realme 7 pro UNBOXING - Madness!

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This video is my unboxing, and first impressions review of the realme 7 and 7 pro smartphones! The realme 7 series official live uk launch has just happened, so lets dive into the differences of the realme 7 vs 7 pro, specs & features, including, 48 or 64MP camera, 4500 or 5000 mah battery capacity, 65W SuperDart charging speed, realme ui 2.0 software, 90hz high refresh rate display, benchmarks and gaming performance etc! Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G and the brand new Mediatek Helio G95 chipsets in the two phones give great performance for the price, and realme are providing ‘3+2’ service to all realme 7 series consumers. With a 3-year warranty period and 2 months free replacement policy! The realme 7 Pro is apparently the fastest ever charge in a mid-high end smartphone, and for the price I think these two phones are potentially some of the best value for money smartphones of 2020! Comment below what you think?!
Disclaimer: This video was sponsored by realme, but all views are my own.
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    ASBYT3 miesięcy temu

    Are the realme 7 series phones the best value for money phones of 2020?

  • Ady Tri Wibowo

    Ady Tri Wibowo

    9 dni temu

    What is the red wallpaper with Bay Max on it

  • Yitzi Turner

    Yitzi Turner

    19 dni temu

    @ASBYT which would you choose? If both are similar in most areas, but the pro is 100 more , then isn't it a no brainier to go with the 7?

  • Yitzi Turner

    Yitzi Turner

    19 dni temu

    @Joel Conolly 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Syed Taha

    Syed Taha

    21 dzień temu

    just pay a little more and get a Mi 10T with SD 865 flagship plus 5g ready phone with better build quality nice display huge battery and much better camera.

  • Dave Cormack

    Dave Cormack

    26 dni temu

    Totally after being an apple fanboy for nearly ten years realme knock the socks of any i phone I've used apple are overpriced and overrated

  • AJIM'S
    AJIM'SDzień temu

    any know where to get that Baymax punch hole wallpaper at the thumbnail?

  • stijn van severen
    stijn van severen6 dni temu


  • S M Hakimul Islam 1812522648
    S M Hakimul Islam 18125226489 dni temu

    either you have to compromise camera, or display or refresh rate or maybe another thing like processor. However OP Nord is one of the best mid rangers out there, also a little costlier . good camera+ good display+ high refresh rate+ good processor. only bad about it is there is no 3.5mm jack and price.

  • Izayami
    Izayami13 dni temu

    What gorilla glass use in front screen ?

  • Gino Guillermo
    Gino Guillermo14 dni temu

    One of the major complaints on the camera is the audio recorded on video is very soft and sounds mono. Had this been fixed now with the latest update?

  • Dhiraj Pant
    Dhiraj Pant23 dni temu

    Will 65w fast charging of realme 7 pro damaging battery on a long run??

  • Abang review
    Abang review25 dni temu

    4:55 when u accidentally yeet the sponsor fon 😂😂

  • FerMild


    10 dni temu

    Apaan lu

  • Dave Cormack
    Dave Cormack26 dni temu

    Gosh my next phone the 7 pro what a beast currently using the realme 6 . Still an awesome phone 👍

  • Evil must Die!!!
    Evil must Die!!!26 dni temu

    Good review

  • Ryan Bradley
    Ryan Bradley28 dni temu

    Wait.....why is my realme 7's camera 64MP

  • Chris S. E.
    Chris S. E.28 dni temu

    How about NFC Chip?

  • Sam Haeley
    Sam HaeleyMiesiąc temu

    That intro music grow up 😎

  • Miesiąc temu

    i hav realme 6

  • Karl Grurupira
    Karl GrurupiraMiesiąc temu

    This guy us so fun

  • Skillz 1453
    Skillz 1453Miesiąc temu

    Lmao it's $600 for me......I live in Australia so currency is higher

  • Tobias Hodelmann
    Tobias HodelmannMiesiąc temu

    Hi, incase your giving one away, can I have 1?

  • Bryry
    BryryMiesiąc temu

    Just got my realme 7 pro sunkissed leather 2 hours ago! Loving it so far

  • Bryry


    Dzień temu

    @AJIM'S 👍

  • AJIM'S


    2 dni temu

    @Bryry thank you buddy! now I need to find gcam for Sony Xperia 10 II too

  • Bryry


    2 dni temu


  • Bryry


    2 dni temu

    @AJIM'S I used a 3rd party apk linked by someone on youtube who reviewed the custom gcam app for realme 7 pro. Some features don't work so use it at own risk. I mostly use gcam for photos.... Videos, slo-mo etc I still use the default app cuz of lag issues on gcam.

  • AJIM'S


    2 dni temu

    how did you use/install gcam?

  • Alfaboy155
    Alfaboy155Miesiąc temu


  • shaun bailey
    shaun baileyMiesiąc temu

    7 pro

  • The Kraxskull
    The KraxskullMiesiąc temu

    Realme , oppo and one plus are all the products of one parent company...

  • AJ_Alie_15
    AJ_Alie_15Miesiąc temu

    I like the realme 7 pro more guess why it is because of the size .

  • Jason Statham
    Jason Statham2 miesięcy temu

    Would you pick one of these over something like the poco X3?

  • Thorsteinn Jonsson
    Thorsteinn Jonsson2 miesięcy temu

    Love your "Madness" review. Just ordered the pro on Aliexpress. Thanks and keep at it!

  • moray33
    moray332 miesięcy temu

    I just bought a Pro one on Aliexpress yesterday for 195 pounds for the 11/11! Now waiting for it. It's good seeing a video about these phones in the UK, people here only seem to buy more expensive ones and from mobile networks!

  • Falcon
    Falcon2 miesięcy temu

    Where can i find this Wallpaper

  • Ritesh Chhabra
    Ritesh Chhabra2 miesięcy temu

    Realme 7 pro 🔥

  • rannie rivera
    rannie rivera2 miesięcy temu

    realme and oppo is stepping it up on updates delivery,👌👌👌

  • ManCave TV
    ManCave TV2 miesięcy temu

    i love the look of amoled and oled screens but they give me really bad headaches so I am glad to see companies still make LCD

  • Bryan Soco
    Bryan Soco2 miesięcy temu

    they released the realme 6 pro a few months before the release of the 7pro i guess you should compare the two

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    6 Pro is better in 90Hz, Telephoto Lens and glass back! Rest everything is better on 7 Pro!

  • Alexander Corvin
    Alexander Corvin2 miesięcy temu

    Just got mine 3 days ago, proceed to used it under heavy rain yesterday. Really breathtaking. Not gonna do it again tho...

  • Frank Evans
    Frank Evans2 miesięcy temu

    Better than all iPhone and Samsung phones that i have used

  • Tiger Tiger
    Tiger Tiger2 miesięcy temu

    Does anybody know why the 7 pro is not compatible with the app? The mic doesn't engage when someone is at the door. All the settings are correct and I have spoken to Ring and they have confirmed it's the way the phone is built. Realme are not coming back to me with any answers....Very poor customer service. Thanks in advance. 👍

  • Gëzim Islamaj
    Gëzim Islamaj2 miesięcy temu

    Which one gives more value for money: Poco X3 NFC or Realme 7 Pro. The price for me is the same just that & pro comes with 8/128Gb version

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    28 dni temu

    7 Pro

  • daddythatstech
    daddythatstech2 miesięcy temu

    You forgot to mention video you only looked at photo capabilities

  • Nabil Sadat
    Nabil Sadat2 miesięcy temu

    Have you seen the Poco x2

  • Nikolay Vasilev
    Nikolay Vasilev2 miesięcy temu

    Could you review the Realme X7 Pro as well? It looks like a nice allrounder! All the best :)

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    It is the best budget killer of 2020!

  • Keanu Wick
    Keanu Wick3 miesięcy temu

    Ordered Realme 7 one. Love the design...

  • Karan Madan
    Karan Madan3 miesięcy temu

    Why no NFC?

  • ム
    3 miesięcy temu

    These are the phone companies that should be receiving all the praises not apple

  • Blb Gilgamesh
    Blb Gilgamesh3 miesięcy temu

    It would be great if you review the realme x7 pro

  • Kapa
    Kapa3 miesięcy temu

    3 year warranty is insane for such low priced and highly specced devices. The 7 and 7 Pro aren't on their Australian website yet. They don't even say how long their warranty there 😕 They say that "Every realme mobile phone has gone through rigorous quality tests before it leaves the factory." Above that, it says 10,000 drop tests (!), 10,000 USB tests, and 100,000 button tests. Do they even make money on these phones? Or are they like Xiaomi? 🤔

  • Kapa


    2 miesięcy temu

    @Devadarshan S I meant in terms of profit on phones. Xiaomi say they don't make money on their smartphones. I just found that the 7 Pro is available at a retailer, and it's 599 AUD. Same price as the Pixel 4a, same storage size, OLED displays, 2 year warranty. SOCs are similar, but the 7 Pro has 1360mAh bigger battery, bigger screen, 2GB more RAM and more cameras. Doesn't seem to be that much of a difference.

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    They are better than Xiaomi!

  • HeliosGaming
    HeliosGaming3 miesięcy temu

    i have a realme x2 pro. love it

  • Amit
    Amit3 miesięcy temu

    3:03 God that chin is hideous. 🤮🤮🤮

  • bang koko
    bang koko3 miesięcy temu

    youtubers should complaint about about the big chin every smartphones its very ugly

  • Make Money From Your Home
    Make Money From Your Home3 miesięcy temu

    Me I'm going to get a pixel 4a Watches this video Too much choice and value

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Killa' Boy Gcam works very well on these and can be used to take excellent shots! Btw the stock Android night mode on Realme 7 Pro even beats Gcam!

  • Killa' Boy

    Killa' Boy

    3 miesięcy temu

    I would like to see google's camera technology on one of these mid range phones

  • OverFLOw
    OverFLOw3 miesięcy temu

    I must say I am always a bit sceptic when I see these great value china Phones. I guess I would choose the Google Pixel sofware support over the Realme Dev-Team any day.

  • HarryUnchained


    3 miesięcy temu

    Same base though, not their own OS or anything. Still Android.

  • Conor


    3 miesięcy temu

    OnePlus are without a doubt an exception

    ZACK HERE3 miesięcy temu

    Well, the panel is oled.. But it's not that great.

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    Why not great?

  • woke avocado

    woke avocado

    3 miesięcy temu

    Then buy a phone that costs considerably more. This is a budget phone we're talking about.

  • In Progress
    In Progress3 miesięcy temu

    If you ever hate using it send it over

  • M E P R
    M E P R3 miesięcy temu

    They look awful

  • samira iqbal
    samira iqbal3 miesięcy temu

    I would choose the RealMe 7 over the pro. I think it offers almost the same stuff for a much cheaper price. As for competitors I think the Poco X3 NFC is a suitable one but you have to deal with Xiaomi's ad situation and its €229 if you buy it after the early bird discount. RealMe 7 is the way to go if you want a budget/mid-range smartphone that packs a lot for the price.

  • Geoff Beach
    Geoff Beach3 miesięcy temu

    Can you please tell me the brand of your shirt. It's a great design and that green color is amazing. I'm looking forward to ordering the same shirt. Thanks a bunch.

  • Hey Jude
    Hey Jude3 miesięcy temu

    I thought these phones were only popular in Asia. Nice to know that western people are starting to be more value and need conscious instead of just "show".

  • Kimmy B
    Kimmy B3 miesięcy temu

    No telephoto bugger

  • sidhant dhawan
    sidhant dhawan3 miesięcy temu

    Nice unboxing very impressive review

  • svnbit
    svnbit3 miesięcy temu

    Realme, sounds like a Chinese gaffe in translation

  • Hasan M Khan
    Hasan M Khan3 miesięcy temu

    Please make a video of realme narzo 20 pro

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    It is a REALME 7 with 65W charging and 500 mah smaller battery!

  • Hermon Olita
    Hermon Olita3 miesięcy temu


  • Howard Norman Guitar
    Howard Norman Guitar3 miesięcy temu

    is this the UK version of the pro? I'd heard that it doesn't come with nfc, but looking at the screen it seems to?

  • soundblast75
    soundblast753 miesięcy temu

    NFC on the Pro?

    LAUS DEO BADE MACAPOBRE3 miesięcy temu

    I'd say the pricing in ours kinda sucked, it costs like, $40 than the Poco X3 NFC here. I mean, they're great phones really, but everyone here kinda based the Poco X3 NFC as the midranger budget and Realme 7 can't really beat it...though its a great phone, just the price just kinda pushed it back...

  • AM AN
    AM AN3 miesięcy temu

    Xiaomi LCD display better than amoled

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    28 dni temu


  • Timothy Sogomo
    Timothy Sogomo3 miesięcy temu

    The pro ticks all the boxes exept for the bottom bezels. They are quite large. Otherwise a nice smartphone. I would buy the pro

  • Mad 4 South
    Mad 4 South3 miesięcy temu

    wallpaper name plz

  • aksha y
    aksha y3 miesięcy temu

    This is basically a pixel 4a ,Nord crossover

  • Sharat Sharma
    Sharat Sharma3 miesięcy temu

    Pro intro! 10/10.

  • Spooner
    Spooner3 miesięcy temu

    The only feature that this one has over the Poco X3 NFC is the AMOLED screen and a slightly better selfie camera. Other than that Poco X3 NFC is better, especially Mi 10t Lite 5G.

  • Tokyo Dragon master lee
    Tokyo Dragon master lee3 miesięcy temu

    nice review

  • Andreas Marmaras
    Andreas Marmaras3 miesięcy temu

    Oneplus 8T on a budget..!

  • MiLLeR


    2 miesięcy temu

    Oh really??? I sure hope so I'm wanting a better phone than this Moto g power but don't get me wrong I like this phone but it's lacking quite a bit of features

  • Shaffie P ok i
    Shaffie P ok i3 miesięcy temu

    it's Soo not bad

  • Bekar Ka
    Bekar Ka3 miesięcy temu

    Ofcourse they Are!!! I'm From India and in india the 7pro is priced for 210 Pounds!! ❤️

  • Afghan Heart
    Afghan Heart3 miesięcy temu

    I have realme x2pro charging is amazing i love fast charging phone

  • venki
    venki3 miesięcy temu

    It's depend on specs like pocof1 greater specs and an lcd display won't stop buying it 😀😀

  • Deon Ludowyke
    Deon Ludowyke3 miesięcy temu

    I own a realme 6... Its a perfect device.... Realme is such an underrated brand in most countries.... Im sure the Realme 7 is one of the best budget phones out there who can compete with the high end devices in the market.

  • Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum

    2 miesięcy temu

    I also thought to buy Realme 6 but i waited for 2-3 months and Boom💥💥7 released and bought it in 1st sale without 2nd thought's Realme 7 is the best budget mobile of 2020 The price dropped to less than 140 dollars now😲🔥🔥 Narzo 20 pro is also a very gud choice and its price dropped to less than 130 dollars in india🔥🔥 #Realmeforever🔥🔥🔥

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    I also own the 6!

  • Cosmin Chiranus

    Cosmin Chiranus

    2 miesięcy temu

    I own the realme 6 in Europe and the only good thing it has its the 90hz display... Cameras suck...64mp look like 12 when zooming x1...the chip g90t barrelly handle games and gets the battery to 42c in like 10 minutes... Ive gone back to my old pocophone after 1month of usage.

  • ARTificial Intelligence

    ARTificial Intelligence

    3 miesięcy temu

    I have the Realme 6s EU model imported to the UK from Spain for £160 which was released few months after the 6, apart from the camera they are very similar, I'm satisfied with Realme, great phones with support for software updates which is important to me. The new Realme 7 is great but it's very similar to my Realme 6s apart from the GPU being overclocked 5% more, the CPU's Helio G90T & Helio G95T have exactly the same speed. Same screen, camera's etc.. Oh there is a cooling system in the 7 but that wouldn't matter unless you play games for more then 45mins or so only then you will notice the difference.

  • Luisa Panarello
    Luisa Panarello3 miesięcy temu

    Hi mate!, great video!. Does the Realme 7 Pro Global Versión have native FM Radio?. Thanks in advance, greetings from Buenos Aires!

  • Agung Channel
    Agung Channel3 miesięcy temu

    Test gaming realme 7 pro

  • Paul 2020uk
    Paul 2020uk3 miesięcy temu

    I'm sure realme don't want to hear this... However great phones for either your covid dodging Nan or a first phone for your little ankle biters at Christmas....

  • Alfonso Orfinada
    Alfonso Orfinada3 miesięcy temu

    Try Poco X3. 👌🏼

  • Carlton Jones
    Carlton Jones3 miesięcy temu

    Compare to POCO x3....

  • mickzeh 89
    mickzeh 893 miesięcy temu

    amazing design to be honest When will it be available in eu?

  • beatspopo
    beatspopo3 miesięcy temu

    poco has better spec for a lesser price tag but the back + camera bump is fugly

  • CosManCho


    3 miesięcy temu

    And no amoled.

    I AM A TACO3 miesięcy temu


  • BuildersM8
    BuildersM83 miesięcy temu

    Goodbye OnePlus Nord!

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    Good Bye!

  • Petunia Hoggie
    Petunia Hoggie3 miesięcy temu

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  • Driss Ouahib

    Driss Ouahib

    Miesiąc temu


  • Robert Peter White
    Robert Peter White3 miesięcy temu

    Wonder if you have took a look at the Motorola Motta 5G plus yet?

  • Ifaz Masiul Abdullah
    Ifaz Masiul Abdullah3 miesięcy temu

    I have been using this phone from India, I am really amazed by the charging speed however I am little worried about the longevity of the battery in the long run

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    No bro! My friend has the X2 Pro with 50W charging and he's been using it for 1 year! It is still performing very well in battery life and charging speed!

  • woke avocado

    woke avocado

    3 miesięcy temu

    Try to slow charge your phone when you're able to and use fast charging when necessary

  • azaz z
    azaz z3 miesięcy temu

    well how much are they exactly?

  • Funmap66
    Funmap663 miesięcy temu

    Nice review but booooooooooring phone. Must be hard to be a reviewer these days with hardly any innovations on the horizon.

  • patrick cadette
    patrick cadette3 miesięcy temu


  • Brian Glaze
    Brian Glaze3 miesięcy temu

    You mentioned the naked thing,,,,dont blame us 🤣

  • Juad white
    Juad white3 miesięcy temu

    Gaming wise,realme 7 is a better pick as it has more capable gpu, and 90 HZ refresh rate.

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    No bro! Just in Paper and Benchmarks! 720G is Better in Gaming than G95! I have used both! Also the power efficiency is better on 720G and it also has less heating!

  • Abhi Dahiya

    Abhi Dahiya

    3 miesięcy temu

    When did mediatek start having more capable gpus? Don't say just anything for the sake of saying.

  • The Reviewer
    The Reviewer3 miesięcy temu

    Great video! Would the Realme 7pro be a good upgrade from a Samsung galaxy s8? I am waiting for Black Friday... I’m looking at either A one plus 7 pro, poco x2 pro, Samsung m51 or this.. hoping to get something under £300

  • שלומי יוחאי

    שלומי יוחאי

    Miesiąc temu

    @Devadarshan S most of samsang phones have headphone jack like my phone galaxy a71 and yes they sucks and xiaomi,realme are the best not like the list of shitty greedy comapnies you described(sorry for my english). And wirless headphones can cause cancer and the qaulity of the audio is much worse.

  • The Reviewer

    The Reviewer

    Miesiąc temu

    I managed to get pocco f2pro for £279 plus smart watch and wireless headphones on Prime day. Awesome phone for the price

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    Miesiąc temu

    @שלומי יוחאי Really? Then iPhones, Samsungs and mostly all flagships lack a headphone jack! So you mean that all of them sucks?

  • שלומי יוחאי

    שלומי יוחאי

    Miesiąc temu

    One plus sucks no headphone jack

  • שלומי יוחאי

    שלומי יוחאי

    Miesiąc temu

    The one plus doesnt have headphone jack.

  • Dafydd R
    Dafydd R3 miesięcy temu

    Great insight.. The charging time is prob the same as our Realme X2 Pro which still functions great even after multiple updates ! Adore the yellow box too!

    STEPHEN SAM3 miesięcy temu

    What about screen protection?

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    28 dni temu


  • creepy creeper

    creepy creeper

    3 miesięcy temu

    Gorilla glass 3 on both

  • Amirshaikhk
    Amirshaikhk3 miesięcy temu

    It is really madness 65 watt charging 😲😲

  • Abdullah Al-Hisyam
    Abdullah Al-Hisyam3 miesięcy temu

    u gotta review the xiaomi mi 10t series fr

  • Krum Semenliev
    Krum Semenliev3 miesięcy temu

    Nice production! Keep up!

  • Aaron Ryan
    Aaron Ryan3 miesięcy temu

    "Settle Down!" 🤣🤣

  • Mark Rippon
    Mark Rippon3 miesięcy temu

    Love the change in graphics at the start !

  • Gregor Kluth
    Gregor Kluth3 miesięcy temu

    I think every german watching this video will just lough at the fact that TUV Rheinland is now testing phones. They are normally the ones to test out cars, but phones... I don't know

  • Devadarshan S

    Devadarshan S

    2 miesięcy temu

    They are usually testing Smart TV displays too! So why can't they do phones?