Gucci Mane - Last Night feat. Yung Mal and OJ Da Juiceman [Official Audio]


Gucci Mane - Last Night feat. Yung Mal and OJ Da Juiceman [Official Audio]
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  • Klajd Klajd
    Klajd Klajd20 dni temu

    This song is pure magic ✨

  • 242stubbo
    242stubboMiesiąc temu

    All this D & G on my freak

  • allonmyones
    allonmyones2 miesięcy temu

    Where’s Sosa’s verse 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • LilGloryBoyZay
    LilGloryBoyZay3 miesięcy temu

    I thought it was sosa on this song not mal?

  • Xara Rogers
    Xara Rogers5 miesięcy temu

    Is there an official video for this?

  • Ny so Flyy
    Ny so Flyy6 miesięcy temu

    I’m trying to find videos

  • Zane Goodeker
    Zane Goodeker6 miesięcy temu

    Why is this on an 80s Rock Playlist?

  • Black Royalty
    Black Royalty6 miesięcy temu

    Sharons Showcase!!!! #yeeeeek #Bouldercrest #its been GUUUCCCIII✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾👑👑👑👑👑👑👑King shiii only #❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Gucci K’oir👑👑

  • Vinvin Mccalpine
    Vinvin Mccalpine7 miesięcy temu

    T.i. and Jeezy might of brought the Trap to white people but Gucci, OJ,and Shawty Lo authenticated it 💯

  • J - 440
    J - 4407 miesięcy temu


  • 223 Guy
    223 Guy8 miesięcy temu

    This a great song young and old school

  • Sam Howard
    Sam Howard8 miesięcy temu

    Oj 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LaRon 7God
    LaRon 7God9 miesięcy temu

    Original knw I'll smack her.

  • richoffplug .i-16
    richoffplug .i-169 miesięcy temu

    Yung mal 🔥🔥🔥🔥 was the hardest on 1017 & hood ... Quill was like robin & mal was batman

  • Andrew Hagan
    Andrew Hagan9 miesięcy temu

    Guwop rode that bitch like ah sunami believe ittt buurrr

  • Cj Trill
    Cj Trill10 miesięcy temu

    Gucci mane albums be trash lol

  • Charles Harris
    Charles Harris10 miesięcy temu

    "Buddy got shot when he reached, I did that boy dirty I shot em from the 3" Got daym

  • Jamaal Curry
    Jamaal Curry10 miesięcy temu

    Big Juiceman in this bih

  • Joseph Warlock football
    Joseph Warlock football11 miesięcy temu

    They sound like they never stopped rappin 2 rappers sound better together than them two, they flow together ridiculously.

  • Aleph Z
    Aleph Z11 miesięcy temu

    "With the advent of good friends and advanced education, I can make a difference in my surroundings and alone in improving the world system." I was blinded by these ideas.. LOL..

  • 6FDZaee
    6FDZaee11 miesięcy temu

    The fact they took Chief Keef off and he was the whole chorus

  • GloryBoy


    4 miesięcy temu

    right, chief kerf went the hardest

  • BC da Kid
    BC da Kid11 miesięcy temu

    That last “ayeee” juiceman said took me right back to 2009

  • Hosea Spearman
    Hosea SpearmanRok temu

    I'm that same lil dusty feet nigga got rich now i feel like i'm Pee had to sleep on the floor now it's court side seats

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboyRok temu


  • Toro Toro
    Toro ToroRok temu

    Ojs "aye" I felt that shit

  • bottzz 55
    bottzz 55Rok temu

    Version with sosa way better

  • Freddie Marchan
    Freddie MarchanRok temu

    Both a very Yee still gotta work relieve

  • Ray Gezzy
    Ray GezzyRok temu

    Heellllll naw!!! Why you ain't leave Sosa on this Gucci wild af for this smh ..Chief Keef bodied this!🔥

  • Brandi Genaille
    Brandi GenailleRok temu

    The juice man is back

  • Kyle Fleming
    Kyle FlemingRok temu


  • Rich P
    Rich PRok temu

    Why would you not release version with SOSA ITS WAY HARDER.......

  • GloryBoy


    4 miesięcy temu

    they prolly don't like Sosa anymore, but Sosas carried this track

  • ccmen10
    ccmen10Rok temu

    This song would’ve been so much more successful if you left Chief Keef on it

  • Taylor Carter

    Taylor Carter

    4 miesięcy temu

    He was on it woulda been 🔥🔥

  • Kyuubi96
    Kyuubi96Rok temu

    Aye chief king sosa murdered this shit!

  • Quincy Neal
    Quincy NealRok temu

    Why you take off Sosa🧐

  • Ladarreca Stuckey
    Ladarreca StuckeyRok temu

    “ Real play from Himalaya , AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  • Cheki Hill
    Cheki HillRok temu

    PLclip. Cheki Hill

  • Gracie R
    Gracie RRok temu

    Definitely my favorite song off this CD 😍🎶🎶

  • glonl boyz

    glonl boyz

    16 dni temu

    U should listen the chief keef original version its way more better

  • Leopoldo Valdez
    Leopoldo ValdezRok temu

    The put the bells for oj in the back ground you know 😎⚡️

  • James Thomas
    James ThomasRok temu

    Still catching plays by Crim.

  • Billionairejc
    BillionairejcRok temu

    I started listening to Yung Mal after this

  • Sele Sanguinetti
    Sele SanguinettiRok temu

    This beat fire af

  • Malik Cook
    Malik CookRok temu

    Who here in 2020?

  • Ted Sims
    Ted SimsRok temu

    Guwop, OJ 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ryan Mitchell
    Ryan MitchellRok temu

    This song fire but yung mal verse heat heat🔥🔥🔥

  • Vibes Bonner
    Vibes BonnerRok temu

    YUNGJUICE AYE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Moto Gary
    Moto GaryRok temu

    played cause JUICE

  • #mrstay grindin
    #mrstay grindinRok temu

    When we gone get a video for this joint??🔥🔥🔥

  • Jeremiah Houser
    Jeremiah HouserRok temu

    Make instrumental

  • Valentin Davis
    Valentin DavisRok temu

    yung juu

  • Stubbo242
    Stubbo242Rok temu

    This song grew on me so much

  • Emory Harper
    Emory HarperRok temu

    Still catching plays by crim

  • Mariques Alexander
    Mariques AlexanderRok temu

    Oj "let these fish take a swim "aye"

  • Kayne Tinnermon
    Kayne TinnermonRok temu

    Eastside shit.. Candler rd to da CREST

  • 中島あきら
    中島あきらRok temu

    Damn OJ the Juiceman! That bring back memories of the GOAT (Gucci). Back when there was no Migos or 6ix9ine. Better days for rap that's for fuckin sure.

  • LOWS DAGreat
    LOWS DAGreatRok temu

    OJ killed it!

  • Timothy Nix
    Timothy NixRok temu

    Guccccc Juiceeeeee ZAYTO💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    REALM OF RAGE TVRok temu

    Oj was a decade before his time . Js


    Never eva lose just win OJ Vc....💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🤫🤫🤫🤫🙌👊

  • Skoolz Bronx
    Skoolz BronxRok temu


  • gerard lead
    gerard leadRok temu

    This song is too short.

  • Stubbo242


    Rok temu

    gerard lead short and sweet

  • Ralph Jones
    Ralph JonesRok temu

    Forever 32 ent

  • Ralph Jones
    Ralph JonesRok temu

    My nigga juice still trappin

  • Slugg Faro
    Slugg FaroRok temu

    Big JUICE🥤

  • dee mick
    dee mickRok temu

    Gucci brought back the old adlibs for this one 💥

  • Ess Triggz
    Ess TriggzRok temu

    i used to sleep on the floor, now its courtside seats.........

  • crookedboi dirty
    crookedboi dirtyRok temu


  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio SmithRok temu

    Gucci and OJ is like peanut butter & Jelly.. Thank God they got back together! Ayeeeeeeee! #bouldercrest Legends Ayeeee & Juiceman stamp the song with Ayeeeeee!

  • A Haunter
    A HaunterRok temu


  • A Haunter
    A HaunterRok temu


  • Dan Thompson
    Dan ThompsonRok temu

    need a remix that's 5 minutes long

  • Past Present &
    Past Present &Rok temu


  • Alexis.
    Alexis.Rok temu

    "Buddy got shot when he reached....I did that boy dirty I shot em from the 3"

  • Sergio Ortega

    Sergio Ortega

    9 miesięcy temu

    Alexis. 🥶 🥶 ❄️ killed that beat

  • Leing Lo
    Leing LoRok temu

    Gucci MZ6 🐐

  • Creativ 1.23
    Creativ 1.23Rok temu

    Long Live Shawty Lo Forever

  • cactusmac
    cactusmacRok temu

    Zaytoven went tf off on this beat 🔥

  • Michael C
    Michael CRok temu

    How tf does this song not have a least 1 mil

  • Stubbo242


    Rok temu

    A Haunter facts!! Gucci is set for life with his discography. Someone is bound to hear something from Gucci. It’ll draw attention to whatever tape the song was on and that’s how they get put on 😉. Money making and he don’t have to drop another tape

  • A Haunter

    A Haunter

    Rok temu

    Michael C cuz gucci is OG n don’t promote . It promotes itself

    BLAXICANO OoRok temu

    Only here for OJ💪

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon WilliamsRok temu

    when he said “sports center ea” real gooch fans can appreciate that #1017

  • Joseph Warlock football

    Joseph Warlock football

    11 miesięcy temu

    Only the real Gucci fans even know what he's talking about them ea sports center albums were the best... An that song Julius erving is tight as hell too... an Larry Bird by juiceman

  • Mane Dingo

    Mane Dingo

    Rok temu

    Brandon Williams it was so icy boys at that time

  • TampaOutlaw
    TampaOutlawRok temu

    O.J. rapping with the clone

  • cook j
    cook jRok temu


  • TheReal OX Its worth the art
    TheReal OX Its worth the artRok temu

    Who here for juice mane tho💙💯✌️

  • Tarik Sullivan
    Tarik SullivanRok temu

    Juice aye

  • Glory God
    Glory GodRok temu

    Hero beat 🔥🔥🤧

  • Sabrina Thornton
    Sabrina ThorntonRok temu


  • RichForever Flawda
    RichForever FlawdaRok temu

    This beat is amazing

  • Moon Picasso
    Moon PicassoRok temu

    Is anyone else hype to see Gucci and juice man on a track together

  • Supreme Khalifa
    Supreme KhalifaRok temu

    Let’s go Juice

  • vivid city
    vivid cityRok temu

    juiceman and gucci should do a mixtape

  • ThoughtForum
    ThoughtForumRok temu

    Truly magnificent the physics and natural phenomenon that occur when I play tracks like this near my eggs, they just turn in omelettes...more studying is needed.... GOT DAYUM 🔥

  • p3rerang3
    p3rerang3Rok temu

    Yung juicccceeeee

  • Gerald Hall
    Gerald HallRok temu

    Instrumental Please 🙏😩

  • Metro Jugginn
    Metro JugginnRok temu

    Yung Mal 🔥🔥🔥

  • bryanjea
    bryanjeaRok temu

    1/5 is in the building Yung Mal, Free Lil Quil. Mr Eaeeeeeee is back Oj Da juiceman. Thanks for this one Gucci Mane 1007 is back :) respect fron Sweden Europe man.

  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu

    ballin so hard I need cleats

  • omar A
    omar ARok temu


  • SquadTvify
    SquadTvifyRok temu 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Darrell Coleman
    Darrell ColemanRok temu

    #Gucci #oj #zay # real nigga shit

    MA'AT SUN CHILDRok temu

    Damn we need another OJ Da Juiceman tape or album with Gucci Mane

  • CJTheGorilla
    CJTheGorillaRok temu

    Love seeing all these cats back togetha again

    cHEVY WILLIAMSRok temu

    Shoulda got gunna on it 2..bro woulda slayed