Gucci Mane - Just Like It feat. 21 Savage [Official Audio]


Gucci Mane - Just Like It feat. 21 Savage [Official Audio]
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  • Abby stain
    Abby stain5 dni temu

    Not a lick but I know I probably look like it 😤 Uganda we live 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  • Cody Stalder
    Cody Stalder11 dni temu

    Gucci on the ma nee Im hooked we sonny Im booked and its Bologna A ta z k ta e the room and the house my tomb and the droubt my blood and my drain real i need uh ride and ammo need uh stack not uh clan soaked not my stance doe not my mans foe this ram show im fuckin pissed im potent. Im dissed im chosen im nicked and novice this is chickd my guts wrotten theyu as.

  • JJ Been Rich 300
    JJ Been Rich 30013 dni temu

    21 Savage trashhhhh on this track. Gucci should've did this solo

  • humayun khan
    humayun khan15 dni temu


  • Cody Stalder
    Cody Stalder17 dni temu

    Still in the trap still hittin on this imuh rip this skip thru the lit tiptoff off the top tip loss this aint uh skip sauce wich way walk this lay up top off the drip dropp off my skit im all in the step reppin left write right left next

  • Jesse Ritchey
    Jesse Ritchey17 dni temu

    Gucci and 21 savage is a deadly duo real talk💯💪💯

  • Cody Stalder
    Cody Stalder20 dni temu

    Push up pimpin this big dawg get em still fuck wit dem whats with uhm this all day with tje sprawl raw raw with tha brawl . Still over yall over hauls . Am i mobile nahhhhs. Still sober yaaaaw. Big dawg big game big yards big plaane ...

  • Cody Stalder
    Cody Stalder21 dzień temu

    Shout out sim cards sidewalks.. found this bye alrights walk way walk light walk way walk write. All day all night thi cody cash allen the fam floatin thru just bein who i am. The man stand stand off this verizon owe me sum money i aint got no i.d. But i need uh direct loan in person big homie where u been ive been gone but im alive and well this all night with sells hype ass hell i found this phone i found this time thats not code For how yall get down I dont steal thats why im still around threw the

  • Cody Stalder
    Cody Stalder22 dni temu

    They say im onda shit But bitch I say i drop shit when i script this shit Hit this lit Its lit i just lip the stick split the stick fill the stick she feel the stick while i roll the leaf this over the leak im all but peaked but im all but creaked when i creep im uh uh creep and i crept and she came this cash inda pen dent .comin this comma la hotch homie this all the all but fony and im Shitler Droppin bombs while bombshells rang bang lound im uh great crown

  • Cody Stalder
    Cody Stalder25 dni temu

    Still tippin this backboard shot clock on the neero this hook need uh hero I think i just kicked more this yours im rap this morph im fast this warn ya its fukin heat im heats hat this bling back and its firey Geeked up i stay uh bit wirey this beet bang loud its trappeeze and silent Silent bobs uh rap buddy im all caps stunnin rappin tons im cilapesed with gods word and uh lot uh money Lil brother on the wishin well This suess and uh suit .my wilted lettuce talkin .cold stalkin like im grown gauckin im toastin in this all this im the closest gas in my posture pass the Blunt Im screamin

  • DAWO
    DAWOMiesiąc temu

    Goes hard Rob Mike tyson Still ride around with no license

  • Valencia GEMS
    Valencia GEMSMiesiąc temu


  • 242stubbo
    242stubboMiesiąc temu

    Didn't they hear in slippery im non violent

  • Mr. Soze
    Mr. SozeMiesiąc temu

    hot rifle

  • Michael Braddock
    Michael Braddock2 miesięcy temu

    Give Me A 50 Cent & 21 Savage Golds Song, Trap Shit & Hoes,,,

  • Handell Morancie
    Handell Morancie2 miesięcy temu

    🤫💯✌️🙏 stay blessed brother's 😎 badness 🤫 G respect soft

  • Mikey Cortez
    Mikey Cortez2 miesięcy temu

    Not a lick but I’m looking just like it

  • Kub
    Kub2 miesięcy temu

    Best 21 feature ever

  • Kub
    Kub3 miesięcy temu

    This is so good

  • Moe16
    Moe163 miesięcy temu

    21 Killed this

  • Ivanyy Daniel
    Ivanyy Daniel3 miesięcy temu

    Gucci all the way up bruh

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez3 miesięcy temu

    Guwop x savage 🔥🔥🤝

    DEE JAY3 miesięcy temu

    "hop out strikein livin life by the gun like a viking" 💯💯

  • We’re in Trouble
    We’re in Trouble4 miesięcy temu

    Biting like tyson🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • los Sosa family
    los Sosa family4 miesięcy temu

    Guwop. .. 21...

  • Abel Cienfuegos
    Abel Cienfuegos4 miesięcy temu

    Honorable C Note did it again!

  • Bianca Martinez
    Bianca Martinez4 miesięcy temu

    Mark Martin's favorite song

  • Jeremiah Gordon
    Jeremiah Gordon4 miesięcy temu


  • Marcus Evans
    Marcus Evans4 miesięcy temu

    Tha shit..... IMBL

  • ChrisYoungGunn
    ChrisYoungGunn4 miesięcy temu

    C Note ain't no joke

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed5 miesięcy temu


  • Heriberto Rojas Gonzalez
    Heriberto Rojas Gonzalez6 miesięcy temu

    This needs to be 4 mins long

  • four lokstr
    four lokstr6 miesięcy temu

    Guuci just cold all way round period!

  • Reef_619
    Reef_6196 miesięcy temu

    "Living Life By The Gun Like A Viking." Yoooo. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    SUPER TURNT6 miesięcy temu

    Fat Pockets by Gucci Mane so fye

  • alexandre baptista de carvalho
    alexandre baptista de carvalho6 miesięcy temu

    Fuckin awesome! Gucci is badass



    6 miesięcy temu

    Listen to Already by Gucci Mane

  • J Birch
    J Birch7 miesięcy temu

    who had to listen to this after hearing tysons getting back in the ring



    6 miesięcy temu

    What Is You Sayin by Gucci Mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • NormanOsborn
    NormanOsborn7 miesięcy temu

    I'm the 35,750th person to like this dope track!



    6 miesięcy temu

    Listen to Not Ballin by Gucci Mane & Young Scooter

  • PowerDemon Studios
    PowerDemon Studios7 miesięcy temu




    6 miesięcy temu

    Listen to Choose Up by Gucci Mane

  • Severus Floki
    Severus Floki8 miesięcy temu

    The old me would rob Mike Tyson

  • Richard Ojeda
    Richard Ojeda8 miesięcy temu

    Camaro with nitrous and a G body Cutlass. 21 be street racing for sure.

  • Flawda Dolo
    Flawda Dolo9 miesięcy temu

    Check out my music I'm trying bubble just got home from a murder case subscribe and support no sucka shit

  • 1 Design
    1 Design9 miesięcy temu

    Fire flame spitter$$$$$$!!!!!!×××2

  • Aidan Whitley
    Aidan Whitley9 miesięcy temu

    this is the hardest beat to this day ive ever heard

  • Meliodas420
    Meliodas4209 miesięcy temu

    When I'll be out with my real women 😎👍🏆🐐🐃🐂🏅

  • Ofentse Bukowski
    Ofentse Bukowski10 miesięcy temu

    TOO MUCH 😱😱😱📢📢📢📢📢

    DANNY D10 miesięcy temu

    Gucci Mane (with) 21 Savage always 🔥

  • Aidan Whitley
    Aidan Whitley10 miesięcy temu

    21 savage verse was FIRE

  • Aidan Whitley

    Aidan Whitley

    10 miesięcy temu

    @Travis Parker whats wop?

  • Travis Parker

    Travis Parker

    10 miesięcy temu

    aidan whitley u must ain’t heard Wop

  • Drew Draco
    Drew Draco10 miesięcy temu

    Tune into a new buffalo artist

  • Muhammad Firdaus
    Muhammad Firdaus10 miesięcy temu


  • Kalten Parker
    Kalten Parker11 miesięcy temu

    21 too fucking raw. This man bring heat on every feature.

  • ET203 207
    ET203 207Rok temu

    Hah Guwop (Honorable C.N.O.T.E) 21 21 Gato Hah (It's Gucci), hah (it's Gucci, hah) Real Zone 6, nigga, straight up I look just like it Diamond chains on, they bitin' (uh, uh) Chokin', can't breathe Choker chain bitin' like Tyson Start with no keys (skrrt) I used to ride around with no license (skrrt) My diamonds on freeze But the old me would rob Mike Tyson (shut up, lay down) Your bitch chose me Got a cuff with no key but we solid (probably 12) Why the feds on me? Didn't they hear on "Slippery" I'm nonviolent? Damn chain still icy (burr) Still gamblin' at the 'partment, shootin' dices (bet it, bet it) I did kill Bill, I kill his ass in Volume 2 if he try me (I still will) Do it for the culture Do it for the vultures, not smilin' (still trill) The low life grinders Give a fuck, I give a fuck, just like 'em (still real) Hotbox strike you Livin' life by the gun like a Viking (baow, baow) I know I'm not a lick (hah) But I know I probably look just like it (Huh? Wop) Lookin' just like it (burr) Not a lick, but I'm lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) I'm lookin' just like it Sell a brick, hit a lick, yeah I'm lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) I'm lookin' just like it Not a lick, but I know I'm probably lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) She lookin' just like it Super thick, super lit, yeah she lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) Hot rifle (Draco) Savage still ride with no license (21, facts) Turned 19 (yeah) Bought a '79 Camaro with nitrous (on God) Nigga, them facts (21) Collier Ridge, nigga, I was sellin' that pack (on God) Zone 6 niggas don't lack Ridin' down Marlon Ave, nigga, I'm strapped (21) Nigga, I pop it Fifty cal on me so big, gotta jump out the car just to cock it You don't want smoke, nigga, stop it Y'all ain't got enough bodies (21) Look like a lick, dare a nigga try to rob me 4L Gang, nigga killin' is a hobby Nigga, you ain't hard, you just geekin' on molly All these VVS's got me lookin' like Follies (21) I'm on TV (21) I used to sell dope at BP, yeah (21) G-body Cutlass (G-body) Sold QP's of the QT (yeah, yeah) I'll give your ass a hundred thousand if you find an SI Nigga, these VV's (it's water) Lookin' just like it Walkin' lick but I keep the H-E-A-T (21, 21) Lookin' just like it (burr) Not a lick, but I'm lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) I'm lookin' just like it Sell a brick, hit a lick, yeah I'm lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) I'm lookin' just like it Not a lick, but I know I'm probably lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains) She lookin' just like it Super thick, super lit, yeah she lookin' just like it (with all these damn chains)

  • Dollyana Reed
    Dollyana ReedRok temu

    2020 💔😬🤟🏽

  • Imam Mahdi
    Imam MahdiRok temu

    #Gucci Mane Big Bruh I need ya for a mixtape”1017 Allstar” April 9,2020#QC#FBG#OVO#Breadwinner Association#CMG#GBE💯💯💯GloryBoyz#YFN#YME#P.D.E# My boss/mentor/accountant (615-394-6735) will handle all business affairs and business negotiations regarding our mixtapes and I need models to big bruh#After you Call my boss shoot me a text to let me know if everything legit#(629-255-6856) is my official number #Im in Monroeville Alabama 720 Legion Drive Posted with a black durag on#Por Favor Invierte En M#Gracias Lafamilia#

  • Sosa Sosa
    Sosa SosaRok temu

    Mierda los dos verdaderos traperos

  • Marco G
    Marco GRok temu

    Nigga you ain’t hard you just geekin off molly 🔥

  • Wwapojr 450rugershooter
    Wwapojr 450rugershooterRok temu

    its getting freezing cold now and days

  • Patrick Simon
    Patrick SimonRok temu


  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu


  • Skylar Scales
    Skylar ScalesRok temu

    G body Cutlass mmmmm

  • The TFamLife
    The TFamLifeRok temu

    Selling qps at the qt 🔥only real niggas no oml 🤞🏼💪

  • Lauren Mason
    Lauren MasonRok temu

    Alive hug us

  • Shamar Turlington
    Shamar TurlingtonRok temu


  • Shamar Turlington

    Shamar Turlington

    Rok temu


  • Shamar Turlington
    Shamar TurlingtonRok temu

    Free the gang 🤜

  • Shamar Turlington

    Shamar Turlington

    Rok temu


  • Shamar Turlington
    Shamar TurlingtonRok temu

    Gervonta vs gamboa

  • Shamar Turlington
    Shamar TurlingtonRok temu

    I cap cause im making it bitch

  • Lol Z
    Lol ZRok temu

    Best song on da álbum

  • John Deer
    John DeerRok temu

    I like the mike tyson line...the old me would have rob mike tyson...but since he's a 90's baby...he must not knew mike hung with and knew real from the east to the west..foh

  • Terry Hanks
    Terry HanksRok temu

    Why the feds on me in the hills looking real non violent

  • Twicc


    5 miesięcy temu

    “Didn’t they hear on ‘slippery’ I’m nonviolent”

  • troublesome truth
    troublesome truthRok temu

    Rob Tyson dats cap

  • Zak Allen
    Zak AllenRok temu

    This song makes me wanna blow sum shit up

  • Anetra Williams
    Anetra WilliamsRok temu

    This beat so sick

  • Garrett Leonard
    Garrett LeonardRok temu

    Idc who you are or how big yo gun is you dont rob mike tyson idc how old he is you might get knocked😂😂😂

  • Randy Barrientes
    Randy BarrientesRok temu

    Gucci is a great music producer 21savage is legendary

  • Logan Scott
    Logan ScottRok temu

    Z64L on folks!!!🙏 ridin down morland ave nigga I'm strapped😈

  • Donald Trump nigga
    Donald Trump niggaRok temu

    "Niga I pop it, 50. Cal so big.. gotta jump out the car just to fuckn coc it!" My fkn speaker caught fire 🔥

  • Zay Taylor

    Zay Taylor

    Rok temu


  • Monica Hernandez

    Monica Hernandez

    Rok temu

    Yes it did

  • Fernando Sanchez

    Fernando Sanchez

    Rok temu

    Thank you!!!! I thought that was sickest bar in the entire song besides "the old me would have robbed Mike Tyson"

  • Dee Bee
    Dee BeeRok temu

    The old me would Rob Mike Tyson😂😈

  • Hana Brown
    Hana BrownRok temu


  • СашкО ЕлькиН
    СашкО ЕлькиНRok temu

    Кто из СНГ ставит лайк

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel GonzalezRok temu

    Alguien más escuchó el sonido extraño en el segundo 23 ???

  • RipperDe2
    RipperDe2Rok temu

    Savage Beat 🔥🔥

  • a
    aRok temu

    Under rated

  • a


    4 miesięcy temu

    Still underrated

  • Randomness Gamer
    Randomness GamerRok temu


  • Randomness Gamer
    Randomness GamerRok temu

    21 21

  • Daniel Oquinn
    Daniel OquinnRok temu

    50 cal on me so big gotta jump out the car just to cock it 🤣🔥💯

  • craig Jacobs
    craig JacobsRok temu

    Wtf did I just here 22 wtf that Rao no-no rap God help this Rao shit

  • Corey Sanders
    Corey SandersRok temu

    Seabr my. Gatsby. Dont he sac ecat aha gas even as Santa facts teach

  • Jonathan Byrd
    Jonathan ByrdRok temu

    Gwizop , did he ever say that?

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan GomezRok temu

    "Bought a 79 camaro with nitrous"

  • Jessica Hammac
    Jessica HammacRok temu

    After he say I ride around with no license he says 21 fat

  • MrSwanga713
    MrSwanga713Rok temu

    This beat made my face do the do you smell shit face and made my shoulders go up n down lol

  • M.J'S ShOw YT
    M.J'S ShOw YTRok temu

    I like it

  • YoungBaby Boy6
    YoungBaby Boy6Rok temu


  • Keanu Neal
    Keanu NealRok temu


  • Nasur Khami
    Nasur KhamiRok temu


  • Poseidon’s Child
    Poseidon’s ChildRok temu

    I really wish Gucci would come to New Jersey or Philly area!

  • abdul malik
    abdul malikRok temu

    This needs a video

  • Eli Bilderback
    Eli BilderbackRok temu

    I’m on TV Used to sell dope at BP

  • fuckdup Records
    fuckdup RecordsRok temu

    mostrei essa música pro meu pai e agora ele morreu de overdose.

  • Alex Saenz
    Alex SaenzRok temu

    New Mexicated