Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”


Stand together.
When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.
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  • DontjudgeKermit
    DontjudgeKermit5 godzin temu

    6:15 genji gives me the chills i love it

  • Inspie
    Inspie8 godzin temu

    Come out already, pls

  • One Borf
    One Borf9 godzin temu

    "Hey mai can you switch to hanzo"

  • Ace Montezor
    Ace Montezor10 godzin temu


  • Buppy
    Buppy15 godzin temu

    Without Jeff, this game bout dead as the first game

  • Watchpoint OH

    Watchpoint OH

    10 godzin temu

    Don't be so sure about that, and OW1 is not dead.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly15 godzin temu

    Now I know who was in paris

  • Last Pringle
    Last Pringle17 godzin temu

    Ok I love TF2 but I don't get why people complained about this being a rip off of Mann vs Machine, it's not like Team Fortress 2 invented killer robots

  • Watchpoint OH

    Watchpoint OH

    11 godzin temu


  • DM_nanz
    DM_nanz18 godzin temu

    its bean about 1yr 11m and its still sadly not out but i just know its worth the Waite if its bean that long

  • kenny IG2
    kenny IG222 godzin temu

    Its so funny that if genji wasn't there tracer and Winston would have died and the null sector would have won

  • EliteXwolf Gaming
    EliteXwolf GamingDzień temu

    So many chills in this animation , genji definitely gave me the most especially when he ults

  • Garuda Official
    Garuda OfficialDzień temu

    6:12 When 史诗般的家伙 joins the game.

  • Lio Nel
    Lio NelDzień temu

    tellement dla merde xD Aucun intérêt pour ce WTF en plastoc de bullchit.

  • ThreadyChimp 556
    ThreadyChimp 556Dzień temu

    I don't understand why we need a second game. I love overwatch, but why not just keep updating the game and the graphics?

  • Obihugzenobi


    Dzień temu

    Money. Video games are a business, and overwatch is not bringing in lots of money anymore. A dlc wouldn’t work, thus the need for a second game

  • Dennis Madrigal
    Dennis MadrigalDzień temu

    Thank you Jeff for everything.

  • Aaron Gygie
    Aaron GygieDzień temu

    Why can this make me tear up every time I watch it?

  • MiDeN
    MiDeNDzień temu

    6:10 They nerfed pulse bomb. It takes forever to explode now smh 🤦

  • Throwaway Account
    Throwaway AccountDzień temu

    With Jeff leaving we can only hope this game comes out okay

  • Michael Epner
    Michael EpnerDzień temu

    A trailer has never made me cry before

  • Victor m baez
    Victor m baez2 dni temu

    un gran trabajo

  • SangerZonvolt
    SangerZonvolt2 dni temu

    Ok Tracer, how exactly did you miss the giant robot towering over every building when you approached by plane?

  • Nusantara Mapper
    Nusantara Mapper2 dni temu

    Deutscheland:invades frankreich paris Frankreich:surrenders Bla bla bla army dudes:invades frankreich paris Fankreich:hemmm im not surrendering cuz ur not deutscheland

  • Ewan Carner
    Ewan Carner2 dni temu

    it takes a couple people to kill 1 giant robot, when in reality, all it takes is a single Raiden to kill said robot!

  • Quick Time Event
    Quick Time Event3 dni temu

    This cinematic still makes me tear up almost two years later.

  • Stop Motion Meep
    Stop Motion Meep3 dni temu

    Can we all agree that that Genji’s new look is the coolest thing in this video

  • Brand X
    Brand X3 dni temu

    Monke stronk

  • Boarhat Fisher
    Boarhat Fisher3 dni temu

    Four DPS, two tanks, two healers... my god

  • SkeppyMagma
    SkeppyMagma3 dni temu

    They should add ana in Overwatch2

  • Watchpoint OH

    Watchpoint OH

    10 godzin temu

    All the heroes from OW1 will be in OW2

  • Frifri Psychic
    Frifri Psychic3 dni temu

    Can’t wait for overwatch 2! 69 yrs later: can’t wait for overwatch 2!

  • Blazing Beard
    Blazing Beard3 dni temu

    6:14 I see Genji's been playing a lot of Metal Gear Rising lately

  • Ahmet Dere
    Ahmet Dere3 dni temu

    It's like watching avengers

  • I'm Trash
    I'm Trash3 dni temu

    Winston: Take cover! Kid named Cover: *sad noises*

  • shachar movies
    shachar movies3 dni temu

    so collll

  • Qazi Fareed
    Qazi Fareed4 dni temu

    When u realised they could have just respawn instead of being so dramatic

  • t9ncl
    t9ncl4 dni temu

    قنجي يا قوي 4:30 طبعن مذهب قنجي و أحب شخصيت قنجي و فنان فيها حتا تريسر مذهبها أحب شخصيت تريسر و فنان فيها

  • Johnathan Varga
    Johnathan Varga4 dni temu

    6:14 I'd have died laughing if Genji did dragon blade here only for two halves of Tracer to just plop onto the street. Genji: woops.. 🤖

  • Wher JeanDanchou
    Wher JeanDanchou4 dni temu


    SHAGOOM!4 dni temu

    Is it going to be a separate game or will it be the same game?

  • Le-Ann
    Le-Ann4 dni temu

    Omg I remember when this came out

  • Christopher Zedaker
    Christopher Zedaker4 dni temu

    great story in all but...where is hammond

  • Criss Strokes
    Criss Strokes4 dni temu

    *gundam has entered the chat* 2:46

  • Jackgoff :
    Jackgoff :4 dni temu

    5:00 this is the best part to watch

  • Nikolai Orr
    Nikolai Orr5 dni temu

    Fans: you can't make a badass even more badass Overwatch: I miss the part where that's my problem.

  • Steven Liew
    Steven Liew5 dni temu

    lol you know sheild are op when 2 people with sheild can block a giant laser

  • ava beck
    ava beck5 dni temu

    winston is the baddie with the fattie

  • rej
    rej5 dni temu

    genii is on a different level

  • sherry arnold
    sherry arnold5 dni temu

    What!! Best video game trailer every made now and in the future

  • Baking Soda
    Baking Soda5 dni temu

    7:36 look at that cheeky nudge Brigitte gives genji

  • Zeplohh
    Zeplohh5 dni temu

    Just now noticed that they are role locked and are running 2-2-2

  • dorito Kid
    dorito Kid5 dni temu

    this looks sick!

  • ML9K
    ML9K6 dni temu

    6:18 : Genji is an alternate version of raiden

  • Bob Riffit
    Bob Riffit6 dni temu

    Me: hears tracer say Paris also my brain cough* cough* wee wee

  • yeetus
    yeetus6 dni temu

    4:41 - 4:51 is the single most badass 10 seconds of viewing material I’ve ever witnessed

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time6 dni temu

    Why tf does Winston not put up his shield? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • Costa Kassinas
    Costa Kassinas6 dni temu

    The end!

  • MonsterZ
    MonsterZ6 dni temu

    Why’s genji so badass?

  • SpartanEagle7
    SpartanEagle76 dni temu

    Over a year later and yet I'm still so excited.

  • EPICgamer guy
    EPICgamer guy6 dni temu

    they say they back but when did they leave?

  • Kristian Cameron
    Kristian Cameron6 dni temu

    The pure grit in Rein's voice gives me chills "HAMMER DOWN"

  • Kerékgyártó Dávid
    Kerékgyártó Dávid7 dni temu

    who is that white haired woman on the picture in front of Genji at 1:02 ?

  • ReaperRue


    3 dni temu


  • rouinz


    6 dni temu

    New hero coming with ow2

  • Cromozone Games
    Cromozone Games7 dni temu

    Mei is like Meg in family guy. Not only does she look like her, I also want to tell her to shut up.

  • Rogue Mario
    Rogue Mario7 dni temu

    I want Overwatch to make a cinematic where the whole Overwatch gang fights the whole Talon gang, Doomfist, Widow everyone

  • Todd
    Todd7 dni temu

    "Tracer pulse bomb!" :D Pulse bomb detonates

  • Ivxy420
    Ivxy4207 dni temu

    Brig: Interlock Shields! "1750" *2 sec later* "1500"

    REDACTED7 dni temu

    This trailer is so beautiful and the graphics are amazing I’m so glad they brought old charters back. I love this.

  • Mst LUX
    Mst LUX7 dni temu

    Mercy:50 times the normal heals for epic ness Rein:75 times the damage for just being rein Echo:60times damage for fly by Brig:20 times the nock back Genii:50 times damage from deflect 60 times the shuriken damage for having the best e-boy outfit of the century Mei:20 times the freeze damage for being mei Winston:90 times shock damage Tracer:50 time ammo capacity Police officer: just being there idk

  • The Bean Demon
    The Bean Demon7 dni temu

    Genji has gotta be one of the coldest mfs in history

  • Mike Gotti
    Mike Gotti7 dni temu

    whats the soundtrack for the beginning of the video?

  • Abas Athab
    Abas Athab7 dni temu

    The huge robot is packin

  • Undead Yogurt
    Undead Yogurt8 dni temu

    New desing awful, i wish never see it.....Especially Mercy and Lucio

  • Aki-Shi
    Aki-Shi8 dni temu

    I hope they remove mai

  • Vmin's lost soulmate
    Vmin's lost soulmate8 dni temu

    After this shoot was finished this was what the members have to say Genji: I could've done the entire thing by myself but the script said no :( After hearing this *The rest of the members have left the chat*

  • Geaux Geist
    Geaux Geist8 dni temu

    We. Need. An. OW. Movie.

  • ᅳ.ᅳ
    ᅳ.ᅳ9 dni temu

    운이 좋으시군요! 한국어 댓글을 찾으셨어요. 축하드립니다! ㅎ

  • Bomer
    Bomer9 dni temu

    I still think Mann vs Machine's trailer is deeper

  • Iris Owens
    Iris Owens9 dni temu

    Where’s reaper

  • GG Ez
    GG Ez10 dni temu

    we need overwatch and league of legends movie game companies make animations better than movies

  • IlLore88
    IlLore8810 dni temu

    "Monsieur. Does this mean... Overwatch is back?" "Yes, yes we are. Maybe 2022... Maybe."

  • James Boswell
    James Boswell10 dni temu

    Yo reins beard is looking great

  • Andy Alam
    Andy Alam10 dni temu

    There is no other introduction of a hero in a clip more legendary than Genji's entry. Period. Hollywood or not.

  • AyOh
    AyOh10 dni temu


  • Xophan Lo
    Xophan Lo10 dni temu

    Genji was the only one on fire throughout the whole match

  • freshprince ryan
    freshprince ryan10 dni temu

    Genji MVP

  • Ethan Tombs
    Ethan Tombs10 dni temu

    Let's be honest here. Genji had the best intro and scenes but Reinhardt comes in at a very close second with that Earth shatter. Also last I checked, Mercy said she had no interest in Overwatch being restarted (as in the voice line ingame) so why does she show up here? 🤣

  • ItsOneStyle
    ItsOneStyle10 dni temu

    El mismo juego 2.

  • Luke P
    Luke P10 dni temu

    Mann VS Machine

  • 4ag
    4ag11 dni temu

    Genji: shows up for 15sec wearing his own merch Fans: 😌

  • Aaron Tymo
    Aaron Tymo11 dni temu

    POV: It's 17 months later and the game isn't even on Pre order yet

  • *Thinks About Name Of Channel*
    *Thinks About Name Of Channel*11 dni temu


  • Mask man

    Mask man

    11 dni temu

    Basically tf2 fan: um is this a copy of our man vs mashine

  • Liam Dunne
    Liam Dunne11 dni temu

    Why didint the masive robot destroy winstons glasses we wouldve got angry monkey and won ez

  • Liam Dunne
    Liam Dunne11 dni temu

    This is so exiting

  • Liam Dunne
    Liam Dunne11 dni temu

    this is makin me have happy tiers

  • Liam Dunne
    Liam Dunne11 dni temu


  • Liam Dunne
    Liam Dunne11 dni temu

    I never gave up hope i never quit overwatch

  • GiftO
    GiftO11 dni temu

    Wow, The new Mann vs Machines update for tf2 looks dope! Wait, no...

  • Mask man

    Mask man

    11 dni temu

    lol that’s basically how ever tf2 fan feel after watching this lol

  • Oliver Wang
    Oliver Wang11 dni temu

    pi gu

  • Rahsan Ellison II
    Rahsan Ellison II12 dni temu

    Winston, On your Left

  • aimn_ akff
    aimn_ akff12 dni temu


  • Overload Sticknodes
    Overload Sticknodes12 dni temu

    This may be very off topic but the more I look at that big omnic the more it makes me imagine a giant gwishin bastion (the skin) in its place Why does my brain do this to me?

  • Benny the pug
    Benny the pug12 dni temu

    It was sad when winston said "get out of here ill hold them behind

  • AMR
    AMR12 dni temu

    The genji carry, they were f***ed without genji. He saved the day