post launch

    NOX G4MERS16 dni temu


  • Devils Kiss
    Devils Kiss16 dni temu

    Great game with great story people are always finding something to complain about

  • Crusader


    10 dni temu


  • Alaric
    Alaric17 dni temu

    Trailer vs real game

  • BlueBoo
    BlueBoo17 dni temu

    Dogshit game

  • Duxa
    Duxa17 dni temu

    (Let's pretend I wrote this comment in 2012) I predict Cyberpank 2077 will be out at the end of 2020!

  • godzillaboy 07

    godzillaboy 07

    17 dni temu

    no shot

  • Raid Callybre
    Raid Callybre17 dni temu

    "Coming when its ready" That was probably the biggest joke in the world!

  • Glenn Buckthorn
    Glenn Buckthorn17 dni temu

    Fun fact you can find her

  • Relaxzx relazxz
    Relaxzx relazxz17 dni temu

    Fun fact:you searched cyberpunk 2077.

  • Saransh Sharma
    Saransh Sharma17 dni temu

    Wow CD project could have waited for more time to make a game that matched the hype

  • Paul
    Paul17 dni temu

    Damn the trailer is even better than the game itself

  • martin23
    martin2318 dni temu

    Hola✌️ si algún viajero del tiempo está en 2013 viendo este trailer y tiene la capacidad de ver los comentarios del futuro desde el 2021 les digo que no lo compren esta lleno de Bugs 🤢y físicas del 2000 lo único bueno son sus gráficos🌅🌇 bueno adiós🖐️

  • S.G. Lee
    S.G. Lee18 dni temu

    씨발 이런갓 트레일러 만들어놓고 게임은 썩은 홍시같이 내놓냐

  • Дмитрий Проскурня
    Дмитрий Проскурня18 dni temu

    Cyberpunk 2077 2012 > Cyberpunk 2077 2020

  • Tony Cavello
    Tony Cavello18 dni temu

    2013: Cyberpunk 2077 the child of blade runner and deus ex 2021: Transpunk borderlands To be real I love blade runner, deus ex and altered carbon (1st season more than 2nd) and would love a game preferably 3rd person with that setting. Deus Ex MD was a disappointment and honestly in 2013/14 I was hyped for this 3yrs ago I lost that hype with a gut feeling it would not turn out as implied

  • Noble 6-9
    Noble 6-918 dni temu

    I honest wish this game live up to the hype

  • CASO
    CASO19 dni temu

    Can't lie girl is hot right??

  • Palky
    Palky19 dni temu

    So, when are they going to release this game?

  • Palky


    18 dni temu

    @ezra rahman The game they released isn' this one, sadly..

  • ezra rahman

    ezra rahman

    18 dni temu

    the game is out

  • JonatasMonte
    JonatasMonte20 dni temu

    If the devs knew better, they'd say it takes places in a simulation like in the Matrix. The glitches are failures in the illusion.

  • Eduardo german
    Eduardo german20 dni temu

    Such a let down.

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed
    Abdelrahman Mohamed21 dzień temu

    Lmao aged like milk

  • No Name
    No Name21 dzień temu

    1:20 They predicted the police spawning behind you.

  • Roby
    Roby22 dni temu

    Sto cazzo

  • QuoteThaChannel
    QuoteThaChannel22 dni temu

    Im from the future. This game gets long forgotten.

  • Fernando Kuzunoha
    Fernando Kuzunoha23 dni temu

    CD Projekt didn't took Personal Responsibility in the development of the game

  • Jiří Kučera
    Jiří Kučera23 dni temu

    Lol 2013 :D

  • TopspeedFr3ak97
    TopspeedFr3ak9724 dni temu

    "Personal responsability" I find it really hilarous that they choose this song for the announcement after how horrendous the game resulted to be. It's almost as if they knew it was gonna be a disaster from the very beginning

  • Gwenpool
    Gwenpool24 dni temu

    Who here is a Duke Nukem fan?

  • Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah

    18 dni temu


  • SoloHeber14
    SoloHeber1424 dni temu

    Snap back to reality

    KILLSWITCH24 dni temu

    It wasn't ready

  • Enter name

    Enter name

    20 dni temu

    wait 2077

  • Nusrat Parveen
    Nusrat Parveen24 dni temu

    Seems like a good game. Hopefully there aren’t any glitches

  • Việt Huy
    Việt Huy24 dni temu

    They said this run well on ps3

    IMPERIA24 dni temu

    We will have to wait till year 2077 for the game to run Without any glitches

  • Grey Job
    Grey Job24 dni temu


  • Brian G
    Brian G25 dni temu

    This didn't age well.

  • Steppie
    Steppie25 dni temu

    Spoiler Alert: It did not come when it was ready.

  • FrostByte
    FrostByte26 dni temu

    *So....was it worth the wait?*

  • Stephen Nugent
    Stephen Nugent26 dni temu

    "Coming when it's ready."

  • ihateweebs
    ihateweebs27 dni temu

    Fucking morons mocking the game in the comments, probably have never even played it

  • Typickoopakid
    Typickoopakid27 dni temu

    "coming: when it's 25% ready"

  • The PrivateGamer
    The PrivateGamer27 dni temu

    Wtf 8 years ago??

  • Pfadex3cut3r
    Pfadex3cut3r27 dni temu

    Scenario and game had a huge potential if they acutally really develop this game from 2013 untill 2021. What a waste.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard27 dni temu

    When is this game coming out?

  • Tiger Plays
    Tiger Plays27 dni temu

    they probably spent more of their budget on this trailer than on actually developing the game

  • Dodi Wibowo
    Dodi Wibowo27 dni temu

    Old game but why comes viral now?????

  • M. Sami
    M. Sami28 dni temu

    I don't see anything in this trailer exciting. Idk why people were hyped so much lol.

  • MR. Sentient

    MR. Sentient

    24 dni temu

    Agreed. Never really understood the hype. Kinda glad about that too.

  • Your senpai
    Your senpai28 dni temu

    You guys kept begging for this to be released then they released obviously it wasn’t done yet

  • Jishnu
    Jishnu28 dni temu

    Cutte gurl why r u doing this?

  • rtmg
    rtmg29 dni temu

    If your going to release a game trailer, do it when most of it is already developed. Not when you just have a idea of it.

  • Михайло Костевський
    Михайло Костевський29 dni temu

    ну мы в итоге все обосрались

  • Safran Rocky
    Safran Rocky29 dni temu

    8 years of waste. Gta 5 is better than this.