Gucci Mane - Slide feat. Quavo [Official Audio]


Gucci Mane - Slide
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  • gabriel wingfield
    gabriel wingfield12 dni temu

    I got this song banging heavily in my super subwoffer! I look light!💥

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael PetersonMiesiąc temu

    Gucci this so bossy / b#@$$ can you please grab my robe daddy tired oh I ordered from our favorite spot (insyda) act like I forgot the custom sauce

  • Zane
    ZaneMiesiąc temu

    someone has to remake this instrumental, can't find no version, such a shame

  • James
    James2 miesięcy temu

    FAM:what you want for Christmas ME:EAST ATLANTA 4

  • Namat Dubey
    Namat Dubey2 miesięcy temu

    Gucci Mane and quavo makes awesome duo like the weekend and future.🔥🔥🔥

  • Dontae Shyne
    Dontae Shyne4 miesięcy temu

    Where the fuck is the views

  • Christian
    Christian5 miesięcy temu

    The beat il for sleeping !!! ,🥱🥱

  • diambere Sidibé
    diambere Sidibé8 miesięcy temu

    bon musique gucci mane

  • diambere Sidibé

    diambere Sidibé

    8 miesięcy temu

    et quavo

  • Stream Ers
    Stream Ers8 miesięcy temu

    When both Artists sound alike.

  • Turnt Up Trax
    Turnt Up Trax9 miesięcy temu

    I swear I’m 100k of these views 🔥🔥🔥

  • FlashedWheat678
    FlashedWheat67810 miesięcy temu

    I feel like the second half should’ve been this song the whole time. Such a great beat with quavo singing 1:45

  • aLr boosh
    aLr boosh11 miesięcy temu

    That first beat is so good! Boosh!

  • Philip Masih
    Philip Masih11 miesięcy temu


  • Jozz.
    Jozz.Rok temu

    So underrated 😍😍😍🙃🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboyRok temu


  • Manuel White
    Manuel WhiteRok temu

    Yea I'm here before 300k views from California

  • Justin AFS
    Justin AFSRok temu

    Lil Xan gang here🤟🤟

  • RaRe Ski1lz
    RaRe Ski1lzRok temu

    Uzi would be crazy on this beat

  • Zack Odum
    Zack OdumRok temu

    Second half of this song ruined it, change my mind. First half was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bigg DJ Clarko
    Bigg DJ ClarkoRok temu

    Gucci’s best track

  • TJLAL91311
    TJLAL91311Rok temu

    i think the 2nd part better

  • te_rell /awesome_terrell
    te_rell /awesome_terrellRok temu


  • Coony Cooniccus
    Coony CooniccusRok temu

    I like this beat is so geek

  • Allan da silva
    Allan da silvaRok temu

    dale no brabo

  • SnazzyFire
    SnazzyFireRok temu

    This sounds like a Yung Gravy beat, and I like it.

  • Jay Jordon
    Jay JordonRok temu

    “Cut her off..... called her back... then cut her off again”🔥🔥Meaning I tried 🤔and gave her a second chance. We made up and had a few laughs but she still getting on my nerves. So cut her off for good because she so annoying I don’t even wanna smash anymore 💯🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  • Vittor Lindner
    Vittor LindnerRok temu

    Malakageeeem pura 🤯

  • Alexis.
    Alexis.Rok temu

    Look up to the sky thankful for my wins. 💯

  • Nick Holmes
    Nick HolmesRok temu

    I love you Gucci you can have all of my damn money 🔥

  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu


  • JackyBoyDaMan
    JackyBoyDaManRok temu

    I want an instrumental

  • ScxllsFN
    ScxllsFNRok temu

    I need this In a instrumental

  • Chris Torres
    Chris TorresRok temu

    I like both parts, more of the first, but I think the second part could of smoothly cruised in on another song

  • Burberry Curry

    Burberry Curry

    11 miesięcy temu

    No cap

  • Zack Odum

    Zack Odum

    Rok temu

    Chris Torres fax

  • Hamm Dawg
    Hamm DawgRok temu

    Inspiration tape

  • Hamm Dawg
    Hamm DawgRok temu

    sorry Gucci mane 😈🔥

  • Hamm Dawg
    Hamm DawgRok temu

    Gucci you’re the goat 🐐

  • Noah Gray
    Noah GrayRok temu

    Travis would've went in on this beat

  • Moon Bvndit
    Moon BvnditRok temu


  • Chevron Shawtyy
    Chevron ShawtyyRok temu

    I hate the ending

  • Thozzm8
    Thozzm8Rok temu

    underratted song

  • Cameron Baty
    Cameron BatyRok temu

    Playboi carti should have had this beat on the first half

  • Baytrans Inc. Dispatch
    Baytrans Inc. DispatchRok temu make 200$ a day easy money

  • iBe Wildin
    iBe WildinRok temu

    this shit go hard💯

  • CoryHoncho
    CoryHonchoRok temu

    Its gucciiiiiiii this joint🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pankaj Saini
    Pankaj SainiRok temu

    Beat😲 Gucci ✔️quovo copy of Travis 🤫Autotune🤥⤴️

  • Sarah Eubanks
    Sarah EubanksRok temu

    Gucci and Quavo go in soo hard on this, they droppin nothin but bangers! They aint like these trappers these days who just be goin viral by usin *Authentic* *Views* *Com* to get they views up to go viral.. SMH...

  • John Deer

    John Deer

    Rok temu

    Alot of Gucci's stuff is throw at the wall and see what sticks. It works cause he makes alot of stuff lol

  • flexmoney78


    Rok temu

    Big facts

  • D Velasquez
    D VelasquezRok temu

    Quavo been doing this flow since sloppy toppy on days before rodeo #laflame

  • Prometheus
    PrometheusRok temu

    to the trap to the trap side 🔥🔥🔥

  • Blame-Gxldn
    Blame-GxldnRok temu

    Can't wait for the instrumental. The song hard to 🔥🔥

  • Huncho Bull
    Huncho BullRok temu

    I need second half as it's own song

  • Segu


    4 miesięcy temu

    Quavo killed it

  • Just Duffy

    Just Duffy

    Rok temu

    I need the first half as its own

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike JohnsonRok temu


  • 9Eight Lamas
    9Eight LamasRok temu

    Anyone else notice the beat sounding similar to Young Thug’s “Knocked Off” song?

  • Just Duffy

    Just Duffy

    Rok temu

    9Eight Lamas tru

  • Ethan Hodges
    Ethan HodgesRok temu

    That beat tho...

  • nathan fresquet
    nathan fresquetRok temu

    J’te kiffe man

  • Jorge Moreno
    Jorge MorenoRok temu

    Here there are some Travis influences

  • JN Record's
    JN Record'sRok temu


  • Cabral Amilkaar
    Cabral AmilkaarRok temu

    De Atlanta à Paris ton public est là,Que dès tuerie

  • Robert Hymans-Williams
    Robert Hymans-WilliamsRok temu

    Gucci back again!!!💯💯💯

  • Gdan
    GdanRok temu

    Ovom quavu dobro nije

  • Let's do This
    Let's do ThisRok temu

    Ok best song on album

  • Patrick Simon
    Patrick SimonRok temu

    WOP AND HUNCHO🎅🤝🔌🔥💣🥇🏆🏚

  • Mower Motherfucker
    Mower MotherfuckerRok temu

    Its 2 different songs.

  • tc 116
    tc 116Rok temu

    Quit comparing quavo to travis like damn just enjoy the song he kills it



    16 dni temu

    @Indiscernible Stranger QUAVO > travis

  • Indiscernible Stranger

    Indiscernible Stranger

    3 miesięcy temu

    @Zam Moran You need to educate yourself on Travis all flows, That's Migos flows, if you mean style in "HUMMING" then you are gassing it, this ain't a Travis thing... I do prefer Travis most of the times just because i like Kanye beats, and He gives me LITE KANYE all the time, as years pass He become more and more stiff on beats, just laying vocals, with WEAKER lyrics than Quavo, .... Quavo becoming more stiff now too, you can see him just laying vocal while sitting down, probably drunk

  • Indiscernible Stranger

    Indiscernible Stranger

    6 miesięcy temu

    Who da fq does that ?! . Travis is a 4th Migo, He just goes on High petched (Kanye) Instrumentals..-He also cockblocks beats sometimes-.. so when ANYONE with auto-tune gets on a High Pitch beat, People remember Travi. Quavo killed it any way.

  • bsimpo18
    bsimpo18Rok temu

    Glad Guwop having fun and smiling again Win Big Dawg Win

  • Wayne Lawrence
    Wayne LawrenceRok temu

    someone please make an instrumental to this... thank you

  • Just Duffy

    Just Duffy

    Rok temu

    Wayne Lawrence pls 🙏

  • drr dennis
    drr dennisRok temu

    tg.s nevaa giveed up whenn i was on the floor trap songs makes myself too that was it was before long time u know stop it before is over like the years before

  • Chris Howerton
    Chris HowertonRok temu

    Let's Slide!

  • wakeupdan
    wakeupdanRok temu

    imagine carti on this beat 🤯

  • Ssi Boys
    Ssi BoysRok temu new song click llink

  • Colton Borchard
    Colton BorchardRok temu


  • Draje G
    Draje GRok temu

    Whole hood mapped out

  • That Boyu
    That BoyuRok temu

    Garbage 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Javiel St.Hilaire
    Javiel St.HilaireRok temu


  • J.
    J.Rok temu

    Travis scott woulda slid so smooth on this beat

  • wrightterence680
    wrightterence680Rok temu


  • Bonxiety
    BonxietyRok temu

    Ayo Lil the Xan

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew GonzalezRok temu

    Thanks Quavo

  • MadEyeTravy
    MadEyeTravyRok temu

    1:37 thank me later

  • Jessie Playaa
    Jessie PlayaaRok temu


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox BleachRok temu

    Man I really wish they just stuck with the first half.

  • Terence Mugubi

    Terence Mugubi

    Rok temu

    😂😂😂i agree

  • Shıny_ ĐıamondS-
    Shıny_ ĐıamondS-Rok temu

    I love the first part but not the 2nd its a shame 😅

  • Burberry Curry

    Burberry Curry

    11 miesięcy temu

    I smell cap

  • Al Bartley

    Al Bartley

    Rok temu

    👀0~1:48😁☝Fire don't know about the rest

  • Just Duffy

    Just Duffy

    Rok temu

    1st part ftw, 2nd part snooze

  • The Don

    The Don

    Rok temu

    し0しXXN00bieSNipzerXX h3h3XXlolXXyoloXXMEMEZXX fr these people are dumb af

  • Daily dose of bruhs

    Daily dose of bruhs

    Rok temu

    Shıny_ ĐıamondS- hell nah the second part lowkeys saves the song just a lil

  • Arty G
    Arty GRok temu

    I see Gucci i click 👺

    1GOATED_TRok temu

    Shoulda have been takeoff and offset instead of quavo. He’s obviously fucks this song up especially with that ending

  • Nicholi Thomas
    Nicholi ThomasRok temu


    IRAMORok temu

    From Lil xan post 🔥🔥

  • Loco Calito
    Loco CalitoRok temu

    Where's under 20K views here?

  • Alec B
    Alec BRok temu

    The man Lil Xan brought me to this heat 🔥

  • Herman Newsome-Freeman

    Herman Newsome-Freeman

    Rok temu

    Alec B let’s gooo!!

  • Chowdaa Frass CGM
    Chowdaa Frass CGMRok temu

    I see quavo I click💪🎉💸🎤💯🎶👇

  • te_rell /awesome_terrell

    te_rell /awesome_terrell

    3 miesięcy temu

    U Da big quavo fan to huh? I am to

  • Grozav Portocala
    Grozav PortocalaRok temu


  • James Dean
    James DeanRok temu

    This beat is crazy Mayne🔥

  • SkateLyfe
    SkateLyfeRok temu

    Should’ve had Travis on this instead of Quavo but this still heat 🔥

  • isaac wilmington jr

    isaac wilmington jr

    Rok temu

    I said the same shit.

  • Pol Pol
    Pol PolRok temu


  • ASC Gang
    ASC GangRok temu

    Vengo de parte de Lil Xan🖤

  • ASC Gang
    ASC GangRok temu

    Lil xannn🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nikolaj Petersen
    Nikolaj PetersenRok temu

    Came her because of lil xan

  • Lil _One
    Lil _OneRok temu

    mmmmmmmmmm like

  • Stephen DeGould
    Stephen DeGouldRok temu

    Why did they have to change it up and run that beat short for some basic ass shit at the end

  • Combxt Abe
    Combxt AbeRok temu


  • Thatkiddking
    ThatkiddkingRok temu

    You can only like if you were here before a million

  • 951base
    951baseRok temu