I bought the cheapest smartphones on the planet.

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Buying the cheapest smartphones in 2020 from Wish...don't try this at home...
Check out part 2: plclip.info/show/rLCFvGvNn6GvrIY/wideo
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss5 miesięcy temu

    Part 2 is now live!! plclip.info/show/rLCFvGvNn6GvrIY/wideo

  • randolph guzmann

    randolph guzmann

    2 godzin temu

    one blowhard darrky!!!!!!!!

  • tech amazzon

    tech amazzon

    7 dni temu


  • Xtremegamer 3D

    Xtremegamer 3D

    7 dni temu

    The goose in the background xD. It looks kind cute

  • mikael rabb

    mikael rabb

    8 dni temu

    It is so funny that I getting wish ads to this video

  • lil Noah

    lil Noah

    10 dni temu

    @ׁ 0

  • Ajay rahul
    Ajay rahul3 godzin temu

    3:18 One of the shocking things for me is I have the 5 pound speaker which actually works very fine still after 4 years.

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia4 godzin temu

    Lakers. Sponser by wish

  • Sam Ndubueze Immanuel
    Sam Ndubueze Immanuel5 godzin temu

    It takes you to a fake Bixby.. The real one is bad enough 😂😂😂

  • XXVinnieCXX
    XXVinnieCXX19 godzin temu

    Hey, just curious what do you do with all these items after the video? Do you give them away? Donate them? Hoard them?

  • Zzskaoqod


    7 minut temu

    Why would he give them away? They are probably chineese spying phones that track all your information and shit

  • Piggynice-06
    Piggynice-0619 godzin temu

    Nice oneplus shirt btw

  • Julioantonio Bucay
    Julioantonio Bucay20 godzin temu

    Can I ask?...is this really true?

  • Helene Smothers Helene
    Helene Smothers HeleneDzień temu

    The next button socially moan because cast ultimately water down a raspy lumber. trite, broad government

  • Hosea Sah
    Hosea SahDzień temu

    Dem look at all those fake ... 😅

  • Φάνης Σουκούλης
    Φάνης ΣουκούληςDzień temu

    I like how the music in the back music ( while shopping ) like that would be in scar's (good times with scar ) video

  • Herobrine 100x v2
    Herobrine 100x v2Dzień temu

    I got a wish ad at 7:38

  • Daniel's Game Vault
    Daniel's Game VaultDzień temu

    "Beats by dr. Dre" *box comes all crushed and BEAT up* - seems legit :)))))

  • andrewpm2
    andrewpm2Dzień temu

    I have a 1,000,000 mAmp battery its called a friggin generator 🤣

  • I’m impostor. Why? Because. I vented
    I’m impostor. Why? Because. I ventedDzień temu

    So I got an ad from wish while watching this... What did they expect to sell me on?

  • Cary Fuertes
    Cary FuertesDzień temu

    One thing I dont like with Tecno phones is the Start up sound it so annoying there's no option (on / off) it is getting cheap. Hoping for an update to fix this issue. That's all! ='(='(

  • Eugene Ceasar Lerios

    Eugene Ceasar Lerios

    6 godzin temu

    What model of tecno phone are you using? I'm using a Spark 6 Go and it doesn't have a start up sound

  • Israr Ahmad
    Israr AhmadDzień temu

    I buy 1 pound earphones every time

  • Suraj Shrestha
    Suraj ShresthaDzień temu

    8:28 who else noticed that dog at right behind ?😂

  • Clive Barreto
    Clive BarretoDzień temu

    Ever since the s21 ultra video all I keep getting bombarded by the s21 ads I've gone through 4 ads in total here

  • Jayni Bhansali
    Jayni BhansaliDzień temu

    The start ups annoy you

  • Tiago Francisco
    Tiago FranciscoDzień temu

    anyone see the dog? 😂 8:28

  • The Forever Alone
    The Forever AloneDzień temu

    8:28 Did you guys see that

  • Chloe O Halloran
    Chloe O HalloranDzień temu

    I got a wish add before this

  • The Weeknd Gamer
    The Weeknd GamerDzień temu

    A million ads on samsung S21

  • MalteMRM
    MalteMRMDzień temu

    Do a brake test on Them

  • Tanjid Azad
    Tanjid AzadDzień temu

    why tf does the camera angle keep changing? poor editing :/

  • Def S̶o̶u̶l̶
    Def S̶o̶u̶l̶Dzień temu

    searches : Powerbank result : venom costume and maid cosplay costume

  • Alexoukosss
    AlexoukosssDzień temu

    I watched couple of your videos, and I subscribed, I really enjoy your content💪

  • Ok.LifeUpdate
    Ok.LifeUpdateDzień temu

    Should do one of these and download Spotify

  • Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.Dzień temu

    "wish"... .only sucker buy from this place

  • Ibrahim's Ultimate Vlog
    Ibrahim's Ultimate VlogDzień temu

    Me & my Son Iyaad Just enjoyed watching every second of it!!! Fun!!

  • Alexander Russell
    Alexander Russell2 dni temu

    My sister-in-law bought one of these, supposedly a vivo with unbelievable specs. When it arrived, it worked as fast as treacle running down a wall, and is so ridden with malware it hardly functions anyway.

  • Crackfrog
    Crackfrog2 dni temu

    8:30 i hate that the reak speaker is one way too.

  • Endless Circle ツ
    Endless Circle ツ2 dni temu

    The chapters are auto generated it just makes it more funny

  • Mr. Robert Manna
    Mr. Robert Manna2 dni temu

    How can they get away with this fake advertising?? It happened to me...and I am asking for a refund, but they are giving me the run around!!

  • EverythingytisAFK
    EverythingytisAFK2 dni temu

    I Need The Phone ;(

  • Paul JC
    Paul JC2 dni temu

    A Wish advert came on right in the middle of the video! 😅

  • robert fleming
    robert fleming2 dni temu

    The mundane sandwich neuropathologically practise because page ethically thank off a colossal forgery. available, shut botany

  • amar Jeet123
    amar Jeet1232 dni temu

    Make on budget phone

  • amar Jeet123

    amar Jeet123

    2 dni temu

    Using it

  • Look at you.
    Look at you.2 dni temu

    Why does the welcome and goodbyes on the phone look like temple run 💀

  • inzayn.1d
    inzayn.1d2 dni temu

    9:03 XD

  • Ashley Christopher Abranches
    Ashley Christopher Abranches2 dni temu

    Even my Moto G5 is better than those phones

  • Bishop Axel
    Bishop Axel2 dni temu

    just realised that there was an actual dude selling a probably real iPhone for 780 pounds on the site when he was browsing.

  • My Turkish Life
    My Turkish Life2 dni temu

    Really good video ,,, and thanks for lining the phones up nicely :-)

  • BGK S
    BGK S2 dni temu

    When you don't know what to spend money on.

  • Suroj Das
    Suroj Das2 dni temu

    Give me a smartphone plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • MalteMRM
    MalteMRM3 dni temu

    The thing wish does is make it Seem like theres 99% off or what ever it’s never gonna change it’s just to make people buy it

  • ahegao
    ahegao3 dni temu

    Music played from the blue speaker : NCS giraffe squad - wait for me

  • Betafridge1
    Betafridge13 dni temu

    These fake discounts are horrible lmaooo

  • Karpman
    Karpman3 dni temu


  • Nickholas Gherman
    Nickholas Gherman3 dni temu

    The second it said goodbye I got windows phone vibes. RIP

    KELVIN CJ3 dni temu

    Is it only me that saw an ad after the we will be right back

  • Ashalata Jena
    Ashalata Jena3 dni temu

    Lil' kids and boomers be like: hE iS PrObAbLy fAkInG tHe pRoDuCtS

  • Wayne Sowerby
    Wayne Sowerby3 dni temu

    None of them are fakes, they're generic phones in their own right using western names to appeal to western consumers. I just bought one for £22 GBP.

  • Ismail Plays games
    Ismail Plays games3 dni temu

    Watching a video about wish. PLclip:let’s give him a wish ad

  • Darrell Larose
    Darrell Larose3 dni temu

    WISH.. you didn't give them money $$$

  • the running man
    the running man4 dni temu

    It's funny how I got a wish ad during this video lol

  • janpierre bulceag
    janpierre bulceag4 dni temu

    whats the name off song he used w the speaker

  • Vibe Roblox
    Vibe Roblox4 dni temu

    Normal people: “great vid” Me: DUCK

  • Raiden Thornell

    Raiden Thornell

    3 dni temu

    I was looking around in the comments for someone to see that

  • Raiden Thornell

    Raiden Thornell

    3 dni temu


  • Vibe Roblox

    Vibe Roblox

    3 dni temu

    @xXLiamPhsychoXx - Sick Player but also trash it is bcos of the duck in the first scene

  • xXLiamPhsychoXx - Sick Player but also trash

    xXLiamPhsychoXx - Sick Player but also trash

    3 dni temu

    @Vibe Roblox I just that ppl always make jokes about getting likes by saying a random thing and I see a commment always saying random things

  • Vibe Roblox

    Vibe Roblox

    3 dni temu

    @Prophet Jesus yes

  • 25 Cent
    25 Cent4 dni temu

    Lol. I made some money off this stock today though

  • Athif Tsabit
    Athif Tsabit4 dni temu

    8:28 i saw a dog pops up ✌

  • RealDomka
    RealDomka4 dni temu

    But its actually kinda good, people for cheap can get a smartphone

  • Rayan 1
    Rayan 14 dni temu

    "Its a feature"🤣🤣

  • Jason Pick
    Jason Pick5 dni temu

    Thaank you for doing this

  • David Cook
    David Cook5 dni temu

    Do review of the Motorola g series phone mainly the G Power 5000mah it a budget phone I just bought one for 129$ yesterday not for everyone but cheap nice phone, I'm setting up after I post this comment lol ty great videos 🙏🙂✌

  • Crasous
    Crasous5 dni temu

    What does Hole Punch mean? Exactly?

  • Simon Holmqvist
    Simon Holmqvist5 dni temu

    To be fair that bluetooth speaker is a clone of the jbl charge 3, which isn't surround either, and costing around 100 bucks

  • Abbas Abdul Kadar
    Abbas Abdul Kadar5 dni temu

    huawei y9a da best

  • Mine Mole
    Mine Mole5 dni temu

    Who else wonders what he does with all of these phones 🤔

  • B-29 Gaming
    B-29 Gaming5 dni temu

    My parents gave me the i12 for Christmas and I noticed that in order for them to pair you have to have both of the buds taken out of the case and turned on then you can put one back in if you just one to use one.

  • Wyatt Stevens
    Wyatt Stevens5 dni temu

    Im noticing a trend in start ups lol

  • Danish Ijaz
    Danish Ijaz6 dni temu


  • T
    T6 dni temu

    it literally had an airsoft gun

  • Omy Haby
    Omy Haby6 dni temu

    WELCOME,GOODBYE hahahahahaha I almost dying laughing......

  • Marco Rezzoli
    Marco Rezzoli6 dni temu

    LOL I had a Wish ad.

  • No Name
    No Name6 dni temu

    I'm literally dying by the comments😭😫😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jan Borgula
    Jan Borgula6 dni temu

    6:13 So it's just like the real Beats - Great!

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C6 dni temu

    6:04 are we not gon talk ab the song he played 😂

  • Gen Z euronymous
    Gen Z euronymous6 dni temu

    I don’t think the fake note 10 has a hole punch camera, just a hole punch with no camera in it, the camera is hidden in the top bezel

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard7 dni temu

    The curvy index beverly balance because coast feasibly cross aboard a lackadaisical kohlrabi. thoughtless, flagrant fog

  • Uno Zamora
    Uno Zamora7 dni temu

    That Sound on the smartphone sounds like a chinese phone LMao

  • Compostrrr
    Compostrrr7 dni temu

    POV: you are searching a comment from wish

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard7 dni temu

    The dangerous pot alternately measure because hand neurobiologically raise on a uppity cause. savory, toothsome china

  • Antek Maciora
    Antek Maciora7 dni temu


  • Ther Blues
    Ther Blues7 dni temu

    I love this series ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 7
    77 dni temu

    We well right back 7:37 ad wish came 😂

  • elshow Es
    elshow Es7 dni temu

    Im I the only one who cares about the dog im the background at 8:28???

  • McSmoil
    McSmoil7 dni temu

    12:00 Take this DIO 20 meter emerald green

  • ice 41
    ice 418 dni temu

    how the box is named charge 4. its not even from jbl xD

  • Unicorn Fluff
    Unicorn Fluff8 dni temu

    I actually got one of those TWS bluetooth earphones from a school fundraiser way back in elementary school and I couldn't even use them because their instructions were so complicated

  • Deval Maheshwari
    Deval Maheshwari8 dni temu


  • Ling Yuan Leow
    Ling Yuan Leow8 dni temu

    this is so fun to watch.

  • Jack Schumann
    Jack Schumann8 dni temu

    I love the duck waddle

  • rajesh jinka
    rajesh jinka8 dni temu

    Use a wish phone for 1 week

  • Celly Milton
    Celly Milton8 dni temu

    Not like there was any easy way to fuck up the Beats other than sending an entirely different headset- Beats aren't exactly a high bar for them to hit.

  • caleb watching youtube
    caleb watching youtube8 dni temu

    who gota wish ad during this

  • MjTay
    MjTay9 dni temu

    HAHAHA! S91 many, many yrs ahead of it's time ".. Had me dying.

  • Dont Ask About my Name
    Dont Ask About my Name9 dni temu

    tbh,i would buy a phone of wish cuz i mean fuck it it costs like 5 Euro thats not much lol

  • Gayatri Kulkarni
    Gayatri Kulkarni9 dni temu

    What's with all those animals popping up behind?😂

  • Andrew


    7 dni temu

    He hadn't gotten into the rickrolls yet then

  • jonenemo
    jonenemo9 dni temu

    those cheap phones r better than my s5 phone lol

  • Nika MTG
    Nika MTG10 dni temu