Samsung Galaxy S21 - A Long Term User Review after 3 MONTHS

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This Samsung Galaxy S21 review has been a long time coming since its been used on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, its been three months so its time for a long term user review. And honestly, this might be the best smartphone right now in 2021, especially when talking about the Galaxy S21 vs S21 Ultra. It has very similar specs, camera performance and display as the S21 Ultra but its actually the Galaxy S21 price that's the star of the show!
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0:15 - Samsung Galaxy S21 Introduction
1:26 - Galaxy S21 Pricing vs S21 Ultra
2:13 - Everyday Build Quality
3:56 - A STUNNING Display
5:22 - Finally no Fingerprint Reader Problems!
6:00 - Speakers and Haptic Motor
6:35 - Galaxy S21 Specs are JUST Right
7:28 - S21 Battery Life
8:12 - OneUI Software Experience
9:12 - Talking Samsung DeX
9:48 - Galaxy S21 Camera & Ultrawide
10:51 - S21 Main Camera Performance
11:31 - Using the S21 Telephoto & Portrait Modes
12:18 - Selfie & Front Facing Camera
12:28 - S21 Video Camera Testing
14:01 - Conclusion - The best Smartphone Right Now?
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  • Kyle J.
    Kyle J.10 minut temu

    Look into Good Lock for One Ui customizations

  • Big Guy
    Big Guy4 godzin temu

    I love my S21, i just figured out the other day that ive got something called Samsung Free, which is basically cable

  • panda hot
    panda hot5 godzin temu

    Why I feel it’s another MHKB talking .....but good job man

  • Preussian Blau
    Preussian Blau8 godzin temu

    You're not Canadian.

  • Priyanshu
    Priyanshu20 godzin temu

    I have OnePlus 8t , and I love it

  • Langor
    LangorDzień temu

    I moved up from the s8 and don't regret it. My phone provider made an offer i couldn't refuse and it feels nice to not have a cracked screen again

  • DoctorDJ1976
    DoctorDJ1976Dzień temu

    Nice review 😎 Upgraded today from S8 to S21, but watched your video 4 hours later 😁 Still on S8, just untill i get case for it 😊

  • Alpay
    AlpayDzień temu

    Funnily enough I swapped after the LG thing. From G8X to S21 Ultra.

  • Void Anderson
    Void AndersonDzień temu

    What camera are you using to record ur vids?

  • shireen fatima
    shireen fatimaDzień temu

    Is it ok with uae version

  • Jokerz Grinn
    Jokerz GrinnDzień temu

    Does this phone still have edge panels?

  • David Martrano
    David MartranoDzień temu

    I use the S21+, so do I miss the 1440p display? Nah, it's still better than most, plus it saves 🔋power? Yes, compromises were made, Samsung definitely cheaped out but it doesn't take away just how good the series actually is? The triple8 is blazing, improved 📷's and the 4800mamp battery which gets me 7hrs SOT? Not too shabby. DEX just works very nice, still one of the best flagships 💰🤑can buy!

  • Dave Hayter
    Dave HayterDzień temu

    Thanks for the great review! I've been using a Galaxy S7 for over five years now. It's been a great phone but showing its age. I'm 99% sold on this S21 5G model.

  • Aaron Armit
    Aaron Armit2 dni temu

    I really hope I get one soon. Looks great

  • MrSpice
    MrSpice2 dni temu

    Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

  • viktorstorelv
    viktorstorelv2 dni temu

    How is the imagequality taken in snapchat/instagram now?

  • MING Ming
    MING Ming2 dni temu

    First time to this channel and I gotta be honest I wasn't expecting this white voice lmao

  • Kamlesh Talpada
    Kamlesh Talpada2 dni temu

    The best thing is you can switch the camera while recording video, when you are using the rear one and you can switch to the front one, that's the real vlogging, love it

  • Superkoopatrooper
    Superkoopatrooper3 dni temu

    So I thought my one plus 6t battery to be failing short of what I expected after a couple years of fast charging. I got a Samsung s21+ and the battery life is trash compared to the 6t with its 3500mah battery. Legit I can just watch it drain on the Home Screen just because. 5G is also slower than the lte from my T-Mobile network using the 6t. I don’t understand. I should of went with the one plus 9 but all you reviewers made it sound like it couldn’t hang. Like some Samsung hit job or something. Complaining about small things on the one plus like the plastic frame while praising the plastic back of the Samsung. Honestly so disappointed. Now I’m here slow fast charging this phone that’s currently heating up like my ex’s beaver.

  • John Watkinson
    John Watkinson3 dni temu

    Can't believe I traded my FE 20 towards this junk. 😢 Can't set it to a fixed 120hz. It's a janky old feeling phone. The design is very nice. Battery life very good. Very clunky and downright glitchy os. Without a micro sd slot i'm finally going iphone and I'm not going to look back.

  • Yashwant Singh
    Yashwant Singh3 dni temu

    It's 950$ in India. Lol 😆

  • Marcos Pavon
    Marcos Pavon3 dni temu

    Wallpaper name??

  • Martin Cowling
    Martin Cowling3 dni temu

    Better watch out, because the zeo is meant to be coming about with no ports, no buttons, all I can say, you going to have a smashing time as this s21 is no better than the early versions expect for less features and more pixels only. Don't be fooled by what you see and hear.

  • zelda orion
    zelda orion3 dni temu

    cutting price and cutting the features also...

    GH0STST4RSCR34M3 dni temu

    I do not warrent the removal of the SD card slot, glass back, mst, the charging brick, and the headphones is worth 200 less. Because, at the end of the day, your still actually paying for the same price as the previous gen, in terms of the retail price

  • Habib Ullah
    Habib Ullah4 dni temu

    Note 20 ultra or s21 ultra?

  • Habib Ullah

    Habib Ullah

    3 dni temu

    @K G thanks

  • K G

    K G

    3 dni temu

    @Habib Ullah Only if it's Snapdragon. If Exynos get the 21.

  • Habib Ullah

    Habib Ullah

    3 dni temu

    @K G so you're saying note 20

  • K G

    K G

    3 dni temu

    Well the Note 20 comes with a charger, and in some areas it still gets a headset... Plus the S Pen if you need it. You possibly also get to brag at owning the last of the Notes since rumors have it that there won't be a Note 21, but the Fold 3 will come with an S Pen instead.

  • Robert G Walsh
    Robert G Walsh4 dni temu

    Great. Thank you.

  • akshat singh
    akshat singh4 dni temu

    But for India Samsung has not lowered the price but increased it.

  • hip360hop
    hip360hop4 dni temu

    Verdict: Its... a phone

  • Shriom Manerker
    Shriom Manerker4 dni temu

    damn that intro music is amazing !

  • Casual Techy
    Casual Techy4 dni temu

    small phones rock! i dont get this huge phone china madness that everyone is following. i had a Samsung galaxy note 3 the worst xp of my life i could not fit it in my pokets i could not operate with one hand . Dont get me wrong it was a gear phone.

  • Abheet Jain
    Abheet Jain5 dni temu

    wtf,why did i find this awesome channel so late?? great review...u covered the very imp aspects like call quality and haptic feedback too!!!

  • Armando
    Armando5 dni temu

    Upgraded from s8 to s21! Great in depth review :)

  • DoctorDJ1976


    Dzień temu

    Me too 😎

  • Abdullah Suhriani
    Abdullah Suhriani5 dni temu

    Hello sir. Sir how to check samsung activation date..?

  • Landon Stewart
    Landon Stewart5 dni temu

    Never heard of samsung dex, that sounds freaking awesome

  • James Philipson
    James Philipson6 dni temu

    Still rocking with my iPhone 7. I love it, does everything I need. I like how you can double tap the home button to make the top of the screen super easy to reach without getting thumb strain or bringing my other hand into it

  • Jędrek
    Jędrek6 dni temu

    >s8, s9 users, would You consider upgrade to s21? Wouldn't call it upgrade... It has cool camera, but overall it lost too much key features like microSD support, jack, earphones, even wall charger. All this for more money than S8 was. Xperia 5iii seems nice.

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute6 dni temu

    Well my phone has a substantial burn in, battery life is pretty horrible now, still does what it needs to do. So not sure if id switch S8+ owner here

  • J D

    J D

    4 dni temu

    Lol so switch then

  • edd xtrastrange
    edd xtrastrange6 dni temu

    In what way is 3 months is a long term when using a phone?

  • Alexandru Marzenco
    Alexandru Marzenco6 dni temu

    Wireless charging: useless and damn inefficient. Reverse wireless charging (for accessories) : awesome Under display fingerprint reader: garbage concept, good implementation on S21/S21U (why not a classic sensor in the power button or on the back?)

  • NoSkill PG3D
    NoSkill PG3D6 dni temu

    Looks like your using nova launcher? I also am 🙃

  • 3MAR00SS
    3MAR00SS6 dni temu

    if you are an S10 user do yourself a favor and don't downgrade to this (⁦⌐■-■)

  • 3MAR00SS
    3MAR00SS6 dni temu

    it has no Sd-card slot, no headphone jack, no mst, no ir blaster, plastic back, slow charging without a charger and a 1080p screen Get a poco F3 and save your money if you like getting scammed at least get scammed out of 450$ instead of 700$ (ಠ_ʖಠ)>⌐■-■ at least the poco is glass, thanks Samsung for removing MST and The SD card slot and the headphone jack and the 1440p screen and and and.. you get the idea it's sad and disappointing.

  • riley
    riley6 dni temu

    im stuck with a s8+ that has a huge black hole in the screen, i wanted to upgrade to this but i dont have any money

  • Rommel Jay Galvez
    Rommel Jay Galvez7 dni temu

    Thank you for the haptics review

  • Lau San
    Lau San7 dni temu

    I dont think you will be happy with bul.. it exynos ;)

  • adel adelo
    adel adelo7 dni temu

    same old story !

  • Chirwin
    Chirwin7 dni temu

    currently rocking a s8+ with a cracked screen. cant get much of discount with the trade in value for this. I'm looking at s21 ultras going for around 800 on ebay and some for even less. s21 on ebay is still around 700 so I think I'm gonna get an ultra! One thing though is that I want to cut down on my media consumption through my phone and I think having a big beautiful display wont help lol. so I'm considering a s21 or one of the pixel 5s

  • Melissa Hannah
    Melissa Hannah7 dni temu

    No just the Ultra is the one I am looking at .

  • Man In Green _
    Man In Green _7 dni temu

    When ur going outside on a sunny day, did the phone get warm/uncomfortable to hold? Need answer

  • Ammar TUBE
    Ammar TUBE7 dni temu

    I don't know though, should i get the silver (much superior color) with 128gb or gray with 256gb.

  • Cristian Rojas

    Cristian Rojas

    7 dni temu

    256 just cause they the same price rn . You gonna put a case on most likely

  • Hmm
    Hmm7 dni temu

    So anyone know what was the reason for overheating? Lots of people have overheating issues by just opening camera for 2mins and many other reasons as well

  • venky kishore
    venky kishore7 dni temu

    In India these idiots sell this phones with those exonys processors. Such a waste of money.🙏🏻

  • venky kishore
    venky kishore7 dni temu

    Is this is exonys processor or Snapdragon chip?

  • Yuuki Purei
    Yuuki Purei7 dni temu

    I've switched from Galaxy S8 to S21. I got my Galaxy S21 for only $695 for the 8/256GB variant. Me and my pocket really happy with that. ☺

  • Alphons Antony
    Alphons Antony7 dni temu

    Can someone please get me that wallpaper from 5:29??

  • wilson ndebay
    wilson ndebay8 dni temu

    If you want a better phone from Samsung the FE is the one. The S21 and the 21 plus don't have any optical zoom camera, the FE has. The other lenses are the same.

  • Sonson Sonson
    Sonson Sonson8 dni temu

    I got the S21 as a replacement for my 3.5 years old phone and it ticks all the boxes for me.

  • Regin Raner
    Regin Raner8 dni temu

    Why does my s21 heats so much when playing gamesor using data? I bought mine on samsung store last april 27

  • Soyhappy Roblox

    Soyhappy Roblox

    7 dni temu

    what processor have you got with it? The Exynos or the Snapdragon?

  • Dwayne W.
    Dwayne W.8 dni temu

    This is a great phone, don't get me wrong.. but it feels like such a downgrade from my Note 10 Plus.

  • Emirati Auto
    Emirati Auto8 dni temu

    i wanted the s21 but there is no sd card ,,, so i didnt buy it

  • GloriBless
    GloriBless8 dni temu

    3 months long term me 3,4 years in one phone.

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit9 dni temu

    I really like that u give honour to LG.👍

  • Athul Unnikrishnan
    Athul Unnikrishnan9 dni temu

    To the point review...normally i have a tendency to fast forward towards camera review...but u are so much to the point that its worth listening the full review

  • Athul Unnikrishnan
    Athul Unnikrishnan9 dni temu

    Glad you mentioned that we cant even change icons in one ui..and superglad that u mentioned that whatever icons samsung gives in its own playstore,SUCKS

  • TheGixLad
    TheGixLad9 dni temu

    Samsung died after the S10 series, it's just really sad the current position they're in it's like someone from Apple is in charge removing key features like the Micro SD & headphone jack and forcing consumers to go wireless for MORE money it's sick.

  • Just Tolu
    Just Tolu10 dni temu

    Review the A52

  • Sunkeny
    Sunkeny10 dni temu

    A 1080 screen on a plastic body? Yeah sounds great but thats a no for me

  • Joe Lonsdale
    Joe Lonsdale10 dni temu

    Honestly, it doesn't feel much different from my old S7. The screen is wider, the sound is stereo and the camera is better but as for performance and functionality, there isn't much in it. The manufacturers are playing a game of landfill and profit with us.

  • Don Schroeder
    Don Schroeder10 dni temu

    Great review thanks - I am finally going to buy one now... it does feel great in the hand, perfect size like the iphone 12 pro, or Pixel 5 nice size and all the great features...

  • Hasan Al-Sabbagh
    Hasan Al-Sabbagh11 dni temu

    Don't buy this garbage phone it doesn't even make phone calls and Samsung denying the issue and refusing to change the phone its a complete waste of money

  • Verbose Tech
    Verbose Tech11 dni temu

    You forgot to cover the ads in default samsung apps, very annoying for a premium smartphone

  • ふふ
    ふふ11 dni temu

    What launcher are you using? It looks so stock! I want to do it aswell.

  • Serhend99


    6 dni temu

    It's called Lawnchair.

  • Cameron Sendar
    Cameron Sendar11 dni temu

    Gonna try to hang on to my note 8 as long as possible, in my opinion it (and by extension the note 9) are the best designed phones ever, one feature that is especially holding me back is the fingerprint scanner which can be used to pull down the notification shade, I use it every single day, and micro sd cards are amazing, although I would like more internal storage cause I definitely use it with apps, and my samsung pay has completely stopped working, it always gives errors but I can just carry a card anyways, especially since I no longer miss out on samsung points with them removing them, so no extra cash-back there which kinda sucks but whatever

  • Danny Borg
    Danny Borg11 dni temu

    I will order this phone tomorrow :) upgrading from my s9+. I want a newer phone but most importantly a smaller phone. The size of the s21 seems to be perfect :)

  • Nielsf2704
    Nielsf270411 dni temu

    Watching on my S21 Ultra

  • Fazelock
    Fazelock11 dni temu

    I payed $99 when I traded in my note 9. 100% worth it

  • Owen Chang
    Owen Chang11 dni temu

    please do a comparison with iphone 12! trying to choose between these two~~

  • Mine JYCraft
    Mine JYCraft11 dni temu

    How Can I Get Your Wallpaper¿¿¿¿¿Please!!!!!!!!I just want it!!!!!!---From Galaxy S20

  • Mine JYCraft

    Mine JYCraft

    9 dni temu

    @sfrhn thank you so much!!!U R so kind

  • sfrhn


    10 dni temu

    Im using s20 too😊😊 well,you can get the wallpaper from backdrops app

  • Josua D
    Josua D12 dni temu

    this is what I really hate from samsung, different chipsets. users will see the reviews from big reviewers from 'Murica, and assume the phone performs great. Then they bought one that has exynos on their 3rd world country or some shit, and it performs just like last gen snapdragon chips. really, shame on you samsung. I think in the future though, reviewers should review the worst models whether it's exynos or snapdragon, just to put that baseline expectation we should have about the product. If you get a better one, good for you.

  • Spiffy Jr
    Spiffy Jr12 dni temu

    I have a iPhone 12. I love iPhones but I must admit this is pretty impressive !

  • dezza72
    dezza7212 dni temu

    Is the front screen curved or flat? Curved screens are a deal breaker for me.

  • dezza72


    3 dni temu

    Cheers bro

  • Slađan Jazvec

    Slađan Jazvec

    3 dni temu

    its flat, ultra has curved screen

  • the one you dont see
    the one you dont see12 dni temu

    im with linus crazy fast charging is not a must because it is a trade off that kills the battery faster too!

  • Andreas Rico
    Andreas Rico12 dni temu

    You sure it doesn't support NFC? if yes, it puts me off real hard

  • Andreas Rico

    Andreas Rico

    11 dni temu

    @Mac Matt thanks for clarifying

  • Aditya Vikram Sarkar
    Aditya Vikram Sarkar12 dni temu

    Samsung is becoming more of a people listener now a day, sad to see OnePlus parting away from what it use to be.

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri12 dni temu

    Xperia 10 III is gonna blow this thing sky high lol.

  • Bholu Whoop
    Bholu Whoop12 dni temu

    You can just install an app called Good Lock if you want that much customization... It is designed for Samsung and is like customization on steroids... :)

  • Thịnh Nguyễn
    Thịnh Nguyễn12 dni temu

    The S20+ have a way better haptics than the S21. Tbh it's my only complaint about the S21

  • Jashua-Jeremiah
    Jashua-Jeremiah12 dni temu

    Crazy how 3 months is considered as a long term for mobile devices nowna days

  • brian walker
    brian walker12 dni temu

    Still think I preferred my s10 photo's over my S20 and 21

  • Michael Dietsche
    Michael Dietsche13 dni temu

    I have a white S21. The entire back glows with its flashlight on - kinda cool. The camera is wonky in moderate to low indoor lighting - colors way off. Battery life is good. Benchmark performance is severely throttled just from the heat generated during a charge, recovers after about an hour. Dex works good, I'll know better after i press it hard to see if there's any heating issues. Overall it's a Samsung, im ok with the negatives since i got it for only 375 USD with a trade in. I do miss the beautiful build of my previous S10e however.

  • R8
    R813 dni temu

    my s20 plus back panel started to peel off by itself and I hadn't realized it would affect water resistance, was raining and got water inside the phone. display broken and I can't use it now, might go for a s21 I guess

  • Saravana Kumar
    Saravana Kumar13 dni temu

    Hi great video thanks I'm using S21+ and it is really a wonderful phone. Can you please let me know what launcher have you used in S21 in this video??? Because I want to customise my phone.

  • Rajendra Varma
    Rajendra Varma13 dni temu

    liked the intro music. Thumbs up.

  • Zombie Enforcement Bureau
    Zombie Enforcement Bureau13 dni temu

    I May Have Purchased The S21 Ultra But Since Samsung Decided To Remove The Ability To Change Out SD Micro Cards I Opted Instead For The S20 Ultra Instead.

  • Thegoldenrule26
    Thegoldenrule2613 dni temu

    I have the s8 just upgraded to s21 I just want try the 5g is it really that fast?

  • Ashu
    Ashu13 dni temu

    Excellent review 👍

  • o Nweze
    o Nweze13 dni temu

    I really find it hard to believe people prefer stock android to one U.I. imo one UI is way ahead

  • B R

    B R

    Dzień temu

    I agree!

  • Myste28
    Myste2813 dni temu

    I just traded my old S9 for the S21 & I am very happy with it. I do not like the removal of the sd card because I feel like they are trying to push you towards çloud storage but I found a work around for that.

  • Bastian M

    Bastian M

    4 dni temu

    Thanks for mentioning what the workaround is. Have a blessed day.

  • Game 121
    Game 12113 dni temu

    I have got a normal s21 in pre order so I got the buds live for free